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Membran Labs is a music and tech research lab building blockchain and distributed ledger solutions that serve the music industry. This podcast is a discussion between our our developers and others from the tech, crypto, and music industries about what's on their minds lately.
20 Episodes
Ethereum 2.0

Ethereum 2.0


In this episode I talk with Eric Showers about Ethereum 2.0.
In this episode I talk with Wolfgang Senges about how blockchain tech might be used to solve some of the problems facing the music industry. More information about Wolfgang can be found here.  Information about the Blockathon event can be found here and here (Facebook page).
Arthur Buczynski and I talk technical analysis and current market conditions. Art explains how some TA indicators are pointing to an end of the bear market. I give the skeptic's perspective on the efficacy of TA, and give my opinion on some fundamentals that on the part of Ethereum and DeFi that might help end the bear market. Medium post with all referenced charts here.
Crypto 101: Money

Crypto 101: Money


In this solo episode I talked about the properties of money and what sets cryptocurrencies apart from other money systems. If you're in Victoria we're hosting a blockchain 101 meetup. Check it out here.
In this episode Matteo Leibowitz and I talk about The Block ( and several projects in the Decentralized Finance space including Uniswap, Dai, dYdX, Set Protocol and others.  Show notes here. Leave us a review on iTunes. The Block. Twitter: Matteo, The Block, Jordan If you have suggestions for show ideas or would like to be a guest email us. Follow us on Instagram @membranlabs.  If you are interested in recording your own podcast, checkout our site.
In this episode Eric Showers and I talk about MolochDAO -- the grant giving DAO being developed by Ameen Soleimani. We also touch on DAICOs and the possibility of merging the two into a MolochDAICO.  We then go over Ethereum clients, including the differences between full nodes, archive nodes, and light clients.
Constantinople and Grin

Constantinople and Grin


Eric Showers and I talk about the Constantinople hard fork and Grin. We go over all the EIPs included in Constantinople, as well as the re-entrancy bug and the subsequent delay of the hard fork. We also do an overview of Grin and Mimblewimble where we talk about the basic specs of the network as well as the privacy aspects of the Grin currency.   
On this special episode, we're honoured to have a special guest in the studio - Eric Showers. We talk a little bit about how Eric's Crypto experience has been so far, dive a little bit deeper into Ethereum, and as always, some trade talk.
Watch this podcast on Youtube: On this episode, Art & Zach discuss the recent price action many alt coins have been experiencing while Bitcoin remains relatively stable. Also, an exciting airdrop that can earn you a couple of extra bucks as well as a plausible identity for Satoshi Nakomoto! Stellar Airdrop: Possible Identity of Satoshi Nakomoto:
So, we've decided to start a dedicated segment for chatting about market conditions and trading. Today, we talk about the recent bullish move of Bitcoin, a new indicator that can give you a better idea of when to enter a trade (long or short), and the crazy moves Ripple has been making ! Ichimoku Cloud & Fibonacci Level Ethereum Showing Possible Bullish-ness Ripple Deciding Which Way To Go Giant Bitcoin Wedge ... Break-up or Break-down ?
We brought Zachary Trinetti back on to discuss about the crypto market some more ! We discuss the random Dogecoin pump, another charting pattern to look for that is prominent with BTC, some more crypto-adjusted indicators and the positive outlook on the crypto market. Zach's Dogecoin Chart: Zach's BTC Trading Call: Art's BTC Trading Call Before: Result of Art's Trading Call: Man Loses Savings to Crypto: Josh Olszewicz Twitter: Crypto Bull vs. Bear:
This is a special midweek episode of the Membran Labs podcast. I step in for Art to speak with Jordan McKinney about his recent medium post titled “Bitcoin Security, a negative exponential” and we delve into his skepticism about the long term viability of bitcoin's network security. More about Membran & Music: More about Membran Labs: Show links: Slack: Meetups: Dino's Twitter: Jordan's website: Jordan's Twitter: Jordan's Article: “Bitcoin Security: a Negative Exponential” - Jordan McKinney Matteo Leibowitz Twitter: Matteo's Article:
We brought in guest Zachary Trinetti to discuss his take on the current state of the crypto market, different trading strategies including margin trading, and some coins to be looking at ! BTC Trading Call: What happened to BTC on Sept 5? Bitmex Margin Trading Mandala Exchange Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Tech FB Group
Just on my own today ! I had a guest lined up but we had some technical difficulties on his end so I had to take a stab at it solo. As always, discussed the current state of Bitcoin as well as ETH and ETC, talked about a new cryptocurrency that everybody is "Raven" about, and why Bitcoin's security is at jeopardy in the near future.
We examine our drawn chart pattern to see whether or not it was accurate, discover a new "trading strategy", discuss how Loom has done the impossible when it comes to Blockchain Gaming, talk about crypto scams and random banter about the weekend ! Chart Pattern: New "Trading Strategy": No Working Crypto Product: Loom Gaming: Bitconnect Arrest: Original Bitconnect Video:
Art's out of town this week, so we have Dino Celotti as a guest! Dino is the founder of MembranLabs and joins us to chat about his motivations behind MembranLabs and TrebleKey, our concert ticket management system built on Ethereum. We also chat securing your crypto, and a few recent headlines in from cyrptosphere, including Coinbase rebranding Toshi Wallet. Learn more about us here: Chat with us on Slack! Join our Meetups: Coinbase Wallet:
This Friday, we address the bear market, the Bitmain IPO, upcoming changes to MetaMask, chat about cars, and Eric's work in local meetups. Chat with us on slack: Stockcharts info: Bitmain IPO: MetaMask breaking changes: Tesla going private: Have a great weekend!
July 27, 2018: Tyler & Art

July 27, 2018: Tyler & Art


Tyler and Art ramble about the crypto markets, keeping track of trends, the latest in exploits, and what we've been eating and drinking this week. We talked about the fomo3d exploit, check out fomo3d: Check out Peter's post on fomo3d: Join the slack channel: And check out our website:
Today we get into EOS vs Ethereum, the recent 'attack' on Ethereum and it's potential culprits, decentralized gaming, and the future of insurance and gambling with guest Jordan McKinney MembranLabs: Join the Vic Blockchain Slack to chat with us: Learn more about Jordan:
Episode 1 w/ Tyler & Art

Episode 1 w/ Tyler & Art


Tyler and Arthur discuss Crypto prices, the role of money, browser mining, and other blockchain topics.
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