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Drunk Women Solving Crime is a true crime podcast with a twist...of lime. Join writer/comedian hosts Hannah George, Catie Wilkins and Taylor Glenn as they welcome top guests from comedians to crime writers to test out their drunk detective skills. 

Each episode sees the boozed up panel tackle personal crime stories, solve true crime cases, and seek justice for your listener crimes. 

When women sit around and drink we try to solve the world’s problems. So we’re taking back the night and putting our inebriation to good use. You’re welcome. 

80 Episodes
This episode welcomes comedy director & producer Saima Ferdows to our ever expanding force and what an asset she is. We start by hearing about a crime committed against Saima which could unleash a podcast called 'Drunk Women COMMITTING Crime'. It's then of course time to get into the work of a ne'er-do-well from history, in this instance the criminal attempted a confidence trick of royal proportions, hitting the victim in more than just The Crown Jewels - despite some abysmal planning skills. The gang then solve a crime sent in by a listener, for which both Saima and Hannah can offer some empathy. Come and see Drunk Women Solving Crime LIVE during Spring 2020: On IWD on 8th March as part of The Vaults Festival, with all proceeds going to At Birmingham Podfest on 28th March & At Podfest live at Wilton's Music Hall, London on 8th April. For full details and tickets, go to For information regarding your data privacy, visit
The Drunk Women welcome comedian, writer and broadcaster Iszi Lawrence to the force this week and what a stroke of luck that she happens to be a natural detective .. even after a carafe of vino. In this episode, the team delve into a case which sees a daughter take some pretty gruesome revenge for her dad's rather gruesome end (although did he not bring that on himself?) and we learn once and for all, that history is 'really much worse than you can imagine'... Come and see the Drunk Women LIVE throughout spring 2020: They are appearing at The Vaults Festival, London on March 8th for IWD ( all proceeds go to You can see them as part of Birmingham Podcast Festival on March 28th And back in London for Podcast Live's Crime festival on 8th April at Wilton's Music Hall. For full info and tickets, go to For information regarding your data privacy, visit
Joining The Drunk Women this week, is comedian & podcaster, Maria Shehata who has a no-nonsense attitude when it comes to mathematical questions. Before the gang dissect a crime of the spirit kind, they hear about Maria's encounters with crime whilst she was a resident of New York City ... turns-out you CAN'T leave your bag unattended in clubs there! We also get to hear a listener crime, which probably won't affect any cars manufactured in this millennium. For information regarding your data privacy, visit
In this episode, The Drunk Women are joined by a lady who has been writing TV crime drama for so long, she's sure to help us get into the mind of any perpetrator - it's screenwriter and super sleuth, Sally Abbott! Sally talks us through some of the crimes which have coincided with key moments in her life AND tells us about some techniques used to get prisoners to feel empathy for their victims - fascinating stuff. The gang then hear about a woman who would no doubt have a huge Insta following today, as she peddled a detox regimen - which had deadly results. This week's listener crime sounds like a very narrow escape for one savvy lady, and her knowledge of what kind of shovel is used for clearing snow may well have saved her life! The Drunk Women are live all over the UK throughout 2020 - check - for full details & tickets! For information regarding your data privacy, visit
The Drunk Women are back in the studio, which can only mean ONE thing - unlimited time for drinking and solving crimes! This very well may be a second record, but we'll let you decide .... Joining the force this week is actor, writer and all-round bad-ass Megan Prescott, who proves that one word from her can reduce those who commit the crime (and it is a crime) of street harassment to a gibbering wreck. Our drunk detectives then grapple with the murder of one of the 20th century's most notorious characters - who had some of the spookiest last words ever recorded - before helping a listener get to the bottom of who might have burgled her whilst she was breast feeding?! On that last matter, we're not sure they helped - but they definitely didn't make things worse. Check out for full details on live shows all over the UK throughout 2020! For information regarding your data privacy, visit
The gang are hanging around The Salford Lowry for the second week running, as the good people of Manchester still need them to solve some crime and drink prosecco (it's usually prosecco); and this week there's even more booze for them, as guest detective, comedian Katie Mulgrew was pregnant at the time of record, so stuck to cola and Milky Bar Buttons to keep her analytical skills sharp. Although she's off the sauce just now, Katie told us about the time a burglary happened right under her nose after a particularly boozy night out and then the team put their wits to good use, when they get to the bottom of a case involving a bisexual, opera singing, sword fighter - now THAT'S extra curricular. Don't forget to check to see updates on live shows which are happening all over the UK from March 2020. For information regarding your data privacy, visit
The Drunk Women are BACK and leaving Dry January for someone else to do; after all there's crimes that need solving and they ain't about to do that sober! This episode was recorded at the fantastic Salford Lowry and the equally fantastic comedian, Lou Conran came along for the ride, proving herself an able member of the force (she pre-loaded with a bottle of prosecco). Lou kicked things off and detailed the time she was the victim of a theft, a story with a cast of thousands - including a famous actor. The team solve a case and uncover what has to be the inspiration for the character of Spiderman (probably) and an audience member shares perhaps the most bizarre crime, in which she is an actual suspect - did she do it? Listen to find out.... oh and HAPPY NEW YEAR! There will be lots and LOTS of opportunities to see the Drunk Women live throughout 2020, so keep checking for updates. For information regarding your data privacy, visit
Christmas Message

