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Herb and David discuss the ongoing of saga of the sale of Twitter to Elon Musk. They also discuss the Steam Deck and the impact on the wider gaming landscape. Twitter: @theblacktechies FB: YouTube: Discord:  Patreon:
The Black Techies aren't normally a political podcast, but on this episode the panel discusses the recent SCOTUS ruling and the ongoing January 6th committee hearings. Note that the opinions expressed are of the individual panel members and don't reflect the entirety of the Black Techies nor the HBCU Digital Network.  Follow us! Twitter: @theblacktechies FB: YouTube:
The crew is back for the 68th installment of the Black Techies Podcast! Herb, Leslie, and Roberto share their thoughts on: 1) The State of America's Consumer Electric Vehicle Marketplace 2) How Technology has impacted the ongoing conflict in Ukraine (also the mixed feelings of black folks on said conflict). 3) Their current favorites in Consumer Electronics and Technology. Wanna see and hear more about The Black Techies Podcast? Check us out at the TBT Website, as well as our new home on the HBCU Digital Network! We also have offerings on Youtube, Twitch, Facebook, Twitter, and pretty much everyplace else on social media! Follow Us and join our Patreon Community as a Patron! Get an early glimpse at future show topics, participate in exclusive promotions and events for TBT Patrons, and more! #HailWakanda #ThisIsHome #HBCUDigital
During Black History Month, The Black Techies will feature short episodes about notable past and present black technologists, scientists, and inventors. First up is Dr. Mark Dean who was instrumental in his work with personal computers. Our current monitors and smartphones wouldn't be where they are now without him. Please consider subscribing to The Black Techies Podcast using your favorite podcast app and leave a review on iTunes. It really does help! Follow us: Twitter: @theblacktechies FB:
In a first of a trio of interviews, The host of The Black Techies Podcast (Herb Seward) sits down with the TBT's founding member, David Matthews. The two chop it up about the new book, "The HBCU Experience: HBCU Band Alumni Edition", and reminisce about their mutual experiences in HBCU Culture. Check It Out!
62: We're Back!

62: We're Back!


The TBT crew is back in the saddle after a LONG hiatus. Herb Seward and Leslie Moore welcome a brand new addition to the ranks of The Black Techies, Ebony Burroughs. We cover everything from Bitcoin to the STEM and the HBCU Experience in the episode. Check it out!
It's been quite the buzz around the launch of Cyberpunk 2077. Unfortunately, most of it hasn't been great news. On top of that, the numerous U.S. Government agencies were hacked by the Russians. The gang talk about all of it including a big announcement from David! You don't wanna miss it! Follow The Black Techies! Twitter: @theblacktechies FB: Donate to David and his wife's adoption fundraiser: Enter to win free games: 
It's that time of year again when a new iPhone comes out. However, is it even worth upgrading to the iPhone 12 this time? The Techies talk about that and more.   Website:   FB:  Twitter: @theblacktechies
We're featuring yet another black woman for Black Techie Spotlight! This time it's Leslie Moore, founder of Get Wreckt-ech Support, the tech site for women, by women. Leslie and David chat about how she went about forming the idea for the website and the need for there to be greater representation of black women (and women in general) in the tech space. We also may or may not have chatted about the recent gaming news.   Check out Leslie's website:   Follow Get Wreckt-ech on Twitter: @Wrecktechsup   Like Get Wreckt-ech on Facebook:   The Black Techies on Twitter: @theblacktechies   The Black Techies on FB:
58: Microsoft buys Bethesda

58: Microsoft buys Bethesda


After the bombshell that was the news of Microsoft buying Zenimax Media, parent company of Bethesda, the Techies try to understand why Microsoft made that move and what it means for gaming long term. Twitter: @theblacktechies Facebook:
On episode 4, David talks about what next-gen gaming means now that we finally know what prices and availability are. What does it mean that both Sony and Microsoft have all-digital editions of their consoles? Will console sales matter in the long term? Which one should you buy? Find all of that out now! Twitter: @justprocesspod
For this episode of Black Techie Spotlight, we are joined by Lisa Love. Lisa is the cofounder and Chief Marketing Officer of Tanoshi, a Silicon Valley startup that provides low-income families and schools with affordable devices in order to close the digital divide. Tanoshi was also featured on Season 11 of Shark Tank! David and Lisa talk about how to close the tech disparity among people of color and why it's crucial to make technology more available in our current times. For more on Tanoshi, visit their website at Follow them on Twitter: @TanoshiKids
Epic Games, the makers of Fortnite are suing Apple for monopolistic practices after Apple kicked Fortnite off the App Store. But that isn't the whole story. Let's process... Follow me @JustProcessPod and subscribe to the Just Processing podcast anywhere you like your podcasts!
Yall already know we had to talk about it. The Black Techies reflect on the impact that Chadwick Boseman had on black culture and the film industry. Rest in power Chad, Wakanda Forever.
We're a little late to the party but we discuss our reactions to Microsoft's Xbox Games Showcase. We also talk about the growing beef between Apple and game streaming services like xCloud and Stadia. Is Apple being fair or are they trying to protect their own revenue stream?    Be sure to subscribe if you're not already and leave a review on iTunes/Apple Podcasts!   Article:    Website:   Twitter: @theblacktechies  FB:
Professor John Cash from Johnson C. Smith joins us once again to discuss how HBCUs can have a huge impact in eSports.   Follow Mr. Cash: @johnlcash  Follow JCSU eSports: jcsuesports  Follow David: @JustProcessYT  Follow The Black Techies: @theblacktechies   Website:   FB: 
Better late than never right? We discuss #WWDC and why #Apple is switching its Macs over to its own silicon. What does that mean for Intel? What does that mean for the iPad Pro? Be sure to subscribe using your favorite podcast app and leave a review on iTunes! Twitter: @theblacktechies FB:
For this edition of Black Techie Spotlight, we are pleased to welcome Mark Watson better known as SoldierKnowsBest to the show! We chop it up about his journey to YouTube, Apple's WWDC event and more! Subscribe so you don't miss out on any other interviews with prominent creators!   Subscribe to SoldierKnowsBest on Youtube:   Twitter: @soldierknowbest
At WWDC 2020, Apple confirmed that it's switching from Intel to its custom ARM silicon. But why is Apple is doing that? It's all about control.   Follow me on Twitter: @JustProcessYT  Follow the Black Techies: @theblacktechies
53: PS5 Reveal Reactions

53: PS5 Reveal Reactions


The PlayStation 5 has finally been revealed at long last. The Techies break down the announcement and talk about their favorite games from the PS5 reveal.   Website:  Twitter: @theblacktechies  FB:
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