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The Mindful Experiment is a podcast dedicated to sharing information about how to break through the barriers of life and inspire a realization of your infinite potential. This podcast is for the entrepreneur that wants to achieve the galaxy and for the individual that wants to feel more inspired and fulfilled in life. Everything we will share in this podcast is based upon Universal Principles. This can be applied to anything in life.
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Unlock the secrets to transforming your life and achieving your wildest dreams! Dive into my newest ebook, "Quantum Leaps to Abundance," and discover the powerful techniques to manifest wealth, happiness, and success effortlessly. Don't just dream about a better life—make it your reality. Download now and start your journey to abundance today! Our Exclusive FB Group: this episode, Dr. Vic Manzo interviews Paul Neal, a seasoned entrepreneur, about his journey and expertise in real estate finance, particularly for business owners. Paul shares insights into why many business owners hesitate to buy commercial property and outlines the benefits of owning versus renting, including significant tax advantages and potential for financial growth. The conversation touches on various strategies for business owners to acquire property with minimal down payment and leverage tax benefits through structured ownership and cost segregation.Who is Paul Neal?Paul Neal is the owner of Vantage Point Commercial Capital and a trailblazer in empowering business owners to create wealth, autonomy, and control by owning their commercial space.He's not just an expert in commercial real estate; Paul is a master at making complex topics accessible and engaging. His new book, “Un-Lease Your Business: Unlock Wealth, Autonomy and Control By Buying Your Building and Firing Your Landlord," delves into this transformative approach to commercial property ownership.Paul brings a unique blend of expertise, wit, and conversational warmth. He has a knack for breaking down intricate financial concepts into enjoyable and digestible discussions, making but also genuinely entertaining. His stories and insights offer practical wisdom that resonates with anyone aspiring to achieve greater success in their business ventures.How to Connect with Paul?Linkedin: Facebook: Instagram: YouTube: VPC.CapitalKey TakeawaysEntrepreneurial Journey:Paul Neal's journey began with traditional education but pivoted to business ownership early on.Challenges for Business Owners:Many business owners are too focused on daily operations to consider purchasing their commercial space.Benefits of Owning Commercial Property:Owning property can be more cost-effective than renting due to tax advantages and potential appreciation.Tax Advantages:Structuring the business to have an operating entity and a real estate holding entity can offer significant tax benefits.Strategies for Acquisition:Business owners can acquire property with little to no down payment through various financing options.Chapters00:37 - Paul's Early Journey03:04 - Initial Business Ventures05:23 - Owning vs. Renting for Business07:45 - Common Misconceptions09:34 - Structuring Ownership10:02 - Financial Benefits12:20 - Down Payment Concerns14:03 - Tax Advantages Explained15:56 - Vic's Personal Experience17:19 - Alternatives to Large Down Payments19:40 - Multiple Business Locations22:01 - Depreciation and Cost Segregation22:44 - Additional Tax Strategies
Unlock the secrets to transforming your life and achieving your wildest dreams! Dive into my newest ebook, "Quantum Leaps to Abundance," and discover the powerful techniques to manifest wealth, happiness, and success effortlessly. Don't just dream about a better life—make it your reality. Download now and start your journey to abundance today! Our Exclusive FB Group: Moura, a marketing expert, discusses the importance of specialization and finding your niche in business. She emphasizes the need for entrepreneurs to focus on their passion and develop a unique value proposition to attract their target audience. Diane also explores the role of AI in marketing, highlighting its potential to save time and enhance creativity. She discusses the use of AI in content creation and programmatic advertising, and how it can optimize campaigns and target specific audiences.Who is Diane Moura?Diane spent over 25 years consulting with Fortune 500 companies around the world in marketing and operations, enabled by technology. She launched and has grown a successful marketing agency for the past 10 years, providing both direct and white-label services in digital and print marketing, as well as Web3 brand launches. She was the CMO on two successful tech exits, resulting in $28 million for the founders. Diane is based in Miami but consults virtually with clients across the U.S.How to Connect with Diane?LinkeIn: Instagram: X (Twitter): and finding a niche are crucial for business success.Developing a unique value proposition helps attract and retain customers.AI can save time and enhance creativity in content creation.Programmatic advertising allows for targeted campaigns based on location and interests.AI is an enabling tool that complements human intelligence and creativity.Chapters00:00 Introduction and Background07:26 Developing a Unique Value Proposition to Attract Your Target Audience12:12 The Role of AI in Content Creation and Marketing
