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The Mi-Fit Podcast hosted by DJ Hillier, Fitness Coach, Business owner, and CrossFit Games athlete. Physical fitness and podcasting are two of his life passions and his goal is to train, educate, and inspire those who want to improve their general health. These podcasts are designed to help everyone... from the occasional gym member trying to improve their overall wellness to the fitness enthusiast. The episodes capture a wide spectrum of topics including training, coaching, nutrition, entrepreneurship, relationships, and mindset. Follow the show on Instagram at “The MiFit Podcast,” and subscribe to his newsletter at
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Professor G and Coach DJ talk with Crossfit Games competitor Zak Carchedi about his experience in the games and how his life has changed since his time competing.
This week on The MiFit Podcast I chat with Donald Robertson. Donald is a cognitive-behavioral psychotherapist, trainer, and author of six books including How to Think like a Roman Emperor. Donald has been researching Stoicism and applying it in his works for twenty years and specializes in the relationship between philosophy, psychology, and self-improvement. He is also one of the founding members of the nonprofit organization Modern Stoicism.Topics-Who was Marcus Aurelius -How Stoicism can cure anger-Understanding anxiety and how to overcome it-Using voluntary hardship to tolerate pain-The Dichotomy of control-Stoicism vs. stoicismIf you enjoyed this show be sure to leave a rating and review as that helps the show grow tremendously. Thank you all for the continued support - Enjoy the show!
This week on The MiFit Podcast i’m joined by 2x CrossFit Games Affiliate Cup Champion, Tasia Percevecz. Tasia has an impressive list of accomplishments in the sport of CrossFit and has recently stepped away from the sport to pursuit passions beyond fitness. Tasia has been and always will be fan-favorite in the CrossFit space due to her kindness, authenticity, and willingness to serve others. It was an absolute pleasure chatting with Tasia and picking up on the lessons she’s learned from stepping away from something that was a major focus point for several years. Topics-The introduction to CrossFit Mayhem Freedom-Lessons learned from Rich Froning-Deep dive into parting ways with competitive CrossFit-Major factors that have helped Tasia’s mind, body, and spirit-Creating an identity that isn’t centered around CrossFit-Thoughts on high intensity training and the role of recovery for women-The importance of rest-Dealing with body image and eating disorders-Mayhem MissionShow ReferencesMayhem Mission at https://www.mayhemmission.orgIf you enjoyed the show be sure to leave a rating and review as that helps the show grow tremendously. Thank you all for your continued support - Enjoy the show!
This week on The MiFit Podcast I bring back my friend @jasonleydon. Jason is the founder of CrossFit Milford and Conquer Athlete which offers remote Coaching and programming. Jason has been in the CrossFit space for over a decade and has found extreme success as an athlete, a gym owner, and a remote coach. Jason’s leadership skills have also helped establish himself as one of the most prolific, consistent, sought after professional coaches in the space year after year.If you are a Coach looking for applicable ways to up your game, this episode is for you!Topics-Defining what is a professional coach-Three main qualities that make-up a professional Coach-The importance of mentorship-How to gain self-confidence as a Coach-Understanding the difference between methods and principles-The importance of keeping it simple-Balancing the unique demands of Coaching elite level athletes and fitness enthusiastsShow referencesJason’s new article on The Professional Coach:’s gym IG: @crossfit_milfordJason’s Podcast: The Conquer Athlete PodcastIf you enjoyed this show be sure to leave a rating and review as that helps my show grow tremendously. Thank you all for the continued support! Enjoy the show!
This week on The MiFit Podcast i’m accompanied by Alex Hutchinson. Alex is a sports science journalist, author of the book Endure- which explores the science of endurance and the real limits of human performance, and former competitive runner for the Canadian national team. Alex has devoted his professional life to researching and finding out why some athletes quit while others can continue as well as decipher how much of human performance is dictated by the mind vs. the body. Alex’s elite level background as well as his experiences along side some of the best runners in the world have given him tremendous insight and knowledge in this area and I am so excited to share it with you all. Topics-Falling in love with endurance training-Stumbling upon a PR that catapulted a new career-Reflecting upon the Breaking2 marathon record-Understanding the Central Governor -Using RPE to overcome mental barriers-The relationship we have with pain and how it differs from person to person-The importance of your inner voice-Seeing that thirst is often times a perceived limitShow References:Alex on Twitter:’s blog: https://alexhutchinson.netAlex’s best selling book ENDURE: Documentary: you enjoyed this show be sure to leave a rating and review as that helps this show grow tremendously. Thank you all for the continued support - Enjoy the show!
This week on The MiFit Podcast I chat with one of my favorite couples, @michaelcazayoux and @adeecazayoux on applicable ways we can create deeper relationships with our friends and also our parents. These two are a testament to what a great partnership looks like and they do a tremendous job outlining ways for people to improve the relationships in their lives that mean the most to them. If you value the relationships in your life and you’re looking to deepen the quality of your conversations, this episode is for you!Topics-Harvard study of adult life-Why are relationships so important-The fundamentals of a deeper relationship-How to create more depth in your conversations and why it’s important to do so-Applicable conversation starters to provide more depth and quality-Building trust and protecting the space-Applicable tactics to evolve your relationship with your parentsIf you enjoyed this episode be sure to leave a rating and review as that helps the show grow tremendously. Thank you all for your continued support! Enjoy the show.
This week I am honored to chat with retired Marine Officer, Brian “Tosh” Chontosh. Brian has received several awards including the Navy Cross for his heroic actions during the 2003 Invasion of Irag. Tosh has been a high achieving leader for a large part of his life and is now pursuing the ultra endurance arena where he challenges his comfort zone and continually re-negotiates the question “Who Am I?”Tosh’s skillsets, knowledge, mental fortitude, kindness, and vulnerability are all very admirable traits that he displays to the maximum. If you are interested in improving your mindset from one of the most badass dudes on the planet, this episode is for you.Topics-Who is Tosh and how did he find himself in CrossFit?-Reflecting back on working with some of the fittest athletes in the world-How Tosh’s ideas on leadership has evolved from the Marines to now?-How to view the idea of quitting a task-Building your inner voice and staying focused on the task at hand -“Excellence is delicious”-“The Mind is to Body as 10 is to 1”-“Hard Men do Hard Shit and without struggle there can be no progress.”-Attempting to row 3500 miles across the Atlantic OceanShow referencesThe Hard Way video: Butterfly: to Shut up and Row: https://www.teamshutupandrow.comIf you enjoyed this show be sure to leave a rating and review as that helps my show grow tremendously and also makes my day. Thank you all for the continued support. Enjoy the show!
This week on The MiFit Podcast I welcome back my friend, Michael Tremblay. Michael is a PhD graduate in Philosophy, an incredible writer, co-founder of Stoa Meditation (an app that combines mindfulness practice and Stoic theory), as well as a competitive BJJ Black Belt.Ever since being introduced to the Stoic philosophy in 2016 i’ve become very passionate about learning as much as I can and finding ways to apply it to my daily life. Michael is an incredible source of knowledge who has put in hundreds and hundreds of hours on ancient philosophy, specifically moral education of the Stoics, and does a fantastic job teaching people of all different walks of life. Michael, similar to me, is passionate about sport and has written several articles about the similarities the sport has to Stoicism. Topics-What is the Stoic Philosophy?-Why have high performers taken into Stoic Philosophy more in the past 5 years?-How chaos teaches the dichotomy of control-Seeing obstacles as opportunities -How difficulty teaches us how to gain freedom in our lives-How to Stoics handle praise and ego?-How do Stoics view stillness?-Top 3 most impactful stoic quotesReferences in the showMichael’s papers:’s app: https://stoameditation.comMichael’s website: https://www.tremblaymichael.comIf you enjoyed this show be sure to leave a rating and review, both of those help my show grow tremendously! Thank you all for the continued support. Enjoy the show
This week on The MiFit Podcast my Dad and I have the pleasure in sitting down with Brandon Voss. Brandon is the Black Swan’s president and thought leader and his mission is to teach clients how to identify the three main types of negotiators and develop a methodology for dealing with them in the most successful way possible.Brandon has been instrumental in adapting the FBI’s hostage negotiation techniques to the business world as well as serving as a guest lecturer at places such as the USC and Georgetown school of business. Brandon also helped co-write the best selling book “Never Split the Difference.”Topics-Three types of negotiators and how to work with them-Defining “Deference” and how it’s used in communication-Role playing an intense Gym situation-How to deal with someone who is snarky or testy without cause-Understanding labeling and mislabeling as a negotiation tactic-How to get the attention of someone at a bar or social event-How to get a hotel room upgrade-The power of silence in a negotiation-The difference in story telling when shifting from “I” to “You”Follow the Black Swan Group on IG @blackswangroupltd and head over to their website for tons of free resources at you enjoyed this show be sure to leave a rating and review as that helps the show grow tremendously! Thank you all for the continued support. Enjoy the show!
This week on The MiFit Podcast I bring back my friend @jameshobart. I was fortunate enough to cross paths with James back in 2014 and since then we’ve competed against each other on the competition floor, shared coaching ideas off of the floor, and crushed a couple of podcasts along the way. As most people already know, James Hobart is a high level CrossFit competitor competing at the highest level as an individual, team, and as a masters athlete. James has also worked on the CrossFit seminar staff for 10 years and has accumulated a couple hundred seminars under his belt. On top of all that, James has owned and operated CrossFit affiliates and now currently is the man behind the C.A.P (CrossFit Affiliate Programming). In my opinion, James is the pinnacle of the sport not only as a competitor but also as person, coach, and friend. James has a ton of knowledge and experience and it’s always a treat to learn from him.Topics-Reflecting on the CrossFit Games and competing as a Masters athlete-How to view longevity in the sport of CrossFit-The future of CrossFIt and opinions about Eric Roza-The importance of doing hard things and getting comfortable being uncomfortable -10 difficult coaching scenarios and how to overcome them-Best piece of coaching advice If you enjoyed this show be sure to leave a rating and review. Both of those help my show grow tremendously and it makes my day when they pop up. Thank you all for your continued support. 
This week on The MiFit Podcast I chat with Jared Enderton. Jared is a CrossFit Games athlete, former full-time Weightlifter at the Olympics Training Center, and a USA Nationals Silver Medalist in the Clean and Jerk. Jared is currently the head Weightlifting Coach under Invictus and also hosts weekend seminars around the country. If you are interested in improving your weightlifting, Jared is the perfect guy to learn from. Topics-Jared’s athletic endeavors and time spent at the Olympic Training Center-Where should beginners start with the Snatch and Clean and Jerk?-Favorite auxiliary movements to improve the Snatch-How to improve end range positions-The importance of slowing down in order to eventually speed up-How to make weightlifting more consistent and enjoyableFollow Jared on Instagram at @jaredenderton and get coached by him at you enjoyed this show be sure to leave a rating, review, and refer to a friend. All fo that goes a long way and helps the show grow tremendously. Thank you all for your continued support. Enjoy the show!
This week on The MiFit Podcast I chat with Mental Sports Performance Coach, Brian Cain. Brian is one of the world’s leading mental performance coaches and has worked with perennial professional athletes in the UFC, MLB, NFL, NBA, NFL, PGA, and Olympians. He also regularly works with Fortune 500 executives and companied including John Paul Mitchell Systems, Whirpool, Fuddruckers and Burton Snowboards, and is a sought after keynote speaker as well as bestselling author of several books about optimizing your mental game.Brian’s client list includes 3 Major League Baseball Cy-Young Award winners, a Heisman Trophy Winner, 6 UFC World Champions, World Series and Super Bowl Champions, Olympics Medalists, Team USA baseball, bowling, and over 1000 professional sports draft selections.Topics-10 Pillars of Mental Performance Mastery-How to be more motivated-4 Steps for effective goal setting-Not over celebrating the wins and hanging your head on the losses-Creating a healthy relationship with failure-Prove others wrong or prove yourself rightFollow Brian on Instagram at @briancainpeak and learn more about his course at https://briancain.comIf you enjoyed the show be sure to leave a rating, review, and refer to a friend. That stuff helps the show grow tremendously and i’m so very thankful for it. 
This week on The MiFit Podcast I chat with NBA performance coach Mike G. Mike is one of the most sought after coaches in the industry and has worked with guys like Jrue Holiday, Anthony Davis, Dwight Howard, and several more. Mike is a very passionate individual who loves what he does and takes an athlete-centric approach and values quality over quantity. If you are a Coach, Trainer, or a fan of strength and conditioning, this episode is for you!Topics-Unilateral vs. Bilateral vs. Barefoot Training-Mobility for athletes-What it means to be basketball strong-How to create an environment for success-RAMP warm-up protocol-Advice for young coaches and youth athletesFollow Mike on Instagram @mrdoitmoving If you enjoyed this show be sure to leave a rating, review, and refer a friend. All of that helps the show grow tremendously and also makes my day. Thank you all for the continued support. Enjoy the show!
This week on The MiFit Podcast I chat with founder and owner of Training Think Tank, Max El-Hag. Max’s client roster includes top CrossFit competitors, business executives, sport athletes, and general fitness enthusiasts. He also currently coaches two perennial CrossFit Games athletes Travis Mayer and Noah Ohlsen. Max’s passion for sports, commitment to excellence and endless curiosity about all things related to the human experience are the inspiration for him and his TTT brand. Max is a deep thinker, an incredible coach, a successful entrepreneur, and one of the most intelligent people i’ve interviewed on this show. Enjoy!Topics-Thoughts and intentions behind creating an on-site competitive group-How Max Defines, Manages, and Models expectations with his athletes and staff-How to raise of the game of some of the best CrossFitters in the world-Individualized programming vs. group style-2021 CrossFit Games reflections Follow Max on Instagram @maxelhag and @trainingthinktank and follow along with the latest educational content at www.trainingthinktank.comIf you enjoyed this episode be sure to leave a rating, review, and refer it to a friend. That stuff helps the show grow tremendously and also makes my day. Thank you everyone for the support!
In this throwback episode of The MiFit Podcast I chat with mobility king, Dr. Kelly Starrett. Kelly is a man of many hats including coach, speaker, author, physical therapist, gym owner, and CEO of The Ready State. Kelly is an icon in the sport of CrossFit and his mission is to give people the knowledge to relieve pain, prevent injury, and improve physical performance. Starrett has worked with athletes and olympians in every sport you can possibly imagine. Most of you may recognize Kelly from his garage videos where he pioneered the idea of using bands, lacrosse balls, and basic home items to improve range of motion and help eliminate pain. Kelly is a wealth of knowledge and it was an honor to be able to share this platform with him. Topics-How we need to view pain-What to do when you get injured?-What movements are most important for the aging athlete?-Mastering the basics before moving to complexity-Biggest take away from COVID-19 seasonYou can find Kelly at the following linksIG @thereadystateFacebook @thereadystateYouTube ​ you enjoyed the show be sure to leave a rating or review and pass it along to a friend. Thank you everybody for the support. Enjoy the show.
This week on The MiFit Podcast I chat with Dr. Jim Loehr. Dr. Jim Loehr is a world-renowned performance psychologist and author of 17 books, including his most recent, Leading with Character, which also comes with The Personal Credo Journal: A Companion to Leading with Character. He also co-authored the national bestseller The Power of Full Engagement.From his more than 30 years of experience and applied research, Dr. Loehr believes the single most important factor in successful achievement, personal fulfillment, and life satisfaction is the strength of one’s character. He strongly contends that character strength can be built in the same way that muscle strength is built—through energy investment. Dr. Loehr has worked with hundreds of world-class performers from the arenas of sport, business, medicine, and law enforcement, including Fortune 100 executives, FBI hostage rescue teams, and military special forces. Today’s show takes a deep dive into self development, aligning your inner and outer voices, and becoming the person you want to be.Topics-What does it mean to repurpose sport to build character?-The X’s and O’s of character development-“Who you become as a result of the chase is the most important thing”-Identifying your hidden scorecard-Creating intention and purpose to what you are doing-The impact of the story we tell ourselves -The impact of journaling and creating a personal credoFollow Dr. Jim on Linked In and purchase his book on his website at—————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————SAVE 15% OFF AT LEGENDS BY USING CODE MIFIT215 AT CHECKOUT!
