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An advert free, Weekly digital marketing podcast with listeners in over 180 countries worldwide, The Digital Marketing Podcast combines interviews with global experts, together with the latest news, tools, strategies and techniques to give your digital marketing the edge. Perfect for your daily commute, the podcast aims to be both entertaining and informative. Produced by Target Internet and hosted by Digital Marketing and E-commerce Expert, Ciaran Rogers and Award Winning Author and Speaker, Daniel Rowles. Find out more at
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Is your CRM the great joy or your day or the bain of it? Does your CRM build relationships or hamper them? Marketers are always looking for new ways to optimise their marketing efforts. And often, they turn to CRM systems like Salesforce and HubSpot to do so. In this episode, we explore the benefits of these systems. Can you seamlessly pull together your content management, your email marketing and customer communications?   As marketers, we have been on a long and often painful journey with various CRM systems. Choosing the right platform is crucial, but often you end up with something that doesn't quite meet the growing needs of your organisation.   Having worked with many different systems over the years, we explore why it's so important to get this one right. As first-party data becomes increasingly important, you can't afford to be without the right CRM. We share our recent journey migrating to HubSpot's CRM and all the benefits that it has brought to our business.   Useful Links Sign up for our Marketing Download Email newsletter KInsta Web Hosting Hubspot Get in Touch
Daniel and Ciaran share some of their favourite recently discovered tools for helping you with email. Discover a more efficient way for tracking all your competitor's email programmes. Learn how to create more effective emails signatures which look amazing. Need more time for your email? Check out the world's Best No Generator. (Well, possibly the world's best. this is the first 'no' generator we have come across.) We also indulge in some fun AI for crafting creative subject lines or headlines. As a bonus tool, we also share a way to get insight into any public-facing Twitter account. OK, it's not email related, but we found it while researching this episode and just had to share it. Know of other fun marketing email-related tools we missed featuring? Please get in touch with the details. We always love hearing about and testing out new tools you find useful. Useful Links Bruce Forsythe Sendview Email campaign Monitoring Gmail Promotion Annotations Probably The Worlds best 'No' generator    Litmus Scope Email Capture WiseStamp Email signature generator Calendly Litmus Blog Our Recent Writing Tips and tools episode Active Campaign Subject Line generator
For marketing, words are everything. But how often do you take the time to ensure your copy is speaking on behalf of you and your company the best way it possibly can? Celebrating over 3 million podcast downloads, Ciaran and Daniel explore writing tools and techniques to help you boost your marketing efforts. Are you fine-tuning your written and copywriting skills to give your marketing messages the best chance of being read? If your words don't get read, they might as well not be there. So in this episode, we explore tools, techniques and creative ways to improve your writing and better engage your audience. Spurred on by our big focus this year on conversion rate optimisation, Ciaran has been on a recent learning drive to seek out tried and tested techniques to give your writing the boost it deserves. We have also been experimenting with some great writing tools that help ensure your writing is technically correct and easier to read. We also explore a few tried and tested classic copywriting formulas that can help to bring both clarity and conversion improvements to your copy. Useful Links Sign up for our for more tips and tools.
"Here's how to get good at strategy: words. Start with words, continue with words, and finish with words. You have one job - get good at words." Mark Pollard is a man driven by uncovering the truth. A marketing strategist and podcasting legend he's developed his own unique way to simplify complex strategies. Mark Pollard is used to going off-script when he's not satisfied with something--even if that means offending people or really making them sweat till he gets closer to uncovering the truth he searches for. Ciaran experienced first hand the tremendous power of the '5 Whys" technique, just one of many in Mark's toolkit. Mark shares his own refreshingly different approach to marketing strategy. Learn how he simplifies complex strategies to get at their core bones quickly. Learn how to get to the heart of an issue quickly by using your words as guidance rather than reading lengthy reports or consulting other marketers in an endless round of multi-layered strategy meetings. Want to approach your strategy better? All this and more on this week's Digital Marketing Podcast. Useful Links