Join Our Exclusive FB Group: Course on Getting Unstuck and Tapping Into The World of Impossible Our Mindset Assessment to Uncover Blocks to Your this conversation, Dr. Vic Manzo and Seye Kuyinu discuss the concept of life as a dance and the importance of embracing both the ups and downs. They explore the idea that everything in life is a reflection of consciousness and that our experiences are like characters in a play. Seye shares insights on the illusion of the mind and the power of observing our patterns. They also touch on the role of suffering and how it can lead to growth and transformation. Seye's book, 'This Glorious Dance: Thoughts and Contemplations About Who We Are,' delves deeper into these topics.Who is Seye Kuyinu?Seye Kuyinu is an Agile Coach and Clinical Hypnotherapist who enjoys exploring systems and stories that lead us to or away from suffering, individually, collectively as teams, organizations, or society. His professional role is complemented by his creative endeavors and interest in hypnotherapy as a tool to demystify our personal made-up stories. His interests have led him on a quest to explore the nuanced complexities of life, cultivating an appreciation for its profound yet often misunderstood depths. This quest shapes his distinctive coaching approach, characterized by relentless curiosity and a recognition of the paradoxical nature of the human experience. In short, Seye's approach to life and work is encapsulated by the knowing that one can ever know anything. And so, his philosophies and practices are rooted in the idea that every character, individual, role, and scenario presents an opportunity to explore, question, and learn for absolutely no reason but the fun of it.How to Connect with Seye?Instagram:’s Book: is like a dance, with ups and downs, and embracing both is essential for growth and transformation.The mind creates illusions and often latches onto certain concepts based on past experiences.Observing our patterns and recognizing the illusion of the mind can lead to a shift in perspective and a deeper understanding of life.Suffering can be a catalyst for growth and can ultimately lead to a greater appreciation for the ups and downs of life.Chapters00:00 Introduction and Background04:08 Embracing the Dance of Life09:54 The Illusion of the Mind16:37 Suffering and Growth
Join Our Exclusive FB Group: Course on Getting Unstuck and Tapping Into The World of Impossible Our Mindset Assessment to Uncover Blocks to Your and Jillian, experts in boundaries, discuss the importance of boundaries in personal and professional life. They share their personal and professional experiences that led them to become passionate about boundaries. Boundaries help establish mutual alignment, respect, and open communication in relationships. They are based on shared values and allow individuals to get their needs met. Setting healthy boundaries benefits relationships, mental health, and overall well-being. Parents can teach children the importance of boundaries from an early age by helping them identify their values and establish limits. Overcoming guilt and fear of setting boundaries involves self-reflection, understanding childhood wounds, and rebuilding trust with oneself.Who are Jan and Jillian Yuhas?Jan Yuhas, M.A., MFT and Jillian Yuhas, M.A., MFT are Relationship Experts, Boundary and Conflict Resolution Consultants, and the authors of 'Boundary Badass: A Powerful Method For Elevating Your Value and Relationships.' Jan and Jillian are devoted to helping value-driven entrepreneurs and companies cultivate mutually beneficial relationships, resolve conflict respectfully, and master the art of setting boundaries. With over two decades of interpersonal psychology and mediation experience, the sisterly duo specializes in unlocking others’ inherent power, voicing their value, and paving the way toward growth and success worldwide.How to Connect?Instagram: www.JanAndJillian.comTakeawaysBoundaries are important in personal and professional life as they establish mutual alignment, respect, and open communication.Setting healthy boundaries benefits relationships, mental health, and overall well-being.Parents can teach children the importance of boundaries from an early age by helping them identify their values and establish limits.Overcoming guilt and fear of setting boundaries involves self-reflection, understanding childhood wounds, and rebuilding trust with oneself.Chapters00:00 Introduction and Background02:47 Defining Boundaries and Using Values05:21 Signs and Benefits of Setting Boundaries07:18 Setting Boundaries in Romantic Relationships09:03 Setting Boundaries with Family Members16:07 Teaching Children the Importance of Boundaries22:15 Conclusion and How to Connect with Jan and Jillian
Join Our Exclusive FB Group: Course on Getting Unstuck and Tapping Into The World of Impossible Our Mindset Assessment to Uncover Blocks to Your Jansen shares her journey from being a partner at an accounting firm to becoming an author and entrepreneur. She discusses the importance of following your soul's path and making the decision to pursue what truly fulfills you. Dena introduces her book, Soul Farmer, which draws parallels between farming practices and personal growth. She explains the four phases of the growth cycle: shifting soil, breaking through, pacing pursuit, and rooting trust. Dena emphasizes the need to trust the process, embrace change, and listen to your own inner voice.Who is Dena Jansen?Dena Jansen is a renowned author, speaker, and coach who transitioned from a successful corporate career to entrepreneurship. Drawing inspiration from over two decades as a farmer’s wife, she intertwines agricultural wisdom with personal growth. With a robust academic background from Texas Tech University, she’s also the dynamic force behind the You Just Don’t Know It Yet podcast and RON 2.0 women’s conference. A rom- com aficionado, Dena champions ambitious small-town women, guiding them toward realizing their dreams.How to Connect with Dena?Website: denajansen.comIG: Author Page: your soul's path and pursue what truly fulfills youEmbrace change and trust the process of personal growthListen to your own inner voice and invest in your relationship with yourselfRecognize the different phases of the growth cycle: shifting soil, breaking through, pacing pursuit, and rooting trustChapters00:00 Dena's Journey: From Accounting to Entrepreneurship03:20 Following Your Soul's Path to Fulfillment07:47 Embracing Change and Trusting the Process13:19 Investing in Your Relationship with Yourself
