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Featuring expert educators ready to share progressive tactics to reach more students. Teach Better Talk is created by teachers, and fueled by passion! Every week, Rae Hughart and Jeff Gargas, of the Teach Better Team and, chat with educators from all around the world, discussing failures, successes, exciting new tactics, and dishing out loads of tips, tricks, and advice for teachers of all levels.
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Allyson Apsey chats with us about navigating the challenges and joys of being an educator, being  yourself, and making the decision to enjoy the day.Allyson shares why we need to value what our students value, not being afraid to ask questions, and how loving kids is a prerequisite for teaching.More at Highlights1:34 - Discussing the November #TeachBetter Challenge on social media.4:13 - Jeff gives his answer for Day 2 of the challenge. Shout out to Matt White (@matthew_j_white)Check out Matt's book at - Previewing the episode with Allyson Apsey.10:54 - Allyson introduces herself See how Allyson answered this way back on Episode #5!12:16 - Allyson's failure: Failing at communication and hurting relationships. Shoutout to Tara Martin and "Cannonball In!"14:53 - Allyson's success: Publishing a book. People having an interest in what she writes.16:09 - Allyson shares the books she has published: The Path to SerendipityThe Princes of SerendipThrough the Lens of Serendipity17:38 - Allyson talks about her next book!20:33 - What's keeping Allyson excited about education: Working on a multi-tiered system of support for student behavior.24:09 - Allyson's advice to new teachers: Value what students value. Don't be afraid to ask questions.29:08 - 6 questions answered in 15 seconds or less.34:36 - We review Allyson's answers from episode 5.37:06 - How to connect with Allyson.Guest's RecommendationsEdTech Tool: Lapel microphone.Book: "America’s First Daughter" by Stephanie Dray and Laura Kamoie.Who to Follow on Instagram: Tamara Letter, Jon Wennstrom, Hans Appel, and Jennifer Appel.YouTube/Podcast/Website/Blog: Real Rap with ReynoldsDaily/Weekly/Monthly Routine: Every morning, tell yourself that you a--- Send in a voice message:
We reflect on the first ever Teach Better Conference. We discuss our favorite moments, give some shoutouts, and let you in on a few secrets for 2020.More at Highlights0:55 - Tweet @teachbetterteam using #TeachBetter19 and let us know: How long did it take you to recover from the conference?3:08 - Shoutout to Becky Schnekser (@schnekser) for taking Rae to the airport...and being awesome. Check out Becky's episode of Teach Better Talk!4:01 - Shoutout to CJ Reynolds TwitterInstagramYouTube4:50 - Reflecting on the first ever Teach Better Conference6:59 - Shoutout to Kristen Nan (@nankr1120) for the awesome Voxer message to our team before the conference.8:30 - Shoutout to Alex Oris (@mrORIStech), Chad Stebbins (@mr_stebbins), and Brianna Shaner (@brianna_shaner).9:27 - Something about love languages.12:03 - Shoutout to Kevin Butler InstagramTwitter13:29 - Talking about the things that made the experience for our presenters special at the conference.14:56 - Why we labeled everyone as a "featured speaker."22:10 - Discussing our focus for creating an experience for attendees.28:36 - Talking about this picture29:46 - We give you some "secret" insight about 2020.31:43 - Rae's favorite moments from #TeachBetter19. Sharing a video of her students.Receiving a challenge coin from Bradford Hubbard. Listen to Bradford on episode 75 of Teach Better Talk!35:50 - Jeff's favorite moments from #TeachBetter19. The story of his brother, Mark.Standing back with Chad..."how did we do this?"38:55 - What's the mission?40:35 - What would you change for #TeachBetter20?Links to Connect With Rae and JeffTwitter: @RaeHughart @JeffGargasInstagram: @RaeHughart @_JeffGargas--- Send in a voice message:
