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Drunk Women Solving Crime is a true crime podcast with a twist...of lime. Join writer/comedian hosts Hannah George, Catie Wilkins and Taylor Glenn as they welcome top guests from comedians to crime writers to test out their drunk detective skills. 

Each episode sees the boozed up panel tackle personal crime stories, solve true crime cases, and seek justice for your listener crimes. 

When women sit around and drink we try to solve the world’s problems. So we’re taking back the night and putting our inebriation to good use. You’re welcome. 

148 Episodes
The gang are here again and delighted to be joined by the wonderful entrepreneur and first-class detective, Caroline Newte Hardie who brings with her more than one tale of woe of public transport shenanigans - one of them (almost ) directly connected to Taylor, Catie, and Hannah .... but what can it be?  We then hear about a case that sounds similar to how politicians seem to be behaving today and get a very meditative Patreon shout-out courtesy of Taylor (get your own shout-out by heading to  And as always, the team solve a crime sent in from a listener and the verdict this week is pretty unanimous!   See for privacy and opt-out information.
In this week's episode of Drunk Women Solving Crime, Hannah, Catie, and Taylor are delighted to welcome to the force a lady who can sniff out a criminal and solve a case even if she's stuck on the other side of a locked door, it's actor and presenter, Alexis Strum! Alexis opens the show with a bizarre tale that will have you taking notes on how such a situation should be dealt with. The team then discusses a case which could lead to the finding out that John Lennon and Paul McCartney were part of an audacious plot ....or it could just be two other fellas called John and Paul.  And then, as always, we hear from a listener who has a crime itch that needs scratching, and this week, it looks like they actually get the mystery solved for them! If you want your name 'shouted-out' by Taylor in her own unique way, or fancy some extra content, then head over to the DWSC Patreon page and see what's on offer:  See for privacy and opt-out information.
This week, the Drunk Women are joined by Rubina Pabani, mild-mannered podcaster, and producer by day, but by night (or mid-afternoon actually), fearsome prospect for any prospective criminal, especially if her uncle also happens to be in the neighbourhood!  As you'll hear Rubina is more than qualified to join the force and brings her understanding of the criminal mind to a case in which the team dissects with medical precision, leaving no organ unturned.  Our esteemed guest then covers herself in even more glory, when she can bring yet another real-life experience to help our listener get to the bottom of a wrongdoing which would make anyone grind their teeth.   Check out the DWSC Patreon page, for extra content, videos, ad-free episodes, and MORE -  See for privacy and opt-out information.
It's all hands on deck this week, as comedian and podcaster, Sally-Anne Hayward joins the elite force of note-takers, and provides some dazzling insights about the logistics around imposter syndrome, we also hear about the time she felt judged by a thief and what the world was like before suitcases were mounted on wheels (grim).  The gang then get together to dissect a crime which is possibly a more elaborate way of saying 'the dog ate my homework'.  Check out the DWSC Patreon page for shout outs, extra content, videos, and MORE:  See for privacy and opt-out information.
This week the Drunk Women welcomes writer and founder of the Vagina Museum, Florence Schechter to the force.  Florence starts things off with a story that will warm your crime-hardened heart, as well as proving that politeness in heroism goes a long way to impress one's dad.  The team then explores the life and times of someone Florence has loved for a long time and who the rest of will now be obsessed with (and rightly so), whilst marveling at how the crimes featured in their life still echo in the lives of women today.  We then hear from a listener, who has beef with a helicopter - which we find out are just massive insects at the end of the day.  Check out the DWSC Patreon page for extra content, shout-outs, ad-free episodes, videos, and more!   See for privacy and opt-out information.
The Drunk Women are sorry to say that today's episode is incomplete and only thirteen and a half minutes long. Taylor, Catie, and Hannah wish to apologise for any inconvenience caused. ...APRIL FOOL** if anything this episode is slightly longer than the others, but as it was recorded on April Fools Day, the ladies are doing something a little different and presenting a string of cases in which 'pranks' have had some disastrous results. And joining them this week is the fantastic presenter and Great British Bake-Off Semi-Finalist, Briony May Williams!  Briony starts things off by telling us about the time she fell victim to opportunist crime, in which you could argue that the perpetrator was just indulging in some carpe diem and she also enlightens us as to why our American listeners will know 'Bake-Off' as the 'The Great British Cooking Show'!  After all that, we hear from a listener who with Catie has a lot in common....Elvis has left the butter out.  ** We acknowledge that the joke is now on us.  Take a look at the DWSC Patreon page, for videos, extra content, and ad-free episodes:  See for privacy and opt-out information.