Join Our Exclusive FB Group: Course on Getting Unstuck and Tapping Into The World of Impossible Our Mindset Assessment to Uncover Blocks to Your this conversation, Dr. Vic Manzo interviews Chris King about bending reality and achieving success. They discuss how to hack the system of reality by understanding the psychology, neurobiology, and energy fields that shape our lives. Chris shares examples of seemingly impossible achievements he has helped clients accomplish, such as doubling revenues, eliminating stress, saving marriages, and growing businesses. They explore the importance of conscious awareness and taking responsibility for our thoughts, feelings, actions, and results. They also touch on the role of visualization, the power of commitment and devotion, and the concept of flow triggers.Who is Chris King?Chris M. King’s life is a testament to resilience and transformation. Despite a tumultuous childhood marked by grief, rage, abuse, and addiction, he defied the odds. Overcoming a prolonged academic journey, Chris transitioned from an unfinished undergrad to an NCAA hockey player within just a year of learning to skate. His path included two failed marriages, struggles with mental illness, and a shift from a lucrative career to becoming a poverty-stricken radio personality. Navigating unconventional career shifts, including marketing a neuroscience institute and a tech role that led to dismissal, Chris faced unemployment. Choosing an audacious path, he built a successful company from his car trunk, making a significant impact on the real estate industry. Termed a “witch doctor” or “irritated Buddha,” Chris is the author of “Renegotiate Your Existence: Unlock Your Impossible Life.” Drawing on spiritual psychology and insights from diverse luminaries, he facilitates transformative expeditions for individuals and organizations, pushing them beyond perceived limits to achieve the seemingly impossible. How to Connect with Chris?Instagram: X: Facebook:'s Welcome Page for The Mindful the system of reality allows us to hack it and achieve seemingly impossible goals.Conscious awareness of our thoughts, feelings, and actions is key to making different decisions and creating change.Taking 100% responsibility for everything in our lives empowers us to shape our reality.Visualization techniques can be effective in manifesting desired outcomes.Combining commitment and devotion with a clear vision can lead to extraordinary results.Flow triggers, such as novelty, focused attention, passion, and intensity, can enhance performance and create a state of flow.Chapters00:00 Introduction and Background02:55 Understanding the System of Reality07:05 The Power of Conscious Awareness13:01 Shifting Focus and Influencing Energy Fields23:04 Commitment, Devotion, and Flow Triggers
Join Our Exclusive FB Group: Course on Getting Unstuck and Tapping Into The World of Impossible Our Mindset Assessment to Uncover Blocks to Your of ConversationRocky Lalvani delves into the financial strategies crucial for business owners. Rocky's journey from a tech-savvy, entrepreneurial childhood to a passion for tax savings and wealth building sets the stage. He emphasizes the vital role of understanding financial numbers, advocating for automated savings systems across personal and business finances. A key takeaway is the concept of setting up multiple bank accounts with designated purposes, such as profit allocation, owner's pay, tax reserves, and operating expenses. This structured approach streamlines financial management and fosters wealth accumulation. The discussion also touches on the mindset shift needed around taxes, reframing them as indicators of profitability and business success. Overall, the episode encourages listeners to view their businesses as systems, focusing on profitability, and taking intentional steps towards financial security and growth.Who is Rocky Lalvani?Rocky Lalvani is the Profit Answer Man. He teaches them how to ensure they get paid and make profit a priority! As a certified Profit First Professional he implements Mike Michalowicz's Profit First System.  We change the accounting formula of Sales - Expenses = Profit to Sales - Profit = Expenses. This ensures Profit comes first! (PS. It's not about money at all costs, people come before money!) Rocky started with nothing when his parents immigrated to the United States when he was two years old, and his parents were in their 40's. It was his parents' second time starting over in life as they moved here to experience the American dream. In spite of a lot of struggles and his mom passing away when Rocky was 7, he has been able to achieve financial and life success. Rocky loves to share his journey and inspire others to achieve their dreams even faster.How to Connect with Rocky?Linkedin: Instagram: Facebook: Points  •  The podcast episode features a conversation between Vic and guest Rocky Lalvani, focusing on financial strategies for business owners.  •  Rocky shares his childhood interest in technology and entrepreneurship, leading to his passion for saving money on taxes, understanding numbers, and building wealth.  •  The discussion emphasizes the importance of knowing your numbers in business and implementing automated savings systems to grow wealth.  •  Rocky suggests setting up multiple bank accounts with specific purposes (e.g., profit, owner's pay, tax, operating expenses) to manage finances effectively.  •  The conversation concludes with Rocky encouraging listeners to understand their business as a system, focus on profitability, and take action towards financial success.
