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Author: James Daykin in association with Lyric Magazine

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A look at the world of Country music on both sides of the Atlantic. Sometimes serious, sometimes silly, always passionate .Check out the rest of our Country world at
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The big controversy this week in the world of Country music was the announcement that the new album from Kacey Musgraves, 'star-crossed' would not be eligible for a Grammy this year in the Country music category.Well, talk about meltdown.In this podcast James, an arch liberal progressive inclusionist when it comes to Country music, explores why he thinks the Grammy committee were 100% correct to make this decision.
Announced last week, the nominations for the 55th CMA awards in November make for interesting reading. They seem to suggest that there is a shift in focus and a changing of the guard quietly happening in Country music. James explains why.
James comes to the conclusion that with their new album, 'Good Things' Dan + Shay have transitioned out of Country music in the same way that Taylor Swift and The Band Perry famously did.Does it matter? Are the genre rules breaking down these days? What do you think?
It's gone viral!!!!!! Yep, Country music has never been as popular as it is now..............on TikTok.The recent success of Walker Hayes' 'Fancy Like' song combined with the emergence of artists like Priscilla Block, Ashley Cooke and Tigerlily from The 615 House in Nashville has focused attention on TikTok as a platform on which musicians can advance their careers and attain that nirvana of a fabled record this episode James addresses head on his thoughts on this issue and the artists that are changing the face of the Country music industry in ways that might surprise you!
The craft and the art of making great albums is something that isn't valued in Country music as much as in other genres. Country music is all about the hit and the radio single and has been since at least the 1950s.In this episode James looks into why and name-checks a few artists that are beginning to bring back the art of making an album. He also poses the question - Can you actually name a 'great' Johnny Cash album that wasn't a live recording!
Made for You by Jake Owen is just coming to the end of a two week stay at number one in the Country music charts. James thinks it may well be the most remarkable Country song of modern times.Find out what he means by remarkable and learn a little more about the fascinating life story this song has had.
We had Bro-Country and then we had Boyfriend Country and now James has detected the latest trend emerging in commercial and mainstream Country music right now.To find out what he thinks that is you need to listen in as he talks about what links Lady A to Jimmie Allen to Brett Young to Eric Church's forthcoming triple album release 'Heart & Soul' as these artists are all at the vanguard of the latest emerging trend.
Recorded on the day the 'Morgan Wallen N-Gate' scandal dropped, James decided that no-one else needed the opinions of a middle aged white man adding into the mix so he pressed ahead and recorded the scheduled podcast instead whilst feeling mightily proud of how the big corporations and institutions in Nashville showed themselves to have guts, compassion and understanding about the whole debacle.Episode 76 - James looks at the art of singing in Country music and compares the vocalists to those working in the rock genre. Can you get away with having less of a powerful voice in Country music because the lyrics and the music allow it? Who are the best singers working in Country music right now? There's an eventual Top Ten list.
James has started a new feature for 2021 this month: a monthly round-up of our favourite album and song releases - designed to catch you all up on what was good in the world of Country music this month.Your one-stop re-cap in case you missed a pivotal album or single release in January 2021. Featuring everyone from Kip Moore and Blake Shelton to Hailey Whitters and Canadian Country rockers, Petric.
James recorded this podcast on January 20th, the day of Joe Biden's inauguration as President of the United States. Garth Brooks (as well as Tim McGraw and Tyler Hubbard) has been asked to play the inauguration party - prompting a wave of 'cancel Garth' comments across social media.James examines the ridiculousness of this situation and pours scorn on people who think they should or could have any effect on the career of the G.O.A.T. of Country music.
This week James expands on the review of Morgan Wallen's 'Dangerous: The Double Album' he did for and dives deep into examining whether or not the confines and the expectations of the Country music genre might well prevent Wallen from becoming the artist that he could well go on to be.Have a listen and let him know what you think.
