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Athlete on Fire is a show that is all about bridging the gap between athletes doing amazing things and the rest of us. We have created a network of athlete, entrepreneurs, and adventurers to share their journey to help you along yours.
143 Episodes
In 1981 a grad student at West Virginia University was given three months to live after a bout of cancer from 1978 came back with a vengeance. This episode is about him and how it may apply to you!
George Briones has a unique perspective on life. We had a chance to talk about training, mindset, pain, digital detoxes and so much more. George works with fitness, training, and lifestyle brand, Soflete. His words:As a recon marine I live by this principle;“Jack of all trades and master of none.”My will to personally explore the different worlds of fitness has allowed me to have a unique perspective on strength and conditioning. I don’t always train in the gym. Don’t always train outside, preparing for outdoor adventures. However, marrying these two environments together has offered me the chance to explore the depths of what human performance entails. I have a wide range of personal experience and direct coaching experience with tactical athletes, functional fitness, weightlifting, ultra-endurance events, and general fitness enthusiasts.
Last year, a bunch of runners, coaches, mentors, veterans, and everyday amazing people convened in the Texas hill country outside of San Antonio for the annual Band Of Runners trail camp.  The weekend long event of camaraderie, education, and lots of trail finished with a fun take on the backyard ultras.  The event was a 1.07 mile loop t be done in a certain time.  Last person standing was crowned the champion.  It started out mellow but like any good group of runners and a hint of competitive fire, it got a little crazy out there.  This episode was taken from that evening.  Goofy and inspiring interviews to try and capture the essence of that night and the camp.  We hope you enjoy. And, consider donating to Band Of Runners to keep it rolling!
Writer, educator, and coach Jason Robillard comes on the show to talk about 11 ways to prepare for the times we are living in. As a fellow ultra runner the perspective was interesting and positive for those seeking solutions. Enjoy!
When Scott brings a friend to the wild open country of Canyonlands National Park who has never been to the Utah desert, adventure is to be had. From the backcountry, perched on top of a saddle between two canyons they talked about adventure, life, fear, and so much more. These places that inspire, inspire great conversation. We hope you enjoy!
Our guest, Seth Royal Kroft is a photographer in Montana. On the show we discuss how he got into photography, some of his favorite shots, his favorite places to explore and more!
Lindsay Atkins, who races as Lindsay Dawn Webster (marriage messes stuff up!) is at home training and we had a chance to chat for a solid hour. We talked about her favorite training sets and why loving the training is so important in endurance athletes. She is a serious cook and shares her passion for baking. We talk about her dog, charity, and a bunch more. It was a refreshing chat with a great human and athlete! Hope you enjoy!
Josh Jones is a Doctor of Physical Therapy based out of western North Carolina.  On this episode we answer listener questions on injuries specific to them.  Stress fractures in the feet.  Ankle sprains and breaks.  Hip flexor strains and general function.  Achilles issues.  We are only answering a few of these for each call so we dive a bit deeper and give actionable advice.  Don't worry, Josh and your host Scott Jones have quite the history together so we will be sure to mix stories of adventure in to these for you all! Enjoy.
This one hits hard.  Scott had a chance to sit down with a couple local Colorado friends to tell their stories.  Both lost spouses at a young age.  Both had young kids at the time. Both use exercise and running as a way to grieve. Their kids went to school together but they never met until recently.  It's a both sad yet hopeful story and we hope you appreciate their amazing and heartfelt words.
Host Scott and Luis Escobar had a chance to sit down in Squaw Valley and talk all things running.  Upcoming adventures in Bhutan.  Why he is working with the Spartan Trail series and all about the Born To Run Ultras he founded and how crazy things can get at the annual running festival! Enjoy.
