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Beyond Victory with Nico Rosberg
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Beyond Victory with Nico Rosberg

Author: Nico Rosberg

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In a world where extreme competition exists everywhere, what does it take to have success in your career and in life? Join me, Nico Rosberg, as I sit down with some of the world's most successful individuals to discover the secrets to their success, what continues to drive them, and to hear a few exclusive stories in the process.
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Comments (4)

Inver Darroch

Excellent discussion between 2 champions; thoroughly enjoyed it. Marginal gains is nothing to sneer at; any competitive field whether business or sport requires detailed preparation.

Apr 17th

Steven G

Wow, this guy has drive and vision. Thanks Nico for making this interview. Your podcast getting better and better. Looking forward to the next episode.

Dec 6th

Inver Darroch

Nico, you and Damon Hill are the only sons of World Champions who became world champions themselves. That would be a great interview. Btw, high performance interviews with Matt Syed and people like David Brailsford would be fascinating.

Nov 14th

Inver Darroch

Could be a great podcast but needs to be a little less jokey. Beyond the grid is where the bar is set

Oct 20th
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