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We are women who are reinventing ourselves. We're doing the work of multiple generations. We're the women moving our families, friends, companies and communities forward. We're tackling our stories and asking hard questions about what we believe. This isn't just another show on the top 5 ways to achieve your goals or tips solely from the super successful. No! Each conversation invites you Into the lives of badass, everyday people who are in tenacious pursuit of their best life.Whether you’ve been looking to unlock your power or craving the training for how to do it — these mothers, daughters, sisters — and the occasional dude — are the mentors you’ve been looking for.
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"Quitters never win, and winners never quit!" "JUST DO IT" "You're not lovable until you're successful" Any of those statements resonate with you? Do you struggle to deliver less than exceptional in all areas of life? Do you let your own desires slip away while chasing everyone else's goals?Don't get us wrong -- we're high achievers too. But there's also a major reminder we all need:TO SLOW DOWN.If you're constantly wondering why everyone else is so lazy, this episode is for you.Join Amy & Leah discussing their perspectives on slowing down and how that's allowed them to thrive in all areas of life. Get in touch with Amy!https://vennwiseliving.comamy@vennwiseliving.comAmy Venn Shepard is a coach and creative who helps mentor people to design and achieve a life rich in love, laughter, adventure and success. Amy developed the Vennwise Living system of visual frameworks and essential practices which empowers people to gain clarity and traction towards their hopes and dreams.Support the show
Annie and Leah talking all about hindsight bias, making good decisions, being realistic in decision making, setting goals, and being nicer to ourselves.Learn more about AnnieBuy How to Decide on AmazonSupport the show
 email her at  Support the show
Want the entire PDF that will teach you everything you need to know about sales + marketing? Grab it here!I referred to a couple books and resources in this episode-- you'll get all of those links delivered to your inbox the day after you sign up to get the Skills of Sales + Marketing guide.Have questions or want to book a coaching call with Leah? Contact her at leah@shinestrong.coSupport the show
Want the entire PDF that will teach you everything you need to know about sales + marketing? Grab it here!I referred to a couple books and resources in this episode-- you'll get all of those links delivered to your inbox the day after you sign up to get the Skills of Sales + Marketing guide.Have questions or want to book a coaching call with Leah? Contact her at leah@shinestrong.coSupport the show
Want the entire PDF that will teach you everything you need to know about sales + marketing? Grab it here!I referred to a couple books and resources in this episode-- you'll get all of those links delivered to your inbox the day after you sign up to get the Skills of Sales + Marketing guide.Have questions or want to book a coaching call with Leah? Contact her at leah@shinestrong.coSupport the show
Want the entire PDF that will teach you everything you need to know about sales + marketing? Grab it here! I referred to a couple books and resources in this episode-- you'll get all of those links delivered to your inbox the day after you sign up to get the Skills of Sales + Marketing guide.Have questions or want to book a coaching call with Leah? Contact her at leah@shinestrong.coSupport the show
Want the entire PDF that will teach you everything you need to know about sales + marketing? Grab it here! I referred to a couple books and resources in this episode-- you'll get all of those links delivered to your inbox the day after you sign up to get the Skills of Sales + Marketing guide.Have questions or want to book a coaching call with Leah? Contact her at leah@shinestrong.coSupport the show
✨Connect with  your host, Leah LeRae! She absolutely loves jumping on a call to learn more about you and how she can help and serve you. Grab some time on her calendar! ✨Please, please, pretty please -- leave a review for Shine Strong on iTunes. It really means the world to us! 🤗🤗🤗How to connect with Hayley:www.nivellelaw.comPhone: 914-240-3456Email: hayley@nivellelaw.comWhat we talked about:How do you know when you want to pivot or just muscling through it?We can learn so much from each other, and when we take the time to listen, you start to feel more part of the community.