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Avital Ash joins as Jason describes how a man stole TWO cops cars during a chase, Randy tells us about a man who posed as a dead body on Tik Tok till he was cast as one on CSI, and Daniel explains how a Lamborghini SUV ended up on a roof, and so much more!
Ryan Sickler (Lefty's Son on YouTube) stops by as Daniel explains how a woman found a snake in a popcorn bag at grocery store, Jason tells us about a woman who was removed from multiple rollercoasters because her breasts were a safety hazard, and Randy warns against padlocking your neck to someone else in a drinking game, and so much more!
Steph Tolev (Steph Infection on ATC) joins us as Daniel describes a man who got his grocery rewards card tattooed on him, Jason tells us about a woman who was told by a police robot to go away as the robot sang a song, and Randy warns against shoplifting crossbows, and so much more! Thanks to our sponsors: Make the switch to raw today. Right now, Maev is offering $40 off your first order at Visit today to get 10% off your first month.
Tig Notaro sits in as Randy wonders if a woman should be upset for not being invited to her own baby shower, Daniel warns against proposing near a lake, and Jason describes a how a man really got inside himself on the way to jail, and so much more! Thanks to our sponsor: To get 10% off, up to $30 off your purchase of a Skylight Frame just go to 
Jay Larson (Sounds Like Bruce on YouTube) joins as Daniel tells the story of an inflatable rat getting stabbed at a funeral home, Jason explains how a man in charge of Japanese heritage wrecked the country's oldest toilet, and Randy describes a man that ran from police in a Pikachu suit while riding a lawnmower, and so much more!
Paul Soter of Broken Lizard (Quasi on Hulu 4/20) joins as Jason warns against calling 911 over barbecue, Randy questions how an airline can claim a cockroach in a meal is actually sautéed ginger, and Daniel gets to the bottom of how a Chik-Fil-A offered it's employees food instead of pay, and so much more! Thanks to our sponsors: To get 10% off, up to $30 off your purchase of a Skylight Frame just go to  Go to to receive $40 off your first order. Visit today to get 10% off your first month.
Big Jay Oakerson stops by as Jason describes the worst way to react to sold out flights at the airport, Daniel explains why a grandma wanted a penis-shaped headstone on her grave, and Randy recounts the story of a man who held his family hostage and threatened them with Coldplay lyrics, and so much more!
Graham Elwood (Manifest It on ATC's YouTube) sits in as Randy tells the tale of a British man who wakes up on a Thai beach naked, Daniel describes how a man pushed a peanut up Pikes Peak with his nose, and Jason warns about a VR headset that kills the user if they die in their game, and so much more! Thanks to our #sponsor MeUndies: To get 25% off your first order, free shipping, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee, go to:
Jeremiah Watkins (Daddy on YouTube now) stops in as Jason tells us about a baby that got a terrible pandemic name, Daniel describes a joyride gone bad in a rare Mercedes, and Randy explains how a man can be so bored that he plants a deadly weed, and so much more! Thanks to our #sponsors: Maev is offering $40 off your first order at Visit today to get 10% off your first month.
Neal Brennan joins us as Randy describes a corn theft, Daniel warns against licorice mistakes, and Jason pleads with you to not visit sex workers on your honeymoon, and so much more! This episode is #sponsored by BetterHelp. Try online therapy at
Beth Stelling sits in while Daniel explains how a couple gets caught having sex in court, Jason tells of car thieves got arrested by stopping at McDonalds, and Randy paints a scene of a woman doing Irish folk dancing during a sobriety test, and so much more!
David Cross sits in as Randy tells a story of a father/son Pokemon Go team turns to assault, Daniel describes an unusual robot, and Jason explains how a woman can control bees and so much more!
Kelsey Cook is here to hang as Daniel describes a gimp man on the loose in England, Randy regails about a moody airline passenger, and Jason details the best (?) way to scare off Jehovah's Witnesses, and so much more!
Jason Nash stops by as Dan shares a story about a woman with a pitchfork and a whip outside a Publix, and Randy concludes with a couple that contaminated a town's water supply with their gender reveal and so much more!
Kyle Kinane, Robby Hoffman, and DJ Eva join us live from SF Sketchfest to play a round of "Which Florida Man Are You?" (based on their birthdates), Jason tells the story of a couple who got handsy while in line for a ride, Randy explains how a scammer posed as Bret Michaels to get money, and Daniel plays a round of "What Did We Get Stuck In Ourselves in 2022?" 
Rory Scovel sits in as Randy tells the story of a truck thief found in the trailer, Daniel explains how a throuple can involve a sex doll, and Jason concludes with a man who calls 9-1-1 on his sister over laundry, and so much more!
Comedian/actor/Founder of All Things Comedy, Al Madrigal, is here as Randy tells the tale of a boudoir photo album lost in a divorce, Jason explains how a woman ended up superglued to a swing, and Daniel contemplates how someone tried to rob their fellow passengers on an international flight, and so much more!
Fortune Feimster joins as Dan regales about an inmate's escape on a bike, Randy tells of a home invasion for cheesecake, and Jason relays a story about oddly shaped cloud! And so much more!
Brian Posehn stops by to listen to Randy tell of an emu and chef crimefighting team, Dan recaps a lawnmower interrupting a wedding, and Jason warns against sleeping with your mouth open! And more!
Rob Corddry steps into the basement with Dan, Jason, and Randy for their first episode from All Things Comedy. The first story is about a man taking his morning revenge out on his ex's grave, the second is about a company that's willing to pay you to put roaches in your house, and the third is about a man on a joyride (on top of his vehicle).
Comments (139)

