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Karen joins rugby to chat all things coach development,  having a hobby job, language, ECG, curriculum versus syllabus and teaching geography... enjoy!
Dean and Rusty chat through their journeys to self-employment and what might have helped! From being bitten by a horse, the price of autonomy, hitting your purpose and connecting the dots up backwards... enjoy! 
Andy and Rusty chat all things education... teacher agency, leadership, CPD,  parents and empathy... enjoy!
Rusty and Mustafa chat all things resilience... putting on your own oxygen mask first, a GCSE in receiving feedback, replays and Barry Cowan... enjoy!
Over 2 years to align their diaries and Owen and Rusty chat belonging, storytelling, performance coaching and being open-minded... enjoy!
Katie and Rusty chew the fat on all things motivation, opening a can of worms regarding different types of motivation, rewards and consequences and coaching skills... enjoy!
Rusty and Sarah Murray discuss psychology in coaching including spending time doing me-search,  well-being and performance, intent for inaction, Melchester Rovers and turning the fruit bowl into a smoothie... enjoy!
Mike chats with Rusty about how we could fail faster as coaches, sharing his best (and worst) coaching experiences on a journey including Mitre 10,  Women's Super Rugby and now in the MLR with the New England Free Jacks. Enjoy!
Ross returns to the pod 1091 days and chats how how his thinking about coaching has changed again and helped him move his business forward. They chat all things being kind to yourself, boundaries, staying in the moment, rescuing people, recruiting rockstars, Bernard Jackman and AB Zondagh. Enjoy!Original blog: blog:
Rusty and Euan explore the role of opportunity (and luck) in his journey from Scotland to NZ and back again via France,  Australia and China for the Olympics. Enjoy! 
Rusty and Zane chat about the 'Mental Toughness Journal', its origins and its impact. Available on Enjoy!
Rusty explores the journey Whitey has taken from serial trophy winner at Leicester, Wasps, Wales and the Lions to the search to love yourself and find joy in life. A must listen! Find him at and
The man the legend behind Rugby Vacancies joins Rusty to chat all things culture and shares his 3 key principles for developing it in teams and how that might be relevant to the teams you coach. Oh... and chasing pigs in PNG. 
Rusty chats with Mark author of 'The Best: How Elite Athletes are Made' chatting all things effective practice, instruction, science and how it can be used, coaching craft and luck. Enjoy!
Ollie and Rusty chat all things learning touching on pressure training, coaching scanning and anticipation, transfer, curriculum design and the well-being of coaches. Ollie can be found at @oliverrunswick and  Enjoy!  
DC and Rusty chat all things becoming more skilful as a player and a team, exploring training, coach behaviours and packing your ski goggles... enjoy! 
Will and Rusty chat all things the Pyramid of Purpose, Mr Music, player transitions, Project 11 and the Peacock family... enjoy!
Richie and Rusty chat all things practice design, confidence, movement skills,  touch and training aids. Enjoy!
Biggsy and Rusty share stories of the reality of professional rugby, putting a few in room 101 including meetings, senior player groups, away days, coach feedback and selection...
Phil turns host and Duffs turns up late to chat all things RockIt Rugby app...1. What's the benefits for coach, player and parent?2. How can more kids know more of their times tables?Enjoy!
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