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Author: Jim O'Neill

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Tales of ghosts, hauntings and paranormal experiences from Galveston Island. Support this podcast:
22 Episodes
When the owners of the Captain's house went to work, they still couldn't get away from the spirit activity.  Each worked at two of the more haunted hotels on Galveston Island.  The Galvez, on Seawall, and the Tremont on Mechanic in Downtown Galveston.   Hear how Mrs. Mitchell may have been enforcing her husband's dietary restrictions from beyond the Grave.  Be sure and book a Ghost Bus Tour on your next trip to Galveston at and hear more first-person ghost stories from around the most haunted City in America. --- Support this podcast:
Since we published the first episode with the former owners of the Captains house, we've received even more stories from guests who have stayed there, so we'll be adding a FOURTH episode to this series.  You can also hear these stories on the Ghost Bus Tours now available on Galveston Island from the Galveston Experience Company.  For more information, click the EXPERIENCES tab at  We hope you'll join us on the Galveston Ghost Bus for firsthand Galveston Ghost Stories and the #1 Ghost Tour on Galveston Island..--- Support this podcast:
Some houses are so haunted, there are so many stories that it takes more than one episode to tell them all.  In this first of 3 part series, we hear about a house in Galveston's historic district where ghosts were seen not only by the residents, but the cleaning staff and guest who stayed there as a vacation rental.  Also an update on the coming Ghost Bus Tours in Galveston available from the Galveston Experience Company at 15th and Seawall.  The Galveston Ghost Podcast is produced by Radio Galveston, Support this podcast:
We've heard many stories from Room 501 at the Galvez Hotel in Galveston but this one also comes with photos and was enough to turn two non-believers into true believers.  You can hear it in their voices.   This story and photo even prompted the creation of a Club 501 group on Facebook.  If you'd like more information about stories, photos and videos from Room 501, we welcome you to join us for more discussion of the many paranormal activities in this very haunted room. --- Support this podcast:
Several employees of Seven Seas Grocery tell stories of their experiences, many contributing the hauntings to the former owner "Red".   The store is located on Galveston's west end, Pirates Beach.  Details also about the upcoming Ghost Bus Tours being planned by the Galveston Experience Company.  Get more details online at Support this podcast:
Ghosthunter Kate takes some new upgraded equipment to one of Galveston's historic graveyards and the results may give you goosebumps.  We also give you the website to get a preview of what we are planning to bring to Galveston Island.  We hope you will make plans to join us on the Island. --- Support this podcast:
The third installment of our interview with Tara who tells a story of Marie Laveau and she and Kate discuss early Galveston Ghosts and a little boy haunting a hospital. --- Support this podcast:
Part 2 of a 3 part interview with Tara who has some very compelling stories from around the Island of Galveston.  Listening to her stories may turn you from a skeptic to a believer. --- Support this podcast:
A former Murdochs employee tells of several ghostly encounters she's had at the store.  --- Support this podcast:
The third installment of the interview with Cathy Catching discussing several paranormal events in her store and a sneak preview of her next book. --- Support this podcast:
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