Join Me on April 25-27th for a Summit to End Fear and Level Up in Business! Course on Getting Unstuck and Experience The Life You Desire Type of Mindset Do You Have? this conversation, Dr. Vic Manzo interviews Buck Joffrey about the topic of longevity. Buck shares his journey from being a medical doctor to becoming an entrepreneur in the financial services space and his subsequent interest in longevity science. He discusses the theory of loss of information in aging and the importance of the epigenome in gene expression. Buck also talks about the potential of reversing epigenetic age and the use of drugs like rapamycin and NAD precursors. He emphasizes the importance of optimizing health through diet, exercise, sleep, and supplements, and the need to address underlying health issues to achieve longevity.Who is Dr. Buck Joffrey?A self-described biochemistry/molecular biology geek, Buck Joffrey, MD, graduated with Alpha Omega Alpha honors from Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine. His post-graduate training and interest in neuroscience initially led him to neurosurgical residency at the University of Michigan before detouring into Otolarngology-Head and Neck Surgery at the University of California, San Francisco. After residency, he completed an additional fellowship in Cosmetic Facial Plastic Surgery. Just a few years after training, Buck decided to leave practice to pursue his entrepreneurial interests. He went on to become a serial entrepreneur and is now a highly successful real estate investment manager with over $1 billion assets under management. Despite his departure from medicine as a career, Buck’s passion for science and medicine never went away, especially as it relates to the science that was emerging in the field of longevity. After years of personally diving deep into this area, Buck decided to share his interests with the world through this passion project, Sapio with Buck Joffrey.How to Connect with Dr. Buck?Facebook: Twitter: LinkedIn: Instagram: Threads: TikTok: YouTube: science is making significant advancements in understanding the aging process and the potential for reversing it.The epigenome, which controls gene expression, plays a crucial role in aging. Changes in the epigenome can disrupt gene expression and lead to aging.Drugs like rapamycin and NAD precursors show promise in reversing epigenetic age and promoting longevity.Optimizing health through diet, exercise, sleep, and supplements is essential for longevity.Addressing underlying health issues, such as cardiovascular disease and inflammation, is crucial for increasing health span and longevity.
Join Our Exclusive FB Group: My Entire Course for Free (Valued Over $499) Mindset Kagy shares her unexpected journey into energy work and manifestation. She explains that true manifestation requires a shift at a deeper energetic level, not just changing thoughts or affirmations. She emphasizes the importance of releasing energetic blocks and triggers to elevate one's frequency and align with their natural abundant path. Paget also discusses the need to let go of attachments, expectations, and old identities in order to trust the guidance of the universe. She encourages listeners to pay attention to their triggers and use them as opportunities for self-awareness and growth.Who is Paget Kagy?Paget Kagy is a Korean American actress, writer, and dynamic empowerment coach who found her purpose after a decade of feeling lost. In years of spiritual work, Paget looked for the practical mechanics of how energy works, creating a blueprint that transformed her life.Using practical mechanics of energy, her reality shifted—purpose revealed, abundance flowed, and connections deepened. Her unique approach isn't about mindset or affirmations; it's the synergy of spiritual, mental, and physical elements.How to Connect with Paget?LinkedIn: Tiktok: IG: X: Facebook: YouTube: Official Page: manifestation requires a shift at a deeper energetic level, not just changing thoughts or affirmations.Releasing energetic blocks and triggers is essential for elevating one's frequency and aligning with their natural abundant path.Letting go of attachments, expectations, and old identities is necessary to trust the guidance of the universe.Paying attention to triggers can lead to self-awareness and growth.Trusting the process and letting go of resistance allows for the manifestation of desired outcomes.Chapters00:00 Introduction and Background02:56 Trusting the Universe and Following Intuition07:03 Manifestation and Letting Go12:00 Becoming Aware of Resistance and Clearing Energetic Blocks23:49 Trusting the Process and Looking at the Past27:27 Connecting with Paget Kagy
Join Our Exclusive FB Group: My Entire Course for Free (Valued Over $499) Mindset this conversation, Nicole Frolick shares her personal journey of healing and spiritual awakening. She discusses the importance of embracing both the light and dark aspects of ourselves and how this can lead to greater fulfillment. Nicole also explains the concept of generational trauma and how it can be healed through subconscious reprogramming and soul fractal reclamation. She emphasizes the power of DNA and light in the healing process and the importance of neutralizing trauma rather than simply clearing it. Nicole invites listeners to explore her work and join her upcoming retreat.Who is Nicole Frolick?Nicole Frolick is a practical mystic, experienced in intuitive life coaching, inner child healing, and the reclamation of one’s Secret Self, a process that uncovers the hidden and yet most valuable strengths, talents, and untapped purpose of the soul. With over 25 years of experience in the realm of healing the mind, body, and soul connections, Nicole acts as a Surrogate Siren who co-captains your soul through a deep psychic descent into the unchartered waters of the unconscious mind. Using ceremonial and intuitive methods through unique meditative experiences, she guides her clients through the shadows of their pain so they may rebirth themselves and emerge as their most authentic self on the greatest path to their destiny. She is the host of Enlighten Up, a weekly podcast, founder of The Forbidden Journey (a premium coaching program), has produced over 50 guided meditations, and