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Xavier Small || Ordained Minister || Senior Pastor at Orlando Baptist Temple.
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Tonight we began Pneumatology, the doctrine of the Holy Spirit
We wrapped up Christology with some closing points about Christ's position from a New Testament standpoint. Join us next week as we begin Pneumatology.
Rooted: Christology Pt. 2

Rooted: Christology Pt. 2


Our second session on the doctrine of Christ in our discipleship class.
We begin our study through the doctrine of Christ.
Night three on Theology Proper, as we further discuss the discuss the doctrine of God and who He is! We meet Thursdays at 8:30pm, EST.
Night two on Theology Proper, as we further discuss the doctrine of God and who He is! We meet Thursdays at 8:30pm, EST.
The first night in our discipleship course! We're beginning with doctrinal positions, and we'll move on to more practical things after that. This episode is about the "Doctrine of God" and who He is! We meet every Thursday, at 8:30pm EST.
The first installment in our New Bible study series through the Gospel of John.
The final installment in the Fresh Fire series! Stoking the fire in you, to better your church, community, and ultimately the world! I hope it’s a blessing to you!
Rekindling the fire for God starts internally! How’s your prayer life?
Dealing with a broken heart? Today begins your healing! We’ll go from this test to a testimony!
You want to grow close to God? Get in His Word!
Will you allow God to provide His way? Or will you rather have your demons?
We need good friends in the faith that will help us grow in the Lord!
Rekindling our fire for God to be greater lights to a lost and dying world.
Beat anxiety to the problem with praise!
Learn to praise God with what you have.
Divine Defense

Divine Defense


We have God on our side in 2019!
It feels good to hear people brag on you to others. Bur are you brag worthy?
"Blessed are they that mourn, for they shall be comforted"
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