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Author: Nika Moeini (Positivity Boss)

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As Gen Z's personal growth coach, I help ambitious young people develop the mindset and habits that set them up for success. Topics include personal growth, leadership, entrepreneurship, positive mindset, productivity, self worth, organization, friendship, goal setting, and more! Through interviews with successful and inspiring young people, we inspire youth to reach their full potential.
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an origin story :)
In this episode I chat with Alishba Imran, 15 year old young innovator and tech enthusiast on "what's really out there" in terms of opportunities and potential and how she's educating herself outside school. We chat about what holds girls back in terms of getting involved in new occupations like STEM and how she imagines the solutions to closing the gender gap.Connect with Alishba here: us on Facebook in the Young Bosses Collective group: Connect with Nika:
In this episode, we chat with Jennifer Dahl-Kowalski, Founder at Ignite Your Light and a Chakaura Naturopathic Energy Practitioner, about the top mindset mistakes entrepreneurs make when they are first starting out. Connect with Jennifer here:
Maria helps 6- and 7-figure entrepreneurs scale their business by creating a cohesive, consistent brand identity, based on market research and conversion psychology, that lets them speak directly to their soulmate clients, create wealth faster, and build a freedom lifestyle. From Maria: "In 2009, I started researching the psychology of branding and design. I came to understand that the strongest brands aren't the ones that “just look pretty” but are built on a strong foundation of market research & client psychology. I later started this company to help create brands that truly speak to your ideal clients - and keep them coming back for more.Since then, I’ve:✓ Helped launch 51 (& counting!) six- and seven-figure brands✓ Created a waiting list of over 100+ entrepreneurs who are dying to work with me.✓ Won several different branding & design psychology awards.✓ Read over 300 books on branding, marketing & psychology. ✓ Traveled the world, surfed every weekend last summer, planned a wedding and placed 5th in a bikini competition #freedomlifestyle… and more. My goal is to help entrepreneurs like myself become top influencers, attract more soulmate clients, make more money, build their freedom, and create wealth faster."
Neely is an Academic Success Coordinator working with students in the Communications Studies and Journalism and Media Communication majors. Neely serves young women who struggle with depression and anxiety, specifically those in college. She considers herself lucky to give them the tools to be their best selves while living with depression and anxiety and empower them to share their stories and stop the stigma of mental disorders. Connect with Neely on her website: https://www.neelyoconnor.comHer Instagram: Facebook group:
Ava is the host of the MentorZ podcast, a show dedicated for kids, by a kid, to bringing on fantastic guests to help guide the next generation (hence the 'z') towards success in all definitions of the word. Connect with Ava: our Young Bosses Collective: with me on Instagram: with me on LinkedIn:
Oliver Wolf is a Business Strategist, Sales Coach and Visionary for The Wolf Syndicate and Co-Founder of The Impact Network. He began his entrepreneurial journey almost a decade ago in Montreal in a non-typical way. Having come from a dark place, he has completely recreated himself, his universe and has become a light of inspiration. Oliver, now 26 years old, has been a top 1% performer in every position he has taken on. His consecutive success lead him to coach more than 40 separate businesses in different industries as well as speak about philosophies for success to as many as 70 entrepreneurs at a time. Oliver's top performance has earned him prestigious awards such as the "Leadership" award for being the top influential leader within his organization and the "Manager of the Year" award for having top revenue, profit and customer satisfaction out of 112 other franchises across Canada within the organization. When he isn't out solving problems and creating win-win relationships,l
Brianna is one of the most inspiring serial entrepreneurs I know. She's an 8 figure entrepreneur who helps other entrepreneurs grow their business.
Sam Brown is a mindset coach, personal development blogger and host of The Smart Twenties Podcast. She loves helping ambitious women get out of their own way and overcome their fears so they can reach their full potential and shares personal growth and life advice for perfectionists.
CEO of GetChoGrindUp and Co-Host of the Young and D.U.M.B. (Dedicated, Up and Coming, Motivated, Bold) Podcast. I’m just a 22 year old who thinks in order to find out who you truly are, you have to try as many things as possible until you find the one that sticks! “We overestimate what we can do in one year and underestimate how much we can do in 10.” Slow and steady wins the race, so check back in and see where I am in 10 years!Social Links:IG: 
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