The Drunk Women are back at The Clapham Grand and it's a two for the price of one on this week's guest count! Yes, the team headed to that fantastic venue to record a special show with the wonderful Shazia Mirza - who had some obstacles to overcome on the journey and so, whilst we waited with bated breath for her arrival, Taylor, Hannah, and Catie were joined by former guest and friend of the show, Jayde Adams, who regaled us with yet another crime which has blighted her life!  Jayde very kindly kicks things off with a story that will make sure no one EVER gives shade to any member of One Direction again and although it was wonderful to see her, Jayde then made way for Shazia, who came straight on stage following her epic journey.  The gang then go through a historical misdemeanor, which will make you grateful you were born in the age of plastic, rather than tin...ouch! The Drunk Women would like to say a HUGE thank you to Jayde for coming to the rescue and to Shazia for battling her way to the theatre, against all odds.  The streamed video of this show will be available to patreons, as well as other videos, extra content, and shout-outs - take a look at for more info.   See for privacy and opt-out information.
The Drunk Women are, here again, providing an essential service to us all - solving the crimes of guest, listener, and history. Joining them today is the fantastic comedian, writer & podcaster, Rosie Wilby! Rosie tells us about a crime in which you can't help but think that the perpetrator was doing her a favour!  We then all get our head into a tale of criminal woe resulting in a pretty awesome tourist attraction, which would be ideal to visit on roller skates... and then the gang helps a listener get to the bottom of a criminal act and debate the existence of a Hilton Hotel in Croydon. Check out the DWSC Patreon page - got to for extra content, videos and lock-ins with Taylor, Catie & Hannah   See for privacy and opt-out information.
In perhaps the longest anticipated guest in Drunk Women history, the gang was delighted to be in the company of presenter, Kate Thornton, after two previous near misses!  As the saying goes 'third time lucky' and this is most definitely the case, as Kate not only brings a crime story, which is up there as one of the most unbelievable tales we've heard to date but also joins the elite force of the note-takers.  We then hear about the life of a true legend, who had to endure more true crime than most of us would be able to take.  As always a lovely listener rounds things off for us with their own story of crime victimhood - but perhaps in this week's case, they were more involved than they were letting on?  Go to the DWSC Patreon page for videos, extra UNEDITED content, shout-outs, and MORE!  See for privacy and opt-out information.
The Drunk Women were filled with glee when the brilliant comedian Sara Pascoe agreed to join the force and proved to be in the elite group of those who make notes, this lady means business. Sara starts things off with a personal story that proves you should never trust a man called 'Kavin' and that no crime is worth ruining a holiday for.  The gang then makes us all an offer we can't refuse by letting us all play along and solve a case which should be a film script...but not one Sara would watch.  And then, as always we hear from a listener, who gets some tough love from the newly ordained Detective Pascoe.  Check out the DWSC Patreon page for extra content, ad-free episodes, AND a complete video of this very episode!  Yes you can watch the UNEDITED record of this very special episode with Sara, just go to  See for privacy and opt-out information.
The Drunk Women are, here again, swigging and solving till there's nothing left to swig or solve... this week they are joined by journalist and writer, Emma Burnell!  Emma stars us off by talking about a crime that has many possible culprits, but is the family dog REALLY in the clear? And what should be done about the neighborhood cat burglar? The gang then gets involved with a crime that is as audacious as they come and then rounds everything off with some much-needed atonement from one lucky listener.  Check out the DWSC Patreon page for ad-free episodes, extra content, and videos - just head to  See for privacy and opt-out information.
In this episode of DWSC, the gang is joined by brilliant comedian and ventriloquist, Nina Conti! Nina gets the ball rolling with some tales from her own life, which prove she has been 'saddled' with more than enough true crime already!  She then helps the others crack a rather dark case which ended-up shaping the way the law is enforced forever.  As always, we have a listener crime to solve at the end, but there's some speculation that there has been some embellishment on the story through the decide!  The Drunk Women will be presenting a specially recorded show from The Clapham Grand on Saturday 27th March 2021!  Special guest Shazia Mirza (with added Jayde Adams!!) joined Taylor, Catie, and Hannah a couple of weeks ago to record the show and the Drunk Women will be on the Youtube Chat whilst the show is streamed, so you can watch along together! For info and tickets go to -  You can also check out the DWSC Patreon page for extra content, videos, and ad-free episodes, just visit -  See for privacy and opt-out information.
Hot-off the press of their socially distanced live stream, The Drunk Women present the very episode recorded just a few days hence at The Clapham Grand.  If you didn't watch the show, then you'll now hear why this week's guest, Helen Bauer is actually fairly grateful to whoever may have stolen her camera. Helen then ably assists Hannah and Catie get to the bottom of a case presented by Taylor, which makes us all question if being called sleeping beauty is a good thing; we then as always, round things off with a listener crime, which Helen pretty much solves in less than 5mins ... someone give that last her own crime-fighting series.  On the day this show was recorded, The Drunk Women taped a second show, to be released on a live stream on Saturday 27th March at 5:30 pm - a month before it's due to be released as a podcast!  Not only will you be able to see special guest Shazia Murza helping the team solve crimes, but there's also a surprise appearance from Jayde Adams!  Plus, the drunk women will be on the youtube live chat whilst the stream takes place! For tickets and information just go to  Whilst you're here, why not check-out the DWSC Patreon page, for extra content, ad-free episodes, and videos, just head  See for privacy and opt-out information.