Christmas Message


He's been - and left you all something rather special in your Christmas stockings. As it's Christmas Day, our drunk detectives are taking a well earned break from sleuthing (but not from the boozing of course), but these podcasting queens have left you a Christmas message for the whole family to gather round and listen to. So throw another log in the fire, grab a bottle of Creme-De- Menthe and enjoy! The Drunk Women will return on Wednesday 8th January, in the meantime, why not re-live some past episodes and leave a review for the gang to read? HAPPY CHRISTMAS - See you in 2020! X For information regarding your data privacy, visit
IT'S CHRISSSSSTMAASSSSS! So what better way to get in the festive spirit than joining the Drunk Women and comedian Rachel Parris for a night of fizz and true-crime-frolics in London's glittering Leicester Square Theatre! The team also grapple with the theft of a diamond bigger than a Christmas bauble and linked to one of the world's biggest film stars. Rachel reveals that she's a magnet for anyone wanting to steal a musical instrument and we hear from audience member (and birthday girl ) Laura who is perplexed at the theft of a wicker crate .... no really. The Drunk Women are taking a break over the festive season (to hone their drinking skills) and will be back to ruin Dry January on 8th January 2020, until then we'd like to thank all our amazing listeners for a wonderful 2019 and wish everyone a very Happy Christmas and New Year. See you in 2020! Cheers ears! X For information regarding your data privacy, visit
The Drunk Women once again took to the stage of the Soho Theatre and thought they'd invite comedian and fruit enthusiast Olga Koch along for the ride. This show has it all; strippers, a heckler, a case involving poisoning, a missing leg and possibly the sexiest of all crimes ... insurance fraud. Plus, as always we hear from a member of the audience who need the help of our tipsy detectives to get some closure from a crime they've been the victim of and so we hear from Becky, who is the repeated victim of crime at family functions. The Drunk Women will be live around the country through 2020 so check for updates and why not buy a T-Shirt in the merch shop whilst you're there! Plus you can find out what Olga is up to by checking-out For information regarding your data privacy, visit
Although at the time of release we're all gearing-up for Christmas, the team at Drunk Women Towers invite you to cast your minds back to Halloween 2019 when our tipsy trio boarded the ghost train to foggy Corsham so they could bring Drunk Women Solving Crime to the West Country. You just need to know that because they all talk about being dressed up at the start, but other than that it could be any drunken evening, as the team dive into the life of a confidence trickster whose story became a blockbusting film... don't try to guess what the film is at this stage, because it's really annoying - all will be revealed. As usual they enlist the help of a star super-sleuth and so the wonderful actor, writer and right good laff Kerry Howard engaged her little grey cells and pretty much solved it (along with a woman in the audience who clearly LOVES the film of the story). Huge thanks to all at the Pound Arts Centre, Corsham for supplying a fine wine cellar and for their hospitality. Don't forget to check for show listings (some in Spring 2020 to be announced) and for exclusive Drunk Women Solving Crime merch! For information regarding your data privacy, visit
As 'Men's Month' draws to a close, the Drunk Women are joined by the man to end all men - the one and only Joe Lycett! He came armed with a bottle of bio-dynamic red and a curious mind to help the gang solve a case in which the perpetrator set pulses racing - and not thanks to his criminal tendencies... goodness knows what Joe's Fitbit will make of all this. The team then get stuck in to a listener's tale of woe and attempt to bring a housemate's despicable behaviour to justice; I'm not sure they helped, but they didn't make it worse. Our thanks to all the fine men who have joined us over the last 4 weeks, back to normal next week with an all 'female workplace' (FEMALE WORKPLACE MERCH NOW AVAILABLE AT Drunk Women are LIVE at London's Leicester Square Theatre on Tuesday 3rd December 2019, with special guest Rachel Parris . For full info and tickets go to: For information regarding your data privacy, visit
