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Hands-on Guide to GA4

Hands-on Guide to GA4


GA4 is the latest version of Google Analytics and differs greatly from Universal Analytics in terms of its features the the data it collects. Although the new platform currently runs in parallel with the previous iteration of GA, Universal Analytics (UA), UA will stop processing new hits on 1st July 2023, so it’s important that you prepare for the switch. In today’s episode of the podcast, Daniel, Ciaran and Louise guide you through the new default for data analytics, including setup tips, events, and core and custom reports.  Do you have any feedback on the show?  and let us know. And, if you are really enjoying the show, please
Privacy Changes

Privacy Changes


From the phasing out of third-party cookies to mail privacy protection on Mac, privacy changes aren’t going anywhere and it’s up to marketers to adapt to the changing landscape. In today’s episode of the Digital Marketing Podcast, Daniel, Ciaran and Louise discuss privacy changes in iOS, email, browsers, URL parameters and what impact all of this has on trust and brand. We hope you love the show! If you have any feedback, please  and let us know. And, if you are really enjoying the show, please
Today we have an interview podcast for you, which we will be launching you once a month along side our weekly video podcasts, with new and exciting guests. Ciaran's guest today is Charlie Blake Thomas, CEO of EyeQuant...   Eye tracking studies have become a powerful tool that helps market research professionals understand how customers view their website or advertising material, what elements are most effective and how to optimise it to improve performance, however it can be really expensive and time consuming. EyeQuant is a platform that combines advanced neuroscientific research, artificial intelligence and neural network modeling to simulate how users will react to your design work, with a 90% accuracy, as a scalable, more realistic approach to UX testing. EyeQuant have kindly given our listeners a fantastic offer of a one-month free trial of their full platform, which you can retrieve by emailing with the subject line 'Digital Marketing Podcast'. We hope you love the interview! If you have any feedback on the show, please  and let us know. And, if you are really enjoying the show, please
Marketing & AI Tools

Marketing & AI Tools


In this episode of the Digital Marketing Podcast, Daniel, Ciaran and Louise discuss all things marketing and artificial intelligence. The team talk about numerous different text-to-image AI tools. Notably, DALL·E, an AI system that can create realistic images and art from a description in natural language and Outpainting, its new feature that is able to continue an image beyond its original borders. Daniel also shares thoughts on, a new podcast generated entirely by artificial intelligence, with the first being a very realistic interview of Steve Jobs by Joe Rogan. The podcasts are now being published weekly. Do you have any feedback on the show?  and let us know. And, if you are really enjoying the show, please
In this episode, Daniel, Ciaran and Louise kickstart their new monthly news digests, where they will be rounding up all of the latest digital marketing news and bringing it to you all in one place, to ensure that you are kept up-to-date. The team discuss Publisher Advertiser Identity Reconciliation, or PAIR, a new first-party data solution that gives publishers and advertisers the option to securely and privately reconcile their first-party data for users who have visited both an advertiser's and a publisher's site. Third-party cookies who? They also get take a dive into the Metaverse talking all things avatar's and Meta Quest Pro. And, another month, another new TikTok feature with the introduction of TikTok Now, their BeReal-inspired app (or copy and paste). Have feedback on the show? We really would love to hear from you. , tell us what you love and what you think could be better. And, if you are really enjoying the show, please  You can also with the links everything mentioned.
Daniel and Ciaran are back with another favourite tips and tools episode for October 2022. However, this time, things are being done a little differently as the Digital Marketing Podcast comes to you in video format for the first time. We also have a brand new member with us (don’t worry, Daniel and Ciaran aren’t going anywhere), Louise, who will be joining us as the ‘voice of the listener’ and making sure your questions are heard and answered. In this episode, the team share 9 resources that they’ve been loving recently, with a mix of email, data & analytics, SEO, CTA’s, artificial intelligence and interactive tools, so there is something for everyone. To name a couple, the team share with you an email provider that takes personalisation to the next level and a tool for those with subscription based pricing models that provides a home for all of the data on your subscribers in one place. Have feedback on the show? We really would love to hear from you. , tell us what you love and what you think could be better. And, if you are really enjoying the show, please  You can also with the links to all of the tools mentioned.
Daniel shares an interview he recorded in Boston with Hubspot's GM of Marketing Hub and VP of Product Nicholas Holland. Daniel and Nicholas explore what they think should be the focus of marketers looking to get the most out of their data, personalisation and automation. We also explore the roadmap your marketing CRM should be focused on. Discover Hubspot's future and what will matter more as we move into 2023 and beyond.   Daniel also shares with us what he learned from attending Hubspot's inbound 2022 conference in the US. Community and podcast audiences are the hot tickets every marketer was getting excited about. All subjects Ciaran has been passionate about for over a decade, and Daniel questions if Ciaran is clairvoyant and can see the future.  If you want to ensure you get the right message to the right person at the right time and ace personalisation in your market place you won't want to miss this interview. Discover what better systems and collaboration between marketers and sales teams could mean for your business and how you can set about working as more of a team. Are you navigating the right path between the quantity and quality of your marketing and customer interactions? We also share details on our up-and-coming GA4 masterclass, which is now available for podcast listeners to join. Find out more about masterclass  Useful Links Library of useful free marketing resources Inbound speaker highlights ( get a free 3 day free pass) Find out more about Inbound 2022
Daniel and Ciaran celebrate the Digital Marketing Podcasts’ 300th episode and over 4 million downloads! Now running for over 12 years, they reflect on 3-ish of their favourite episodes and share a few behind the scenes stories. With 300 episodes released and all still available to listen to, you should never be short of content to inspire and help you with your own digital marketing efforts.  We asked the guys to highlight 3 of their favourites but as you will see they have recommended 12 plus the entire category of tips and tools episodes. Delve into the archive and enjoy some of these gems which you may have missed. Also in this episode, Daniel shares a brilliant suite of free online tools he’s been using that help you fix all manner of file and document formatting and conversion issues. Check it out - its really rather brilliant. We have an updated for you all. We also announce our up coming live webinars starting this autumn. to get an invite Have feedback on the show? We really would love to hear from you. , tell us what you love and what you think could be better. And if you are really enjoying the show, please Get the full show notes  and mentioned resources here:
Daniel and Ciaran are back with another Tips and tools episode. There is a real mix of different tools both Daniel and Ciaran have been using and found useful. We look into the challenges of changing your web site's DNS settings and how you can monitor what is happening with your DNS propagation on a global scale. Daniel shares a fantastic tool for creating customer personas and user journey maps. We explore how to use both Personas and more detailed user journey maps. Ciaran talks us through a helpful exercise he runs, exploring the user journey using Avinash Kaushik's "See Think Do Care" model. We look at creating the perfect marketing persona and user journey with UX Pressia, and Daniel shares his top tips on upgrading your marketing skills with coding tutorials. Ciaran shares some tools that help you curate amazing content for sharing with your networks and supercharging your PR outreach and journalist network. And finally, we share two of our all-time favourite AI writing tools and explain how we use them. Don't miss out on the 10,000-word free trial of We genuinely think this tool will blow your socks off, and that's why we saved it till last! Useful Links and Resources DNS Checker UX Pressia See Think Do Care Model W3 schools- Online coding tutorials Anewstip Exploding topics Quillbot Get your Jasper AI free 10,000 word trial
Writing For The Web