11 year veteran teacher, Bryon Carpenter, chats with is about being unrelenting, connecting with others, and making it your  own.Bryon shares why you need to connect with others outside your space, how to always be reflective, and why every obstacles is an opportunity waiting to happen.More at Highlights2:03 - 3 things you can do right now to be better at self care: Just move.Take an intentional moment for yourself.Take small steps to eat healthierGive yourself permission to take care of yourself. (yes, we said 3, but gave you 4.)8:06 - Previewing the episode with Bryon Carpenter.10:59 - Bryon introduces himself.13:21 - Bryon shares some of the challenges of his unique blended learning environment.16:43 - Bryon's failure: As a research scientist, completely failing at a crucial (and expensive) project.21:49 - Bryon's success: Mother's Day project, and the response.27:37 - What's got Bryon excited about education: Making connections outside my educational space.32:17 - Bryon's advice that teachers can take and put in place right now: Get connected more than you are.33:40 - 6 questions answered in 15 seconds or less.36:46 - How to connect with BryonBryon's RecommendationsEdTech Tool: Adobe Spark and Google ClassroomBook: "Teach Better"Who to Follow on Instagram: Tim Cavey (@TeachersOnFire)Sarah Johnson (@SarahSajohnson)YouTube/Podcast/Website/Blog: Global Community Foundation Learning Daily/Weekly/Monthly Routine: #freshairatfive. For more details about #freshairatfive, check out Bryon's blogpost on www.bryoncarpenter.comBest piece of advice you've ever received: “Do an honest days work and you’ll have no regrets.”Links to Connect With BryonWebsite: bryoncarpenter.comTwitter: @bryoncar--- Send in a voice message:
ISTE STEM Co-Chairs, Charles Randolph and Steven Jones, chat with us about listening to your students, putting your ego aside, and personalizing learning for everyone.We talk about connecting content to real world solutions, exploring artificial intelligence, and the rise of esports.More at Highlights0:35 - Shoutout to Marcela for Rae's descriptive word for Jeff!1:22 - Chatting about being connected virtually.4:49 - Previewing the episode with Charles Randolph and Steven Jones7:55 - Charles and Steven introduce themselves. 9:49 - Charles and Steven share how they got connected.12:05 - Charles' failure: Not being able to work with all his teachers on PD.Steven's failure: Creating his own curriculum, taking feedback, and having to adjust.12:54  - Steven's success: Implementing his STEM program.Charles' success: Deploying personalized devices to his entire district.20:48 - What's got you excited about education right now: Steven: ISTE STEM programs and the opportunities they're providing, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and using 3-D printing.Charles: Working with ISTE STEM and driving diversity in STEM and STEAM. Loving AR (Augmented Reality), VR (Virtual Reality), and drones.26:25 - Jeff rudely interrupts Rae to rant about esports.29:45 - Charles and Steven's advice for new teachers who want to be progressive: Charles: Research and talk to different educators. Go out to different schools and talk to people.Steven: Observe others. Don't get discouraged when things get difficult.33:38 - 6 questions answered in 15 seconds or less.35:53 - How to connect with Charles and Steven.--- Send in a voice message:
Assistant Principal, and host of the ASPIRE Leadership Podcast, Joshua Stamper, chats with us about relationships, passion projects, and going further to be a leader.Joshua talks about changing the structure of education, looking at what you're doing to affect your district, and why we cannot be afraid to ask questions.More at Highlights4:23 - What id you cannot make it to the Teach Better Conference?8:30 - Previewing the episode with Joshua Stamper.11:17 - Joshua introduces himself.11:50 - Joshua's failure: Proving to his district that he could go beyond his subject matter and be a leader.15:51 - Joshua's success: Creating a program for peer groups and partnering with PTA members and community members.18:38 - Joshua shares what he'll be speaking on at the Teach Better Conference.20:43 - What's got Joshua excited about education right now: Technology. Joshua mentions Chad's episode of the ASPIRE Podcast. Listen here!23:44 - Joshua's advice for new teachers: Don't be afraid to