As men's month marches on apace, the Drunk Women are joined by comedian Phil Wang to help them get to the bottom of a case. Of beer. And some crime, too. The gang analyse the story of two women who not only had a thirst for gin, but for murder, and inspired a famous musical and film.  Before all that though, Phil beguiles the group with not one, but two tales of crime victimhood and shows he's a VERY forgiving friend.  Then, as usual the team round things off by helping a listener with their own true crime, which in this instance would go well with some mint sauce.    See the Drunk Women Live: Salford Lowry Friday 22nd November 2019 Leicester Square Theatre, Tuesday 3rd December 2019 For information regarding your data privacy, visit
It's week two of 'Men's Month' and so the Drunk Women invited presenter, writer and all-round brain-box Richard Osman to join the force and put those little grey cells to good use. Richard (or Detective Loophole as he shall now always be known) enlisted the others to get to the bottom of who's quite literally trashing him every week, before getting stuck in to a case which coined a famous psychological term - oh and one of the perpetrators is total eye candy, so make sure you check out our Twitter for the evidence @drunkwomenpod. Come see the Drunk Women Live; Salford Lowry - 22nd November 2019 Leicester Square Theatre, 3rd December London 2019 For full details and tickets visit: For information regarding your data privacy, visit
After 14 months of exclusively letting women flex their drunk detective skills, the ladies thought they'd honour International Men's Day on 19th November the only way they know inviting four men round throughout the month and plying them with hard booze in order to solve a past crime. First off we have comedian James Acaster, who came laden with a 'great' cocktail recipe and a request for Tia Maria, vodka and stout... here ladies and gentlemen for your listening pleasure, is the result of that union. James kicks things off by telling a story that confirms he's more than qualified to join the force, after starting early in life at the detecting game. The gang then attempt to get to the bottom of a crime involving an unconfirmed spiritual possession (whilst in possession of some spirits of their own). They then set about cracking a listener case, with a slightly inaccurate method of proving if someone may or may not be guilty, usually reserved for the kangaroo court of the playground. Come and see The Drunk Women LIVE: Salford Lowry on 22nd Nov 2019 Leicester Square London on 3rd Dec Full details and tickets here: For information regarding your data privacy, visit
What could be more on-brand for the Drunk Women than a late night drinking session in Soho? Not much, so the gang congregated at Soho Theatre to solve a crime which involved over 600 wives poisoning their husbands. For the first time ever they were joined by TWO GUESTS, when crime fighting duo Ellie Gibson and Helen Thorn - otherwise known as The Scummy Mummies - came to help get to the bottom of the cold case and to share the time they almost collectively fell victim to a crime in front of a sellout audience! Plus, the audience crime is provided by friend of the show, Jenny 'The Vixen' Ryan - who despite her fame and fortune is most definitely still 'Jenny From The Block' ... as you will hear. Come and see the Drunk Women LIVE: 31st October - Pound Arts in Corsham 22nd November - Salford Lowry 3rd December - Leicester Square Theatre For tickets and full details go to: For information regarding your data privacy, visit
