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An ensemble podcast hosted by the Well-Red Mage and a rotating roster of guests casting their magical analyses on video games, one title at a time.
48 Episodes
Time for a legendary conversation with Patrick from Backlog Odyssey and our subject: Mega Man Legends! We'll also cover your favorite games starring the Blue Bomber and the injection of significant storytelling in the Mega Man universe, the N64 port, the energy drink that kept Legends off of PSN for years, the human tendency to make anything a game, personifying save points, transitioning from 2D to 3D, camera design and infamous tank controls, Legends 2, the canceled sequel, Misadventures of Tron Bonne, a colorful cast of characters, the best version of Roll (?), weapons, bosses, collateral damage, and hope for a Legends Legacy Collection.Links: @BacklogOdysseyMusic: "The Flutter" by Makoto Tomozawa, & "'Little' Fugue in G minor" by Johann Sebastian Bach (arr. by Makoto Tomozawa)Support the show (
Is it at all fair to call Final Fantasy VIII the black sheep of the series? Either way, Matt aka Berkough joins me this episode and we talk about our personal impressions and the game's general reception, its divisiveness potentially centered around Squall as a character that strongly resonates with some people and strongly not with others, the peculiarities and clout of the Final Fantasy franchise, some fan theories (is Squall Laguna's son?), feeling threatened by Irvine, the experiment that is the draw system and a word on Triple Triad, a bit about VIII's sales, a bit about the remastered and PC versions, a bit about FFVII Remake... okay actually a lot about FFVII and VI and IX, even X and Tactics, as the context for VIII. This is a spoilers podcast.Links: / @berkoughMusic: "Liberi Fatali" & "The Man with the Machine Gun" by Nobuo UematsuSupport the show (
MAGE CAST is back from the dead! On this episode, podcaster and VR pioneer Aaron aka SanityCrypto and I talk Animal Crossing: New Horizons, our new found addiction. We discuss why we were even interested in playing New Horizons in the first place, task-oriented gameplay, Tom Nook for president, Pocket Camp, genre and series context, review bombing and hyperbole, ACNH sales, what the game doesn't tell you, addressing the multiplayer and co-op, the worst, the best, and the missing features, pixel art: the real endgame, how to "evict" villagers, time-traveling, and farming monsters.Links: Merch Guest: @SanityCryptoMusic: "Welcome Horizons" & "Island Tour (Day - Rain)" composed by Yasuaki Iwata, Yumi Takahashi, Shinobu Nagata, Sayako Doi, Masato OhashiSupport the show (
Two experts meet in St. Canard: Nicole (RedAuxPDX) and Ryan (Retrogamebrews) discuss with me the terror that flaps in the 8-bit night: Darkwing Duck on NES! We'll unpack Darkwing's origins and inspirations, Disney+ and the full 91 episodes, RedAux's cosplay and meeting the creators, 2017 DuckTales and Darkwing, remembering the beloved cartoon, the heart of the show, its characters and villains and our favorite episodes, ranking cartoon theme songs, the TurboGrafx-16 game, the tragically canceled sequel, the mobile game, Capcom and Mega Man, the hanging mechanic, late NES games, licensed games and their many woes, and the Disney afternoon multiverse.Links: @RedAuxPDX and @Retrogamebrews Music: "Darkwing Duck theme song" original lyrics by Steve Nelson and Thomas Sharp; "Title theme" by Yasuaki FujitaSupport the show (
It's time to talk about something that's really old, because old things can be great, too! Pac-Man podcast with the Arcade Mage and the Slipstream Mage. We'll discuss the devs taking a risk with Pac-Man over Rally X, vandalizing "Puck-Man", world records and President Reagan, the killscreen, K.C. Munchkin, how the world of games development has changed, our earliest memories of Pac-Man, ye olde arcades, the infamous Atari 2600 Pac-Man, developers that once struggled to gain recognition and credit for their games, being inspired by pizza, the twin cherries strategy, purchasing arcade cabinets today, deterministic artificial intelligent and the ghosts, Pac-Man's firsts, Pac-Man at amusement parks, Pac-Man merch, Pac-Man spin-offs, Pac-Man pasta!! Everything Pac-Man, plus Ms. Pac-Man, Professor Pac-Man, and Baby Pac-Man, too. Oh and appealing to stereotypes vs inclusivity.Links: @TheArcadeCastle and @JTorto40Music: "Pac-Man" by Dancing Bros. and "Pac-Man Fever (Club Version)" by Buckner & GarciaSupport the show (
