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Author: John Fletcher, Russell Earnshaw

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Supporting coaching wizards! Rusty and Fletch love to hang with rockstars from the coaching world and get them sharing through some pretty cool questions
157 Episodes
At last Rusty and JTH chat! So much in this talk from player-to-coach, learning from the dark days, the impact of coaches on his life, coaching young people, Champagne Charlies and Joe Marler turning up in a (Adidas) space suit... enjoy!
Fletch and Rusty simply chat stuff and nonsense about the 6 Nations and beyond...
Fletch and Rusty catch up with Derek to chat about his journey so far,  Fletch being 11/10 when in Scotland, the impact of sport on people, coach development, stress and burnout in sport coaching and rebalancing the scales... a must listen!
Doug and Rusty chat all things teaching, coaching and learning. As well as the washing basket, a journey that stops to enjoy the view at anticipating errors, who is listening best, signposting,  the classroom as a team, co-coaching,  whiteboards and co-creation. And... the book (A Coach's Guide to Teaching) is in Rusty's top 3. Enjoy! PS There will be a part 2.
Rusty and Paul go on a coaching road trip... wild horses, the arrogance of timing, the cage, the chain, deception, scanning in the long grass, observational skills and intimidation by skill. Enjoy the ride!
Clare Murphy storyteller extraordinaire chats all things stories for coaches and leaders, being in a flow state, the power of silence and connection and how she lives a life without shame! A must listen... 
Fish and Rusty chat all things player to coach, academy coaching into 1st team coaching, relationships, tactical frameworks, being coached by Rusty and Fish's learning network... enjoy!
Dangerous Dave chats all things coaching basketball, wearing a vest on the mean streets of Grantham and flow experiences with Rusty. A must listen! 
Bails and Rusty chat all things finding your love of 7's, D&I, videos of Campo, being national Kiss Chase champ and coaching. Enjoy the ride...
Amy hangs with rusty to chat all things being one of the best tennis players in Cumbria, car conversations, the psychology of learning how to lose and thinking aloud with coaches and coaching teams and . Loads of practical advice to help you grow...
Rusty and Fletch chat all things being yourself, rugby, coaching, refereeing, media and low numbers kicking. A great time was had by all!
Rusty gets to jump in on the bromance between Fletch and Aiden to discuss all things Ulster, BOOP, coaching Fletch's son, #BeatTheGame, using analysts effectively and coaching in the gym. Enjoy!
Barry chats all things recording himself telling jokes, feedback, adapting, dying on stage, hecklers, Donald Trump, patina, Dara O Briain moments and Rusty playing Wembley... the most diverse pod ever!
Neil and Rusty chat about being bang average rugby players, living out of a suitcase as a coach, 'ouch' moments and learning in the Championship with Jersey.... 
Scott Sneddon and Rusty chat all things coaching in Hong Kong, the World Cup repechage, working in various coaching teams and the interview process to get his new job at Loughborough.
Fletch turns host in our Christmas special with Mark O'Sullivan and Rusty to chat all things 2020 and beyond. Have a great Christmas and enjoy...
Jonny and Rusty chat all things coaching, coach development and his research into why young people drop out of rugby
Rob and Rusty chat all things coaching, coach development, feedback and coaching on a match day whilst exploring loads of other rabbit holes. Rob's recent translation of a couple of academic papers on his website ( might be worth a glance or two...
Alex and Courtney chat all things cricket, representative design, mental skills and sledging, 2 great old friends chatting with Rusty! A must listen for all sports...
Fellow Cantabrigian Cath talks all things training for 4 years to go slower at an Olympic Games, being a diplomat in Iraq, Dean Macey's hamstring and navigating lockdown with a 7 and a 9 year old. She's also written a rather cool book....
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