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Think Like Me (or don't)

Author: Bret Martineau

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The life and musings of a freelance digital handyman who also happens to be a semi-professional musician, amateur Muay Thai fighter, and divorced ex-mormon. Armchair philosophy at its finest :) Support this podcast:
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Am I actually Ben Affleck?

Am I actually Ben Affleck?


Yo! It’s been a while. In this episode I talk about what’s been happening the last couple months. I’ve been struggling to figure out if pieces of how I self-identify are actually weaknesses in need of reform or if they are, as I tend to believe, actually my superpowers. This episode doesn’t answer those questions but it’s at least a start. --- Support this podcast:
Here's how I manage my tasks (after a long time of doing it wrong). I recommend watching the video on YouTube: Support this podcast:
Be sure to check out the video as well: --- Support this podcast:
Be sure to check out the video version of this on Youtube: --- Support this podcast:
I got fired today

I got fired today


There are some things I refer to in the audio that you kind of need to see - head here to watch the video version of this: Support this podcast:
I went and found my Style guide from college to back up my comma comments.--- Support this podcast:
People don't know, how to use commas!--- Support this podcast:
 We watched that HBO documentary on Theranos yesterday.   I had some thoughts. Apologies for the background noise.--- Support this podcast:
 After watching the premier of GoT season 8, it hit me that lots of business gurus were going to start talking about how people shouldn't watch.  I had thoughts (obvi). --- Support this podcast:
Absolute legends in their own right, Kevin and Marvin, stop by to chat a bit about fighting and some of the differences between the old school fight mentality and the struggle of a fighter coming up now. As per the usual, Wick the Bear makes a cameo appearance and I do my best to stay quiet and let them talk, although I don't do a GREAT job of that, but we have some good conversation.Enjoy.--- Support this podcast:
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