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A book lover in Birmingham, Alabama who is here to talk books!
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In this episode we unveil the winner of the RedStarReviews Favorite Book Of The Year For 2021! There will be a link at the end of the shownotes to said book so read no further if you want to avoid spoilers here! After that there is some discussion on the SPSFC that I am reading for. Followed by revealing what has caused me to return to YouTube of all places to share content! Closed out with thankfulness for you, and how much I appreciate you being a part of my life. Here are the links to my favorite book of the year: I should add that at this time it is available for free as an Ebook so it’s a perfect time to give it a try! Zenith The Interscission Project: Book One By Arshad Ahsanuddin
An episode about the Self Published SciFi Competition and what it entails plus a look at my team’s initial top ten list from our allotment of books! For a list of all ten books and links to the books themselves please check out Also please check out the Team Red Stars’ judges and their websites for amazing reviews! They are also listed in the top ten blog above but here are direct links to their pages:
Welcome to the seventh episode of season two! In this episode we get to have an international conversation with a hero of mine in the Warhammer40K hobby world: Edward AKA Death_Of_A_Rubricist on Instagram. We discuss what Warhammer40K is, talk about the War Of The False Primarch narrative event (which is open to all to join), and also discuss the nature and benefits of hobbying. This episode was a lot of fun and there is something for everyone, even if Warhammer40K isn’t your jam! Links to sites we discuss in the show: Edward’s Instagram: The blog for the War Of The False Primarch: A link to how to get involved: A link to Edward’s primary blog:
First episode of 2021 only halfway through 2021! This one is a wide ranging episode in which we cover my RedStarReviews Favorite Book Of The Year Award for 2020, Vintage SciFi Month, Warhammer40K, painting, Indie SciFi gets a new awards competition, and an offering of personal encouragement to not be discouraged in difficult times. Hope you enjoy and hope you are well!
For the fifth episode of season two we have something really special! The founder of Vintage SciFi Month joins for a conversation on one of the greatest months of reading ever! The end is a bit abrupt as my headset died on me so apologies for that, but this episode was so much fun to produce so we want to give it to you in its entirety! Also here are several resources for finding material to read for Vintage SciFi Month (which takes place every January). Here are the links to the resources talked about in the podcast: Project Gutenberg Luminist Archives (everything) Luminist archives SF Magazines Librivox Audiobooks - free public domain Ann and Jeff Vandermeer "big books", these are avail in print and e-book. Big Book of Classic Fantasy Big Book of Science Fiction The Weird Compendium This is the story LittleRedReviewer was talking about by the Bengali lady. It is Sultana's Dream by Rokheya Sakhawat Hossain, from The Big Book of Science Fiction.  the story was published in 1908, and it was also recently reprinted at Strange Horizons Open Road Media - lots of classic scifi avail in print and e-book and we also hope people check out e-book options and curbside pick up their local library. even if you don't live near a library, or can't get to one, or it isn't open, there's a good chance no matter where someone lives, their county's library system has an ebook loan program.
This episode is a special one as it is the first time we have a cohost on the show! TheReadingRunner joins for a conversation about books, art, SciFi, and even running! Hope you enjoy listening in, and please note the artwork for this episode is provided by TheReadingRunner. He also has a podcast that you should check out, and expect him back here for more conversations in the future!
Book Nostalgia

Book Nostalgia


Season Two Episode Three is a trip down memory lane where we meet old friends in the form of books and talk about their magical ability to transport you to the moment you first read them.
In this episode I dive deep into the Pre Unity Valiant comic books and explore each title and what it means to me as a reader.
So happy to have you join for season two! If you missed season one have no fear you can listen anyways! The podcast is back with exciting new features! Mainly Pre Unity Valiant Comic Books! What are these comic books you ask? Listen in to find out!
This episode represents the closing out of season one, a look back, and a look forward to season two! As well as some ramblings on life and some nostalgia.
Y’all, my platform might not be large, but it will be used to speak out against oppression and to speak up for the oppressed. We live in a time when we need to no longer be silent and need to speak up. This episode is me starting to speak out. Please listen with an open mind. Please realize I won’t always get everything right, but I will strive to be teachable and to listen. Let me say this clearly: Black Lives Matter.
A nostalgic and rambling dive into one of my comic book boxes! I grabbed the one that is filled with random comic books that I’ve not seen in ages and emptied it out while discussing aspects of 90’s comic books and the industry. Join me for a fun exploration of a box of comic books!
Be sure to listen to parts 1 and 1&1/2 first but here is part 2! We take a silly and hopefully fun walk through my bookshelves as I describe one book per shelf and give my thoughts on it. Thank you for listening!
For some reason when I published episode sixteen it published complete on Anchor but incomplete on Apple Podcasts and Spotify! To correct this I’ve added the missing (almost) ten minutes here to episode 16&1/2 so that you can hopefully continue to enjoy this fun walk through my shelves!
Join me as I get a little silly and travel through my shelves reading book descriptions in a very serious and cheesy voice! This one was fun to make, hope you enjoy it! One important note the episode cut out a ten minute segment at the end but no worries I’m adding it as episode 16 & 1/2!
A dive into Fantasy, what the different sub genres are, a history of my Fantasy reading and maybe a few good reading suggestions for you!
A return to the podcast after a few months away! Hear the host ramble on about life for a few minutes before jumping into the world of books!
In this episode we will cover not only my Favorite Book Of The Year for 2019 but also the five runners up for the award and the previous winners dating back to 2013!
Covering my current reads, recent reads, and immediate TBR reads!
In this episode of the podcast we go into detail about what a Group Read is, how to host one, tips for improving one, and then we talk about the Group Reads that have happened and will be happening soon!
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