Happy New Year listeners. In this episode James looks at the year ahead for the Country music industry and tries to make some predictions as to what might be in store for us faithful fans. Some of it might not be what you want to hear, but then Country music is about truth, right?The good, the bad and the ugly about the coming year in Country music.
A new name and a new viral song exploded into the Country music scene this week. 'Dicked Down in Dallas', one of the rudest, most profane Country songs of all time has exploded on TikTok in the same way that 'Old Town Road' did for Lil Nas X.We examine the lyrics of DDID and speculate as to whether the song is going to launch the career of Trey Lewis into the stratosphere or consign him to the group of 'One Hit Wonders' for the rest of time!!Beware - this podcast contains profanities and sexual content. (Hurrah!!)
G.O.A.T. and all time legend Garth Brooks released his new album, 'Fun' last week. Despite having the worst title of any of his albums it is probably the best of the three albums he has released since his 2014 comeback, although that's not saying much.This week James examines why Gath's post-comeback recording career has been so poor and theorises as to why that might be. Is it time for Garth to take some risks and emerge from the protective bubble that is 'Planet Garth'? Find out on this episode of 10 Minute Country.
There are landmark episodes in the life of any podcast. Episodes 50 and 100 being the two biggest but it's also worth celebrating episode 69 so what better way to mark the auspicious occasion than a chat with legendary broadcaster Bob Harris.Bob, who is celebrating 50 years in the industry himself this year, is the brains behind a new project and single release in October. He has asked musicians across the world of Rock, Country, Folk and Blues to contribute to a re-recording of Ben E King's iconic track 'Stand By Me' in aid of the 'Help Musicians' Charity. Let Bob tell you all about it, the origins and the way the track was put together. He will also tell you how you can help contribute too.
We're 6 months into this 'no live music' pandemic now and with a winter of discontent apparently ahead of us it doesn't appear that there will be any big tours, live shows or live music anytime soon either.With the prospect of C2C in March being cancelled again and potentially no live shows for the whole of 2021 ahead of us it's now time for the fans, the artists and the record labels to embrace change and think outside the box regarding how we consume and pay for the content we love otherwise it isn't going to be there anymore when we are able to return to the concert halls of the UK again.Today's 'almost episode 69' episode examines what we can all do to get through the next months to ensure that there is still an industry to return to in a post-pandemic world.
The nominations for the 2020 CMA awards were released yesterday (Tuesday 1st September) and once again, the name of Kane Brown is conspicuous by its absence. Kane Brown, with multiple number ones, commercial success and personal creativity has never once received a single CMA nomination despite gaining nominations and awards from other bodies like the ACMs, Billboard and the American Music Awards.In today's podcast we explore why. Let us know your thoughts too.
We speak to Mae Estes about her life and career to date. Mae is one of Nashville's brightest talents and has just released her sassy new song, co-written with the awesome Kenny Foster.Mae is playing a three song set for Destination Country on Sunday 23rd August as support to Canadian writer & performer Victoria Banks. We suggest you check out her awesome songs like 'Best Side', 'Recycled' and our particular favourite, 'Naked'. You will NOT be disappointed!
James speaks to UK artists Emma & Jolie on the day that their debut single, 'I Don't Need a Man' is released. Join in the celebrations as they talk about the release of the song, how it was written in Nashville with Emily Hackett and the inspirations behind it.The girls discuss how they deal with unwanted male attention on social media, what their hopes for the future are and how they are a little bit obsessed with Josh Kerr!! You can also listen to a snippet of 'I Don't Need a Man' - a song UK DJ Matt Spracklen believes will be on many people's end of year 'Best Of...' lists.
This week, James vents his frustration with the way the labels and record companies in Nashville are currently releasing music. (or maybe it's just that he's a dinosaur from another era?)James explores whether or not content is just being tossed into the bottomless ether of social media and Spotify and gets into the weighty analysis of what exactly is an EP and whether they are meaningful or just ways of record labels tossing music out to content-hungry fans with the attention span of a gnat ( or maybe it's just that he's a dinosaur from another time?)
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