Writing For The Web


Your online audience are a tough crowd. They are “!“ So how on earth do you write copy for the web to engage an audience like that who also have a short attention span? Writing Web Content There are so many different angles to web writing. Writing Web content can take many forms but all of it needs to engage your online readers and target audience. For Search engine optimization you need the perfect page titles and Meta descriptions, for blog posts you need the perfect intro paragraph that gets to the point and hooks the reader in. But that is just the start of your challenge. If your reader does engage and read, you also need to make a compelling enough case for them to act upon what they read.  Most marketers struggle with writing for the web because it's different than other forms of writing. You have to consider your audience, what they want, and how to deliver that in a way that's effortless for them to consume. Web Writing - The Perfect Web Page In this episode Kim Arnold delivers something of a Writing for the Web masterclass to equip you with exactly what you need  when creating content. Packed full of tips and super useful writing frameworks and tools anyone can use to communicate more effectively, this is an episode you really do not want to miss. For full  episode notes and links visit
It's hard to know where to start with running highly effective social media influencer marketing. Everyone talks about it, but few have successfully nailed it repeatedly and reaped the rewards Ciaran talks with agency founder Sedge Beswick from SEEN Connects, an innovative that specialises in helping top brands plan, launch and execute highly With a growing stack of successful social campaigns under their belt, SEEN Connects are well placed to talk the talk, and walk the walk when it comes to crafting brand influencer collaborations that scale. Hottest Social Platforms? We explore which are the current hot platforms and trends marketers can leverage in the social space. Is it all still about Instagram or is there a more exciting and innovative platform Sedge thinks we should all be playing with? ( Hint- There is!) Crafting The Perfect Influencer Marketing Campaign Brief Learn the best ways to work with social media agencies and influencers. Sedge shares some of the wisdom she and her team have developed over many years of working with brands of all sizes. We also explore the importance of market research to inform and create campaigns that achieve real results, helping you to win awards and even land your next big promotion... Maybe! ;-)
Learn Local SEO