offers a variety of online courses through her Alchemy Academy designed to help you deepen your intuitive abilities, heal your inner child, harmonize your masculine and feminine energies, and advance your growth from linear development into quantum leaps that are logarithmic in nature.How to Connect with Nicole?Website: The Forbidden Journey Retreat (April 24, 2024) FREE Masterclass: How To Heal Generational & Childhood Trauma Alchemy Academy: The Enlighten Up Podcast: Instagram: Youtube: TikTok: both the light and dark aspects of yourself for greater fulfillment.Generational trauma can be healed through subconscious reprogramming and soul fractal reclamation.The power of DNA and light can be harnessed for healing and transformation.Neutralizing trauma allows for the integration of wisdom and personal growth.Chapters00:00 Introduction and Background00:57 The Journey Begins03:52 Navigating the Pendulum of the Spiritual Journey04:49 Discovering and Healing from Sexual Abuse05:46 Healing Generational Trauma08:10 The Power of DNA and Light09:49 Understanding Generational Trauma11:19 Clearing Generational Trauma13:49 Neutralizing Trauma and Embracing Darkness19:42 Balancing the Dark and Light22:21 Reclaiming Fragmented Parts of the Self23:57 Becoming a Full Container for Abundance25:09 Upcoming Retreat and Conclusion
Join Our Exclusive FB Group: My Entire Course for Free (Valued Over $499) to Our Monthly Newsletter: Schroeder shares his journey from being a radio reporter and DJ to starting his own phone company, Telcio. He emphasizes the importance of doing things 100% and being fully committed to what you love. Peter also discusses the challenges of managing multiple projects and distractions, as well as the influence of his mother on his work ethic. He highlights the changing landscape of consumer expectations and the need for businesses to be available on multiple communication platforms. Peter also touches on the advancements and limitations of AI and the importance of staying ahead of competitors and trends.Who is Peter Schroeder?Peter Schroeder is an award-winning DJ and entrepreneur who started Telzio, a company changing the way we work and communicate. With over two decades of experience, he's teamed up with big names like Facebook, Samsung, and Airbnb. Peter has earned more than 20 platinum records, 40 gold records, and received three nominations for the Danish DJ awards. Even after facing challenges like surviving a plane crash, Peter's passion and determination continue to inspire.How to Connect with Peter?Website: Company website: Instagram: from the PodcastCommitment and persistence are key to success.Doing things 100% and paying attention to detail can set you apart from competitors.Being fully present and open to opportunities can lead to unexpected paths.The influence of parents and their work ethic can shape your approach to work.The changing landscape of consumer expectations requires businesses to be available on multiple communication platforms.AI has the potential to enhance customer service, but it must be balanced with human interaction.Monitoring competitors and staying ahead of trends is crucial for business success.------------------------Chapters00:00 Introduction and Background00:25 Peter's Journey and Successes01:23 Burnout and Starting Telzio04:42 The Value of Doing Things the Right Way05:11 The Frustration of Competitors Cutting Corners05:31 The Importance of Doing Things 100%06:51 Living in the Present Moment07:19 Taking Small Steps and Being Open to Opportunities08:14 The Influence of Parents on Work Ethics09:18 The Challenges of ADHD09:55 Managing Multiple Projects and Distractions11:30 The Need for Availability and Communication Options13:26 The Challenge of Being Available on Multiple Platforms15:16 The Fine Line Between Realistic AI and Human Interaction16:15 The Advancements and Limitations of AI18:28 Staying Ahead of Competitors and Trends19:11 The Importance of Quick Response Times21:50 Monitoring Competitors and Trends
Join Our Exclusive FB Group: My Entire Course for Free (Valued Over $499) to Our Monthly Newsletter: this episode, Dr. Vic Manzo celebrates the 500th episode of his podcast, The Mindful Experiment. He reflects on the journey of the podcast and the impact it has had on his life and the lives of his listeners. Dr. Vic also announces his plans to create a podcast community and offers a free course on decoding the matrix. He then delves into the topic of manifestation and the law of attraction, discussing the importance of getting out of one's own way and trusting the process. He emphasizes the power of imagination and the role of faith and trust in creating the life one desires.TakeawaysThe Mindful Experiment podcast celebrates its 500th episode and reflects on the impact it has had on listeners' lives.Dr. Vic Manzo announces plans to create a podcast community and offers a free course on decoding the matrix.Manifestation and the law of attraction are discussed, emphasizing the importance of getting out of one's own way and trusting the process.Imagination is highlighted as a powerful tool for creating the life one desires, and faith and trust are emphasized as key components of manifestation.Chapters00:00 Celebrating 500 Episodes01:29 Creating a Podcast Community09:03 The Power of Imagination10:01 The Essence of Source Energy13:22 Trusting the Process
