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✨ 🧘‍♀️ Blissful all-level, full-length Practice & Conversations ✨Pure Flow Yoga classes, recorded live in our Jungle Paradise shala in Thailand. ✨ Join us for Yoga Retreats Year-round & our 200 hour YTT Early bird on now | More info @ www.PureFlow.Yoga 🌴 Support this podcast:
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“We’re so busy on this treadmill of seeking some mysterious idea of enlightenment, perfection or happiness that we forget to embrace what we already have – even if it might appear to be imperfect.” – Bex Tyrer---Show Notes @ us know what you think, and please remember to take 1 minutes to leave us a 5-Star review on Itunes - This really helps! Thank you!Podcast Made with 💖Please consider supporting us with a small monthly contribution. This helps us to keep creating awesome FREE resources for You. Thanks so much 🙏.for supporting us to create.  It truly means the world! XOXO---In this podcast, Bex shares:- Her journey of seeing the world and embracing life in a different way – after burning 30% of her body in an accident- How she changed her priorities and values– she went from being “busy” and “successful” to investing in what’s important: spending time with friends, being in nature and allowing her body to rest – embracing the simple things in life- Unpacking what has gonet wrong with commercial Yoga – with so many women showing up to practice and being deeply unhappy on the inside, not allowing the full freedom and health available through the practice of Yoga- Her personal journey with addiction – how she went through 10 years of eating disorders and overcame it- Dealing with body image and trauma –advice from her own experiences- Stories and experiences from her travels sharing Yoga and how an embodied practice can help step back into power- What Yoga Activism means to her – taking Yoga into areas where it is not currently accessible and in need of a physical practice- Her self-practice – moving from a 2-hour Yoga practice to one more suited for her---About Bex Tyrer:Scotland born and raised, and Oxford educated with a graduate degree, MPhil in Development Studies, Bex Tyrer has been Asia-based for the past thirteen years, sharing her passion for Yoga and Yoga activism for the past 12, mostly here in Bali at the Yoga Barn. Here she shares her experience with hundreds of teacher trainees and thousands of students and practitioners all over the world.While she teaches a wide range of styles including vinyasa, yin, restorative, power, hatha and AcroYoga, at the core of it all, her true gift is to simply share her personal and intimate relationship with Yoga, while helping to remind people that Yoga cannot be simplified into a set of postural cues or alignments. Yoga is enormous, ancient, wide and diverse. Bex shares what her dedicated study has revealed to her.Bex has had the privilege of being guided by some great teachers including Angela Farmer, Uma Dinsmore-Tuli, Denise Payne and Mark Whitwell. Her extensive travels in Tibet, Nepal and India showed her that much of what is sold and advertised has very little in common with the wealth of Yoga waiting for us to individually activate.Her education, life journey and love for Yoga took Bex into the field of Yoga Activism, to establish Freedom Through Movement projects in Kolkata, Kathmandu and Palestine. Her love for wisdom and a fascination with the human experience breathes life into Yoga philosophy, history and practice.Learn more about hear offerings @ Support this podcast:
Show Notes: this Episode, Daniela shares:Her Yoga Journey: Her mom as her first big inspiration, how Yoga found her, and her passion for sharing her unique Teacher TrainingsWhat is Mandala Yoga and how she uses this practice to dance with life and connect with the rhythm of FlowWords of wisdom for the single parent – How becoming a Single Mom, challenged not only her morning practice, but also helped her transform the traditional concept of what it means to have family, to recognise that family and support is all aroundObstacles as tool for Self-growth - Self with a capital “S” - The harder the teaching, the thicker the blessing.Acro-Yoga as a way to experience and understand how the body moves, by feeling meridians and anatomical planesBhakti Yoga – and what it means to be in devotionDharma Yoga & the 20 Value of Values – Why it’s important to follow your life’s purposeSacred space, and the power of having an altar, and working with nature and the 5 elements to help connect with and transmute emotionsNon-Dualism and her passion for studying Vedanta - the sacred teachings of Yoga from the Upanishads, Bhagavad Gita, Mahabharata – and the importance of having a experienced guide to unfold the teachingsSome of her beautiful life philosophies and nuggets of wisdom: ***The more you honour life and have complete validation and trust in what life brings, and take it as prasada, which is the blessed food after the puja, ritual of gratitude, even if its bitter, or sweet or sour, everything is a gift, and is in perfect order.***Life is happening for you, not to you – it’s your friend.***As much as we resist life, life will resist us. As soon as we embrace and trust, life blossoms in front of you***If you follow your dharma the dharma will always protect you***Pain is part of he process, that’s why we’re here: “When the pain comes, the rain comes, and eventually a thousand flowers will blossom”. **From the what to the so what? Vedanta – how fast can you go through the threshold of the ego, of what you expected life to be, from the what to the so what?-------About Daniela Mandala:Daniela Mandala is the spirited founder of SOHA - the global School of Healing Arts Yoga Teacher Training, and Co-Founder and Spiritual Director of Sutra Yoga Studio, Monterrey, Mexico, where she’s from. She’s also the proud mother of a beautiful 2 -year old boy.Daniela has been immersed in bodywork and spiritual practice for more than 16 years, and along her travels has become certified in Osteopathy & Bioenergetics, Medical Magnet Therapy, Chinese Medicine, Mandala Vinyasa Yoga, Prana Flow, Krama Yoga, Tantra Yoga, Acroyoga, and Thai Massage. Daniela is known for her highly positive attitude, a devoted practice and a sense of service, all of which are present throughout her teachings. Her work as a Yoga and Holistic practitioner inspires very clear technique and a deep understanding. She emphasizes acquiring awareness and sensitivity on how to listen, feel, and support each individual back to the Self.Currently Daniella is one of the main teachers at Bali ‘s famous Yoga barn, where she shares all her trainings, Daniela also shares class online classes, in Spanish and English on, and is currently working on her first book.--- Support this podcast:
Show notes @ Made with 💖.  Please Support us:- Monthly Contribution: Subscribe in Apple Podcasts or your favourite podcast player or device. - Please leave us a  5-Star review on Itunes.---In this Episode, Simone shares about:Defining the Yogi’s JourneyWhy she’s letting go of teaching 200 hour trainings after 10 years and over 500+ graduatesThe changing landscape of the Yoga World, and the irony of Yoga and social mediaYoga Nidra– Yogic sleep as an effective and useful way to integrate healing –especially for trauma work, addictions, anxiety, depression, and stress in generalSymbol of Aum as it relates to the brain states that we experience in Yoga Nidra, Medicine work and daily life – alpha, beta, theta, delta, gama.Vision quests, Rights of Passage & the value of exploring different cultural and experiential lenses and perspectivesBridging Yoga and Plant Medicine WorldCeremony & Dieting with Plant Medicines like Ayahuasca, Wachuma – San Pedro – What are they? Why are they being used? Who are they of benefit to? What does it mean to feel “called?How the plant intelligences work: Hint: They give you what you need, not what you want…Re-defining self-practice and it’s important role in integrating transformation--- Support this podcast:
Visit for show notes---Born in Ireland, Cathy Pearson, founder of Yoga Deep and the Celtic Woodland YogaFestival, is an award-winning feature documentary filmmaker, Yoga teacher and Spiritual Educator. She’s also a mother and proponent of natural birth, who has been involved with yoga for over 20 years.  In that time she has been living between Ireland, Thailand, India & Bali offering group and one to one sessions and deepening her understanding of the incredible depths of yoga. studying and practicing a variety of styles and disciplines, from Iyenger and Hatha, to Ashtanga and meditation .In this Episode, Cathy shares about:Moving from depression in her teens in Ireland to meditation, using meditation instead of medicationHer fascinating journey as an an award-winning documentary filmmakerTransforming Cellular Memory, and the language and anatomy of sacred energy and purificationEmbracing and Transforming challenging energy through Universal ConnectionUplifting and Giving back to the Yoga scene in Ireland through her creation of the 1st ever International Yoga & Spirit FestivalA trillion trees project and the importance of doing our bit to support worthwhile endeavoruss to help with climate crisisThe Power and Bliss of Natural Birth--- Support this podcast:
Welcome! Join us for this dynamic Yoga practice to help cultivate the art of allowing, receiving and letting go.--- Support this podcast:
Visit for show notes---It’s a true honour and pleasure to welcome the wise, accomplished and fascinating Emily Kuser to the Pure Flow Yoga podcast. Emily is a true seeker at heart, and has journeyed from her humble American roots, to becoming a prominent international Yoga teacher based in Bali and offering her Self-Care, Woman's work and Taboo exploration workshops worldwide. Emily has a passionate curiosity for exploring the big questions of life (and death), and also how can she be best be in service to humanity a teacher. Emily is known for her skills and passion teaching Anusara Yoga, Embodied Flow, and now the more juicy and unexplored topics of sex, death & wealth, which we talk a bit about today.    In this Episode, Emily shares about: How she literally followed her dream to come to Bali and start a life here Yoga as a way to bring order to the chaos of life, the importance for both women and men to explore spirituality for the female psyche, to understand our cyclical nature What is Self-Care and why she's offering teacher trainings and workshops in this area Business as a great spiritual path and teacher, and the importance of refining our communications, agreements and contracts Tantra as a nature-based teaching and philosophy, and how to allow your self to perceive the world through body and senses  Why she' inspired by those working most closely with birth and death --- Support this podcast:
In this strong level 2 practice, we build our inner fire, and core strength, with some strong sequences, including arm balances, some side plank, and a few more yin in postures towards the end of the class to balance. We hope you enjoy!--- Support this podcast:
Welcome to our • Fire-flow - What in your life are you ready to transform? What thought, belief, pattern or habit is no longer serving you? In this level 2 practice, we build core power, and openness in the hips and hearts as we dedicate our practice to transformation. --- Support this podcast:
Today we focus on building clarity, balance, and strength in our body and mind. Starting with a balancing pranayama, and moving into a flow sequence that cultivates core strength, hip opening, and steadiness in our center as we balance.--- Support this podcast:
Visit for show notes---Introducing Malaika Darville - shamaness, ceremonialist,  Yogi, musician, community elder, 5-elements Ecstatic Dance facilitator, and DJ.In this episode, Malaika shares:the Rise of the Feminine and why we need to balance Shiva & ShaktiBeing in the body, Ecstatic Dance & Community‘s for Healing ourselves and our planetthe Beauty Way – Emergent Culture and the rise of festival and retreat culturethe Importance of Ceremony, Ancestors, & Tribe for initiating people and bringing people together to heal,Indigenous Wisdom – Ho’oponono – conscious relating to bring freedom from the trauma / drama cycleElemental Awakening and the benefits of planting seeds for exploring our shadow as well as our lightGoing with the Flow & why we need to have experiences timelessness for our inner evolution--- Support this podcast:
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