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The Human Flourishing Project

Author: Alex Epstein

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Hi, I'm Alex Epstein.

I started the Human Flourishing project to tackle the problem I care about most: human beings lack reliable access to the knowledge we need to flourish.
44 Episodes
Episode 44: No Means Yes

Episode 44: No Means Yes


Alex Epstein discusses how saying “no” to most requests is essential to saying “yes” to your most important values.
Alex Epstein discusses how to recalibrate your standards of success in work and in personal life.
Alex Epstein discusses “reverse procrastination” and how it can lead to increased creativity, joy, and “time choice.”
Alex Epstein discusses one of his favorite lessons he’s learned about learning—which he has recently relearned with his new puppy, Sherlock.
Alex Epstein discusses what he has learned about the psychology of human flourishing from Ayn Rand’s The Fountainhead.
Alex Epstein continues his discussion of "80%" actualization, focusing on how it creates productive momentum and increases productive enjoyment.
Alex Epstein is joined by his friend and fellow Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt Matthew Blasdel to discuss some interesting questions he had about clear thinking and human flourishing.
Episode 37: Life recipes

Episode 37: Life recipes


Alex Epstein discusses his favorite new “life recipe” and how you can create your own great life recipes.
Alex Epstein discusses the counterintuitive idea that you can get better results with more enjoyment by consistently striving to achieve 80% of your potential.
Alex Epstein shares some of the fascinating recommendations of truly great content he's gotten from listeners so far.
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Philip-Alexander Jach

Alex is great

Feb 11th
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