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Dreams for Sale: Twilight Zone '85

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Dreams for Sale focuses on the revival of Rod Serling's The Twilight Zone in the mid-'80s. This anthology show brought together a host of diverse talent including Harlan Ellison, Wes Craven, William Friedkin, Rockne S. O'Bannon, and more. Episodes are hosted by Chris Stachiw (Kulture Shocked), Mike White (The Projection Booth), and Father Malone.

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29 Episodes
We continue looking at the seconds season of the mid-'80s Twilight Zone reboot with The Storyteller and Nightsong -- two rather maudlin tales. The first delves into the power of stories while the second tells the tale of a DJ who hasn't let go of her former flame.
We continue discussing the second season of The Twilight Zone 1985 with a discussion of "What Are Friends For?" - the first episode credited to J. Michael Straczynski - and Aqua Vita, a tale that really just misses the mark.
Dreams for Sale: The Twilight Zone 1985 podcast is back and delving into the second season of the show which started off okay enough with The Once and Future King in which an Elvis impersonator goes back in time and meets The King himself (teleplay by George R. R. Martin). We also discuss A Saucer of Loneliness in which Shelley Duvall receives a message from outer space (based on a short story by Theodore Sturgeon).
On this episode, Chris, Father Malone, and Mike discuss a pair of segments that wrap up the first season of the show. A Day in Beaumont -- a rather puzzling alien invasion tale -- and The Last Defender of Camelot which updates the story by way of George R. R. Martin.
Father Malone, Chris Stachiw, and Mike White discuss the 23rd episode of The Twilight Zone (1985) which consisted of "Shadow Play" (a remake of a classic episode) and "Grace Note" (a rather aimless tearjerker).
On this episode we look at "Take My Wife... Please" with Tim Thomerson (and an all-too-brief appearance by Xander Berkeley) which informed the Twilight Zone 2019 episode "The Comedian". We discuss "The Devil's Alphabet" which left us all wanting. And, we check out "The Library" which seems to presage "Death Note."
On this episode we talk about Need to Know and Red Snow. The first stars William Petersen as a man trying to avoid a message that is driving everyone mad. The second has George Dzundza fighting rumors of lycanthropy in a Siberian village.
Father Malone, Chris Stachiw, and Mike White discuss the 19th episode of the Twilight Zone reboot which featured a alternate history version of JFK's assassination along with an adaptation of the classic Matheson story, Button, Button.
Begosh and Begorrah! It's time to truck in some more Irish stereotypes with a segment called "The Leprechaun-Artist" where a vacationing Irish pixie gets mistaken for a Djinn or monkey's paw. There's also a segment in which Steve Railsback drives lost souls to Hell.
With Harlan Ellison adapting a Stephen King story, you'd think that this episode would have been stellar. Maybe not. Chris, Father Malone, and Mike break down the 18th episode of The Twilight Zone's 80s reboot.
It's a star-studded episode of Twilight Zone 85 with a two-parter, Welcome to Winfield where a couple hide from an agent of Death (Gerrit Graham) in a town that Death forgot. We also discuss the aptly-named Quarantine where a weapon designer (Scott Wilson) wakes from his cryogenic sleep and is given a task to do.
Chris Stachiw, Father Malone, and Mike White take a look at a rather uneven episode of The Twilight Zone '85. Things start off with a segment based on a Ray Bradbury story before turning to the memorable "To See the Invisible Man" and then the un-funny "Tooth and Consequences".
Chris, Mike, and Father Malone are back to talk about the mid-'80s Twilight Zone 15th episode which included Monsters!, A Small Talent for War, and A Matter of Minutes -- a very uneven entry in the first season.
Father Malone, Chris Stachiw, and Mike White discuss Peter Medak's Still Life (Gerrit Graham & Chris Hubbell), Allan Arkush's The Misfortune Cookie (Rockne S. O'Bannon) and the execrable The Little People of Killany Woods (written and directed by J. D. Feigelson) from The Twilight Zone episode which originally aired on January 3, 1986.
On this episode of Dreams for Sale: The Twilight Zone 1985 podcast Chris Stachiw, Father Malone, and Mike White discuss segments about a drunken Santa played by Richard Mulligan, an unappreciated secretary, and some religious claptrap as their journey through the mid-'80s Twilight Zone continues.
Father Malone makes his triumphant return with a discussion of the 12th episode of the Twilight Zone (1985) which features "Her Pilgrim Soul", a maudlin story by Alan Brennert (directed by Wes Craven) about a woman who grows up virtually as well as the short and sweet "I of Newton" which was based on a story by Joe Haldeman and stars Ron Glass and Sherman Hemsley.
While Father Malone is away on business, Mike and Chris discuss the 11th episode of Twilight Zone 1985 which includes The Beacon -- in which Charles Martin Smith comes to a creepy town run by Martin Landau -- and One Life, Furnished in Early Poverty -- another adaptation of a Harlan Ellison story about a cranky writer who talks to his younger self.
Show runner Rocke O'Bannon joins Dreams for Sale to discuss his experience working on The Twilight Zone while Mike, Father Malone, and Chris discuss one of the strongest segments of the show, The Shadow Man from O'Bannon and directed by Joe Dante. They also discuss The Uncle Devil Show and Opening Day which was helmed by John Milius from a script by Gerrit Graham & Chris Hubbell.
Chris Stachiw, Father Malone, and Mike White discuss the 9th episode of The Twilight Zone mid-'80s reboot which features a re-do of a Charles Beaumont-scripted episode, this time with Helen Mirren as a mousy woman who gets possessed by a pair of fancy shoes and goes after the former owner's husband (Jeffrey Tambor). This episode also features Wong's Lost and Found Emporium which features Brian Tochi as a man who's looking to regain his sense of compassion.
On this episode of Dreams for Sale: The Twilight Zone 85 podcast, Chris, Father Malone, and Mike discuss a really solid episode which features a story by Ray Bradbury and a solid cast featuring Morgan Freeman.
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