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Faith. Culture. Hope. Life. Get inspiration on the Bible, life and plenty more. Longtime journalist and commentator Billy Hallowell has covered thousands of the biggest faith and culture stories in recent years. Now, get his perspective on the ins and outs of daily life — all broken down in quick, 5-minute devotional episodes. It's an incredible show you won't want to miss.
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Prayer is powerful, yet we live in a chaotic world. Kids, family, work, responsibilities and other barriers sometimes cause us to forget the power and importance of prayer. And in an increasingly secular culture, it's easy to simply diminish or ignore what can truly happen if we seek God daily. Here are eight prayers and areas of focus that will change our lives — and the lives of others.
We’ve thrown respect out the window and exchanged it with this obsessive belief that what we believe, feel and say is what matters most. This faulty ideology will destroy us — unless we cling to true hope.
Culture tells us we're perfect, that we can do anything we want -- and do it with glee. Realty TV rewards the unthinkable. Relativism rages. But the Bible calls us to something very different. Here are the four questions we all must answer.
The Bible makes it clear that we're supposed to trust in God. But what happens when we drift away, fail to ask and always find ourselves saying "yes?" Things get a bit's the solution.
Pastor David Platt has been under fire after President Donald Trump made an unannounced visit to his Virginia church and the preacher prayed for the president. The fallout has been telling, as critics seem to miss some gospel points along the way. Here's why this matters. And deeply.
Culture tells us we're essentially perfect. Anything we say or do goes, there's no need for self-reflection, we decide what's right or wrong. Unfortunately, this isn't reality. We are each filled with weaknesses that we must confront — weaknesses that hold us back from people the people God wants us to be. I had a convicting moment this morning, and I'm hopeful it can help us all dive deeper so we can become more like Christ.
How we react says a lot about where we are, spiritually speaking. When I first saw Miley Cyrus' tweet I had a pretty pointed response, but then I felt convicted.Let's dive into my reaction, while also covering some helpful tips on how to survive and thrive in a chaotic, fractured and strange culture.
Kathie Lee Gifford is known for her incredible career in TV, but you'll get a chance in today's devotional podcast to hear her speak about her Christian faith — and what she calls the "cure for the malignancy of the soul." After today's devotional, be sure to also check out the original, full-length interview between Billy Hallowell and Kathie Lee, which you can find here.
Are you humble -- or too prideful? Do you struggle with needing others' praise? The Bible tells us that "humility comes with wisdom," but many of us lack in this area. Let's dive deep into what the Bible says about pride — and challenge ourselves to really look into our hearts to see where we're failing and succeeding. 
James 3 warns us that our mouths can end up causing a lot of drama. Here's why you need to stop, think and then speak. Hint: not everything you want to say is worth saying. 
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