SummaryIn this conversation, Dr. Vic Manzo interviews Gary Jordan about the importance of reconnecting with the source and discovering and utilizing one's natural skills. They discuss the development of the ego and the disconnection from the source that occurs as we grow up. They also explore the illusion of happiness and the never-ending search for external solutions. The conversation emphasizes the journey of self-discovery and the pain and resistance that come with self-reflection. They highlight the importance of teaching children to reconnect with their spirit and self and the joy of doing what comes naturally.TakeawaysReconnecting with the source and discovering and utilizing one's natural skills is essential for true fulfillment and satisfaction in life.The development of the ego and the disconnection from the source occur as we grow up and develop our identity.The pursuit of happiness as a goal is misguided, as happiness is an experience that comes and goes.Self-reflection and the journey of self-discovery can be challenging and painful, but they lead to greater connection and satisfaction.Teaching children to reconnect with their spirit and self is crucial for their overall well-being and fulfillment.Chapters00:00 Introduction and Background00:31 Gary's Journey and Discovering Natural Skills03:31 The Development of the Ego and Disconnecting from the Source04:15 The Illusion of Happiness and the Never-Ending Search06:04 The Journey of Self-Discovery and Reconnecting with the Soul07:16 The Role of the Unconscious Mind in Creating True Change08:11 The Limitations of External Solutions09:24 The Pain of Self-Reflection and the Journey to Reconnection10:22 The Resistance to Self-Reflection and the Fear of Pain11:18 Waiting for Crisis to Initiate Change12:19 The Disconnection from Spirit and the Importance of Reconnecting13:17 The Development of the Ego and the Loss of Connection14:12 The Pursuit of Happiness and the Experience of Pain15:46 Happiness as an Experience, Not a Goal16:14 The Journey of Self-Discovery and Finding Natural Skills19:30 Teaching Children to Reconnect with Spirit and Self20:00 The Joy of Doing What Comes Naturally23:23 Gary's Work and How to Connect25:42 Closing RemarksWho is Gary Jordan Ph.D.?Gary Jordan, Ph.D., has over 40 years of experience in clinical psychology, behavior assessment, individual development, and coaching. He earned his doctorate in clinical psychology from the California School of Professional Psychology-Berkely in 1980.Always fascinated by theories of types and styles, Gary found that none of the theories he studied integrated internal experience with observable behavior. From his doctoral thesis and throughout his years in private practice, he worked on creating practical and usable style theory based on perception.In 1983, he joined Lynda-Ross Vega and together they created Perceptual Style Theory. This revolutionary psychological assessment system provides answers for individuals to leverage their natural strengths and find more meaning and satisfaction in life. Gary is an expert in helping people understand themselves, discover their innate talents and value, and use that information to align their actions with their natural potential.  Throughout his career, Gary has worked in community mental health, private practice, hospital facilities, and corporate enterprises. He and Lynda-Ross founded their coaching business in 1996.Among his many hobbies and interests, he enjoys building furniture, teaching Shaolin Kenpo, music, reading, movies, DIY projects, and spending time with family and friends. Gary is a black belt and instructor in Shaolin Kenpo.  Interestingly, Gary and his wife, Marcia, met when she took one of his classes.How to Connect with Gary?Website: LinkedIn:
SummaryAshok Gupta shares his journey of overcoming chronic fatigue syndrome and developing the Gupta program, a neuroplasticity-based approach to healing. He explains how the brain can be retrained to calm overactive responses and restore health. Gupta also discusses the Meaning of Life experiment, a spiritual development program, and the importance of conscious awareness in unlocking human potential.TakeawaysChronic fatigue syndrome and other neuroimmune diseases can be addressed through neuroplasticity and brain retraining.The Gupta program offers a holistic approach to healing, incorporating brain retraining, stress management, and spiritual development.Unconscious reactions and conditioned responses can be transformed through conscious awareness and reprogramming the brain.Tapping into human potential requires lifestyle changes, such as managing stress, consuming healthy food, and practicing mindfulness.Chapters00:00 Introduction and Background00:28 Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Neuroplasticity07:19 The Meaning of Life Experiment16:39 Unconscious Reactions and Conscious Awareness20:24 Conclusion and How to Find Ashok GuptaWho is Ashok Gupta?ASHOK GUPTA is an internationally renowned Speaker, Filmmaker & Health Practitioner who has dedicated his life to supporting people through chronic illness, and achieving their potential. Ashok suffered from ME, or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, around 25 years ago when he was studying at Cambridge University. Through neurological research that he conducted, he managed to get himself 100% better. He then set up a clinic to treat others, and then published the well-known neuroplasticity “limbic retraining” recovery program and app known as the Gupta Program in 2007. He has published several medical papers, including randomized controlled trials on Long Covid, ME/CFS, and fibromyalgia, showing that the treatment is effective, and he is continually researching these conditions.How to Connect with Ashok?Website: www.GuptaProgram.comFacebook:
SummaryDr. Tara Perry shares her journey from Hollywood to healing and how she became a clinical hypnotherapist. She discusses the power of the subconscious mind and its role in healing physical, mental, and emotional issues. Dr. Perry emphasizes the importance of understanding childhood trauma and past lives in order to recognize and change patterns. She also explores the science behind consciousness and the need for a shift in the medical system to address mental health. Listeners are encouraged to connect with Dr. Perry through her website and podcast for further exploration of healing and transformation.TakeawaysThe subconscious mind is a powerful tool for healing physical, mental, and emotional issues.Understanding childhood trauma and past lives can help identify and change patterns that affect our lives.Shifting energy and consciousness can lead to transformation and personal growth.The science behind healing and consciousness is becoming more recognized and should be integrated into the medical system.Connecting with healers and resources can support individuals on their healing journey.Chapters00:00 Introduction and Background00:26 Transition to Healing Journey01:16 Studying Traditional Chinese Medicine in China03:07 Success Stories: Healing Physical and Mental Issues03:37 Exploring Childhood Trauma and Past Lives04:24 