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Author: Robin Matthews-Williams

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It started out as just a golf podcast but then life happened.
33 Episodes
Marcus Bell is the golf coach who set me off on this journey to begin with. He's an encyclopaedia of knowledge and has the ability to get people to hit a golf ball how they never would've believed they could... Including myself! Find Marcus on twitter, instagram or facebook as @zengolfmechanic
From working in maximum security to diagnosing golfer's behaviour on the driving range as "clinically insane": Carwyn Smith is a clinical psychologist who more recently has now taken his skill set into the golf industry. Hit him up on this email address: And for anyone interested in my personalised online coaching reach out and let me know on: so I can let you know when I release the tier on my Patreon.
E32: Creators In Golf

E32: Creators In Golf


Check out Stewart Carter-Smith on YouTube 👊
E31: Interviewed by Jak Lee

E31: Interviewed by Jak Lee


Checkout Jak Lee on YouTube “Jak Lee Golf” or Instagram: @jaklee
How you should just have a pop at whatever it is you love to do with Sean Waters
Get Sean on Instagram or Facebook @thebodyclock
E27: How Much They Care

E27: How Much They Care


Featuring Mark Eadle.
E:26 Post PGA Show Apathy

E:26 Post PGA Show Apathy


Hopefully this provides some context as to what a lack of stimulation can do to an individual’s frame of mind.
E25: Pre PGA Show

E25: Pre PGA Show


Golf, life and purpose.
E24: Golf Nerds

E24: Golf Nerds


Guy Cross is a golf nerd. Instagram: Impactgolfnet
E23: Why All The Hate?

E23: Why All The Hate?


Every YouTube golfer’s worst nightmare. Change the game.
Another strange obsession of mine.
Back with the boys (Barney and Mark) doing what we do best. 👊
Sitting down with my guy Chris Wallace 👊 what an inspiring character.
The best deals in life are when two people shake hands and both sides win.
This podcast is starting to turn into personal counselling sessions 😂
A big shout out to all the clowns who doubt your vibe.
A sit down with Matt before his lesson — and then after. Unbelievable Matt, thank you.
People are getting a product for life. Which cannot be put under any time restrictions.
It’s me VS the golf world.
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