This week on The MiFit Podcast I chat with former FBI top hostage negotiator, Chris Voss. Chris is one of the preeminent practitioners and professors of negotiation skills in the world. He is the founder and principal of The Black Swan Group, a consulting firm that provides training and advises Fortune 500 companies through complex negotiations. Chris currently teaches at the University of Southern California and also Georgetown University. Voss is also the co-author of the best selling book Never Split the Difference: Negotiating as if your life depended on it. Chris is an incredibly talented individual who has years of experience at the highest level making pressure filled negotiations with some of the biggest threats around the world. He has now taken what he learned from the FBI and wants to share it with anybody who is interested in learning how to become a master of negotiation.Topics-Preparing for the FBI hostage team-3 Components of communication-Difference between sympathy and empathy-Labeling emotions-Tactical empathy-No is better than yesFollow Chris on Instagram at @thefbinegotiator and take his master class at——————————————————————————————————SAVE 15% OFF AT LEGENDS BY USING CODE MIFIT215
This week on The MiFit Podcast I chat with Molly Galbraith. Molly is the cofounder of Girls Gone Strong, the world’s largest platform providing evidence-based, interdisciplinary health, fitness, nutrition, and pregnancy education for women and the health and fitness professionals who work with them-including industry-leading certification programs and personal coaching for women. The Strong Women Lift Each Other Up philosophy is woven through the fabric of Girls Gone Strong, as Molly leads a team of women from the US, Canada, UK, Mexico, India, and Australia. Molly and her company is dedicated to serving their community of over 90+ countries around the world. Molly also speaks internationally and has been featured in publications like Time, People, Today, ABC, Women’s Health, and several more. Molly is making huge waves in the fitness space and taking people’s struggles head on by giving applicable ways to improve your self while also lifting up other women. Topics-Process of starting the #1 fitness education platform for women-Most common struggles women are facing with exercise, body image, and comparison-4 Principles of Lifting Women Up-Overcoming the Comparison Trap-How men can lift up womenFollow Molly on Instagram at @themollygalbraith and @thegirlsgonestrong and also purchase her brand new book “Lift Women Up” at your local book store or at her website CODE MIFIT215 TO RECEIVE 15% OFF YOUR ORDER AT @LEGENDS
This week on The MiFit Podcast I bring back Training Think Tank Coach, Brannen Dorman. Brannen is an incredibly intelligent and talented coach who works remotely with CrossFitters, Military Personnel, Triathletes, Weightlifters, and Field Sport Athletes. Brannen also programs the Masters path on the DSGN training program and has found a lot of success in doing so. Brannen is somebody who I look up to in the fitness industry and is someone that I believe has a great heartbeat on what’s needed to succeed in the sport of CrossFit.Topics-Thoughts on new season structure-3 Core Values for coaching masters athletes and how to improve upon them-Improving strength metrics as you age-Finding your limiter -Differences in male / female masters athletes-Boosting recovery-Balancing high intensity training and optimal recovery-Going from class participant to competitive athleteFollow Brannen on IG @brannendorman_ttt and head over to to check out the DSGN.Use code MIFIT215 to receive 15% off your order at Legends
This week on The MiFit Podcast I chat with Dr. Sean Pastuch, founder os Active Life Rx and Active Life Professional. Dr. Sean has been working to bridge the gap between fitness and healthcare since 2005. Over the past 15 years Dr. Sean has helped Olympic medalists, professional athletes, CrossFit Games champions, and thousands of every day people to get out of pain and perform at their best without going to the doctor or missing the gym. He’s helped doctors, gym owners, coaches, and trainers around the world to build their fulfilling careers serving their clients in the best way possible. Dr. Sean has a burning passion for improving the fitness industry, turning coaches into professionals, and teaching the skills and tactics of sales. Topics-What does it mean to Turn Pro?-Foundational principles of sales-6 Questions to schedule a sales conversation-Acknowledge, Agree, Repeat, Pivot. AARP!-Dealing with money objections-Quick tips and tricks for better salesFollow Dr. Sean on Instagram at @drseanpastuch, @activeliferx, and @activelifeprofessional and purchase his brand new book Turn Pro.USE CODE MIFIT215 TO SAVE 15% OFF AT LEGENDS
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This is my favorite Podcast - can't wait for the next episode. Need advice about nagging pain, want to live life with purpose, want to find your motivation, looking for nutrition tips. You will find it all here. Plus - it's practical advice that you can apply to every day life! Check it out!

Nov 4th
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