Connecting Birth Process to Personal Patterns05:23 The Power of Shifting Energy and Consciousness08:47 Transformation and Personal Growth09:39 The Importance of Sleep and Avoiding Fear-Based Media10:47 Understanding Hypnotherapy and Alpha State12:14 Creating New Neural Pathways and Audio Customization14:36 The Science Behind Healing and Consciousness19:27 The Power of the Subconscious Mind in Healing23:49 The Need for Transformation in Mental Health24:11 How to Connect with Dr. Tara PerryWho is Dr. Tara Perry?Dr. Tara Perry's Bio: Dr. Tara Perry is a Clinical Hypnotherapist & Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. She specializes in Core Trauma Transformation, helping people get to the root of their biggest block, connect to their authentic selves, and thrive in deep confident peace. For 25 years, Dr. Perry has successfully treated celebrities, Olympians, first responders, world record holders, doctors, scientists, teachers, parents, and children. She has been featured on Lifetime Television, Esquire Magazine, TravelHost Magazine, UCLA Bruin, Fox Sports West, CosMed Magazine, KLRA, KLAA and more. Dr. Perry was chosen to be the first acupuncture teacher at the famous Arthur Ashe Center at UCLA as well as the #1 Acupuncture College in California. Dr. Perry hosts her own podcast Next Level Healing -available on all major platforms.How to Connect with Dr. Tara?Website: Facebook: Instagram: LinkedIn: YouTube:
In this episode of TME#496, guest Dr. Charryse Johnson shares insights into releasing patterns that don't serve us, stemming from her personal journey through trauma and healing. Growing up as the youngest of eight in a household filled with diverse reactions to challenges, Johnson's early exposure to trauma and observation of varying coping mechanisms sparked her interest in human development and psychology. She pursued these fields to understand the intricacies of healing and help others navigate their paths toward wellness. Johnson emphasizes that healing is a continuous process, likening it to the care and rehabilitation required after a physical injury. She challenges the notion that one can ever be "fully healed," proposing instead that healing evolves, requiring ongoing attention and adjustment. The conversation delves into the definition of trauma, broadening it beyond extreme events to include any experience that exceeds an individual's capacity to cope at the time. Johnson's approach to healing focuses on self-awareness, acknowledging pain without dwelling on it, and actively choosing pathways toward personal growth and resilience. She underscores the importance of mindful check-ins and diaphragmatic breathing as practical tools for fostering a healing mindset throughout daily life.Who is Dr. Charryse Johnson?Dr.Charryse Johnson, LCMHC, NCC is a veteran psychotherapist and mindfulness practitioner whose work focuses on the intersection of trauma, somatic integration, spirituality, and social justice. She is the founder of Jade Integrative Counseling and Wellness, an integrative therapy practice where personal values, the search for meaning, and the power of choice are the central focus. Charryse holds a B.A. in human development and family studies; an M.A. in professional counseling and a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology with a concentration in crisis and trauma. How to Connect with Dr. Charryse?Website: SocialsInstagram: Facebook:
Join The Mindful Experiment Movement Today! Dr. Vic:Facebook: the Podcast:Instagram: TODAY'S EPISODESummaryIn this episode, Dr. Vic Manzo shares his personal experience of grieving the loss of his dog and the lessons he learned from the process. He discusses the importance of clarity, divine timing, and finding fulfillment in life. Dr. Manzo emphasizes the fallacy of constant action and the need to define success on one's own terms. He encourages listeners to live a purposeful life and make a positive impact in the world.TakeawaysGrief and loss can provide clarity and open up new perspectives in life.Divine timing plays a role in our experiences and lessons.Constant action does not always lead to success or fulfillment.Finding crystal clarity and defining success on your own terms is essential.Living a purposeful life and making a positive impact brings true fulfillment.Chapters00:00 - Introduction and Personal Experience02:25 - Lessons from Grief and Loss06:12 - The Role of Divine Timing10:02 - The Fallacy of Constant Action14:32 - Finding Crystal Clarity and Fulfillment18:34 - Defining Success on Your Own Terms19:31 - Living a Purposeful Life20:30 - Conclusion and Tribute to Hank
The mind can travel to the past, the present, and off into the future.It is a tool that you can harness and use in your own life to manifest and create whatever it is you desire.FREE Event with 50+ Personal Development Luminaries, including Dr. Vic!Enter into a state of ALIGNMENT, FLOW and FULFILLMENT! At Beyond the Contrast: Practical Tools to Shift into Well-Being, over 50+ personal development luminaries will show you how to navigate any contrasting experience, empowering you to live the life you love – even when faced with unwanted circumstances! aSave the date! This is sure to be an unforgettable event. It’s online and free from January 29 – February 4, 2024!CLICK HERE TO RSVP--------------------Join The Mindful Experiment Movement Today! Dr. Vic:Facebook: the Podcast:Instagram:—————Today's EpisodeWhen we can create within our mind, the future self of who we desire to experience, this is where our power resides.When it comes to hitting a big goal, having that love-induced relationship, making millions, or living to 200, too many times we focus on what we need to do or how to become better.The true key to transformation is understanding how to shift your energy. I am not saying reading 10 books on a topic is not going to help. But when you enter this place and are led, the books reveal themselves to you on what YOU NEED rather than, what you THINK you need.The distinction between those two things may seem small or just semantics but it is the difference between those leading a life of fulfillment and those who are forcing the life they want.Tune in and let's use this ancient wisdom to manifest in 2024 the best of our years yet!