ask questions.26:26 - 6 questions answered in 15 seconds or less.30:25 - How to connect with Joshua.Joshua's RecommendationsEdTech Tool: CalendlyBook: "The Coach Adventure" by Amy IllingworthWho to Follow on Twitter: Evan Robb (@ERobbPrincipal)Sarah Johnson (@SarahSajohnson)Nathan Maynard (@NmaynardEdu / Brad Weistein (@WeinsteinEdu)YouTube/Podcast/Website/Blog: Todd Nesloney and Rick WormeliDaily/Weekly/Monthly Routine: Everyone needs to create. Everyone needs a passion project.Best piece of advice you've ever received:  "In relationships, love is a choice." - Joshua's mom.Links to Connect With JoshuaWebsite: www.joshstamper.comTwitter: @joshua__StamperFacebook Page: @AspirePodcast--- Send in a voice message:
Superintendent, James DiDonato, chats with us about preparing students for the future, connecting with your community, and being an educational geek.James talks about keeping our passion and excitement for learning, bringing students into the real world right now, and why you need to just keep at it with kids until you help them get there.More at Highlights2:48 - We talk about our weekends Did you know Jeff DJ's weddings and is ordained?Rae worked with a group of teachers going through our FREE Teach Better Book Study.Want to get involved? Connect with the AMAZINg Katie Norton (@MrsNortonKinder) or head over to our Facebook Page to catch our live book study sessions.9:45 - Previewing the episode with James DiDonato.13:37 - James introduces himself17:10 - James' failure: Failing to get a principal's position.20:35 - James' success: When he was a multiple disabilities teacher. Building the program up. Working with kids and getting them to succeed in reading.23:08 - What's got James excited about education right now: Bringing the school and the community together.26:49 - James' advice for new teachers: Keep learning. Keep growing.29:27 - 6 questions answered in 15 seconds or less.33:05 - How to connect with James.James's RecommendationsEdTech Tool:  Anything GoogleBook: "Learning from Lincoln: Leadership Practices for School Successz" by Harvey Alvy and Pam Robbins.Who to Follow on Twitter: @jamesedidonato, @mthollyschool@teacherfit19@ohhowhealthyYouTube/Podcast/Website/Blog: Go search for things.Daily/Weekly/Monthly Routine:  Prayer, Learning, Healthy habits.Best piece of advice you've ever received: You can't make people happy.Links to Connect With JamesTwitter: @jamesedidonato--- Send in a voice message:
Teacher, psychologist, and author, Michael Rousell, chats with us about how we can use surprise to change  the way our students think about education and themselves.Michael delves into the science of surprise, shares a story of how he became "the master of the pause," and talks about  hypnotizing his students.More at Highlights3:36 - Rae asks the most important question about the Teach Better Conference.Use code "PodcastTalk" to save $50 on your 2-day registration.5:35 - Jeff talks about how good-looking Adam Welcome is.6:57 - Talking about how the conference is structured and why Rae is so excited.10:21 - Previewing the episode with Mike Rousell12:34  - Mike introduces himself.13:56 - Mike's failure: Receiving a low teacher eval from students, and working too hard and not being himself.18:38 - Mike's success: Starting a class by doing the "Thriller" dance.20:17 - What keeps Mike excited about education: Reaching students like himself.24:10 - Mike delves into the element of surprise and how it works.34:18 - 6 question answered in 15  seconds or less.38:19 - How to connect with Mike.Mike's RecommendationsEdTech Tool: BlendspaceBook: "Educated" by Tara WestoverWho to Follow on Instagram: Daniel Pink (@DanielPink) and Amy Cuddy (@amyjcuddy)YouTube/Podcast/Website/Blog: Teach Better,  Science Versus, A Mighty GirlDaily/Weekly/Monthly Routine: Daily--Find the Funny in your Day. Weekly: exercise, eat well, enjoy life outside the classroom. Best piece of advice you've ever received: Look after the students who are hardest to reach. They need you the most. Links to Connect With MikeWebsite: michaelrousell.comTwitter: @rousellmFacebook Page: michael.a.rousellBook: "The Power of Surprise" (coming soon)--- Send in a voice message:
This is an audio version of the blog post, "Waiting to Have Those Conversations is Hurting Students" Written by Rae Hughart (@RaeHughart). Read by Jeff Gargas (@jeffgargas). Read the post at This PostThe importance of conversations about our students' futures.Helping our classrooms become avenues for discovering passion & practical uses for it!Using your content to help students find their futures.--- Send in a voice message:
Educator and explorer, Becky Schnekser, chats with us about teaching science the way it is meant to be taught, have phalange wars with her students, and being unapologetically you.Becky shares why you need to get connected, the fact that she has probably internet stalked you, and how we're going to change the world through the power of education.More at Highlights3:05 - Talking about keeping our  energy and positivity up during the tougher times of the school year, and the support  resources in place for you. Including our private facebook group.7:51 - Previewing the episode with Becky Schnekser12:27 - Becky introduces herself.14:54 - Becky's failure: Postcard exchange with students around the U.S. It flopped. Flipped it to an expedition experience  in her classroom.20:02 - Becky's success: Thumb war with student.28:44 - Becky's advice for teachers to be a part of the change:  You have to connect.32:32 - 6 questions answered in 15 seconds or less.39:00 - How to connect with Becky.Becky's RecommendationsEdTech Tool:  TwitterBook: "Teach Better" by the Teach Better TeamWho to Follow on Instagram:Elijah Carbajal @carbaeli (elementary education)John Mead @evo_explorer (science)Andres Ruzo @georuzo (explorer)YouTube/Podcast/Website/Blog:  ArtHub for KidsDaily/Weekly/Monthly Routine: Daily, weekly, or monthly positive communication home--choose the time frame that works for you and do it! Best piece of advice you've ever received: Be unapologetically youLinks to Connect With BeckyWebsite: www.expeditionschnekser.comTwitter: @schnekserFacebook Page: Becky.SchnekserInstagram: @schnekserYouTube: Send in a voice message:
Angela Maiers chats with us about changing the world, chasing big dreams, and understanding that you are enough.Angela shares how we can have an impact even if we aren't perfect, the power of daily affirmations, and why the same thing has kept her excited for 32 years.More at Highlights4:10 - Shoutout to our good friends at IDEA ( Come see Jeff and Rae at IDEA Con in  February, 2020!5:51 - Previewing the episode with Angela Maiers.8:46  - Angela introduces herself.11:20 - Angela's failure: Waiting for others to define the conversation.15:50 - Angela's success: Joining Seth Godin's "The Domino Team."21:00 - What's keeping Angela excited about education right now: It's been the same for 32 years.28:24 - Angela's advice for new teachers: You are enough.31:59 - 6 questions answered in 15 seconds or less.38:05 - How to connect with Angela.42:23 - Angela gives us all a FREE course!Angela's RecommendationsEdTech Tool: ZoomBook: "Linchpin" by Seth GodinWho to Follow on Twitter or Instagram: People outside your network--will talk about why! Anyone who inspires you can push your thinking can offer different perspectives. People who do that for me: @GaryVee Gary V@ariannahuff Arianna Huffington@ThisIsSethsBlog Seth GodinYouTube/Podcast/Website/Blog: Again--I suggest in addition to following people in your network--step outside. vlogBrothersJourney of PurposeBig InspiredSchool of LifeTedTalksDaily/Weekly/Monthly Routine: Daily affirmations. Every day teachers need to affirm that THEY MATTER--not just their kids but WE MATTER. Worthiness is a daily practice!Best piece of advice you've ever received: Stand for something.--- Send in a voice message:
Comments (2)

Tim Cavey

Such a great episode! Thanks, Jeff and Rae.

Jun 14th

Nick Sutton

These folks are all fantastic and I highly recommend this podcast! Their core values all align to best practices for instructional best practices for professional development, and they are also a group of inviting, wonderful individuals!

Sep 5th
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