Learn Local SEO


Nearly every business could benefit from better local SEO, but it can be difficult to know where to start. Most businesses don't even have a Google Business Profile or Bing Places account, let alone taking advantage of the features they offer. In this episode, Ciaran walks us through how to set up and optimise your local SEO using citations, Online directory listings like Google business profile and Bing Places. We also share some great tools to help maximise your local SEO performance and manage multiple listings.
In Part II of our Analytics and Data Masterclass, shares his tips for working effectively with your analytics and analysts. Learn how to ask outcome questions rather than questions about marketing activity. These questions will  ensure your focus on the company's most important metrics. Conversion Rate & Customer Satisfaction If you aren't keeping an eye on user performance metrics and conversions, as Avinash learned, you can damage your customer satisfaction. Walking in your Customers' Shoes Avinash shares with us the dangers of over optimising around a specific profit focussed goal! When did you last spend time walking in your customers' shoes and feeling their pain? Start asking more questions about consumer behaviour. This is the path to developing a type of empathy that directly drives profits. Ever felt your data and reports get ignored? Too often, analytics is seen as a necessary evil by marketing leaders - it's something that needs to be done, but it's not always clear how it ties in with overall goals. As a result, analysts can feel marginalised and undervalued. Analytics Data & Business Insights that Demand Action Learn how to ensure your Marketing analytics and reports can command respect and attention and have real influence. Avinash shares three concrete tips that marketing leaders and data analysts can take to communicate more effectively. We also explore the critical relationship between storytelling and compelling analytics insights.  Useful Links
You’ve been tasked with increasing the success of your marketing efforts, but you don’t know where to start. Big data and analytics is becoming increasingly important in marketing, but it can be challenging to know how to use them effectively. Recording and gathering data on its own doesn’t get you results. You need to shape all that data into a meaningful story. Learn from Google’s , how to tame large amounts of marketing analytics data and use it to increase your success. Avinash spills the beans on how to start leveraging all your marketing data. Set yourself an effective benchmark for what success looks like. Learn some simple yet creative ways to ensure your marketing efforts suck less next week than last month or last quarter! Predictive Analytics – Predicting Future Outcomes We also explore how to use predictive metrics to get meaningful insights. How helpful would it be to discover patterns that foretell possible excellent or poor future performance before it happens? Advanced artificial intelligence in analytics tools allow us to leverage predictive metrics to see what the future holds before it happens. Of course, that kind of functionality comes at a cost, but anyone can start to leverage predictive insights if they know where to look. Learn how to look at your data in reverse and start making smarter decisions to direct more effective marketing spending, placement, and outcomes. Data And Analytics Before results come. Avinash takes us back to a foundational level and asks, “What are you trying to achieve?” Is that clear? Have you been specific? Stop hiding behind complex concepts like machine learning, structured data, data mining, data warehousing, advanced-data models, and statistical algorithms!  None of this will help you if you miss a clear aim that your whole team is focused on.  Key Insights Are your Marketing team and Analyst team Do you all have a meaningful target to shoot for? Are you fishing out Dolphins when you wanted Stingrays? Avinash shares his top tips on reading your analytics data sources and metrics. Start turning data insights into action that gets results. Pair up your marketing skills and audience understanding with a great analyst and work together to ensure your most insightful data insights don’t die at the last mile. Unstructured Data? Finally, we explore where leadership and data analysis can collide into a train crash of poor performance. Discover the best way marketing leaders can ensure this doesn't happen. As you will learn - it's all on you as a leader to ensure you ask the right questions! What are those questions? Listen in, discover what you should be asking, and start reaping the rewards.
Display advertising can be a great way to reach your target market, but it's often difficult to measure how effective these campaigns are.  Without proper measurement, you can't be sure whether your display campaigns are achieving their objectives. Display campaigns are one of the easiest ways to spend your budget, but often, it’s much more challenging to understand how these campaigns are performing as part of an effective marketing mix. This is especially true if you don't understand the user journey and how people interact with your ads. It doesn’t have to be like this.  In this episode, Daniel and Ciaran explore how to make more effective use of display advertising to aid the users' journey. We explore what you can do to better measure display performance and measure results. This starts with understanding what you want your campaigns to achieve. Daniel shares his views on where Display often goes wrong and why he feels it's massively an undervalued channel. Learn how to measure and better attribute your results and make sure that your campaigns are working as hard as they should be. Useful resources