FREE Event with 50+ Personal Development Luminaries, including Dr. Vic!Enter into a state of ALIGNMENT, FLOW and FULFILLMENT! At Beyond the Contrast: Practical Tools to Shift into Well-Being, will show you how to navigate any contrasting experience, empowering you to live the life you love – even when faced with unwanted circumstances! Save the date! This is sure to be an unforgettable event. It’s online and free from January 29 – February 4, 2024!CLICK HERE TO RSVP—————Join The Mindful Experiment Movement Today! Dr. Vic:Facebook: the Podcast:Instagram:—————Today's EpisodeIn this week’s episode, I truly enjoyed the conversation I had with Anatoliy. I believe his story is needed to be heard on many different platforms.In this episode, he shares how he thrived, even when the entire world, Universe and much more was against him. He had a glimpse of a breakout and then be taken away again in poor fortunes and much more.But, this story has an amazing ending and I am excited to be sharing this with the Mindful Experiment community and won’t be sharing any more since I don't want to take away any of his thunder.So no further ado, check out the amazing interview with Anatoliy Labinskiy.Who is Anatoliy Labinskiy?Anatoliy Labinskiy is an entrepreneur, eCommerce expert, and a holder of 4-time Two Comma Club awards. He is the founder of GSM Growth, an agency that helps e-commerce entrepreneurs achieve a new level of growth in their businesses. Anatoliy is also a co-founder of, an AI-powered service that tracks all loss events in advertising campaigns, providing real-time data and insights for informed decision-making and optimized ad spend.In addition to his entrepreneurial pursuits, Anatoliy hosts the highly acclaimed Ecom Business Stream Podcast. The podcast showcases real-life stories from successful entrepreneurs, executives, investors, and thought leaders, offering a glimpse into their journeys to success in the business world.Recognized for his outstanding achievements, Anatoliy Labinskiy is a member of the Forbes Business Council. He also proudly holds a place among the Top 100 USA Entrepreneurs with Ukrainian Origins, underscoring his influence and impact in the dynamic realm of e-commerce. How to Connect with Anatoliy?Twitter: Instagram:
FREE Event with 50+ Personal Development Luminaries, including Dr. Vic!Enter into a state of ALIGNMENT, FLOW and FULFILLMENT! At Beyond the Contrast: Practical Tools to Shift into Well-Being, over 50+ personal development luminaries will show you how to navigate any contrasting experience, empowering you to live the life you love – even when faced with unwanted circumstances! aSave the date! This is sure to be an unforgettable event. It’s online and free from January 29 – February 4, 2024! CLICK HERE TO RSVP—————About Today’s Podcast EpisodeAyurvedic medicine is something that peaked my interest when I was in my early 20s. I was amazed with how long it has existed and a way of life it would be to help you balance your body which is a part of nature and much more.This week’s guest I have on the show is someone who is an expert in this field and the discussion we had about how it can help balance your body, but also your mind, though simple processes of understanding what your dosha is. Dr. Shivani will explain this process and much more while also sharing wonderful things you can do and how to determine your dosha and what are simple things to help your mind and your body rebalance itself and reconnect with nature.This is one I truly enjoyed and helped give me a few reminders of what I can do and become more aware of, even if I am not, of when my body is stressed based upon what I will crave to consume.Tune in for more.Who is Dr. Shivani?Dr. Shivani is an Ayurvedic practitioner and expert in fusing Eastern and Western practices that help our bodies achieve equilibrium. She completed her Master’s in Ayurvedic Sciences and her PhD on Turmeric. Inflammation is a root cause for many health issues in our lives and we have the power to overcome it. Her passion is teaching at-home remedies to reduce inflammation naturally will help you enjoy more energy, less brain fog, less pain, and ultimately achieve vibrant health! Dr. Shivani Gupta has practiced Ayurvedic medicine for over 20 years and her approach is to show you the tools in your toolkit, so you can reach for them every time you need them. She is also the founder of Fusionary Formulas, an Ayurvedic company that helps people with inflammation and pain.How to Connect with Dr. Shivani?Facebook: with Her Supplement CompanyFacebook: