DiscoverMetamorphosis- Using Essential Oils for Emotional Wellness
Metamorphosis- Using Essential Oils for Emotional Wellness
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Metamorphosis- Using Essential Oils for Emotional Wellness

Author: Val Petty and Jennifer Hawkins

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met·a·mor·pho·sis: a change of the form or nature of a thing or person into a completely different one, by natural or supernatural means. Everyone that has had a vision for their life has gotten stuck at some point and questioned themselves. Am I doing it right? Is this even working? Is it even worth it? Val and Jen, doTERRA leaders, talk about overcoming and breaking through the guilt of "shoulds" and the creativity killer called comparison as they journey on in their business toward purpose, calling, and success. Whether you're a stay at home mom (or dad), an entrepreneur, in ministry, or whatever... and you find yourself asking those questions... listen in for some really fun and out of the box tips to turn it all around, find your path back to loving what you do, and watching everything fall into alignment and work out in crazy beautiful ways.
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Our body is always giving us signals, like the warning lights of the dash on a car. If we learn to be sensitive to listen to what our body is telling us, we can get clues about the thoughts and beliefs that go against what our spirit knows to be actually true. These signs show us our misalignments with the Truth.This episode gives the basic breakdown of the root chakra, a center of the body that's associated with our thoughts and beliefs about security, safety, family harmony, and support. We give you tools and details on how to listen to and nurture this center of the body.
Depending on what culture and background we all come from, we've developed a very specific understanding and vocabulary about our spirit. As we learn more holistically how to take care of our bodies and add more tools and resources to our mind/body health practices, it's fun to look at the way the spirit is nurtured in each of them. They are all rooted in balancing the mind and emotions, which initiates healing in the physical body and therefore allow the fullest expression of the spirit, our true essence.We also give you an essential oil protocol for opening up freer communication with yourself and your spiritual health, or in other words, calming our mind and body to a point that we are in a position to listen more easily.
The first challenge to be able to experience something outside of your normal realm of natural is to be able to quiet our chattering mind. In this episode we give some examples of essential oils to help your mind let go of the cycle repetitive negative thoughts and get into a state of mindfulness or meditation. Shifting from the natural to the supernatural is just a matter of letting go of the control for a few moments and seeing what comes to the surface.
Spirituality... What is it? What isn't it? What hinders it? What should we avoid? Our friend and guest, Justin Grant, helps us unpack the junk drawer of confusion that surrounds spirituality and how to grow healthier as spiritual beings.We also decide that everyone who has survived 2020 needs a bottle of doTERRA's Console blend! Get the roller blend or the 5mL bottle to diffuse from Jennifer or Val's website! valpetty.comrootedinlove.coListen to more messages from Justin on Spiritual Health: Church on the Hill Sermons
In this episode, we talk about navigating around the anger, sadness, and confusion that's happening around us and how we are zeroed in on gaining wisdom that encourages others and diffuses the chaos in the air. The most powerful weapon we have is our peace, but the process of gaining and maintaining peace can sound a little abstract.We break down some practical steps for your and we're announcing an opportunity for ten women who would like to be part of a special interactive study around Val's book, Designed for Joy, and the start of a community of growth minded peace warriors. You can join by signing up at any of our websites. We will keep you in the loop on when you can join even if you're not one of the first ten!Podcast website- valandjen.comVal's website- valpetty.comJen's website-
In the middle of a pandemic, cultural revolution, and whatever else 2020 brings, are you wondering what's next for you? As life challenges you to leave the illusion of safety in the "normal" and step out in courage, you may stop along the way and feel like you're back where you started. But if you take a closer look, you may realize that you have been growing in alignment with your values and blossoming into everything you're meant to become and do. You may even decide that you enjoy what you're becoming even more than you ever wanted those goals you set out for.If you're still in the process of defining your values and calibrating yourself to be aligned and measure progress with them, Neroli essential oil is a great tool to have on the journey of learning to honor yourself and grow into all that you're meant to be!
This week we had some friends join us!  Kathy Bryant and Amy Fricks are educators who are beginning their own journey into guidance for whole mind, body, and spirit health and wellness. They are taking their own personal growth journeys and creating helpful resources that integrate the Enneagram, body types, food plans, exercise, prayer, and soon essential Nephesh Sesh
We were so grateful in this podcast to tie together Val's upcoming book with previous work we've done on resources for using essential oils to enhance prayer, meditation and journal time! We give an excerpt from our prayer journal and explain how it ties in with the book, and we share a great roller bottle blend that helps with the process and a diffuser blend that helps you to not get stuck in heavy feels.Get Val's book at also shared a little preview of our friends' new website and podcast!Go check it out!Get the journal for $5 at are the blends we shared in this episode:10mL Roller blend- "Safe Love" 8 drops arborvitae- reminds us to let go of willful striving and receive grace6 drops cedarwood- feel connected in the heart space insteadd of feeling alone4 drops vetiver- very calm; go deeper into own thoughts past noisy chatter3 drops myrrh- feelings of trust2 drops cassia- deeply valued2 drops patchouli- hold those feelings in your body; connected to body2 drops thyme- release resentment or judgement that blocks truthFill with fractionated coconut oil. Apply on lower abdomen, over heart, and on feet.Diffuser blend- "Trade for Joy"2 lemongrass, 3 wild orange, 1 peppermint
Val unpacks more of the value in her upcoming book, Designed for Joy, about going from stressed, anxious, and less than hopeful about life to living in joy and finding identity and purpose. She shares what led her to write the book and how it can be helpful for anyone struggling to see purpose and value in what they're doing in life.