88% of marketers say that video marketing provides them with a positive ROI. So why does video marketing work so well? In this episode of the Digital Marketing Podcast, we welcome back Jon Mowat to discuss some of the psychology and methodology behind video’s success. Jon explains in detail the five key areas that  he believes make video so powerful; we can touch and feel it, it moves, the extension of personal self, we can target and we can tell emotional stories. Some of his theories are brilliant… Are people more willing to pay for an object or service they see on their phone than a screen on the other side of the room? If so, what’s the psychological reasoning behind this? This is not one to miss. If you listen to the end, Jon also reveals how to get a discount for his book ‘Video Marketing; Create Engaging Video Campaigns to Drive Brand Growth and Sales’. to get the full show notes and links visit
Video marketing is an area that didn’t really exist until about 5 years ago, but now, more and more businesses are using videos as a way to engage with their customers. So, what actually is video marketing and how can it be utilised to deliver brand growth?  In this episode of the Digital Marketing Podcast, Ciaran meets with Jon Mowat, author and founder of Hurricane, a leading marketing agency that offers video strategy, production and activation.   A good video marketing strategy is all about making conversation with your audience and comprises of different content types for each stage of the sales funnel. Jon explains how this can be done using three of his popular models; hero hub help go, the digital sales funnel and the fixed vs. fluid platform.  Join us next week where we welcome Jon back for a second episode where we dive into  understanding of why video works so well.  Links
Daniel and Ciaran are back to kick off 2022 with a fresh look at planning and priorities. For the first time, we recorded this episode on video so those of you who want to watch it - now can!  Daniel shares his ongoing vision of creation before curation. We explore setting some effective and smart goals and objectives for your year ahead. We also explore some of the new technologies marketers need to understand. We also have quite a heated debate on cookies and the web's reliance on them.  Also under discussion on crypto and NFC’s, Daniel rails against ciaran multiple times to convince him that NFC’s are hugely important but in the end, comes to the conclusion he may be banging his head against a brick wall on that front. Finally, we wrap up with some sources of inspiration for looking at your work differently. Daniel shares with us his appreciation of Agile Marketing Management, OKR’s, Project Oxygen. Dig into the resources he shares and invigorate your year ahead with some fresh perspective. Useful Resources Target Internet Youtube Channel  This episode as a video Daniel’s Strategy Statement Apple Example A- What you’ll do B- What it will be focussed on C- What it will achieve D- What the market impact will be Apple will launch a full communications assault (a) to challenge the PC/Microsoft Windows dominant position (b) by finding flaws in the PC to contrast with Mac computers’ simplicity (c) to steal significant market share by enticing frustrated consumers to buy a Mac (d). Setting S.M.A.R.T. Objectives First used in the November 1981 issue of Management Review by George T. Doran in an article entitled "There's a S.M.A.R.T. way to write management's goals and objectives". () Specific Measurable Actionable / Achievable / Attainable Realistic and Relevant Time-bound See how much this has been pulled around by different marketers TikTok GA4 Felipe Castro OKR’s Agile Marketing Management Google’s Project Oxygen Benchmark your skills
The skills required to succeed in digital marketing are constantly changing, which makes it very hard to keep up with all of these changes.  So how is the marketing industry coping with developing and learning all these new skills?  Daniel walks us through what  Target Internet's Digital Skills Benchmark results tell us about the state of digital marketing at the start of 2022. Published in partnership with the Chartered Institute of Marketing, the 2022 edition of this report has some interesting findings. With data collated from thousands of marketers across the world, it helps us all understand our skill and knowledge gaps more clearly than ever before. Listen in for the answers and find out what the benchmark level is among your level of seniority and discover how different sectors of our industry have performed. Also under discussion, could Ciaran carry off being completely bald?  We also explore, if Daniel and Ciaran were being chased by a Tiger, who would get eaten? Useful Links If you would like to benchmark your own performance you can. It only takes around 30 minutes.  If you manage a team of marketing professionals, we are inviting teams of up to 30 people to benchmark their whole team (Usually we limit this to just 10.) To take advantage of this unique offer for podcast listeners, just mention you listen to the podcast in the Subscribe to our
Audience Insight Tools

Audience Insight Tools


Audience Insight Tools Daniel and Ciaran explore must-have tools for better marketing audience intelligence. These free tools will help you uncover who your website audience is and what they are interested in. Get a greater depth of understanding and clarity than your standard analytics can give you. Discover exactly what your audience do while on your website.  Digital Marketing Toolkit UpdateWe all know that digital marketing can be complicated. There are so many tools, and it's hard to know which ones you should use. Our will help make navigating the marketing world easier and more effective for you. This toolkit has been put together by us after years of experience working with businesses of all sizes. It includes all-out favourite Google Chrome extensions and apps as well as some awesome free online resources you won't want to miss.  We also announce our new, not to be missed, free monthly event. Make sure you have to ensure you get your invite. Useful Links Consent Permission Optimisation Podcast episode Usercentrics Quantcast Measure: Audience Intelligence Choice consent management tool Descript Audio and Video Editor Bing Webmaster Tools Microsoft Clarity SparkToro YouGov Think With Google Get Our Updated Digital Marketing Toolkit Subscribe to our Email Newsletter
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