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The Magic Academy

Author: John Fletcher, Russell Earnshaw

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Supporting coaching wizards! Rusty and Fletch love to hang with rockstars from the coaching world and get them sharing through some pretty cool questions
224 Episodes
Fletch and Rusty chat skill, levels, connecting player-parent-coach, coaching contact, coach development and being more like Finn... enjoy!
Sharks returns to chat all things theming, lifting the lid on La Rochelle in Europe, totems, experiments and making them wait... enjoy!
Andy returns to the pod having coached community rugby for the past 11 years alongside his role as Head of Subject at Leeds Beckett... he shares the 11 concepts that helped him the most with his coaching... from simplifying to scaffolding to SOL to planning to athlete engagement... enjoy!
Ex-poker player and Cambridge Economist Caspar and Rusty chat all things decision-making... knowing your opponent, missing bets, data and emotions, neutral reviews, interdependence and the J-curve... enjoy!
Kieran and Rusty chat all things Super Rugby after his sabbatical from Leinster to the Rebels... coaching, co-coaching, pathways, what he's learned... enjoy!
Jack and Rusty sparked by a WhatsApp group chat on curriculum chew the fat on what it could mean, the purpose, the what and the how with (hopefully) some practical ideas to bring it to life... enjoy! 
Adam and Maarten catch up with Rusty after their play workshop for rugby coaches and chat Elmo and Grover, changing the brain, setting the room to 0, basic human needs, noticing skills, feeling the difference, DJ’ing the room, bravery, sneaky experiments and impact and the ripple effect... enjoy! Find them at 
Andy Longley (Coach Up) and Rusty chat leadership development for coaches, popping a lung, the Barbarians tour to Germany, ex-players as coaches, scanning the room and high performance... enjoy!
Martin and Rusty chat chat about the impact and ripple effects of Empire Fighting Chance ( why and how they are helping over 5000 young people per year... an incredible place!
Alex and Rusty chat all things improv... planning, playful practice and feedback to prevent a death on stage... oh, and meeting Sir  Ian McKellen at Mother Goose... enjoy!
Rachel and Rusty are reunited after their 'Challenging Conversations' hangout with the Premier League and chat all things helping good people do difficult things, executing under pressure and arousal state control. Rusty is defo paying more attention to his breathing! Rachel can be found here...
Harry and Rusty chat all things the Inside Running Coach Development course, living together for almost 2 weeks on Oceanbeach Drive, mentoring, near death cliff falls, patio dancing and high 5's... enjoy!
Rusty has a new favourite pod with ex-Wallaby and Rusty's paddle-board partner Berwick Barnes and the man who makes things happen Andrew Fraser. A Joe Rogan-esque meander through rugby, coaching, music, coach development or a spa, detail, the magic pill, Japanese translators, Queen playing Wembley and, most importantly, the impact of being a Boaty Boy... enjoy! 
Mike and Rusty chat all things transition including learning to be a student again, growing connections, transferable skills, learning from other sports whilst also chatting coaching, selection conversations, learning from other players, highs and lows and dealing with errors... enjoy!
Mark shares with Rusty how he's grown rugby from scratch to 150 girls and boys representing the school...  young leaders, break time club, well-designed competition, parents giving lifts... so much cool stuff... enjoy!
A 'micro-pod' before the 7's semi-finals exploring all things coaching contact... Dan and Ross explore skill, pitch size, collaborating, levels, competition, donor sports and more with Rusty... enjoy!
Ollie is back and chats all things anticipation with Rusty... NASA, VR, being a geek/nerd, deception and knowing where to look. Ollie can be found at @oliverrunswick and  Enjoy!
Rusty and Has chat all tings coach development including using a mentor effectively, collaborative coaching and stepping out of your comfort zone! 
Mike and Rusty chat all things coach development. For 13 days and 12 nights, coaches will be able to take part in the 1st Inside Rugby Coach Development camp (alongside the Player Development camp). As a coach you will have the opportunity to explore, practice and get feedback on your coaching with coaches from rugby and other sports, special guests and so much more... enjoy!  
Jack and Rusty chat about Westmeath's Tailteann Cup victory and his new role as the new GAA National Player Development lead, puling on threads around environment, coaching individuals, theming (done with MA fave Dave Sharkey) and inspiring a generation... enjoy! 
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