Dreams do come true! Time for a Nights Into Dreams podcast feat. Andy aka @ProducerBTW and Aaron aka @SanityCrypto, plus what the guys are up to: standing up to cancer and podcasting in VR. We'll talk about Steven Spielberg, the 3D Controller and the invention of the analog stick, Oneirology, Freud and Jung, collecting for the Sega Saturn, the retro gaming market, imports, not missing ultra-fragile jewel cases, playing Nights then and now, sequels and spin-offs, the game's reception, reviewing things from the perspective of modernity or contemporaneous eras, struggling to define Nights Into Dreams, being threatened by walking, the appearance of S-Rankings, over-designing background texture, similarities between Sonic and Nights, a bit about Jung and shadow archetype, the vibe of the 90s and the quality in this OST, revisiting old IPs, expectations, and some of y'alls insane dreams.Links: @ProducerBTW and @SanityCryptoMusic: "NiGHTS" and "Dreams Dreams (Instrumental)" composed by Naofumi Hataya, Tomoko Sasaki, Fumie KumataniSupport the show (
Presenting an original conversation from the Bookwarm Games podcast! I was invited to the discussion by Wesley Schantz, host of Bookwarm Games. We'll talk about the core principles of The Well-Red Mage, the value of open discussion and conversation free from ridicule, the necessity of communication to learn from each other, some words on systematic theology, agnosticism, impassibility and aseity, ancient individual rights, loving something to understand it, objectivity and subjectivity together in appreciation of video games, context for "best game ever" statements, the relationship between personal favorites and qualities in an object, the evolution of standards in art, the development of Xenogears and Yasunori Mitsuda, suffering artists and the definition of the word "art", the phrases "work of art" and "art form", Final Fantasy VII's rich mythological texture and how it might've introduced a lot of people to theological ideas, schools of thought on theology portrayed in fiction exemplified by C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien, how video games handle religious ideas, critically and negatively or not, the difference between doing things "under the title of" and "in the spirit of", popular culture's simplifications vs reading the original material, questions about theodicy, the numinous, biogenesis, and manuscript studies being raised in video games, remakes vs remasters, and stories that take their time.Links: MerchFeaturing Bookwarm Games podcast and its host Wesley SchantzMusic: "Light from the Netherworld" & "The Beginnng and the End"Composed by Yasunori MitsudaSupport the show (
Chiptune and rock musician Russell Gordon and I talk about a MONSTER of a game, HUNTING down the best discussions for a WORLD of fun... it's Capcom's best-selling game of all time! We also mention the development and reception of the Monster Hunter series, Monster Hunter Tri on Wii and the day the music died when they closed its online servers, the complexity of these games despite their simplistic premise, viewing Monster Hunter World as a boss rush game, being prepared, crossovers, some thoughts on subscription services as paywalls for online multiplayer, World's design decision to merge single-player and multiplayer gameplay, the awesome absurdity of the weapons, blending comedy and cartoonishness with realism, real-life hunting and how it's not at all like Monster Hunter, poop lovin' Deviljho, being disappointed by Zorah Magdaros, missing Lagiacrus, nostalgia for Jhen Mohran, a word on Iceborne and its scale, the endgame grind, and addressing the question of "animal cruelty" in Monster Hunter World.Links: MerchGuest: @rus_gordonSupport the show (
Can you believe this is our first Pokemon episode ever? This time around, my guest is Cory the senior games editor of Popzara Press and we're talking about Sword and Shield, our first impressions, the game's pacing, version sales, differences, and exclusives, the greatness of the Wild Area, our favorite gym leaders, Pokemon, starters, and types, problems with the story and Pokemon as a utopian society balanced with nature, character development for rivals, formulas and Nintendo, quality-of-life changes, saying goodbye to HMs, fan outrage and "Dexit", missing Pokemon in Sword and Shield and whether it even matters, the boycott, thoughts on gigantamax and dynamax, aesthetic differences between Pokemon and Digimon, the accessibility of the series for all ages, and how that's a great thing and part of the global phenomenon that is Pokemon.Links: the show (
Welcome to the lost episode of MAGE CAST... All the way from the land where women glow and men plunder comes Patrick Arthur, my special guest for this episode. We'll talk about how VVVVVV took inspiration from the Commodore 64 and how to pronounce the title, as well as discuss limitations from big budgets, the indie scene and trends developing over time, our favorite indies, the problem of discoverability for games, what makes VVVVVV stand out, platforming without jumping, room names, the game's challenges, accessibility vs difficulty and how to avoid ad hominem when talking about tough games, the beauty of a simple premise, learning your colors and the sad elephant.Links: @retpodcastSupport the show (
