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In this episode I go over how to buy an Instagram account. I believe we are in golden era for buying Instagram accounts to be leveraged for marketing purposes or directly for their cash-flow. Even though the opportunity is great with acquiring these accounts now, there are still a lot of ways you could potentially lose. Listen to this episode to get an understanding of the best practices regarding buying Insta accounts. Specific sites mentioned in this episode:
Quick Interview with Gary Vaynerchuk (@garyvee) where dove deeper into his eventual business buying strategy and several other less discussed stories. We got some very practical advice around buying Instagram accounts and some deeper insights into where he sees the market going.
Today we had on Coran Woodmass today from The FBA Broker. We did a deep dive into his comprehensive report of the business sales and the trends around them. We also dove into how you should position yourself if you are going to use a business broker.
Today is a FAQ episode of all the usual questions I get from business seller, first time buyers, roundtable discussion, and general inquiries around buying businesses.
Today we had on Joel Gandara the CEO of Morro Capital, who has made a recent acquisition of the clothing brand JOCKO. We go over his process of acquiring brands that are in his space and how his acquisition usually happen. Contact info:
In this episode I go over how I found and acquired BookScouter, a business I am currently the lead manager on. I go through my process of reaching out to businesses to buy and how I scaled my operations.
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