During the quiet months of quarantine, Val was able to dig deep with people and work on finishing her book, Designed for Joy (release coming in June 2020)!  In this episode of the podcast, we're breaking down some of the valuable tools in the book as well as her experiences that led her to writing it. Everyone is born to live in joy... so why aren't we experiencing that everyday of our life? How do we practically get there?
Boundaries are something we hear a lot about, but how do you actually decide who gets access to your time and energy... and how much should you give them?  We walk you through a healthy process of making these decisions and give you a blend to help your body physiologically agree with your boundaries.Boundaries, 5mL Roller Blend8 drops Clove12 drops Melaleuca/Tea Tree5 drops Marjoram3 drops Cedarwood2 drops Cinnamon1 drop LimeRecipes from I Am Fabulous, by Desiree MangandogIf you want to purchase the highest quality essential oils that are proven effective and safe,email us at and we'll be in contact within 24 hours to help you choose or order what fits your needs and help you get the best price.Or contact Jen on Instagram @rootedinlove.coVal on Facebook at The Essential Joyologist
Substances used in, on or around your body can have a negative or profoundly positive impact on your mood and emotional wellness.  Mind, heart and body coherence is how your thoughts, emotions, and physiology work together.  Synthetic or toxic substances do not work with, but actually, impede the proper connections and communication between cells and interrupt this coherence. In this episode, we break this topic down even more for you and give our suggestions for cleaning up the chemical clutter in your life.If you want to purchase the highest quality essential oils that are proven effective and safe,email us at and we'll be in contact within 24 hours to help you choose or order what fits your needs and help you get the best price.Recipes from I Am Fabulous, by Desiree MangandogIf you want to purchase the highest quality essential oils that are proven effective and safe,email us at and we'll be in contact within 24 hours to help you choose or order what fits your needs and help you get the best price.
Chronic overwhelm and difficulty finishing tasks, as well as exhaustion and other physical symptoms can be a sign of a cluttered life.  In this episode, we share tips on how to physically declutter your life to improve attitude, mood, energy levels, focus, productivity and your ability to make a positive impact on the world around you.Use the Clear the Clutter diffuser blend to help you get started: 2 drops Lemongrass1 drop Lime1 drop Douglas FirUse the Decisions, Decisions roller blend to help you during the process:5 drops Basil8 drops Grapefruit10 drops Lavender3 drops Thyme1 drop WintergreenRecipes from I Am Fabulous, by Desiree MangandogIf you want to purchase the highest quality essential oils that are proven effective and safe,email us at and we'll be in contact within 24 hours to help you choose or order what fits your needs and help you get the best price.
Studies on stress, satisfaction, physical health and cognition all speak to the value of streamlining your life.  In this episode, we share the effects of clutter, types of physical and non-physical clutter, and ways to get started on streamlining your life for more energy, better mood, and more progress toward your vision.Use this blend from Desiree Mangandog's book, I Am Fabulous, to support you as you begin to look at what needs streamlined.Need pure therapeutic grade essentials oils that are guaranteed to be safe and work well?Email us at and we'll be in contact with you within 24 hours to help you pick our or order what fits your needs!Bye Bye Baggage, 5mL blend*Add doTERRA brand oils in this order and fill with FCO.8 drops Hawaiian Sandalwood3 drops Frankincense5 drops Cedarwood1 drop Cinnamon2 drops Eucalytptus3 drops Lemongrass5 drops Melaleuca/Tea Tree9 drops Thyme8 drops Siberian Fir4 drops Douglas Fir
Elisa Allen joins us to extend our series on self love and compassion to the process of learning to trust yourself.  So many times overwhelm and anxiety are linked to feeling powerless or that all of the answers to our questions are outside of us, when in reality, we actually already know the next step.  Elisa teaches us a meditation that she uses to get us in the place of hearing from our intuition and trusting what we
Self love and self care is a hot topic these days, but the old view of self care being bubble baths and pedicures is changing.  We are realizing that we all have a right to feel happy, healthy and loved, but life doesn't automatically allow for that.  We have to take some initiative to design our life around that belief.  In this episode, we give you some practical tips for self care and self love that have been working for us on our journey.
Do pedicures, bubble baths, and massages fill up your cup enough to pour love back out onto everyone else in your life to the extent that you envision or want?  Yeah... us either.  In this episode we talk about clearing the way to feel more love, the physical flow of love into the body and what blocks it, and of course, practical steps to making that mind/body connection happen through oils and a new breathing technique we are loving.
We loved this opportunity to chat with therapist, Elisa Allen, about how to curate a life of creativity and joy vs constant productivity, burnout, and exhaustion.  She gives wonderfully practical suggestions that anyone can fit into their daily life to find the flow and rest that everyone needs to be truly healthy and happy.Connect with Elisa at Wildly Curative or @wildly.curative on InstagramFind more resources or connect with Val and Jen at
We all have work to do, but does that work have to exhaust us, leave us unfulfilled and burned out?  Or can we actually reach a place of flow where life seems to be working for us, even before we ask or think about what we need?  Just like a butterfly is intelligently designed to receive guidance through its antenna, we are also wired to receive support, answers, guidance, and information straight from the source of creation.  The only thing we have to do to receive it is to let go of the untruths that block it.  
Is resistance a good thing, a sign that your efforts aren't working, or are they just part of the journey?  We give our perspective on resistance and how to work through fear, anger as you change habits and disrupt your comfort zone.  We also share more specific essential oil advice for overcoming upgrading your habits.
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