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Faith. Culture. Hope. Life. Longtime journalist and commentator Billy Hallowell has covered thousands of the biggest faith and culture stories.

Now, he's diving into weekly headlines, sitting down with celebrities, authors, pastors, and influencers, and exploring how to enrich and "edifi" our lives.

"Edifi With Billy Hallowell" offers insight into the biggest moments of the week, thought-provoking discussions and the inspiration needed to navigate tough and chaotic times. Discover other powerful podcasts on, a transformational podcast app experience.
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Christians are well-acquainted with biblical accounts of Jesus' birth, but some might not know much about the Church of the Nativity, a site in Bethlehem that has long been venerated as the traditional location of Christ's birth. Mazen Karam, CEO of the Bethlehem Development Fundation, an organization created to help improve conditions in the town of Bethlehem, recently revealed details about his group's ongoing efforts to renovate the church and restore its former splendor. Karam also delivered a helpful history lesson about the longstanding view that the Church of the Nativity is, indeed, the location where Mary and Joseph welcomed Jesus into the world.
Singer Matthew West breaks down his brush with cancel culture, his new Christmas album, how he and his family coped with COVID and so much more.
Author Wallace B Henley takes listeners into the chaos surrounding artificial intelligence, robots and technology — and the spiritual crisis that could be afoot. Listen to Henley discuss these issues as well as his latest book, "Who Will Rule The Coming 'Gods'?: The Looming Spiritual Crisis Of Artificial Intelligence."
Daney Moore joins "Edifi" for an emotional and heartfelt interview about her dad, Pastor Joe Moore, his life, legacy and the crime that has left her family in shock. Amid all of the chaos, she remembers what her father always taught about faith, forgiveness and love for others.
Former Tenth Avenue North lead singer Mike Donehey is out with new music, some powerful perspective and a journey to share. Listen to Mike and Billy discuss his COVID journey, his take on how Christians should react to those who lose their faith and plenty more. Want more powerful, Christian podcasts? Head over to today (or download Edifi in the app stores).
This is one of our favorite episodes so far this year, so we are flashing back to it: Brittni De La Mora was once one of the world's most famous porn stars — then she found Jesus and everything changed. Brittni and her husband Richard – who are now both in ministry — discuss her incredible transformation story, how they met, and what discovering Jesus truly means. 
Louie Giglio breaks down the nine words that have changed his life — and how lies of the enemy can tragically get into our hearts and minds. "There are spiritual forces at work every single day all around us," he said. "We don't struggle against flesh and blood, the scripture says, but against these powers, principalities rulers of the age that is around us."
"Evil is real." We understand that, but what does it mean? What lessons do we need to learn to understand what's really going on? This special bonus episode offers 6 essential truths we need to understand Ephesians 6, good, evil and healing.
Todd Miles, author of "Cannabis and the Christian: What the Bible Says About Marijuana," forces us to all answer some tough questions about weed and what the Bible really tells us. Is it moral? Is it permissible? Where should Christians stand? Explore these issues and more! Subscribe to "Edifi With Billy Hallowell":
Caleb Kaltenbach grew up with three gay parents and he saw hate and anger from many Christians. In fact, he found himself saying, "I never want to be a Christian." Then, he attended a Bible study in an effort to try and disprove scripture — and he was in for a major surprise.  Now Kaltenbach, a former pastor who has a new book out titled, "Messy Truth: How to Foster Community Without Sacrificing Conviction," is on a mission to help find a balance between truth and love and to create "a sense of belonging for all people." Subscribe to "Edifi With Billy Hallowell" on the following platforms: Edifi: Anchor: Breaker: Castbox: Google Podcasts: Apple Podcasts: Overcast: Pocket Casts: PodBean: RadioPublic: Spotify: Stitcher:
Promise Keepers CEO Ken Harrison breaks down biblical manhood, the lies culture tells us and his journey through law enforcement as a Christian. This is a powerful episode that will leave you with a plethora of take-aways.
Ephesians 6 is one of those Bible chapters that is so easy to bypass. You read it and think, "Yeah, we're in a battle" and move on. But, like many, you might not realize what that battle really is, why it matters — and how you could be missing what's really unfolding in the realm of good vs. evil. Let's explore these issues, hear a real-life possession story and explore why we must all wake up. Grab copies of Billy's book, "Playing With Fire": And subscribe to this podcast on your favorite platforms:
Author Richard Simmons is on a mission to help people recognize that "truth is discovered and not invented." In his book, "Reflections on the Existence of God: A Series of Essays," he grapples with the most basic — yet most debated — question in human existence: Does God exist? His answer and the evidence that takes him there will inspire you. Subscribe to Billy Hallowell's "Edifi" podcast today! 
Colorado baker Jack Phillips has long been at the center of controversy for declining to make a wedding cake for a same-sex couple. His battle, which reached the Supreme Court, has attracted everything from support to anger, with the baker fielding death threats, vandalism and harassment along the way. While many have asked, "Why not just bake the cake?" Phillips offer a response worth hearing, no matter where you stand. Subscribe to "Edifi With Billy Hallowell" on your favorite podcast apps:
This episode of Edifi is packed with two powerful interviews, as Bishop T.D. Jakes and FOX News host Shannon Bream drop by. Jakes discusses culture, chaos, division and his new book, "Don't Drop the Mic: The Power of Your Words Can Change the World." And Bream explores her career and faith, including her new book, "The Women of the Bible Speak." Explore this powerful episode! ----- FOLLOW BILLY ON TWITTER: FOLLOW BILLY ON FACEBOOK: GRAB BILLY'S LATEST BOOK, "PLAYING WITH FIRE":
Daniel Darling joins us for a special Easter episode that explores "The Characters of Easter" and takes us inside the greatest event in human history.
Billy offers a response to Lil Nas X's "Satan shoes," and Candace Owens drops by to share her story, her political perspective and to offer details on her new show, "Candace" on Daily Wire.
Brittni De La Mora was once one of the world's most famous porn stars — then she found Jesus and everything changed. Brittni and her husband Richard – who are now both in ministry — discuss her incredible transformation story, how they met, and what discovering Jesus truly means. Listen to this powerful interview, and be sure to also subscribe to hear Brittni and Richard on their weekly "Let's Talk Purity" podcast:
Justin Brierley is the longtime host of "Unbelievable?", the U.K.-based podcast and radio show that brings together Christians and atheists (and sometimes Christians with differing theological views) to discuss and debate some of the most essential theological and cultural subjects of the day. Brierley has likely heard every argument imaginable from some of the most prominent atheists around the globe, yet he remains a Christian who is resolute in his faith and steadfast in his belief in the Bible. Listen to him explain why he facilitates these fascinating discussions, and why his faith in scripture has persisted after hearing some of atheists' toughest arguments.
Apologist Ken Ham takes a particular position when it comes to his debates with atheists and secularists — and it surrounds an intentional tone. In this interview, he discusses his new book, "Will They Stand," his mission to spread the gospel, why he believes parents need to train Christian kids, and the reason he decided to build a life-size Noah's ark. This episode is packed with powerful content. 
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