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Above the Fold - Marketing and Laughs

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Do you wanna talk marketing and have a few laughs? Good, because Jeff and Francis think marketing should be fun first, educational second, and lecturing never. We interview eclectic guests ranging from dating coaches to mushroom experts, all in an effort to find the most interesting conversations that make marketing fun and creative.

Sure, we'll occasionally get into some educational stuff, but it's mostly by accident. We do zero half hour learning sessions. NOPE. Come have a beer, glass of wine, or whiskey with us and have a couple laughs.
52 Episodes
Grocery shopping is about to get interesting. Because there's a science to how people shop for consumer goods, and Michael Keplinger, SmashBrand's Director of Strategy knows it inside and out. If you've ever wondered why labels look the way they look and say the things they say (or don't), you're in for a treat. 
What's your favorite mushroom? Jeff Chilton, CEO of Nammex, can tell you facts about it that would floor you. In our strangest episode yet, we explore the medicinal, spiritual, mythical, cultural and societal significance of mushrooms. You will never look at a mushroom the same way again. Learn more about Jeff's company here:
Featuring Kevin Leeds, developer from Arizona, the gang sips whiskey and talks crypto and Gamestop explosions, reviving airships for the purpose of partying, and rappelling down cliffs in Mexico on your butt. Don't miss this episode of Below the Fold. 
The seriously skilled Melissa Berrios is a former civil engineer from Puerto Rico turned marketing consultant who also happens to be a singer, guitarist, podcaster, and travel blogger. But social media strategy is her bread and butter, and she dished out plenty of wisdom on this episode of Above the Fold. You can learn about Melissa (and listen to her podcast) @
Jeff and Francis kick-off 2021 with the first-ever "found" episode of Above the Fold (we have an unfortunate history of losing episodes, but this is the first time we've found one). The boys are joined by former Brafton employee and content manager extraordinaire, Connor McGann, about what goes into starting a podcast. *Note: This is a must-listen for anyone who's had even half a thought about maybe, possibly, someday starting a podcast. 
Special guest Tony Guarnaccia has lived. He faced homelessness (twice), made a cake for Jennifer Lopez (seriously) and rubbed elbows with executives at some of the world's most recognizable brands. Listen to him tell his story and discuss SEO, entrepreneurship, and resilience with Jeff and Francis. 
John Vuong, Local SEO Search owner, and Jeff swap odd-jobs stories (like the time Jeff was a professional mosquito mercenary) before diving into the world of local SEO. Learn, among other things, how not to respond to "getting Karened" on Google.
Clearscope is a tool that helps content marketers and SEO experts create content that will rank in Google Search. Co-founder Bernarnd Huang explains the shifting landscape of Google search and how marketers can use tools to stay ahead of the curve.
Will Stevens of Seer Interactive talks about how he kicked himself into gear to start writing his first book. He also shares predictions on the long-term business ramifications of the coronavirus lockdown.
How do the boys get such interesting guests? They get help, and one of those people is Jessica Rhodes and her company Interview Connections. Taped in the pro-COVID19 days, this episode looks at the business of getting guests on podcasts and why there's no uniform way to record them. Also y'all should thank her because without Rhodes this podcast would be a parade of Jeff and Francis' drunken marketing friends all whining about the same thing. 
The boys express the realities of the current crisis, only to find their footing again when they realize the one thing that will get them out of their funk - their hatred of LinkedIn sales messages. Better yet, they have thrown out a challenge to the collective LinkedIn community.
What did it feel like for New Zealand to be one of the first countries to deal with Instagram's new policy of hiding likes? Francis found a digital marketing veteran named Greg Roughan to speak for the entire country on this episode of Above the Fold. Full Transparency: We recorded this back in August of this year and Jeff just found it under a stack of spam emails. Loyal listeners may remember that we talked about Greg back in season 1, episode 3 when Francis messed up his last name. He still can't get it right.
Meredith Golden is the rarest type of person. That thing Golden does? People who can’t figure out why their online dating profiles repel romance come to her for help. And she provides it for a fee. As you might expect, this episode of Above the Fold quickly revealed itself to be one of the most intriguing yet. Here’s what’s inside: Lots of good advice about online dating A few examples of what not to do on Tinder. The eerie realization that online dating is digital marketing in disguise.
On this episode of Above the Fold, Jeff Baker is accompanied by the soporific stylings of Canadian entrepreneur, marketer, co-founder of Kula Partners, host of the Kula Ring podcast and semi-sonic doppelganger of the late, great Leonard Cohen. The discourse du jour: Reimagining the shape of the sales and marketing funnel.
The year was 2001 and Trent Dyrsmid - founder of the Bright Ideas podcast and Flowster - was earning $200k a year to play golf and go to dinner with stockbrokers. But he was bored and, in his mind, underachieving. Plus, he never cared much for golf. So, he did as the entrepreneurs do: “I decided that I was going to quit that job and I was going to sell everything that I own to start a business.” The odyssey that followed was both topsy-turvy and immensely illuminating. In this episode of Above the Fold, listen to the seasoned entrepreneur and prolific podcaster narrate his sidewinding journey to success.
To start season three, Mike Carroll from Nutshell joins us for a harmless discussion about how sales and marketing can work well together. Then, without warning, he turns into a rabid beast and goes nuclear on Facebook.  Baker introduced his guest, Michael “Mike” Carroll, head of growth at Nutshell CRM.  There was also some speak of all the weed Joe Rogan smokes - you know, the usual stuff. Anyway, the conversation tumbled its way toward sales enablement. This part was super insightful and got to the existential core of the age-old rift between sales and marketing. But then around the 35-minute mark, something extraordinary happened. Carrol, who must have ingested a Molotov cocktail before recording, verbally unleashed its fiery wrath all over Facebook.
Apparently, a great story plus great data can change a marketing campaign. This is a shocking development for Jeff and Francis. Join us and our guest David Lemley as we dig into why numbers and creative can fuel the bottom line.
Special guest Tommy Griffith of Clickminded talks SEO training courses, college degree scams, and how SEO media has turned into a clickbait industry.  2:00 - Starting a $100k business on the side.  17:00 - The state of the clickbait SEO media industry.  35:40 - Colleges selling worthless digital marketing degrees for $50-100k, before the curriculum is even set. 
An expose on the people who have to manually review and censor offensive and violent content on Facebook.  An influencer with over 3 million followers couldn’t sell 36 t-shirts.  Northface caught trying to hack Wikipedia. What?  Rand lays out the case against Google for the department of justice. Because, they definitely couldn’t figure it out themselves. 
Your brand is more important than your website when it comes to SEO.  What the hell does that mean? That's exactly what we asked Garrett Mehrguth, CEO of Directive, when he pitched us this podcast topic.  Garrett explains the value of not just showing up in search results for the keywords you are targeting, but also having your brand show up in search results that are not part of your website.  Call it SEO brand reach? Call it Call it guest blogging and online partnerships? Call it reputation management?  We don't know what you call it, but Garrett makes an interesting point that you shouldn't miss as a content marketer. 
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