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Welcome to the #1 podcast for engaging, evidence-based, thought-provoking health, wellness & performance insights for health & wellness coaches and others looking to improve their lives. Catalyst is the evidence-based journey toward better! If you've been looking for a health & wellness podcast that avoids the fluff and the headline-chasing fads while providing practical, real-world guidance, you just found it. We bring together the world's foremost experts, from researchers to authors to athletes to executives to coaches, sharing their insights about how to make the most of your (or your clients') personal and professional life. If you're looking for an entertaining format to help optimize your own health, wellness and performance (and perhaps that of your clients) through such evidence-based practices, this is the place for you! The Catalyst Health, Wellness & Performance podcast is hosted by Dr. Bradford Cooper, who brings a uniquely expansive background to the table. He has a PhD in performance psychology along with Masters degrees in both physical therapy (MSPT) and business (MBA) and a Bachelors degree in biology. He is CEO of US Corporate Wellness, co-founder of the Catalyst Coaching Institute, an internationally recognized speaker, and elite masters endurance athlete (11 time Ironman, including 4 times at the Hawaii Ironman World Championship, winner of the 2-person 3,000 cycling Race Across America and 2:47 marathoner). Most importantly, he's husband to Suzanna (celebrating 28 years of marriage) and Dad to three amazing kids, now ages 25, 23 and 21.
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Are you curious about how nutrition affects your surgery recovery and or injury response?  Would you like details on what nutritional choices would improve your results to surgery or recovery from injury? In this episode, Dr. Abbie Smith-Ryan digs into the details of what you need to know and how you can apply it in your own life or that of family, friends or (for health care providers) patients.You can access the published study with all the details referenced in the discussion here:
Ever thought it would be intriguing to listen in on a real, live coaching session provided by a nationally board certified (NBC-HWC) health & wellness coach? This is your chance! If you're a coach, the benefit is obvious, providing a way to tap into some new tools and resources for your own coaching (including a live "debrief" after the session). However, even if you've never considered a career in coaching, you'll find this intriguing and a conversation that may open up some new windows of opportunity in your own life!This is the first of our "Hidden Gem" episodes, an episode that sits outside of our All Time Top 10 List, but has resulted in feedback that makes it clear we needed to bring it back :-)  Enjoy!
Are the generic lockdowns the best solution to Covid-19? What is Harvard Biostatistician and Epidemiologist Dr. Martin Kulldorff saying about how our health & wellness is being negatively influenced in the bigger picture by the lockdown? Are we missing the veritable forest for the trees in the larger public health picture? In this episode, Harvard's Dr. Martin Kulldorff, co-author of the Great Barrington Declaration, joins us to discuss why lockdowns are not necessary the best step in their current form and what this has to do with our health, wellness & performance. This is not intended to provide medical advice or make specific recommendations. Rather, it is an interview with one of the world's foremost experts on the topic, potentially providing our viewers and listeners with some additional insights to consider during this difficult time of the Covid-19 Pandemic.If you'd like to view the unedited video version of this podcast episode, it is available here:
Living an authentic life... finding our purpose - that is the mission of Gregg Levoy, well-known author of Vital Signs: The Nature and Nurture of Passion  and Callings: Finding and Following An Authentic Life. He is a former "behavioral specialist" at USA Today and a regular blogger for Psychology Today.
Is it better to pursue short-term pleasure or long-term goals? Are hedonic goals a bad thing or a valuable resource? How do these relate to stress, willpower, goal-setting strategies and more? Dr. Katharina Bernecker, a former PhD student of Dr. Carol Dweck and now working in Zurich, shares her engaging and powerful insights in this unedited interview originally produced for the Catalyst Health, Wellness & Performance Coaching Podcast ( for the edited version, which is also available via any podcast outlet). Her research was the same used by outstanding Wall Street Journal columnist Jason Gay in his September 2020 column on whether we should be pursuing long-term goals or giving into our short-term desires. Her insights were so powerful we decided to share an unedited video version of the interview in advance to our YouTube subscribers. And yes, she was also kind enough to share insights into the real Dr. Carol Dweck (Growth Mindset). This was a wonderful, insightful, thought-provoking discussion with one of the experts in the field. We trust you'll enjoy it. The unedited early release video version of the interview is available at the YouTube Coaching Channel here: noted toward the end, the best way to follow Dr. Bernecker is via twitter @KathaBerneckerFor more details about health and wellness coaching, please see or contact us anytime
Are you feeling overwhelmed? Overworked? This interview with best-selling author of Essentialism Greg McKeown will help you turn the corner in the right direction! His book Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less is one of our favorite books in the past decade and when you hear this interview, you'll understand why!If you'd like to watch the unedited video version of this interview, please see For more information about healthy & wellness coaching, please see or contact us at
The connection between our nutrition and both mental health and long-term brain health (e.g., Alzheimer's) is a growing area of interest worldwide. Does what we eat influence more than just our body's physiology? Could it also influence our psyche? The evidence is growing and we are pleased to welcome one of the foremost experts on the subject to this week's episode. Professor Felice Jacka out of Australia is one of the world’s leading experts in the area of Nutritional Psychiatry. She has pioneered research examining how our diet and gut health influence our mental and brain health. Her recent book is titled Brain Changer and it might very well be the game changer you’ve been looking for. For more information or questions about health coaching or wellness coaching, please don't hesitate to reach out to us or visit can also access a full library of health, wellness & performance (and coaching!) resources over at the YouTube Coaching Channel at
Are you tired? Running on empty? In this 5 minute bonus Catalyst episode, Dr. Cooper shares 3 key strategies to simplifying a few key areas of life via specific, practical strategies we can all apply - starting today.The YouTube Coaching Channel can be accessed here: you're looking for some of the brief videos mentioned, here is a playlist from the channel that might provide a good starting point - 
Sports medicine clinics are now commonplace, but that wasn't always the case! One of the pioneers in the field of sports medicine and bike-fitting legend Dr. Andy Pruitt joins us on this episode to share his thoughts about health, wellness, life and so much more!For more information about health and wellness coaching or to access our full library of 135 podcasts (including easy access to your favorite topics), please see you enjoy brief videos, you may also enjoy our focus on health, wellness, performance and coaching over at "Favs" video playlist can be accessed directly here - free to reach out to us anytime with any coaching or career related questions.
