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Sri Rama is deeply revered and impacts those who understand him.  He is ignored by those who cannot get their head around how he 'treated' his wife.   Where do you stand? In a brief retelling of the Ramayana, I offer some glimpses of how he walked the path of dharma as a warrior, a son, a husband and a king.  To dwell deeper into his glories, complement with the video (29 minutes) - Bhagavan Rama - his greatness and the mantra  For other details - Thanks for listening! Do share with friends and family. 
#29 Being loving

#29 Being loving


If everyone wants to be loved then…everyone needs to be loving! What inhibits us and can we do something about it?  
# 28 The fear of death

# 28 The fear of death


The 3 reasons we fear death and how we might approach it in the light of the Vedic tradition
To expect that you do not expect is also an expectation! Is it possible to really live a life of no expectations? 
If we can handle the four realities (possibilities) inherent in any situation, then success may well be ours!   
What are the metrics of success through the Vedic vision? 
#24 Namaste

#24 Namaste


A simple 'Namaste', has a world of meaning reflecting the attitude of a living culture and civilisation  
#23 Decoding Dharma

#23 Decoding Dharma


Dharma as Laws of nature or Laws of Ishvara? How can Dharma add meaning to our lives ? Tune in.
#22 The Garden

#22 The Garden


If you were the gardener of a new patch of land, a new year what would you do? 
An important dialogue that will change things for good!
A battle we fight often. Tune in to find the way out.
#19 Chains and cords

#19 Chains and cords


Despite being phenomenally powerful, the elephant believes that she cannot break free as she has always been tied with a chain. Are we a bit like the elephant in our beliefs? Tune in.
Every day we get an opportunity to walk in the other person's shoes. When does it work and when does it not work and what can we do about it, especially when we are hurt? Tune in.
The past seems to hover around us because of the way we see it. Tune in to see how can we move past 'the past'.
#16 The dance of karma

#16 The dance of karma


You may or may not know how to do the tango or salsa. But, one dance you want to definitely master is the dance of karma. You can do this by understanding the principles and benefits of the laws of karma. Tune in to find out how.
"Why me?" A universal question which does not meet with satisfying answers. What insight can the Vedic tradition offer? Tune in.
If judging oneself and others was as natural as hunger we would not fight it so much. Is there a way out of self- judgments and a sense of limitation? The Vedic tradition points out to an undeniable reality about us. Tune in to find out more.
There are languages and dialects and then, there is the language of care and love. Tune in to find out the five ways in which we express ourselves and hence how we can tune ourselves to be in harmony with others.
What is your relationship with motivation and how can it change?. Tune in to hear where Ms Motivation hangs out and much more.
#10 Immunity for life

#10 Immunity for life


Just like the body has an immune system to deal with infection, we have an immune system for life. How can this immune system be made more enduring ? The Vedic tradition offers a profound understanding to this question. Tune in to find out more.
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