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The third rail is the one you don't step on. We will be shedding light on developments relevant to people in Minnesota Big Media won't cover, amongst which: the creeping advancement of the Sharia Agenda, Somali crime, DHS fraud, voter fraud, immigration-related health alerts and more. Support this podcast:
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On February 25th an eyewitness contacted Third Rail Talk to share a very disturbing story about someone in uniform showing a convert to Islam how to pray - right in the middle of the room of a Minneapolis Public Library. Listen on and tell us what you think about!--- Support this podcast:
On this episode of Third Rail Talk, we will hear from a very interesting guest from Saudi Arabia. Abdul Aldosary is from Saudi Arabia. He studied and worked in the US and came to appreciate the liberty we have in this country. He calls himself a "secular Muslim", he believes the "problematic" parts of the Quran and any religions shouldn't be applied to today's society and most importantly, he issues a serious warning to America about Sharia Law and terrorist organizations like the Muslim Brotherhood and its American representatives CAIR, ISNA, MAS, and others.As always, feel free to send us your feedback, this is YOUR media platform, not corporate America, not government controlled.Podcast home: & newsletter signup: www.thirdrailtalk.comFacebook: Support this podcast:
There's a Watergate size scandal brewing in Minnesota and the political establishment, the media and some very corrupt people benefiting from it are hoping it will go away. In this episode of Third Rail Talk we talk with Michele Evan, a vocal Minnesota activist who is just as outraged about the level and the size of the fraud as she is about the complicity of the political establishment. Get the latest from one of Minnesota's active citizens refusing to let this scandal go away, taking it to the streets and now to our studio in an attempt to wake up many others and demand a government that does its job. Website: Facebook: SoundCloud: Anchor: All podcast platforms: Patreon: Twitter: Support this podcast:
Third Rail Talk interviewed California based Pastor Ramin Parsa on August 27th and discovered that while visiting Minnesota last week for his three day visit, and congregation presentation earlier on Saturday, Pastor Parsa was invited by his host to visiting the Mall of America, for an enjoyable stroll and coffee, and for his first time in one of Minnesota’s most renowned iconic attractions. While at the Mall, Pastor Parsa struck up a mutually enjoyable conversation with a couple of young Somali women, who appeared to be delighted to visit with him and his local host pastor. This is part of the original interview published on August 29th, edited for quality. To support pastor Ramin's legal battle, please visit his Go Fund Me page and donate here: https://thirdrailtalk.comFacebook: podcast platforms: Support this podcast:
The Secret Plan of Muslims - Sneak Thousands Into the U.S. Bank Stadium for "Show of Power"There is a secret plan to literally sneak fifty thousand Muslims into the Minnesota Vikings US Bank Stadium.Secret organizing! Secret entity rents the stadium.Fifty thousand people - two-day event on the 21st and 22nd of August at our Minnesota Vikings US Bank Stadium. That folks is tantamount to two Super Bowls back to back. We just had a Super Bowl here recently and capacity is between 60 and 65 thousand people! These folks have, in a very stealth fashion, invited 50 thousand people to be in the stadium on the 21st and 22nd - both days.Full story: Become a supporter of this podcast:
For nearly two years there has been a public allegation about Ilhan Omar: that in 2009, she seems to have married her brother. She has never addressed its specific foundations.Newly uncovered evidence — exclusively published by PJ MEDIA — adds another allegation: Ilhan Omar has since signed off on apparent falsehoods, under penalty of perjury, during her 2017 divorce from the man in question: Ahmed Nur Said Elmi.Source: Rail Talk breaks down the news and what this means to us in the Minnesota context. Become a supporter of this podcast:
For two years now not one Minnesota legislator, or the Minnesota House of Representatives "ethics committee", or, law enforcement officials, or us attorney's office chief, Andy Lugar, has held this scammer to any ethical standard, or scrutiny whatsoever!Minnesota has swept all of this woman's extra-legal antics, her criminal actions, and her behavior, start to finish, right under the Minnesota Rug of Shame".. All of it..Potential, and probable "immigration fraud", involving her brother's illegal entry into the united states (Husband number 1) - (Hence, the campaign finance funded divorce), welfare fraud, bigamy laws maybe?, polygamy maybe?, polyandry maybe?, perjury maybe?, etc… Her one-page explanation for all of this is priceless, albeit unintelligible... ..But, isn't she oh-so-cute?..Read the full story here: Become a supporter of this podcast:
Bob connects the dots relative to the most recent DHS scandal - did the Somali Daycare fraud finance the Somali Jihadists in Somalia who killed one of our own - Minnesota Special Forces Sgt. Alexander Conrad? Become a supporter of this podcast:
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