“The second I raised 400k, I would have had to raise another round of it…That’s not why I did it…”“I don’t want to do this anymore…”“Had I not gone through that experience of being a founder, I never would have started my practice and not started them focused on starting growing businesses.” “As women, we want to be the best…it is very hard to know ‘did you want to pull the plug because you were scared or because it was not aligned with who you want to be?’”How did you know which way to go?This was not compatible with the life I had envisioned for the next five years.Listen to your gut. Don’t do something because you’re worried about what it’s going to look like to others.Saying no is as much of a decision as saying yes.All these different things about how much money you should be making…you think, okay I have to get to that point…I felt like I was in this purgatory of life…my sense of worth was tied up in my achievement…forced me to look deeper and question my motives and how much my self worth depended on what other people thought of me.I wasn’t miserable, it was interesting and fun, I would go workout…at the same time, I had days where I thought I was the worst mom, I’m bored out of my mind…We can get so in our heads about the silliest things…our subconscious tells us this is important.More people need to know that it’s okay to step back.What if you listeners started a business and it just wasn’t what you thought it would be?We talk about entrepreneurs as if they are gods…but it’s not for everybody and that’s great!Maybe, you have a business now and it’s just not working…that doesn’t mean that you’re not an entrepreneur.Giving ourselves permission to quit is important. There may be listeners who have a business that makes money that they wanna quit, but they’re providing for their family..adds layer of complexity that I didn’t have to think about. If that’s you, I think you can find a way to work it out.”“They were bringing me more anxiety than they were anything else ““For any of you listeners, sometimes you have to let something go, before you can open yourself up for something better.”If you are under a cloud of anxiety and you can point it to that person or job, you have to find a way to either change that…or make a change yourself…pull the plug.It’s never okay to keep going with something when it’s just making you miserable.Support the show
Todays episode is brought to you by Go Squared Away. Get 25% off your first month with your amazing Virtual Assistant by telling the owner, Michelle, I sent you. Reach out to her here. To connect with Erin, learn about products, ask questions: WebsiteEmail: erin@erinsfaces.comInstagram: @erinsfaces Facebook group: Erin's Faces Green beauty Gathering What we talked about on the show:Erin:-Got a job at urban decay counter at Bloomingdales -It was not a focus of mine to switch ingredients out for cleaner ones when I started Erin's Faces-“Beauty, yes, Intention, yes, and Natural came along with that"-“I like making people feel good." -Family member diagnosed with Melanoma       -Was reading about chemical spfs- learned that it can be linked to skin cancer and she was using spfs in her products—so, she decided not to sell chemical spas anymore                   -Physical spf is good        -Only 2 physical spf is good, everything else is chemical        -Physical is white and hard to blend in-“Think dirty.” App-It’s an app that will ruin your life and make your life better.” Tells you how clean or dirty your personal care products are-“Even if something is clean, we’re trying to clean it up even more.”-“I knew things that I didn’t want to know and now that I knew them, I didn’t want to go back.”-Leah: “Tell about your trip to Texas”      Erin: -sweat equity—went to Dallas and then Houston        -my goal was to get a new computer and buy a plane ticket        -have to sell 2,000$ to make half that        QUOTE: -“I get to share this, and I wanna help people and that’s my motive and I just want to love people and help them…[the product] looks crappy, but what was inside of it was pretty good.”        -Thinking, “I’ve spent this much money, my computer is shutting down”-how am I going to do this?        -only sold 150$ at Allison’s house the first night—“I’m gonna die.” “It takes so much energy”      QUOTE: -Thinks to herself, “Why did you say you were coming here? It was to share and to love and to be a light to people.”-QUOTE: Wanting a purpose and to be more useful and of service in the world vs. making pretty models look more pretty-QUOTE:“You’re just gonna love people and share.”    —Courtney’s house: 20 people-1800$ sold—“I just cried in bed. I was overwhelmed…God’s goodness” “I felt very provided for and in alignment with what I was supposed to be doing.” QUOTE-Ended up selling 9,000$ in Texas when wanted to sell 2,000$-all money went right into the company-“I was crying in bed every night”-out of gratitude QUOTE-“You do have to make money, but it still can’t for me…be about making money…It has to be about sharing and loving people.” QUOTE-This is why the Mission statement is: “to empower and educate women…and occasionally a dude.”-I could’ve made a lot of money being a makeup artist-paid so much without much timeQUOTE - “Money doesn’t drive me like that…but purpose does.”                   Leah: “More than that, you wanted to teach women, to serve them, to help them.”Leah: That story was a perfect example of changing your attitude Erin: “I just wanna help people, That’s the motive.”Leah: “Fear of I’m not doing this right”-Takes a shift to know why ySupport the show