For Red Nose day two of the UK’s finest crime podcasts have joined forces for an Acast Red Nose Day Mashup podcast! Join Hannah Maguire and Suruthi Bala from RedHanded alongside Hannah George, Catie Wilkins, and Taylor Glenn from Drunk Women Solving Crime to bring us 'Drunk Women Caught Redhanded'.  This powerhouse of super-sleuths leaves no stone unturned in solving a true crime from history, whilst imbibing their favorite adult beverages and inviting us to play along too.  We also get to hear some personal true crime tales of woe from hosts and listeners alike and whilst the gang may not be able to solve everything, they sure as hell don't make it worse.   Donations have the power to help people living incredibly tough lives. If you can, please, head to and give now. Or give £5 by texting ‘COMIC’ to 70205. To donate £5 text the word COMIC to 70205. Texts cost your donation amount plus your standard network message charge and 100% of your donation will go to Comic Relief, a registered charity. You must be 16 or over and please ask the bill payer's permission. For full terms and conditions visit  See for privacy and opt-out information.
In this week's episode, the Drunk Women welcome actor, writer, and comedian Annie McGrath to the force, who brings more than a hint of showbiz glitz to proceedings when she recounts a crime that would be award-winning if such a ceremony existed. The crew then showcases some top-class crime-solving talents, which draws some pretty clear parallels with this week's main case, which is one of presidential proportions. We then hear from a listener who you could say really makes lemonade out of those life lemons.  The Drunk Women will be streaming a show LIVE from The Clapham Grand on Saturday 13th March, with special guest Helen Bauer. For all information and tickets go to  You can also check out their Patreon page for ad-free episodes, videos, and extra content -  See for privacy and opt-out information.
The gang is here again, yes, Taylor, Catie, and Hannah have gathered once more to solve a crime, whilst getting stuck into a bottle of their choice and are joined by writer, actor, and comedian Brona C. Titley, who takes us on a journey to Funderland when she divulges the details of a criminal act. The team then cracks into a case that surely proves the existence of time travel once and for all and then we hear from a listener whose crime snowballs into a series of wrongs that will have you incredulous in sympathy.  See the Drunk Women LIVE from the comfort of your own home! The ladies will be streaming a show from The Clapham Grand on Saturday 13th March 2021 for information and tickets go to: and check out their patreon at  See for privacy and opt-out information.
WARNING: This episode, thanks to Catie, is loaded with sass! Luckily, this week's guest, comedian Catherine Bohart is more than a match for anyone in the sassy stakes, although the crime she shares with us at the start doesn't find her at peak sass, but then everyone deserves a day off. The gang then gets to the bottom of a case which gives debate to all the big questions...such as if Margret Thatcher really did like a game of ibble-dibble? And finally, this week's listener managed to solve their own crime but takes us that journey - although Catherine still has some questions... The Drunk Women are doing a LIVE STREAM on Saturday 13th March 2021! Go to for tickets and details.  And you can sign-up to the DWSC Patreon for extra content, videos, and ad-free episodes at  See for privacy and opt-out information.
Welcome to another episode of Drunk Women Solving Crime, where the wonders of technology allow us to connect with Canadian-based comedian, Erika Ehler! Although Erika usually resides in the UK, lockdown has seen her back with her parents in Toronto, but luckily the time difference didn't stop her from cracking open a can and cracking some key details in a case where a whole village feels the effects of wrongdoing, with some living in fear as a result. But, before that Erika recounts an incident that taught her an early lesson about the realities of human nature. The team then hears from a listener who has clearly landed on her feet! Check out the DWSC Patreon for extra content, videos and ad free episodes ! Go to  See for privacy and opt-out information.
It's time for another dose of Drunk Women and this week comedian, Juliet Meyers -with trusty sidekick Homer (the worlds best dog detective) - joins Taylor, Catie and Hannah to sleuth their way through this week's crime, which is set in NEBRASKA of all places, plus there's a connection to a crime featured in a past episode. Juliet starts proceedings with sharing some past criminal activities, which could very well be down to needing a few more Spanish lessons .. although that's doubtful. We then round things-off with a listener crime against a mum's cardigan! DWSC have a Patreon page, with videos and extra content, as well as ad free episodes, take a look here:-  See for privacy and opt-out information.
Welcome to another episode of Drunk Women Solving Crime, which finds our hosts in fine fettle and ready to do their duty to podcasting, by grabbing a glass-full and solving a crime, or three. Joining them in this public service is comedian, actor, writer & cheese enthusiast, Pippa Evans! Pippa gets the ball (Edam) rolling by presenting a great wrongdoing, which occurred in her very own home, by someone who should frankly know better. The team then put their heads-together to wring-out the details of a swathe of crimes perpetrated in ignorance ...along the way, Hannah get's an education in what she can and can't use her finger to do - we hope you find it useful too. Find out what Hannah, Catie and Taylor got-up to after this episode was recorded by joining their Patreon and listening to their 'lock-ins'. You can find full details at:  See for privacy and opt-out information.
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And I dearly love your wit worst and info. The sisters I wish I had !

