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Author: Andrey Ligayi

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A resource for teens, parents, and everyone currently looking into higher education, Before You Commit was created to help navigate your college decision by providing real experiences from current or former students. Delving into the pros and cons of each school and looking into what the college reps just won’t be able to tell you, each week we look at a new school, a new perspective, and a new voice on education. We’ll also go in depth on different majors, concentrations, demographics, and more. This podcast is run by students - for students; after all, we’re in this together. College is an unforgettable experience, and we want to make sure you do it right.
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I'm joined by my friend Justin and he walks me through his rather short study abroad experience. He was studying in London for the semester and as news broke out about the pandemic, Justin was recalled back home. He's currently under self quarantine for the next ~2 weeks and we talk about how he's feeling, and the rapid developments in this situation. 
Yuxiao and I talk about the University of Michigan and how they've been impacted by the pandemic. She talks to me about her three jobs, her perspective as a public health student and the plans going forward, especially as a potential recession is looming. 
Hey everyone. This time, I talk to my friend Sunjay during the COVID-19 pandemic and we discuss how our lives have changed as a result. For some the changes are minor, but for others it's their entire livelihoods. While we have to practice social distancing, we shouldn't forget about our friends. Hope you enjoy. 
I gotta admit, Caleb is one of the most well-spoken people I've met in my life. He's polite, he's eloquent, and he's a pleasure to talk to. This week Caleb takes me through BME and AMS, two majors that I have zero experience with, and he gives me an overview of how they work at Stony Brook University. He also talks about his passions in 3Diatrics, and his plans for attending medical school. I do sincerely hope that Caleb succeeds. He'd make a great doctor. 
This week, my buddy Ridwan joins me and tells me about the Georgetown experience. A Jesuit school, the experience there is a little different. Sometimes you gotta think about the Problem of God, but religion aside Ridwan tells me about his major, how he chose it and how he carved out a niche at Georgetown
Lucy joins me this week and tells me about a very different experience. Scripps College is an all women's institution and Lucy studies Art Conservation and Anthropology. Scripps felt like the right place from the get-go, but that doesn't come without certain struggles. We also talk about the Stuy experience and how we actually did it. Honestly, we don't even know how we did it. We normalized things and somehow got through it. A trial by fire to say the least. 
Sometimes life hits you hard with a lot of things at once. I think it's hard to carve out your own path, especially when so much goes down. Yet Christian, figured it out for himself. Between entrepreneurship, transferring schools, personal struggles, and more, he's doing fine. After all, he grew up a bit. 
This time we have Luna on the show. We talk about the competitive nature of admissions, the stress that comes with Cornell and the difficulty in getting internships. On the bright side, Cornell offers opportunity. Between AguaClara, dance, and sustainable development, there's a lot of good to be found. Ultimately it is what you make it, and this is Luna's take. 
Another former teammate on the show. Henry used to get a lot of penalties for hitting kids too hard, but he's actually a really nice guy. We get into the details of Stony Brook, the struggles Henry has had, and how he manages to balance a difficult set of double majors, social life, and staying in shape. I think this is my favorite episode so far and I'm glad I had this experience
Now I've known Christine since the 6th grade, and we've seen each other through the good and bad (sometimes a lot of bad). She's definitely grown over time, but I've always seen her as someone who knows what she's doing. This week we go over her time at Cornell, and how she has grown as a person/what Cornell has given to her. 
We face a lot of pressure in school. I always call it a trial by fire, and it can burn you. This week, Rhys and I discuss her particular journey with school, and it's okay to not fit the to fit the traditional mold of a student. Take your time, know what you want, and you don't have to conform to other people. We all do things at a different pace
So far, we've only talked about other schools, but now we hit my home turf. I went to elementary school and middle school with Jessica, and we catch up again in college. We shared a class here and there, and now we're in our final year at Brooklyn College. We give our thoughts on our institution and how far we've come. 
The youngin is here! Shaikh, although she's in Florence at the moment, gives us the insight on her freshman year at NYU. She's about to declare for philosophy, and I'm about to declare my....appreciation for her advice. Jokes aside, we dive into commuter culture, and why we seek out our differing paths regarding philosophy. 
Interviews are scary, but they're a two way street. Although that doesn't mean the interviewer is also afraid of you. This week, my buddy Matt takes me through the tech interview and how he almost got a triple major at Hunter. The man works hard, and his talents landed him a job in the tech sector. Attaboy Matt. 
Woah! We're back again, and this time we're in familiar territory. USC? Check. Architecture? Sorta check. Join us as Sam and I talk about switching majors and the reasoning behind it. He talks about adjusting to a new place, his particular admissions situation, and why USC was top dog for him. 
Oh boy, where to begin with this episode? This time around, we're joined by Joyce, an old friend from freshman year of high school. She's funky, she's quirky, and she'll give you the best damn tour of Hamilton. We talk about her jobs at school, the music groups she's in, and how the liberal arts campus environment has helped her grow. 
It's a crazy working world out there. When you're looking to network, and enter the recruiting process, you need to stay on top of your game. Celine does just that, but she doesn't do it all alone. It's a team effort, and sometimes mooncakes can bring people together. Join the crew, and learn about how Celine manages her time and efforts in order to build a career. 
A fellow CUNY student?!?! This time we go hands on with Macaulay at Hunter with Jenn. She doesn't pull her punches and gives us the scoop on what goes on at Brookdale and Hunter College. It's a great value education, but you've always gotta consider your options before you actually commit. And sometimes, it's okay to say it's not okay, cause college does get a little lonely from time to time. 
Sean Chee, Schee, Sean Cheesecake. Whatever you want to call him, Sean has been a mentor and a long-time friend to me and it's always fun to catch up with a pal. Even though he's a mentor, he still makes mistakes. However, he always learns from them and keeps moving forward. Join us as we talk shop about resumes, good habits, dance, and the road to employment. 
Say hello to our special guest, Justin Bridges! While he started his professional career in the financial sector at Goldman Sachs, he took a leap of faith to pursue his passion. Justin is a fashion & lifestyle photographer who has worked with brands such as KITH, GQ, Barneys, and Levi's. These days, Justin tells stories and captures moments through photography. On this episode, he takes me back to his roots in Georgia, his growth at American University, and the conversations he's had with his mentors. After all, everyone could use a mentor. Even if they did just get their first billboard. So join us and learn about being a freelancer, and following your dreams.
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