MAGE CAST Season 2 is here!! We're putting our worst foot forward with what is considered to be one of the worst games ever made: the Wand of Gamelon, plus there's talk on the Nintendo PlayStation, some of the historical firsts accomplished by Wand of Gamelon, the Philips CD-i and how my guest was nearly talked into buying one instead of a SNES as a kid, why anyone should play Gamelon, games preservation, YouTube and meme culture, what to weigh in reviews and weighing in on reviews, judging a game by modern or vintage standards, objectivity in graphics, reviews at launch and allowing criticism time to function, what the game is about, its vices and virtues, and the evolution of a beloved franchise.Links: @TeacherBloke85Support the show (
I hope you came hungry! We'll devour another Super NES JRPG classic in Breath of Fire, this time with Hungry Goriya! We'll talk on Capcom's self-admitted first attempt at a traditional RPG, the passionate fandom of Breath of Fire and the middling experience of playing the first game, first impressions and expectations with vintage gaming, the roots of the BOF series, the first game's lack of refinement and its innovations, playing it blind, BOF's music, comparing versions and contemporaneous JRPGs, purely stats based RPGs and review scores, BOF's biggest emotional beats and the difference between drama vs melodrama, relating to characters, localization woes, "cause" and party members, our favorite and least favorite playable characters, villains and Capcom cameos, an overview of BOF's premise and a small word on how the games in the series connect, thematic elements, pros and cons, inventory management and hilarious abbreviations, and the future of the series.Links: @hungrygoriyaSupport the show (
It's time to return to the musty neon lairs of old with Rich the Deviot to talk about Street Fighter II's insane sales and its popularity in the competitive scene of the arcades then and the internet now, the console wars, arcade ports bringing classics home, the fighting game explosion, steep skill-based difficulty and therefore inaccessibility, our first experiences finding SFII, version differences and re-releases, the EGM April Fool's gag, balancing and simplicity in game design, comparisons with Mortal Kombat, SFII's massive influence on fighting games, updated editions vs DLC as release philosophies, favorite mains, movies, and music, controllers, endings, adaptations to film and animation, and the oddities of the first Street Fighter.Links: @TheDeviotSupport the show (
Let's get back to nature with Matt from Normal Happenings on this Stardew Valley podcast episode, where we talk about our favorite eligible characters, the game's caricatures and stereotypes, marriage, specific games not being for everyone, glamorizing and idealizing real-life work, the relatable premise of this story, actual farming, connection to nature, making big life decisions, simplicity and escapism, why Stardew Valley is addicting, why we keep playing it and the value it offers, Harvest Moon, Rune Factory, Farming Simulator, and infamous Farmville, the "X-Factor", the Community Center vs Joja Mart, end game goals, how Stardew improves upon the Harvest Moon formula, the soundtrack and its greatest achievements, seasons, landscapes, pets, and other pleasantries about different ways to play the game. Links: thewellredmage.comPatreon: @normalhappeningSupport the show (
On this Final Fantasy podcast, @AncientLitDude and I discuss what is arguably the most important game to The Well-Red Mage as a concept. Final Fantasy (One) unfolds its depths to us with talk on job classes, early proto-RPGs and learning to read, the speedrunner and randomizer communities, FF series context and overview, the sticky point of grinding, the development of Final Fantasy and the legendary status of its title, Uematsu's body of work, comparing Uematsu and Mitsuda, the premise and story of the game, role-playing with blank avatars, telling a tale without character development, precedent in classic and ancient text, the Warriors of Light compared to later heroes and heroines in the franchise, silent protagonists, Final Fantasy as both science fiction and high fantasy, the Hero's Journey, the value of myth and beliefs in light of rationality, learning unity without unanimity in civil conversation on controversial subjects, a word on science vs scientism, the ancient idea of 4 elements, battles, bugs, and the best that we could do with audience questions.Links: *** @AncientLitDudeSupport the show (