Sign up for the course! Go Squared Away— a tribe of VA’s who are military spouses who can get you squared away with everything from brain dumping to marketing, bookkeeping to administrative tasks. Tell Michelle Leah sent you for 25% off your first month. How to get in touch with Amy:Check out her website hereConnect on IGExpats + Entrepreneurs: How one proped`23wq21ls the other to successWho is Amy — where did her entrepreneur path begin? How being an expat is similar to being an entrepreneur. “Anything new is hard. You just have to figure it out.”It’s okay to not know it all. “The real work began when I had to stop traveling and come back to the states.”How to know what to focus on when launching your business. Often times people are trying to figure out the how before they even know the what when they launch a business. Support the show
Today’s episode is brought to you by Go Squared Away. Want your very own personal assistant? Go Squared Away is a team of Military spouses who keep you (and your biz) covered on everything from bookkeeping to brain dumping, and staying organized to marketing. Don't forget to mention I sent you! Are you trying to grow your business, but feel stuck when it comes to growing in a way that doesn't feel gross? Then download the FREE Mindful Sales Guide. Lisa Bradley is one of the 20 featured, rockstar entrepreneurs who provided answers to your questions on sales strategy in a perfectly aligned way to who you are.Today’s Episode:R.Riveter Website linkR.Riveter InstagramR.Riveter on FacebookWhat we talked about:What is R.Riveter bags and how are they WAY different than any other bag?What is life like for a military spouse? What unique challenges do they face all.the.time? How does R.Riveter help support military spouses?The mental struggle for military spouses is very real. Most people have no idea what it’s like. You’re marrying into a lifestyle — and you’re part of what makes that work.“I was slowly losing my personal identity…I was a completely new person every time we moved”How did R.Riveter get started? “We had no idea what we were starting when we got going.”“We spent half of our budget on insulation for the attic we worked out of in the early stage. Bought a sewing machine, and grinded.”What did you tell yourself to get through those early stages? “There was no other option. We didn’t give ourself or our thought process any other option.”Put one foot in front of the other and make it work."When there isn’t another option — that’s sometimes the birthplace of AMAZING things. You’re not in the mindset of other options."What advice do you have for women who are launching a business in alignment with who you are?“You need to know where you’re going — but people get tripped up on all the steps to get there. You don’t need anything but Google in the beginning.”Take stories from other successful people and apply it to what you’re going through and think through how you can make that advice work for what you need to do. SHARK TANK. Tell me about your experience!“Terrifying and top of the mountain excitement at the same time.”How did you manage so much PR? “People want to tell a good story.” “Coming from the military, we have a perspective that most people don’t have the opportunity to have. It’s a very humbling experience and you put things into perspective in a way that civilians don't.”“I was consistently wishing my life away…and finally I just had to let that go and live in the moment. You only have one life to live.”How can you take responsibility for your life even when your life is harder than you’d like it to be? “Find your purpose.”Raising good kids in a transitional lifestyle. How Lisa is a role model for her kids. Re-identifying yourself in new environments. How do you consistently “be yourself”?Why the name R.Riveter? “We’re the no-fuss women. We’re grinding, trying to make a difference, and we want a bag that can handle our lifestyle.” She can take that handbag from the boardroom to the playground that is made for the Support the show
