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Chris Turner is a maniac. We talked about recording songs in one take, street racing, hip hop, and even told stories about climbing large structures near a lake in Germany.Support the show ( the show (
Make sure to SUBSCRIBE! Tyler Zarzeka is a session drummer based in Los Angeles, CA. He has played for artists such as Charlie Puth, Noah Cyrus, Kiiara, Why Don't We, and more. Tyler has also worked as a backline tech for artists like The Chainsmokers, Demi Lovato, Usher, Jay-Z, and Anderson Paak. Support the show ( the show (
Make sure to SUBSCRIBE! Spencer Peterson is the Musical Director and Drummer for Gryffin. We chatted about growing up in Atlanta, fatherhood, studying under Chris Coleman, drum teching for Aaron Spears, and the many unique and incredible gigs he's taken on over the years. I really enjoyed this episode and I hope you do, too!Support the show (
Make sure to SUBSCRIBE!Justin Aufdemkampe plays guitar for Miss May I. What a legend! We toured together back in 2017 and instantly became friends. On this episode we chatted about Justin's love of History (yeah, the subject that you probably failed), the roots of Miss May I, why you should save money early in your career, and more. Support the show (
Make sure to SUBSCRIBE!Kelly Mason is a seasoned touring photographer/content creator. We've been friends for years so it was extra special to catch up! Had a great time talking about her viral brackets (you want to hear about this), the Zumiez Couch Tour, surviving on the road, and more. Support the show (
Make sure to SUBSCRIBE!Daniel Furnari plays drums in the Australian metalcore band Polaris. We chatted about how we met, drumstick sizes, their most recent sold out tour, on-stage technical difficulties, and more. Enjoy!Support the show (
Make sure to SUBSCRIBE!Tosh Peterson is a 19-year-old drumming phenom who has already experienced a lifetime of touring. We chatted about dropping out of high school to tour, where he sees himself in five years, and how the only thing he likes to do is play drums. Really though - that's ACTUALLY the only thing he likes to do. Enjoy!Support the show (
Make sure to SUBSCRIBE!Trey Celaya is the f****** man. He's also the drummer/songwriter for Invent Animate. We still haven't met in person, so of course we chatted about how much he likes Bieber's album 'Purpose'. We also chatted about drums, how he's only good at metalcore, and even pondered what sitting in a hot tub on the moon would feel like. Enjoy!Support the show (
Make sure to SUBSCRIBE!SUP FAM!? Episode 39 marks new branding, new music, and even a video podcast - find Bunk Alley on YouTube and watch that shizz. Pablo Viveros plays drums for Chelsea Grin. We chatted about his local band days, how he joined Chelsea Grin, switching vocalists, the dark times that influenced their most recent record, and more.Support the show (
Make sure to SUBSCRIBE!We're still quarantining, babayyyy. Chris Kamrada plays drums for Dashboard Confessional and has been in the game well over a decade. Like many, his most recent tour got cut short due to COVID-19. We chatted about how his career started, what it takes to be a "hired gun", YouTube covers, backtracks, the effects of positivity, and more.Support the show (
Make sure to SUBSCRIBE!Soooooooooooo we're all stuck inside!!! So I turned on my mic and started talking to myself. I covered some music industry shizz, talked about my experience in LA so far, shared some tour stories, and basically told my life story. Support the podcast: the show (
Make sure to SUBSCRIBE!Andrew Marshall is a hired gun who currently plays drums for Billie Eilish. We talked about his early days of drumming, how he got the gig, playback, meditation, and more. If you're a drummer and/or aspiring hired gun of any type, this episode is for you! Support the podcast by visiting the show (
Make sure to SUBSCRIBE!Joel Quartuccio is the frontman of Being As An Ocean and one of the best people I know. We talked about what it would be like to have too much money, the new album, upcoming tours, Sleep Token, diet, Travis Scott, and more. Support the podcast by visiting the show (
Make sure to SUBSCRIBE!Josh Miller (aka Baby J) is the drummer of Emmure. What a handsome young lad! We talked about Emmure's band member overhaul in 2016, switching from Pearl to SJC, doing Warped Tour in a van, and much more. Support the podcast by visiting the show (
Make sure to SUBSCRIBE!Lucas Woodland is the vocalist of Holding Absence. We toured Europe together in the Summer of 2018 and I knew instantly that this guy was special. We chatted about how Holding Absence almost died, balancing tour & home life, using social media to connect with fans, and much more. Support the podcast by visiting Support the show (
32. JAR / Content Creator

32. JAR / Content Creator


JAR is a content creator who has worked for bands such as Beartooth, Issues, Of Mice & Men, Being As An Ocean, and more. We talked about JAR's passion for content creation, how he got connected with the bands he works for, advice for young photographers/videographers, and more. This episode is unique in the fact that I had never met JAR before, so our first conversation/in-person meeting was recorded! I hope you enjoy it. Support the podcast by visiting the show (
Tyler Ross is the lead guitarist and producer for Being As An Ocean. We talked about their new album, microdosing LSD, social media, and much more in what became the longest Bunk Alley episode to date. Tyler and I have had countless deep conversations over five different tours but this was our best one yet. Support the podcast by visiting the show (
Sam Pura is a producer/audio engineer who owns The Panda Studios in Fremont, CA. He has worked with bands such as The Story So Far, State Champs, Hundredth, Basement, and more. I recently spent some time recording drums for Hundredth in his studio and had the opportunity to get to know him better, so I figured it was time for a podcast! We talked about his obsession with drum tones, how he can tell if he's created the art he envisioned, and why he'd rather be Kanye West than Jay-Z. Click here to help Christina beat cancer: Support the show (
Thomas Freckleton plays bass and sings in Silent Planet - yes, this episode completes the Silent Planet Quadology on Bunk Alley. We talked about the time he got hit by a car while riding his bike, the medical benefits of CBD, his new music shop, and more. Support the podcast by visiting the show (
Levi Benton is the frontman of Miss May I. In this week's episode we chatted about side hustles, the time Post Malone slid into his DMs, the infamous Italian trailer robbery, and more. This is the first podcast I've done in-person since moving to Los Angeles. Support the podcast by visiting the show (
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