Apr 18th


And I dearly love your wit worst and info. The sisters I wish I had !

Apr 18th


Pleas back announce the name of the podcast made by your guest. Do it want to listen enough to research. You spent maybe 4 minutes so far on the topic - plenty of time to name the product. John of Henley

Apr 18th

Catherine Rose

I love this podcast and have been making my way through all the back episodes. A magical mix of fascinating and hilarious! I love the comradery between these lovely ladies and also their guests. Keep them coming drunk women! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

May 15th

Emma Hudson

love the show so much, have learnt a very valuable lesson and that is not to decorate whilst listening to this!

Apr 19th


how have I not listened to this podcast yet?!

Jan 31st

Tracey O'Flynn

love the scummies, and this pod, usually -but everyone's too close to the mic most of the time in this ep, so there's distortion a lot of the time which makes difficult listening :(

Oct 30th

Vicque Saint-Sylvestre

"she's basic" - "no, I'm Regula" :D

May 22nd

Doug Plume

What ever you do, don’t listen to this episode if you’re doing something that needs your full attention and/or control. I was laughing so much I almost crashed the van I was driving. Drunk Women is always worth a listen but Jess Robinson is incredibly funny, or psychopathic (not quite sure) Keep up the drinking ladies, I’m a big fan.

May 11th

Ariel Teixeira

By far, my favorite episode of drunk women. Is it called an episode? whatever.

Apr 12th

Kate Doherty

mysterious, entertaining and drunken shenanigans!

Dec 8th

linda ho

Baguettegate- happened to a friend of mine at high school. She mixed up laxatives in the peanut better for the culprit

Sep 18th

Luke Cowell-Fallows

'Murder, She Wrote' for 2018. The spirit of Jessica Fletcher is alive and well with these gals! 💗 So so funny but also, insightful! x

Sep 6th
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