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Digital Marketing from Digital Opps

Author: Michael Winn

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Insights, tips and strategies to grow your business leveraging digital marketing.
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 What are the four motivators driving our interaction and activities on social media? Why you should care and how it will impact you digital marketing in 2019.  
What are the strategies to effectively get your message in front of the right person at the right time through location-based mobile marketing?
What is your content strategy? Do you have a method of collecting feedback and comments that will help shape your creative?
What are the 6 essential action items in delivering content at scale to win the digital attention game? 
Time to update your website? WordPress versus Joomla - picking the right CMS for your needs. Need to migrate your website from Joomla to WordPress? It can be done. 
Digital marketing ROI - paying to play is part of the attention game, but which platform has inflated pricing and which one is undervalued?  
How can you leverage your strengths to stock pile digital assets in the micro economy of tomorrow? What are you naturally good at? Are you producing content around it?
How to reverse engineer keyword industry data for digital marketing campaigns and contextual content at scale. What does paid ad placement data from Google AdWords tell you about how to reach potential new clients to grow your business in 2019.
Understanding the difference between growing your business versus scaling it and why it matters in 2019. Want to learn more? Very excited to announce a whole new series coming on Fridays beginning March 1, 2019. 
 7 ways to leverage private events to boost your marketing for 2019! Lessons learned from the most EPIC event that never happened. 
 Why aren't people buying? What's wrong with logical-based marketing and messaging.  Taking a deeper dive into the motivation behind the decision making process.
 Planning to attend an expo as a vendor to grow your business in 2019? What digital tactics should you leverage to maximize your ROI from the event?
 What is ADA compliance and how does it relate to your business website? In 2018 there were 2,000+ lawsuits filed in Federal Court - up 181% from 2017. If your business or organization receives federal funding or your provide public access to your business you should make sure your website is ADA compliant! 
 Spotify bets big on podcast and buys Gimlet Media and, why should your care? How might it impact the growth of your business in 2019? 
 What's the hidden key to opening the door to growth for your business in 2019? Has your business plateaued or beginning to shrink? Why? What can you do about it? 
 If you are a solo practitioner, realtor, sales rep, brand ambassador or small business owner and want to build your brand in 2019, focus on this strategy. 
Why isn't your marketing working? Are you going to keep pushing the same 2016 content in 2019? What are your options? 
What is the key to maximizing your marketing reach for 2019? This strategy will absolutely help you crush your marketing goals!
Let's talk about who you are looking for, what you want them to do and how to influence their decision making process.
In today's podcast, we talk about taking inventory of what you have, what you waste and ways to help others in your business community.
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