Discover Consent Optimisation Whether you're a large company or small business, the dreaded cookie consent message has become an inevitable annoyance. But it doesn't have to be!  Ciaran speaks to Usercentrics, who help companies achieve data permission and compliance that's in harmony with your marketing strategy. Learn how they are changing the way we think about permissions and ensure that everyone is compliant with GDPR and other privacy regulations. Although cookie permissions can be a nuisance to many, they are important and necessary.  There are so many potential points of failure on a website, and as the owner, you might be violating user privacy law without even realising it. A good consent management platform enables you to harmonise your marketing and data strategy with legal requirements. Learn 7 GDPR Positive steps Usercentrics use that will keep your users privacy safe and their permissions effectively managed and up to date. Get A Free AuditManaging user permissions and remaining compliant is tough, but Usercentrics offers an easy to implement and compliant way to help you achieve the highest optimisation levels for your website. Request a free audit for your website by emailing Zofia and telling her you listen to The Digital Marketing Podcast and would like some help. Email     Useful Links California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) CCPA checklist GDPR compliance Brexit and Cookie Consent Google Consent mode Browser plugins for tracking what is being tracked
Ciaran talk's to Jon Henshaw about 'Core Web Vitals,' Google's favourite new way to measure website performance and user experience. Come May 2021 these metrics will soon influence Google's search algorithm. Learn what Core Web vitals are, why they matter, and how you can measure up your own website to see how it performs using .  As the founder of Raven Tools and an expert SEO practitioner, Jon Henshaw is an excellent guide on why this new bunch of measurements matter. Jon has a whole host of ideas and suggestions that can help you to prepare for Google's anxiously anticipated search algorithm update. Listen in and learn what you can do to improve how your site might perform after this 'core web vitals' search algorithm update. Jon also shares with us why he has gone from disliking Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) to embracing the format as a useful feature rich toolset. If you work with a large team of Developers, AMP can help ensure your website stays fast and efficient no matter who is working on it. There are other ways to speed things up and improve, but these won't necessarily stay in place as the site evolves. Listen in for Jon's top tips and resources for making AMP work or taking an alternative non AMP approach to a faster, better website experience. Useful Links Visit  and see how your website or those of your competitors stack up to Googles New Core Web Metrics measurements. And for those of you who, like Ciaran, were wondering… it turns out Kludgy is a word! Who knew ;-)
Ciaran talks to Karl Blanks, Co-founder of Conversion Rate Experts and co-author of bestselling CRO book ‘Making Websites Win.’ Karl shares with us their latest big idea, 'The Triple R Technique,' and walks us through how to use it. What Is The Triple R Technique? ‘You can progress much faster if you increase the rate at which you explore avenues and abandon the dead ends.’ Karl shares a simple but incredibly powerful process developed at Conversion Rate Experts to do precisely that. Triple R is a simple, agile and dynamic process and will help you avoid obvious pitfalls. It guides you to find the best way to reduce the risks of your projects failing. Karl shares with us a wealth of smart insights into working more efficiently as a team. Are you protecting everyone in your team from making the same mistakes? Are you syncing with reality as frequently as possible? Is there someone who has tackled something similar that you can learn from? Do you collate all your ideas for a project and rank them on ease of implementation and likelihood to double results? Are you breaking your project down into 'ROI Positive Bitesized Chunks?' We also explore how playbooks can be a great way of boosting the popularity of Standard operating procedures. See an example of this for Webinars [] Learn about Mary's Meals, a fantastic charity, supported by the team at Conversion Rate Experts. Mary’s Meals provides life-changing meals to some of the world's poorest children every day they attend school. Useful Links and get a free copy of their book.
Ciaran talks with Puneet Vaghela, head of innovation at Adzooma about PPC campaigns and how to optimise and refresh your PPC campaigns. Adzooma specialise in creating ai that helps marketers, so we thought their head of innovation would be the ideal person to explore what all marketers can do to further optimise and improve their Ad campaigns.  Want to try something new in 2021 rather than stick with what you know and usually do? We explore some of the neglected channels marketers perhaps haven't explored.    Have you tidied up the changes made to your account during the holiday season? Are you using audiences effectively? Are you targeting your campaigns as well as you could? Are you improving your ad campaign landing pages, so they convert better? You don't have to use AI to optimise your campaigns. There is a whole wealth of ideas anyone active with pay per click ads could put into practice.  We also explore the recently announced changes to Google's keyword matching and talk about the pro's and cons of this big change to how you reach your audience effectively. Listen in and grab a whole bunch of ideas for ways you could further optimise your PPC campaigns for success in 2021.   Useful Links Adzooma AI for PPC Google's match type keyword change announcement Microsoft Ads How To Create a Winning PPC Strategy for 2021  3 Powerful PPC Automation Rules to Start 2021 Right How Agencies Use Adzooma
Daniel and Ciaran cover some bonus material from our recent interview on email marketing. Ciaran explores Philip Storey's predictions for what may develop to fruition in the email marketing space in 2021, including Amp for Email.   Also, Philip shares with us an email fantasy he has around pay-to-subscribe emails from brands. Could that become a thing? Stranger things have happened, and it is an interesting idea. If the content is strong enough, then why not? Useful Links Enchant Agency Amp for Email Mark Robbins Runderwear Mark Pollard-The Four Points The Morning Brew
Email Marketing in 2021

Email Marketing in 2021


Catch up on what's now on offer from the top email service providers for those looking to up their game on email marketing. Does your ESP still make the grade, or are they holding you back? Philip Storey from Enchant Agency spills the beans on what's hot in the email tech world. Philip shares how some of the brands he works with are using email to solve complex customer problems. We also explore the myth of the customer journey. Could you improve simplify that overall 'sequential journey' by viewing online interactions as a series of micro experiences? Learn about the strategy and technology successful brands are using to engage their audiences better. Explore what's now possible with an integrated website and email automation and a new range of services innovative esp's are developing to improve what's possible. Useful Links Enchant Agency Exponea Emarsys Klaviyo MailChimp Runderwear
How much of your PPC budget gets spent on clicks from people or machines with no intention of buying or converting? Daniel and Ciaran explore the tricky issue of click fraud and how you can help to prevent it.  We interview Ilan Missulawin, founder at , one of a growing number of companies who help detect and filter out fraudulent  search ad clicks on Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising campaigns. As you will learn, there are all sorts of keyword neighbourhoods that can experience ad click fraud for multiple reasons. Competitors, brand haters, accidental clicks, and even click farms can all increase your ad costs and deplete your daily budget if you let them. Learn how you can help to protect your ad spend using AI software which can automate the process and help prevent your ads from showing to sources of invalid clicks in the first place. Both Google Ads and Microsoft advertising provide help and support to help you catch and stop invalid clicks on your campaigns, and we have directed you to some of their support materials below.  Useful Links Other click fraud prevention services you might find of interest:
Daniel and Ciaran are back for the new year and re-evaluating their focus and what is important for 2021 and the new year ahead. Daniel shares his journey into taming his email inbox, which this year has involved an interesting strategic approach rather than one tool to fix things. The results, as you will hear, have been dramatically positive. Ciaran finally gets tough on link building emails. We also share our thoughts on the importance of conversion rate optimisation and the dangers of just focusing on conversion at all costs. The cost can be way higher than you think. Listen in and learn how to navigate the fine line of conversion rate optimization success. Action this and 2021 might just be the year you fall back in love with your customers, or at least start to understand them better. Useful Links Hubspot The 5 AM Miracle Kinsta Wordpress Website Hosting Screaming Frog SEO Spider Recomendo Tim Ferris Blog Conversion Rate Experts Google Search Console Core Web Vital Reports Google Page Speed Insights Marketing Download Email Newsletter
Daniel and Ciaran share the last of their Yulekit tools. Today we share a resource so powerful and useful dare not actually share its name. Used in the right way, this tool really can supercharge your social sharing. The trick as with many things in digital marketing is to make sure that what you are sharing is of excellent quality and useful. ( Caution: It won't work  on content where you are 'overly sales-y' or heavily promotional.) We have been using this tool successfully for the last 18 months, and it's so good we have been reluctant to share it for fear that too many users might break it as a method. This year alone, it's helped us to promote 38 different content pieces and achieved over 42 thousand social shares and over 11 thousand clicks to our content across various social networks. Best of all it meant our content got seen by 17 million people! `So, you can imagine we thought long and hard about if we should share it and if so how we would share. As this is our final day of the Yulekit podcasting marathon, we settled on sharing the link for those of you who bother with the show notes. Yes, that's you! So go take a peak and scope it out. We also share the Wayback machine, and some of the useful things it does that can boost your day and your understanding of your marketing results. Daniel also shares some hidden gem features of the tool, including audio archives and retro games archive of working emulators with software. If you get some quiet time over the holiday period its a great way to indulge in some retro nostalgia. Useful Links Super Charge Your Social Sharing With This tool: The Way back machine Wayback Machine Audio Archive Wayback Machine Retro arcade Enjoyed the show this year? Please Leave Us A Review
Day 11 of our Yulekit 12 days of Christmas. Daniel and Ciaran share some of their favourite conversion rate optimisation tools and resources. Pay careful attention. We believe this episode and the advice it contains could make a radical difference to the results you all deliver over the next 12 months if you follow the advice and learning we recommend. Best of all the advice and the resources we are directing you to are free so you really have nothing to loose. Useful Links Convert Flow TypeForm JotForm SurveyMonkey Conversion Rate Experts Making Websites Win Audio Book Making Websites win Ebook Loved the book?- Donate to Mary’s Meals and help alleviate child hunger:
Daniel and Ciaran explore useful tools that automate checking important things at scale to drive improved performance in your digital campaigns. Daniel shares TheChecker which can be used to clean up your email lists. Doing this can save you money, but it can also dramatically improve your open rates and click-through rates for email campaigns. Nobody wants people on their list who are never going actually to get the email you sent in the first place. TheChecker can help you to clean up your lists, avoid ESP blockages and help to protect your sender reputation. Try it out and see if you can improve email inbox deliverability and campaign ROI. For some free credits to try it out, just the link below. Ciaran explores how AI developed by Adzooma can help to improve and nurture your PPC campaigns on Google Ads, Microsoft Ads and Facebook Ads. If you are looking for a digital assistant that can look over your campaigns and suggest things you could do to improve their performance, then take this tool for a spin. Using innovative AI and machine learning, this tool can create, optimise and track the performance of your digital advertising campaigns in just a few clicks, and for free. Useful Links TheChecker Adzooma Advertising AI Assistant Mailchimp's Email Benchmark Report
Daniel shares with us an amazing tool for creating AI generated Video from a script, and ciaran’s mind goes into overdrive dreaming up ways to use this technology creatively in your marketing. We also explore some of the potential pitfalls and ethical questions around using such ‘fake real’ tech. We don’t think it’s quite ready to completely fool the real world yet  but it is to our mind ‘fully functional’ and ‘perfectly operational’ as Synthesia’s brilliant beta shows. It’s only a matter of time before real and virtual have very little to differentiate each other. Will technology like this usher in a whole host of virtual personalities? Check out Sythesia’s amazing demo and make your own mind up. The Father Christmas Message has endless possibilities and we have had huge amounts of fun with it so definitely check it out. Useful Links Santa Message Demo Max Headroom Paranoimia by The Art of Noise Staring Max Headroom
Daniel and Ciaran explore their favourite social media listening and monitoring tools and discuss how brands and organisations can get the most out of them. With these tools, you very much get what you pay for. You can of course opt for the all singing and all dancing Brandwatch which really is in a class of its own. However, there are also some great entry-level and mid-level tools that can cover a lot of ground with social listening without blowing your budget. Useful links Brandwatch Brand24 Learn about Social Listening with Hootsuite Also, check out Mention's library of resources which packed full of useful educational content on social listening best practice. Don't miss the Brandwatch blog, packed full of learning, best practice and up to date insights and trends.
SE Ranking SEO Suite

SE Ranking SEO Suite


Daniel and Ciaran take a fresh look at SE Ranking, Our favourite, complete SEO Tool Suite. We use this for all our SEO reporting and focus and have done for many years now. SE Ranking has really come of age this year with a recent overhaul and upgrade of the entire suite. It’s now so much more than just a ranking tool, and it offers all sorts of useful data sets and features at a price everyone can afford. We explore some of the highlights and features we love.   If you haven’t already, check out their free demo of the full suite which has lots of useful functionality without you having to set it all up. If only more tool providers did this.  In particular, take a look at the Keyword research functionality, which enables you to look at both Organic results and PPC competitor keyword research. We think it’s ace and we hope you will too. Useful Links SE Ranking Try Out SE Ranking Keyword Research Tool Try out the SE Ranking Demo Digital Leadership Programme
Daniel and Ciaran explore VidIQ, a plugin for Chrome and Firefox that gives you a detailed SEO analysis of any video you watch on Youtube. Explore with us how you can use this to analyse your videos to help them surface and get found. It is also amazing to analyse other's videos that are ranking highly in YouTube search. Doing this will teach you a lot about what matters to YouTube and also give a good indication of which videos you might be able to knock off their top spot without too much effort.
 Useful Links VidIQ plugin Keywords Everywhere Listen to our earlier Interview with VidIQ
Daniel and Ciaran discuss the Oculus Quest 2, the new virtual reality headset from Facebook. If you have only ever experienced mobile phone-based virtual reality, this device is an utter revelation. It's a fantastic gaming platform and a tremendous amount of fun. Nothing you have experienced to date using your mobile phone even comes close to what this hardware can do.  We have been exploring how we might use the Oculus Quest 2 for commercial applications. Hear what we found and what surprised us about this incredible piece of hardware. Are virtual reality and mixed reality about to come of age? Will Facebook's new soon to be released Infinite Office change the world remote working and virtual workspaces for the better?  Want to join an Oculus Quest Virtual Training Session? Email Ciaran if have an Oculus Quest and want to try out a planning workshop using Spatial. We will pick at random ten listeners who respond before 1st January 2021, so get in touch. Useful Links Oculus Quest 2 Space Pirate Trainer  Virtual Reality Meeting platform Infinite Office Promotional Video
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