She was a high-level corporate executive for decades. Then one day she started thinking "what if?" and it was the beginning of a journey for Kathy Robinson that would eventually lead to starting her own health and wellness coaching business!For the current and future health and wellness coaches, this episode is an obvious. But for anyone who has ever wondered, dreamed, considered a change in their life... the value of this special episode will pay notable dividends and help you consider the road not (yet) taken!Here is the link to the brief video mentioned:
Self-talk is a powerful and proven strategy for enhancing our results across a multitude of settings. But do we take advantage of this opportunity? In this week's 5 min Catalyst, Dr. Cooper shares some of his fascinating published research on the topic and what it might mean - can mean - for your life.If you'd like to take a look at the (freely available) extensive library of resources Dr. Cooper mentioned, you can access it (and subscribe if beneficial) at or  Thank you - very much appreciated!You can access the full study mentioned in the podcast here:
CBD (or cannabidiol) is garnering plenty of attention recently. But does it actually work? Is it harmful? Is it something anyone should consider or only a small subset of the population? What is the role of CBD in health care, endurance events and everyday life? We were fortunate to have Harvard physician (and certified health and wellness coach) Peter Grinspoon join us on this episode to answer those questions and much more.If you enjoy videos and are looking for additional tools and resources to enhance your health, wellness and performance - or are a coach looking to grow your coaching business or access resources for your clients, you might enjoy the YouTube Coaching Channel ( Here is a direct line to the Fab Five playlist (5 recent videos across a range of subjects) -
Tricks can be fun, but training is what moves the dial! In this week's 5 min weekly Catalyst, Dr. Cooper talks about teaching tricks to puppies and what that means for our lives!
What is it like to be a fly on the wall when a real, live, unscripted health & wellness coaching session (with a nationally board certified health & wellness coach) is taking place? This is your chance to find out! And if you stay tuned immediately after the coaching session concludes, you'll get a chance to hear the coach AND the client debrief about what they noticed, felt and experienced during the session!Every so often, we bring back one of our most popular episodes from the past as a "Best Of" episode. You have shown this was one of those and we're pleased to bring it back for this week!If you'd like additional tools and resources for coaching or life, you may enjoy the YouTube Coaching Channel ( Channel or
What are you about to put in your hands? The answer might just change the direction of your life in the coming minutes, hours or more. In this week's 5 min Catalyst, Dr. Cooper discusses the way in which the hands guide the heart and what that means for us in our (or our health & wellness coaching clients') journey toward #BetterThanYesterday!You may also enjoy the YouTube Coaching Channel at for a growing library of tools and resources! (full link -
Ryan Hall is one of the most admired runners in US history and has lived a fascinating life! He has run the fastest half marathon and marathon times of all time by an American, is married to another incredible athlete (Sara Hall) and adopted 4 incredible kids from Ethiopia. To top it off, Ryan is now known for turning his focus from running to strength training, and his immense change in physique has garnered the attention from magazines such as Men's Health.Many of you have been waiting for this one!!On a related note, we recently published a video exploring the practical aspects of mental toughness (and how to improve yours or that of your clients). If interested, you can access it here: For more information about health and wellness coaching, please see:
Wondering is a lost art in the midst of opinionated Tweets, political lines in the sand and the need to be right on seemingly every front. But the fact is - none of us get it right all the time, and the opportunity to do a little more wondering might just make a positive difference in both our own lives and the world as a whole.In this week's 5 min weekly Catalyst, Dr. Cooper takes a moment to wonder... about wondering, and the value it could play in all of our lives.
You know Bruce Feiler. He is the author of 6 consecutive best-selling books and the inspiration behind the NBC Drama "A Council of Dads.' And now - you get to hear from him directly, as we discuss the insights and life applications to his latest best-selling book "Life is in the Transitions: Mastering Change at Any Age.Is there really any such thing as a mid-life crisis? How can we change our story? What's the deal behind the classic intro "Once upon a time" and why does it matter? What is a LIFEQUAKE and what does it have to do with you? This fascinating discussion is one you won't soon forget, whether you're currently in the midst of a life transition or will face one just around the corner!For more information about health, wellness, performance or health & wellness coaching specifically, please see and feel free to contact us directly with questions
What patterns do you notice about your affect, energy and approach to life throughout your day? What if you could modify those to move you more toward the person you'd like to become. In this week's 5 minute bonus Catalyst episode, we explore that very topic and provide you the stepping stones to success!
The conflict between our work and our personal lives has never been higher. We are so fortunate today to have a pair of distinguished guests join us on the show, Dr. Yael Schonbrun and Dr. Elizabeth Corey. They are the authors of the upcoming book Inside Out, a unique new way to approach this work life struggle, which can lead to feelings of being overwhelmed for all of us. And for working parents, can lead to identity crisis, guilt and more. Our discussion today will take you down an unexpected path of discovering not only practical strategies for addressing these feelings, but also an opportunity to optimize both sides of the work life equation. For more information about health & wellness coaching, coaching certification or employee health & wellness, please see additional resources for current and future health and wellness coaches, please see (
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Truly authentic and inspiring. A bit of a relief.

Feb 10th
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