It's time to hop in a modded Dolorian back to the golden age of video games and talk about the Atari 2600 and Yars' Revenge. My guest, Atari enthusiast CJ aka CardiacDrop and I discuss 2600 cover art, dispensing with ageism, games that used to come with manuals, comic books, guidebooks, maps, and extras, bringing your own imagination to the game, "few rules and a tremendous play space" in design, the difference between action and adventure, the objective of an endless game, the story of the vengeance of Yars for Razak IV against the infamous Qotile, Howard Scott Warshaw and his Easter Egg, how Yars' Revenge got its name, playing Yars' at launch, the strength of retro games that were forced to design within specific limitations, E.T. infamy, the North American Video Game Crash, the VCS, the fate and future of Atari, the matter of exclusives, and why you should still play 2600 games for yourself.Links: @CardiacDropSupport the show (
Time to discuss the science of scary with my guest Mike from The Controller Throwers and the game Another World. We break down this title as horror and look at the premise of the unfortunate tale of Lester Knight Chaykin, not being an action hero, development by Eric Chahi and old indies, why the name was changed to "Out of this World", the science of cover art design, Mike finding his long lost cart after decades, why some love the game and why some hate it, the many ways to die and death animations, similar contemporary games, rotoscoping, Max Fleischer and Don Bluth, lacking gaminess, early cinematic and atmospheric storytelling, the question of a boundary between film and game, exposition vs pacing a narrative, re-releases, Heart of the Alien and Heart of Darkness, the idea of needing sequels, influential games and what Another World has inspired, experiencing as playing vs watching, oversaturation, and the definition of a classic.Links: @TCThrowersSupport the show (
Sing with us the bittersweet Symphony of the Night on this Castlevania episode starring SanityCrypto and Aros Elric. We discuss video game voice acting, both then and now, voice actors and union rights, character impressions, 2D platforming in the 3D era, enjoying the criticism of the things we enjoy, blemishes and flaws giving things beauty, memes and their purpose, familiarity vs popularity and intrinsic quality, the soundtrack and classical music, religious imagery and architecture, putting the -vania in Metroidvania, playing as Alucard, literature and classic art, our favorite bosses, Symphony's new artwork style, Bloodstained and modern Metroidvanias, monsters from other mythologies, the Inverted Castle, our favorite Castlevania games, the Netflix Castlevania series and issues with television entertainment, and our favorite chairs (???).Links: @SanityCrypto@ArosElricSupport the show (
It's time to put the Slipstream Mage in the driver's seat and talk about Forza Horizon 4! We're discussing juggling multiple games and forgetting where you've left off, how to pronounce "Forza" and what the word means in Italian, the TWRM GOTY Forza vs Journey controversy, the appeal of racing games, immersion, the sense of speed, and wish fulfillment, the importance of finely tuned mechanics, controls, and physics for racing game quality, the question of transferrable skills between real driving and game driving, differences between the Forza Horizon games and their settings, the open-world racing game structure, arcade and simulation gameplay, comparing Forza Horizon with other racing franchises, mixing Forza and Crazy Taxi, what Forza could learn from its peers, innovation and the future of the franchise, multiplayer woes, skill-based rankings, a sportsmanship grade, the Regalia and flying cars, and why you should try Forza for yourself: spoilers, it's about freedom.Links: @JTorto40Support the show (
The eyes of Ganon are everywhere and we're going to talk about The Adventure of Link anyway! Featuring Ryan from Gameswithcoffee and Katy aka Absolutekaty, we talk about bragging rights and the first time we played Zelda II, and how that affected our perspective on the game, no shame and save states, why Zelda II is Ryan and Katy's favorite, the enjoyable action of the combat, the most unique traits in the game and what caught on in the rest of the series, some tawdry tart, the Peter Pan origins of Dark Link, the worst Zelda (by popular vote), a word for people wanting to play Zelda II for the first time, fair and unfair game design, Zelda II's difficulty difference from other NES hard games, patience and RPG elements, fan expectations and criticism, The Battle of Olympus and Faxanadu, what we would fix in Zelda II, and the abuse of the term "black sheep".Website: @AbsoluteKaty @GameswCoffeeSupport the show (
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