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☆☆☆☆☆ weekly podcast about the strange and the random. Weekly news, mysteries and conspiracy theories. Never a straight answer N.A.S.A looks at the wired world of the internet world history, Funny and interesting facts, science theory and more. Recorded live from Manchester, United kingdom. Join Gaz and Taylor accompanied by the odd guest for Never a straight answer.

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71# Alien encounters | The case of Betty and Barney Hill, this week we deep dive in to the first alien abdication case in USA history. We explore this fascinating case and ask was this a real encounter with alien Gray? Also we talk about this weeks news and headline from around the world and I have a temper tantrum and get a bit salty lol all this plus a lot more besides in this week's episode of Never a straight answer podcast
54# Mysterious deaths | Bruce & Brandon Lee, we talk about the myths and consprisy theory linked to these mysterious deaths. Was the Lee family really cursed, and did Brandon carry it on ? we talk about this plus all the other theorys attached. We also talk about this weeks news and headline. Like, NASA and space news plus David Ikie tells us about his new book the trigger. All this plus so much more on this weeks episode of Never a straight answer podcast
This week we look at the at conspiracy we here have wanted to cover for sometime the philidepha experiment. A mystery that has everything from teleportation, time travel, aliens, ufos, all rolled in to one crazy story. We have a look in to the facts and try to establish whether or not this is ture or nothing more then a hoax. We also look at the weeks news, ask what's happening with Harry and the royal plus look at this week's NASA News and updates with space x all this plus much much more only here at Never a straight answer podcast
Welcome back and happy New year! We kick off 2020 with a spooky look at the most haunted tube stations on the London Underground and the tales of ghostly happenings and history. How mass graves were dug up to make way for the rail network plus much more ghost story's besides. We also look at this week's news such as what the fucks happening with the royal family and much more news and current affairs. Join Gaz and Taylor for another episode of Never a straight answer podcast
Ho ho ho Merry Christmas from us here at Never a straight answer podcast this week we go tottaly off script and wing the whole show for a special Christmas full length episode of Never a straight answer podcast
67# O.B.E's | Out of body experience, This week we look at out of body experiences, inspired by a listioners email and true story we talk about the possible reasons for the phantom as well as look at real cases and even some that have been witnessed by others. We also talk about the latest news headlines and random story's we've found on the web, and also cover everything N.A.S.A and ufo, not only this but we review the new movie Doctor sleep and the new Ghostbusters trailer. Plus much much more. So join us for another full length episode of Never a straight answer podcast
66# Flat Earth | Cracks in the Dome this week we attempt to understand Flat Earth, it's people and the strange idea that the earth is actully flat! We discuss from both prospective from mainstream science to the "proof" put forward by believers. And find the cracks in the dome! We also look at the weeks news and headlines like a woman who died for 6 hours only to be brought back from the dead. A alien world found orbiting a white dwarf star And talk baby yoda and the mandalorians. Plus much more, so join us for another episode of the Never a straight answer podcast
65# Mysterious Disappearances | The missing 411, this week we look at the mysterious disappearances that happen in and around the United States of America national parks. We take a look at some of the strange cases brought to attention by David Paulides in his books and documentarys - the missing 411. We also take a look at the weeks news and wired story's from the world wide web! Plus what's happening in space in our weekly look at NASA and there future plans for space exploration. Check out our website for the latest news, blogs, episodes, and much more.
64.1# EXTRA | The world's most famous UFO hotspots, on this weeks extra we look at the top 8 most prolific UFO hotspots from around the world. From Roswell New Mexico to other sites where your most likely to have a ufo encounter. We also talk about the news headlines we never had time for in the main episode. Visit our website and enter our Christmas giveaway and check out our featured podcasts 10ish podcast on our home page. Like, share, subscribe
64# The men in black | Alien encounters, following Taylor having a men in black encounter we look at some tales of men in black and alien encounters. From the 1st documented case to some of tbe stranger storys weve found on tje web! Taylor tells politics and and we discuss the news headlines and entertainment reviews for the week.
63# Corruption | How to start your own charity this week we look at all the ways charities have fucked up! Broken the law or just made things worse! From children in need to live aid we see if all the fund raising was worth it and also teach you how you can start your very own corrupt charity. Plus the latest news and headlines from the wired world of the internet and beyond.
62.1# EXTRA | Followed by MIB & Death by vape, on this weeks extra we talk about student's and Jam, how Taylor was followed by mystery men in black and what people are putting in vape pens! Plus all the news and headlines we didn't have time for in the main show.
62# RAF Menwith hill | The world's most secret spy base, this week we talk about the joint MOD and NSA base in the heart of the Yorkshire dales, the golf ball raydomes that some of you might have seen on the landscape of Harrogate uk, how this base is used to listion in to your calls, emails and are involved in spying on the world. We also have a chat about the news and headlines this week. join Gaz and Taylor for another episode of Never a straight answer podcast
61# Urban legends | second-hand story's, we take a look at some local and not sol ocal urban legends. We ask what is an urban legend? And why do the same story's find there way to every small town in the world. From the stranger on the back seat, the vanishing hitchhiker and the boget of bogethole cough. What's your local urban legend?. Send us your story's to
60.1# EXTRA | Taylor's not a zombie type of guy, that's right people Taylor's not a fan. He explains why plus we look at the news on the lighter side. This week only on never a straight answer EXTRA
60# Zombies | How to survive the zombie apocalypse, this week we talk zombies!!! We talk about the best and worse methods to surviving the zombie apocalypse, a brief history of zombie fokelaw and anything else we can find out about these brain hungry walkers! From the zombies of Hatiti to the modern zombie, drug induced zombieizum and even experiments to bring back the dead. All this plus we take listioner questions and comments plus look at this week's news headlines and random world events.
59.1# EXTRA | The most haunted places in the UK welcome back to the never a straight answer extra the mid week podcast, this week we look at the most interesting and haunted places reported in the UK check out some funny news story's and have a bit of a lark about
59# Ghosts | Huntings and paranormal happenings, This week we talk about spooky ghost story's it's October so why not! From haunted objects to warnings from behond the grave. We look at a few tales from the past and even the first haunting on the web! Plus we have a rant over the extinction rebellion and talk about this weeks news and headline from this crazy blue marble.
58# Chaos Magick | Principles and Sigils, this week we talk about the concept of Chaos Magick, what it's about where it comes from and how to start looking in to it, we discuss if it's all a bunch of new age MUMBO jumbo or something that could really work? We also talk about this weeks news and space news and so much more besides, join us for another episode of Never a straight answer podcast
57# Technology | suppression, who stole the water powered car? The razor that never goes blunt and why you can no longer use a pair of nylons as a replacement fan belt! This week we look at a number of inventions and other surprising technology's that seemingly vanished from the world ? We also talk about how manufacturers reverse engineer products to make them more disposable. We also take a look at this week's crazy world news and headline and have a pretty good time as we do it. Join Gaz and Taylor for another episode of Never a straight answer podcast
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Apr 14th

Justin Ott

God damn.. never again

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bizarre podcast

very very good podcast ...the guys have an awesome rapour and the humour is great . full of interesting subjects every episode

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Keep the brilliant pod casts comeing

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Love the pod cast keep up good work

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