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Author: Andy Wright

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Welcome to the Never Not Creative podcast. The audio companion to the Never Not Creative community. We'll be interviewing and chatting with community members, discussing issues and making announcements.

Never Not Creative is a community for creatives to come together and tackle the challenges we face in the creative industry. From how to manage and improve your mental health, to getting paid what you're worth and everything in between.
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Professor David Alais is a psychologist and neuroscientist at The University of Sydney. Sarah and Andy caught up with David to understand better how the creative mind works, and how we can do a better job of looking after it.David's research focuses on how we perceive the world through our senses, how we interpret and create our reality, and how we deal with ambiguity and imagine solutions.This episode covers everything from mindfulness to mindlessness and how being productive with your creativity doesn't mean chaining yourself to your mac for hours on end.Don't forget to subscribe, rate and review, and share with your friends 🙏Links:
This episode is packed full of advice on running a business as a creative – get your notebooks out! Andy and Sarah caught up with Emily Cohen, creative business consultant and author of Brutally Honest.We discussed the challenges facing creative businesses, changing models, how to deal with clients, and how to get serious about business. Emily shared why it's good to be transparent with your employees, friends with your competition, how the next generation of creatives are much more business savvy than their predecessors, and that honesty is definitely the best policy.This is one of our most practical episodes yet, jam-packed with advice for creatives of all levels to help work better with clients and create more profitable businesses.You can find Emily's book at - get the credit card out and make an investment in your future business :-)FOLLOWEmily at @emilyruthcohen@adwrighty @sarahpnguyen @streamtime
S2 Ep12 Minding The Gap

S2 Ep12 Minding The Gap


Andy and Sarah caught up with Chris Doyle who last year started an initiative called This Is Not University. TINU is a mentoring program that Chris started to help bridge the gap between education and career as he realised that he didn’t have the time / money to be able to commit to hiring interns. Almost a year in and Chris joins us with Wilson Leung, the first participant in the program and now full time employee of Christopher Doyle & Co.We discuss Chris’ goals for the programme Wilson’s experience and what we can do to make interning in general, a more structured and positive experience.You can find out more about This Is Not University here: Socials:@cd_and_co @waishunwilson @sarahpnguyen @adwrighty
Our industry is nothing without the people who make it. So, what do we do to make sure they're thriving? How are we helping them grow?In this episode, Andy and Sarah catch up with Manon Pietra, People and Culture Director at PHD Media.We discuss how to talk about and develop job satisfaction, the minimum standards of a mentally healthy workplace that you should expect from your employer and what we can all do to help look after each other.If you enjoy this episode and would like to keep talking about it - jump over to our Facebook group or hit us up on Instagram @nvrnotcreative.Thanks to Streamtime who without their support, none of this would be possible. Check out to manage projects and your creative business, better.
Australian Design Radio and Never Not Creative hosts Matt Leach and Andy Wright found themselves in Brisbane together at The Design Conference. Therefore, it was a no-brainer to combine mics and interview the founders of Ustwo, Sinx and Mills about the ups and downs of running a business and what it's like to do all of that as best mates.You can follow Ustwo and Mills at @ustwo or @millsustwo - thanks to the guys for such a great chat!Thanks to @Streamtime for making a lot of what we do happen.Subscribe to the show on Spotify, iTunes, or wherever else you get your podcasts by searching for Never Not Creative. And, of course if you don't subscribe to the excellent ADR just search for them at Australian Design Radio.
After a month of high quality events in the creative industry, Sarah and Andy unpack how important it is to get out to find inspiration, community and spend some time on your own self-development. Sarah attended Rare by Google, Semi-Permanent and The Design Conference (TDC), while Andy was also a co-host of TDC. We discuss the great job these events are doing, why it's important to take the time to attend and what we've learnt in the last month. This is also a great insight into the content and lessons from these events, so well worth listening if you're considering a ticket for next year!Please review the show on itunes or wherever you're listening to this. We'll be back in a fortnight.Links:
This episode was sparked by a tweet. On the 2nd April, Andy tweeted, "Sometimes it feels like we really don't want to create a better industry. When you look at what we do to the people trying to start out or get ahead it's simply baffling..." It was followed by a series of examples and stories that people had shared through the Never Not Creative community. Quite a few of you chipped in with thoughts and opinions, and some of the active participants of the conversation agreed to get together and discuss some of the issues.So, joining Andy and Sarah in this episode are Jim Antonopoulos from Tank, Ngaio Parr from Make Nice, and previous guest, Gabby Lord.We discuss everything from the role of leadership to basic human instincts. It's a great conversation across New York, Melbourne and Sydney. That meant the audio can be a little annoying at times (sorry for that). Please stick with it though as the conversation is important!Link to the original tweet: your own thoughts? Jump into the Never Not Creative Facebook group or reignite the Twitter thread!
Big questions in this episode. Is the lack of diversity in the creative industry holding us back? Can we be more creative as a result? What's it like to be a person of colour in our industry?Jane and G work in a Sydney creative agency. Both people of colour from London, they're certainly a minority in the Australian creative industry. What has their experience been so far? How can we help more people get into our industry?We discuss everything from quotas to education and family expectations. It's a great episode about an important (too often ignored) topic. Feel free to continue the conversation in our Facebook group of tweet / insta us at @nvrnotcreative.Thanks to @Streamtime as always! and co-host @sarahpnguyenNotes: Here's the website referenced towards the end of the episode: Find G at @iamghettosmurf (Twitter) and thisis.g (insta) Find Jane at @flightsofashion (Twitter and insta)
Maggie Tang (ex Frost, Houston Group and current Head of Brand at Ableton), and Christian Hewitt ex R/GA, part of InVision's Design Leadership Forum and current Head of Design at Streamtime) join Andy and Sarah to discuss what it's like to make the decision to go in-house as a creative. Will you compromise your creativity? Do you get bored working on one brand? Are the hours and your mental health better? And, why are more and more people crossing the line?If you like the discussion and think others would benefit please share with your networks on social media and tag @nvrnotcreative. Got feedback or more questions? Just hit us up on insta or twitter or send us an email at
This episode Andy and Sarah discuss a recent Never Not Creative event –  The Future Of Internships. Should they or shouldn't they be paid? How do we make sure that internships aren't just accessible to those who can afford them? What stories exist around unpaid internships? What's the law? Why is our industry breaking it? What's the role of education in improving this situation?Included on the panel at the event were: Beau Penton, host of The Design Kids, Sydney Bianca Jarvis, Graphic Designer Rhiannon Tuntevski, Industry Partnerships at UTS Lara Blumber, Career Coach at General Assembly.Please review, share and rate us on your podcast platform. Also don't forget to vote for Streamtime at The Webbys.
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