This episode sees the Drunk Women back in the studio, with a crate of prosecco and a crime to solve, so they decided to call on a lady who creates crime in her brain for the entertainment of others - best selling crime writer, Martina Cole! Martina kicks things off with a petty crime committed in her youth, which lead to a VERY public punishment and then lends her considerable crime smarts to help get to the bottom of a case in which was possibly caused by religious fervour, or just an extremely bad father/ship. Come and see The Drunk Women LIVE! Corsham 31st Oct 2019 Salford Lowry 22nd Nov 2019 And London's Leicester Square Theatre, 3rd Dec 2019 - tickets going on-sale Friday 25th October 2019. Full detrails here: For information regarding your data privacy, visit
Have you ever wondered what would happen if The Drunk Women came together with top-pod The Guilty Feminist and mashed-the-hell out of their formats, dropping a (slightly depressing) drinks trolley into the mix? Well wonder no more, as thanks to the brilliant Deborah Frances-White, this actually happened and you can now hear the result. Not only do you get some classic Guilty Feminist AND Drunk Women Solving Crime gold, but special guest Sindhu Vee lends her super sleuthing and stand-up skills to proceedings. As the gang drink the trolley dry, they get to the bottom of the case of the notorious Ma Barker in front of a sold-out theatre - and let's just say that Guilty Feminist audiences got to see their host in a completely different light! See the Drunk Women live during Autumn 2019: Soho Theatre, London - 17th & 18th Oct Pound Arts Centre, Corsham - 31st Oct Salford Lowry - 22nd Nov. For tickets and full details go to: For information regarding your data privacy, visit
This episode has more than a whiff of summer about it, as it was recorded one balmy July evening during the Ventnor Fringe, which prompted comedian Andrea Hubert to get on a ferry to help solve a crime - and confess to one of her own, which resulted in a ASBO. The gang pop a few proseccos and then dissect the misdemeanours of the leaders of a so-called religious cult in Mexico. And this week's audience crime is provided by someone very familiar to one member of the group, although it doesn't sound like they need any help in solving crimes! See the Drunk Women live during Autumn 2019: Soho Theatre, London - 17th & 18th Oct Pound Arts Centre, Corsham - 31st Oct Salford Lowry - 22nd Nov. For tickets and full details go to: For information regarding your data privacy, visit
In this final outing of the Edinburgh Fringe, the Drunk Women welcome the amazing Zoe Lyons to the force. The squiffy foursome then dig into a case involving an unsolved murder, the clergy, and perhaps the biggest pre 21st Century media circus of all-time. But before all of that Zoe recounts the time she was the victim of a fruit-based crime, and as per usual the Edinburgh crowd don't disappoint, as audience member James tells us about a burglary which resulted in the most depressing swag ever stolen. Come and see the Drunk Women LIVE during autumn 2019: The Soho Theatre London on 17th and 18th October The Pound Arts Centre, Corsham 31st October Salford Lowry, 22nd November. Full details and tickets here: For information regarding your data privacy, visit
Comments (8)

Chelsea Premeau

how have I not listened to this podcast yet?!

Jan 31st

Tracey O'Flynn

love the scummies, and this pod, usually -but everyone's too close to the mic most of the time in this ep, so there's distortion a lot of the time which makes difficult listening :(

Oct 30th

Vicque Saint-Sylvestre

"she's basic" - "no, I'm Regula" :D

May 22nd

Doug Plume

What ever you do, don’t listen to this episode if you’re doing something that needs your full attention and/or control. I was laughing so much I almost crashed the van I was driving. Drunk Women is always worth a listen but Jess Robinson is incredibly funny, or psychopathic (not quite sure) Keep up the drinking ladies, I’m a big fan.

May 11th

Ariel Teixeira

By far, my favorite episode of drunk women. Is it called an episode? whatever.

Apr 12th

Kate Doherty

mysterious, entertaining and drunken shenanigans!

Dec 8th

linda ho

Baguettegate- happened to a friend of mine at high school. She mixed up laxatives in the peanut better for the culprit

Sep 18th

Luke Cowell-Fallows

'Murder, She Wrote' for 2018. The spirit of Jessica Fletcher is alive and well with these gals! 💗 So so funny but also, insightful! x

Sep 6th
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