Ana Stubbs

This episode is friggin hilarious! I moved to Minnesota from Arizona.....people sound just like this!!!

May 21st
Reply (1)


I was howling of laughter when I was listening to this episode. 

Feb 17th

Elijah Green

I didn't think the "Guess the age" song could get any worse, but the new version actually manages to shit the bed harder!

Aug 16th

Liana Ilia

why didn't he say anything when the priest or Judge said "is there anyone who objects to these two being married, speak now?" Lol Sheesh

Jun 2nd

🐙 Josh Mull 🔴🔺️ #StrangePieces 🅾️🅰️

I used to love this podcast but now they're covering the same stories as JRVP and I prefer Anthony Jeselnik infinitely more than these guys. They are funny and have hilarious moments, plus Daniel seems like a great person, but I'm tired of the BS side talk, constant interruptions and god awful amount of ads (which seem to increase with each new episode). I'll keep it around for times I run outta new pods. I'm also sure the day's coming when podcasts will copy On Demand TV and start making it impossible to fast forward and skip thru ads and shows like this will be the first to go from my feed.

Jun 2nd

Josh Mull

I enjoy this show but my god, do we need 50 ads on every episode?

Oct 23rd


Damn, I love Patton, this was a great show

Oct 12th

Ian haubner

you totally missed 'Teebois can come in Mamou'

Sep 28th

Ian haubner

I love this show! I just wish they would drop the article talk, and keep it to just plugs and ads. if they had a Patreon of just adds and plugs, oooh yeah!

Sep 14th

Josh Mull

i enjoy this show but the amount and length of ads are getting ridiculous

Sep 3rd

Lars Bee

more commercials than actual show ... done here

Jul 23rd


your finally Finkle joke deserves a gold medal.

May 22nd

Casey Locke

I worked at a call center. 2 to 3 times a week, for over a year, someone would clog the women's handicap stalls. put entire rolls in there. every single restroom around the entire building. 4 stalls, 3 times a week, for 54 weeks.... ~648 times.😳

Apr 26th


this podcast absolutely sucks. and ots it's not because pf DVK.

Apr 5th


god damn I really want to like this podcast but they spend WAY too much time talking about themselves

Mar 12th


I love this podcast, but you gotta fast forward through a lot of side chatting

Mar 12th


So funny!

Mar 11th


Haha, caught that @PenpalsPod reference. #WhenIsWhat

Feb 3rd


6:58 to get BACK in the story

Jan 29th

Ana Stubbs

gotta love the cross!

Nov 4th
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