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Ennui Talk is a weekly talk show podcast that serves as an extension to the Ennui brand, hosted by its executive producer Matthew Winter. Each and every week, join him with members of the Ennui team, and occasionally guests, as they have funny yet thoughtful conversations, entertaining you with their stories and intriguing you with their discussions.
118 Episodes
Matthew Winter (@matthewwwinter) and Kaz Ghost (@kazpar1) come together in the Ennui HQ to discuss having a dad bod, the state of “kids these days”, updating the cameras they use, what they’d do if they won 10 grand, “binge watching” on Netflix, if there are too many subscription services, if they still buy DVDs (Matt does, at least), and how Family Guy predicted Kevin Spacey.
Matthew Winter (@matthewwwinter) and Ben Davis (@BENJYDAVIS) come together in the Ennui HQ to answer questions in an #AskEnnui return special. They discuss why they were away, some things they’re working on, leaving school at a young age, who the most difficult person in Ennui to work with, who the hottest Ennui member is, how to pronounce Ennui, bad rappers, and even more bad subjects suggested by fans.
Matthew Winter (@matthewwwinter) and Kieren Collison (@kieren_collison) come together in the Ennui HQ to discuss what they’d do for a million dollars, the man in the Bagel Boss fight now fighting celebrities, social media celebs such as Supreme Patty and Dan The Meme Man, how everybody else sucks at driving, and bad movies from their childhood.
Matthew Winter (@matthewwwinter) and Ben Davis (@BENJYDAVIS) come together in the Ennui HQ to discuss being white and eating cheese platters, the various Chris Lilley series including Angry Boys, Summer Heights High and We Can Be Heroes, and the RoosterTeeth animation department controversy and “crunch time culture”.
Matthew Winter (@matthewwwinter) and Chris Hodge (@chris420hodge) come together in the Ennui HQ to discuss the death of YouTuber and Twitch streamer Etika and those who have taken advantage of it for content, what the best comedians strive to achieve, the point of reality television, why television has become simply promoting controversy, and how Netflix has taken over the entire video market.
Matthew Winter (@matthewwwinter) talks with the new member of the Ennui crew, Kaz Ghost (@kazpar1). They discuss the memories of each other from school, Kaz being an extreme movie buff, buying the KSI vs Logan Paul fight, being the new cinematographer for Ennui, and how he will compliment Matt’s directing.
In a flashback to the Ennui Talk Pilot Season,  Matthew Winter (@matthewwwinter), Chris Hodge (@chris420hodge) and Hayden Clark (@hayden.codal) discuss a Seinfeld full cast "debauchery session", what their dream jobs would be, and their thoughts on social media.
Matthew Winter (@matthewwwinter) and Chris Hodge (@chris420hodge) come together to discuss being five years out of school, Elon Musk being divorced by the same woman twice, PornHub’s Bee Sexual campaign to save the bees, kids from the Fine Bros thinking Seinfeld is racist and sexist, how context matters in old film and TV, when to punish employees who aren’t doing their jobs, and what they think their worst personality traits are.
 Matthew Winter (@matthewwwinter) and Kieren Collison (@kieren_collison)  come together to discuss low blowing kids in primary school, Kieren playing softball, Family Guy being better than Game of Thrones, wanting to be on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, if Kieren was on Australian reality TV, Matt seeing Five Feet Apart and Fighting With My Family in cinemas, the Mandela effect, and The Rock actually playing Robin Williams in Jumanji. 
Matthew Winter (@matthewwwinter) and Ben Davis (@BENJYDAVIS) come together for a little bit of tech talk. They discuss their current and previous haircuts in life, iPhone’s front-facing camera being garbage, Samsung’s excellent displays, getting a better phone plan, the branding and marketing of Samsung and Apple, 4D audio, 360 cameras, 3D movies in cinemas, Apple’s customer service, using PlayStation vs Xbox.
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