Mark Carles is a runner, brother, son, and one of the bravest athletes we have had on the show. Given a few months to live over a year ago and he is still fighting the rare form of liver cancer he was diagnosed with by running and being with family. Matching tattoos with his mom, late nights and early mornings with his brother and even some kind words from Dan Rather will have you rethinking what you should get out of every day. Enjoy the show.Links:Mark's Go Fund Me: Months Shirt link:'s Instagram: Fibrolamellar Cancer:
Ralph Dale Jones lived a magnificent life. I was able to celebrate it in West Virginia last week with family. You'll hear the lessons and confessions I shared at his service and more on grief and loss. Hope you enjoy.
Eric Byrnes is a force of energy that can't be stopped. We were able to talk in Tahoe about endurance, loss, and why he pushes his limits!
Dr. Don Vaughn sat down to talk about studies he has been involved in and how the brain reacts to different stimuli, like riding a motorcycle. We also brought sports and performance into the mix to help athletes of all backgrounds use their brain to perform better! Enjoy the show with our first neuroscientist guest!Links:Spartan Trail: Race: Vaughn's Site: Davidson: On Fire: Ultra: Science:
Patrick Sweeney is a full time adventurer on a mission to help people around the world find their adventurer within and learn to use fear as fuel. We had a chance to sit down and talk all things adventure, fear, sport, and training. You'll have some great takeaways from his time as a world class rower and hopefully come away ready to conquer some of your own fears!Links:Spartan Trail: Race:'s Site: On Fire: Ultra: Science:
Amanda ran collegiately for a couple years and then got into road marathons. It wasn’t until 2014 that she started running trails! She figured it out pretty quickly and is now a professional running with the Altra elite team! Enjoy the show.Links:Spartan Trail: Race: site: On Fire: Ultra: Science:
Kelly and Juliet Starrett are the power couple we had the chance to sit down with in Tahoe for another amazing interview. MobilityWOD is probably where you have heard of them as an industry leader in all things movement and mobility but they have a new mission to get people ready for life with The Ready State. We talk fitness, pain, movement for runners, eating disorders, and much more. Thanks to Spartan Media Fest and ATP Science for the chance to sit down with so many amazing people in Squaw Valley. Enjoy the show!Links:Spartan Trail: Race: Ready State: On Fire: Ultra: Science:
Spartan Trail and the Spartan World Championships were held in Tahoe and athletes from around the world gathered to compete and hang out for a couple of epic days in Squaw Valley. Amelia Boone sat down with us on her actual birthday and talked about everything from having the tough conversations about body image and eating disorders to who in her life allows her to do these amazing things she does. She is always an interesting interview and we think you'll enjoy the new perspective from a great person and athlete!Links:Spartan Trail: Race: Boone: On Fire: Ultra: Science:
Spartan Trail and the Spartan World Championships were held in Tahoe and athletes from around the world gathered to compete and hang out for a couple of epic days in Squaw Valley. Mike Wardian and Ian Sharman have more than left their mark on the running world with bio's that could fill a book or two. They are much more likely to be in Squaw for the start of Western States but toeing the line for the Spartan race was in the schedule this time around. We sat down after the active day of competition in the cabin with the fire burning and right after a game of chess between the two athletes to talk about the weekend and much more! Enjoy.Links:Spartan Trail: Race: Ultra: Wardian: On Fire: Ultra: Science:
Dan Staton comes to the show a few days before archery hunting season and shares his story as well as teaches us about all things elk hunting. From etiquette to reintroducing wolves to Colorado, the conversation is flowing and fun! Enjoy.ELKSHAPE Offers: ONXHUNT | Discount Code elkshape for 20% off Premium or Elite Memberships from the website only.ELK 101 UNIVERSITY OF ELK HUNTING | Discount Code ELKSHAPE FOR 20% OFFCARIBOU GAME BAGS | Discount Code elkshape FOR 15% OFFSIBERIAN COOLERS | Discount Code ELKSHAPE2019 FOR 10% OFFOFF GRID FOOD CO | Discount Code ELKSHAPE2019 FOR 10% OFFBACKCOUNTRY eBIKES | Discount Code Elkshape300 for $300 offKENETREK GAITERS | Discount Code elkshape for $25 off
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