Have you downloaded the Mindful Sales Guide yet? Sean's featured! Learn from Sean and 19 other entrepreneurs about how to grow your business in alignment with who you are. This episode is brought to you by Kettlebell Kitchen. They'll send you whole, healthy (and SO DELICIOUS) prepared meals right to your front door. Use code SHINESTRONG for 20% off your first 3 orders.Where to find Sean:Rich Lit Society: Join Sean's book club to learn from him & other experts like Napoleon HillQuote of the Day Podcast: #1 on iTunes for personal development!Sean's websiteLeah's favorite YouTube video from Sean about why you sabotage yourselfWhat Sean and I talked about:You can change your reality by changing your thoughts.Is it possible to make the mental shifts BEFORE you do the work to understand yourself? Sean says YES. What to do when those limiting belief/ negative thoughts come up.  How to know when to pivot? When to use grit/push through and when to change plans?<< Distinction between what feels right and going back to the comfort zone >>Don’t make it about YOU.Try your hardest not to make decisions in a valley. How to help a friend through their own valley? Sean’s advice: Don’t help unless they specifically ask for it. “Everyone is in a different place in their journey”When you’re in a valley — that despair — when you learn a lot about yourselves. Your survival rate for your bad days is 100%“People just want to be listened to”. Your brain has a tendency to follow your feelings. Your brain will go through withdrawal when you are trying to make a change in your life. Negative thoughts will always come. You have to consciously redirect your thoughts. CHILL. You have to get to the root cause — understand the way you feel about yourself and the negative core beliefs you have. How to be responsible for a life situation you don't have control of — and that you don't necessarily love.“To me” consciousness. Victim consciousness. Choosing to respond in a negative way. “For me/by me” consciousness. How is this working for me? EVERY negative thing that happens to you has good in it.“Where you choose to focus your attention is what dictates how you feel about it” LOOK FOR THE POSITIVES> Shift your attention. your attention changes and your realities change. We can all make that choice. How many opportunities are you missing because you’re looking at your life through the lens of a victim?Real love is loving and supporting someone no natter what they choose. How to have longevity? Be consistent and deliver high quality. Tip for creating a great YouTube video? Watch it with no audio. If you still enjoy it with the sound off, then it’s ready to launch. Support the show
Check out Kettlebell Kitchen and use code SHINESTRONG for 20% off your first 3 orders!!Have you gotten access to the Private Episode yet? If not-- make sure you listen to that, first.The Private Episode digs deep into all 13-stages of figuring out how to answer the question;"What Do I Want?" -- even when you're soooo far from yourself that you don't even know where to start. This episode digs deep into the first two stages of this What Do I Want series.If you haven't yet-- be sure you join the Facebook group! Support the show
Links from the show:💥 Kettlebell Kitchen promo code SHINESTRONG for 20% off your first 3 orders! 💥Grab time on Leah's calendar! Grab the Ultimate Mindful Sales GuideEmail Claire to get some time on her calendar --  claire@claireharveyphotography.comYou, You're Brand websiteHEY MAMA websiteSome of my favorite quotes:“It can be so uncomfortable, and so painful — but it can also be so painful NOT to do it. In the end, it can hurt [not to launch your business]”“Growing a business is hard and painful — but i’m so grateful I did it.”“It’s a labor of love. I’ve never had LESS time. When you’re doing something that’s yours— its YOURS. If you’re not doing it, it’s not getting done.”“Behind the scenes really sells”Here's what we talked about:How to brandWhy to get professional branding photos vs stock photosClaire’s storyBuilding a brand takes a long time — people don’t realize how patient they have to be. Strategy for social media — how to best utilize Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook! Engagement is #1. That doesn’t mean liking photos— it means engaging and networking. Stories are so important for your brand and marketing on socials. Support the show
Get the Mindful Sales Guide!Use code: SHINESTRONG for 20% off your first 3 orders at Kettlebell KitchenHow to connect with Miranda:IGStreet Parking Street Parking IGMore Than Nothing PodcastYouTube channel Notes from the Show:What led you to wanting to start Street Parking?Miranda isn’t an “athlete turned Entrepreneur” — she’s an entrepreneur who was randomly an athlete at one point, who’s back to her roots as an entrepreneur.What is Street Parking? Why does Leah love SP?Launching several businesses — and what that ACTUALLY looked like for Miranda.Our focus has always been on the experience our members have. The challenges of being a business owner — the mental challenges of being pregnant Real talk with Miranda ….Support the show
Kettlebell Kitchen promo code SHINESTRONG for 20% off your first 3 orders!Stuff we talked about in this episode:Check out ClickFunnels!Pshycho Cybernetics bookFree eBook to Sell 100+ Home per YearFIRE -- By Krista MashoreDean Graziosi — Millionaire Success HabitsUltimate Sales Machine — Chet HolmesBook a call with Krista! Who is Krista?What does Krista teach in her coaching program?1. Getting people out of their own way and creating good habits for your business 2. marketing strategies — using digital marketing skills to become the go-to expertYou wont be an expert  or a success overnight. BUT, 18 months from now, you’ll either be where you want to be or you’ll be where you are right now. Our excuses keep us from getting to where you want to go“Put yourself in the state of ‘I am doing it’” Physically write down 6 things you’re going to do “Be where your clients are showing up”Visualize success or where you want to go6 things you’re grateful forTime block 6 hours of your dayCelebrate winsRead manifestoSupport the show
—BombBomb — Get your 13th month free! Email Alex and tell him Leah LeRae sent you. OR use code SHINESTRONG (but that won't get you your 13th month free!)How to get in touch with Leslie!The Doughnut Project websiteThe Doughnut Project on IG Leslie's IGLeslie's story// How The Doughnut Project was bornThe accidental “break the internet” thing...the Everything Bagel Doughnut.Stayed true to who they were and continued to get press because their doughnuts were actually good— it wasn’t just hype.The difference between entrepreneur and corporate world — there is no review where you get all kinds of positive feedback. There is no checklist. You become the dishwasher and the person in charge of every single thing there is to do. You have to figure out how to make it all happen. The stakes are really high. Setting up liscensing in Saudi Arabia, Australia. Difference between franchising and liscensing. Finding the right co-founder. — Met for 18 months to iron out the details, writing a business plan, raise funds, and decide how they’d operate. "When people are deciding to invest, they invest in PEOPLE."It’s not all “laptops in Bali” — Busy people get more done because they’re forced to -- Leah LeRaeThe reality of being a business owner — dealing with the nitty gritty of owning a biz.111k followers on The Doughtnut Project !!Support the show
You didn't even know it...BUT YOU'RE ALLERGIC TO FACEBOOK ADS.Wait...did I just surprise you?You didn't know you had a severe allergy to manipulative marketing?A word of caution though: ignorance is bliss, and once you listen to this episode, you'll no longer be ingorant about advertising, marketing, branding, and growing a biz aligned with who you are.So...if you planned on using the ol' "find their pain, then agitate it" might not want to listen. There. You've been warned.Want to talk sales strategy with Leah LeRae? Grab some time on my calendar. Resources from the show:Contagious: Why Things Catch OnEdward Bernays, PropagandaChasing Excellence podcast episode about brandingPat Flynn's Shine Strong episodeHere's someone who does Facebook ads really well-- with a high level of integritySupport the show
Ready to hit the easy button for healthy eating? Try out Kettlebell Kitchen and use promo code SHINESTRONG for 20% off your first three orders!IS THIS WHAT YOU'RE TELLING YOURSELF?⁣⁣"If only I was a famous [athlete, actress, influencer, fill in the blank]⁣...then all of this would be so much easier."⁣⁣Well, today, we're here to blast through that BS.⁣⁣Rachael Adams is an Olympic Medalist for the USA Women's Volleyball team. ⁣⁣She's on track to be at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, again. ⁣⁣But here's the deal:⁣⁣Rachael had to blast through the same mental limitations that you do. ⁣⁣She had it so bad that she actually started a business about it. ⁣⁣Check out @journeystrength and you'll get a quick picture about what Rachael is all about.⁣⁣Then, listen to her episode to hear her story and how she started her volleyball career SUPER late compared to other v-ball athletes...⁣⁣And then outlasted 99% of them...⁣⁣And now plays at the highest level⁣⁣If you're telling yourself that "if only" BS-- I dare you to listen to Rachael's episode. ⁣⁣Double dare you. ⁣⁣Then report back and lmk what you're telling yourself after you listen. ⁣⁣If I had to guess, it'll be:⁣⁣"SHOULDERS BACK, HEAD UP, YOU'VE GOT THIS!"⁣⁣Go get it, girl.⁣Grab some time on Leah's calendar!Join the Shine Strong Facebook groupGet the Private Episode Get in touch with Rachael!Journey StrengthJourney Strength IGRachael's IGTeam USA VolleyballHere's what we talk about:The words you tell yourself impact your dreamsRachel’s biggest struggle as a professional athlete— the mental gameWhat Rachel does to overcome her mental doubts “Shoulders back, head up, you got this.” —The mantra Rachel said to herself over and overHow Journey Strength was bornHow can Rachel do it all: an INSANE woldwide travel schedule where she’s in a different country every single week while growing her business. What is it like to play in the Olympics?Building mental strength with positive wordsHow the name Journey Strength originated “You were meant to do hard things”Support the show
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