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Turn off the morning news and tune into an episode of The Morning Light Show for inspiration, insights & practices to free your spirit, open your heart and start your day off LIGHT and BRIGHT! 20-minutes-or-less monologues and dialogues focused on showing up and bringing out the best in others. Support this podcast:
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You're asked to set goals at work and perhaps even set goals for your life too. You use the SMART format, fill out the forms, yet why don't you achieve what you want to? It has to do with the state you're in when you set the goals. On today's episode, learn how I teach effective goal setting inside of organizations that gets people excited and makes their goals feel more possible than they ever have before. Questions to Explore: PURPOSE: What is it about being your best self at work and in life that gives you a deep sense of purpose, meaning or fulfillment? STRENGTHS: Reflect on 2-3 moments of excellence from the last 12 months (or as far back as you want to go), times when you were at your very best and fully alive. What happened? Share a story of two with me… What did you bring to these moments? What qualities have you seen show up, when you were at your best? Are there any strengths that maybe you’ve never fully appreciated or are under-ultilized? What strengths might you be able to better leverage moving forward GRATITUDE:  Reflect on the people, the opportunities, the gifts that are all around you… What do you value and appreciate most about your life right now? Share as many things as you’d like…. What do you appreciate and value about yourself, your family,  your community, your work? FUTURE:  Imagine...a year from now, you’ve not only lived your best life but you’ve done it in a way that gives you a sense of pride, meaning, fulfillment… If you could wave a magic wand, and make 3 wishes come true in the next 12 months, what would happen? As you reflect on your wishes, hopes and aspirations for the next year, which one matters most and why? Imagine every single wish came true...describe how that feels? FUTURE SELF:’ve not only surpassed your highest hopes for the next year, but you’ve evolved into the person you’ve always known you could be, your true self… How would you like to see yourself evolving as a person in the next 12 months? What are the qualities, values, ways of being...that your highest future is calling you to embody, to become, to fully live out? --- Support this podcast:
In order to create the bright and beautiful future that you desire, you must practice the art of living it now. Last week when I facilitated the mastermind in Orlando, the pervasive theme with the group was the power of living into our future narrative. On today's episode, I recall a couple of powerful past visualizations that came true for me, and offer you ways to embody your future self to bring your future into your current reality. --- Support this podcast:
Ever since you were a kid you had a vision for who you aspired to be, not just in a sense of your occupation, but also related to the characteristics you wanted to exude. Are you being that person today? What aspirations do you have for your future? Often times, what inspires us can lead us to what we aspire to achieve and who we aspire to be. On today's episode, heard how inspiration fuels aspiration and gain clarity on who you want to be. --- Support this podcast:
You've heard things like "The truth will set you free" and "Truth is beauty" all your life, but are you willing to take a U-turn if you know that the road you're currently on is not taking you to your place of TRUTH? In other words, how uncomfortable are you willing to get to stay aligned with your values? In today's episode, learn how the body knows if you've living truth or not, and hear about a recent painful experience I had with being duped.  Resources: Muscle Testing Article/Video Pendulum Testing --- Support this podcast:
"The years wrinkle our skin, but the lack of enthusiasm wrinkles our soul." -Socrates Are you inspiring others with your passion for life? Do you share infectious energy with others about the things you love? In today's episode, learn how to positively impact others with your energy and enthusiasm for life. --- Support this podcast:
Who is someone when you're with them you literally feel your blood pressure drop? Where is a place where you find great peace effortlessly? Living peacefully gives others a giant dose of inspiration, and reminds us of who we truly are. Energy is contagious and the energy of peace makes us feel in touch with our true self and our Creator; it inspires us to be present and fully aligned with the here and now. On today's show, explore PEACE as a way of being, and get some ideas on how to practice more peace in your life so you can inspire others more. Resources: Heart Coherence Meditation  --- Support this podcast:
When you hold the space presently and silently as someone speaks, they feel honored, cared for and heard. In this world full of loudness and distractions, there's nothing that fuels human connection more than the empathy of deep listening. In fact, when you make someone feel heard, they feel connected to the Source of all because deep listening emulates prayer. In today's episode, reflect on the good listeners in your life, be inspired to be a better listener and hear about the spiritual side of deep listening. Resources: Empathy Video - Brene Brown --- Support this podcast:
"Even after all this time, the Sun never looks at the Earth and says 'You owe me.' Look what happens with a love like that, it lights up the whole sky." -Hafiz God, Krishna, Atman, Allah, Universal Mind - whatever you want to call the Source of All That Is, supplies abundantly, and depending on your own level of generosity, you will either live abundantly or not. If you want to LIVE BIG, you have to GIVE BIG. In today's episode, learn how your generosity inspires others, and hear about a practice I've been engaged in for the last 5 months (that I'm really uncomfortable talking about!) that's helped me truly KNOW that generosity increases all good in life. --- Support this podcast:
Are you actively practicing gratitude and sharing it with others? What you appreciate appreciates, and when you radiate the energy of gratitude, not only will others notice your 'radical humility,' they will feel good in your presence. On today's episode, go deeper with gratitude, learn how it inspires others and hear an embarrassing fact about my gratitude practice. --- Support this podcast:
We can all agree that doing something kind for someone spreads positive energy and creates a ripple effect of kindness; however, there is one situation where it's actually harmful to 'be kind' and that is in conversations where we're avoiding the TRUTH because it's so uncomfortable. In today's episode, you're challenged with spreading kindness as much as possible by not only doing acts of service, but also by having tough conversations. Resources: Clear is Kind by Brene Brown 29 Gifts by Cami Walker --- Support this podcast:
"Leadership is communicating others' worth and potential so clearly that they're inspired to see it in themselves." -Steven Covey That's one of the most inspiring quotes I've heard in awhile : ) What are you doing to communicate others' worth and potential to INSPIRE them to be at their best? We often think of inspiration coming from a thoughtful quote, a beautiful work of art or a jaw-dropping sunset, but have you thought about how YOU can be a well of inspiration for others? In today's episode, gain clarity on how you can be an inspiring leader and get introduced to the six ways to inspire others that we'll be talking about over the next 6 episodes. --- Support this podcast:
When we're inspired we're living 'in-Spirit,' connected with the all-knowing, all-present Source that connects everything and everyone. From that inspired place, we create with effortless ease, notice uncanny synchronicities and feel the magic of being alive. In today's episode, learn a simple way to know if you're living an inspired life or not, and hear the six principles that are at the foundation of inspired living.  Resources: Happy for No Reason by Marci Shimoff Inspiration by Wayne Dyer Affirmation (from Wayne Dyer's inspiration):  "What I desire is on its way. It will arrive precisely on God's timetable, not on mine. Everything that I'm experiencing now is disguised as a problem, but I know that it's a blessing. What I desire is on its way, and it's coming to me in amounts even greater than I can imagine. This is my vision, and I'll hold on to it in a state of gratitude, no matter what." --- Support this podcast:
Radical acceptance is the ultimate form of non-resistance. When we resist our circumstances and suffer because we long for things or people to be other than they are, we are miserable. Radical acceptance means loving whatever you're experiencing whether you like it out not. It also means accepting and forgiving other people and yourself when a mistake is made or a personality flaw gets in the way. In our final episode on Abundance Mindset, explore how to be more OK with the moment and suffer less from other people's and your own shortcomings. Resources: Article on Radical Acceptance The Work by Byron Katie --- Support this podcast:
What does abundant love for yourself feel like? How about abundant love for others? You may find it easier to love others first, but if you don't start within, you're not only shortchanging yourself, you're shortchanging others because you can only give love to others to the extent you give it to yourself.  Maybe you're willing to give love to others only if they give it to you. This tit-for-tat mentality will keep you from feeling and sharing the abundant flow of love that's always present. In today's episode, explore how to be more abundantly loving intrapersonally and interpersonally. Quote from the Beginning of the Show: “Wouldn’t it be powerful if you fell in love with yourself so deeply that you would do just about anything if you knew it would make you happy? This is precisely how much life loves you and wants you to nurture yourself. The deeper you love yourself, the more the universe will affirm your worth. Then you can enjoy a lifelong love affair that brings you the richest fulfillment from inside out”– Alan Cohen --- Support this podcast:
How you come across to others aligns with either abundance or scarcity. If you're fully in the here & now, inspiring confidence in others and standing tall, you're aligned with abundance and thus inspiring abundance mindset in others. If you're giving your divided attention to people and tasks, creating doubt and slouching, you're not only not being your best self, but you also not bringing out the best in others. In today's episode, hear how you can communicate clear confidence and be an inspiring presence by giving your full attention to this moment, tuning into your highest frequency and having your best possible posture. Resources: Amy Cuddy TED Talk Presence by Amy Cuddy --- Support this podcast:
What do you think of when you hear the term radical inclusivity? For me, it's opposite is the visual of the outsider kid sitting alone in the cafeteria while the other kids laugh and make fun of him. We are wired for survival, tribalism and separation, but we know in our heart of hearts that is NOT how we were intended to live. We are meant to be inclusive, abundant and connected, so when we are, we feel whole. In today's episode we explore the Burning Man principle of Radical Inclusivity, and talk about different ways we can be more radically inclusive in our lives. Resources: Article: What I Learned From Being Radically Inclusive for 30 Days --- Support this podcast:
The term 'abundance mindset' came from the Steven Covey book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, where Habit #4 is Create a Win-Win. Though this book has been widely read, and the concept of abundance mindset stands the test of time, scarcity mindset is still pervasive in our culture. Our advertising is based on scarcity. Sports competitions are based on scarcity. Our minds likely go first to scarcity even if we have a mostly abundant mindset. In today's episode, explore the definition of abundance mindset and learn some new strategies to cultivate it. Resources: 10 Steps to Develop And Abundance Mindset  The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People - Habit 4 Explained --- Support this podcast:
This 20 minute self-hypnosis/meditation will help you relax deeply and let go of stress, worry and anxiety. Listen to it in the morning when you first awaken and at night right before bed, every day for at least 30 days and see how it helps.  --- Support this podcast:
How do you start your day? Do you immediately wake up and give your energy away to someone or something else (perhaps by diving straight into mommy duty or checking your email)? Or do you take some time to connect with yourself and the Divine to more deliberately mold the clay?  For me, being an early riser and morning routine devotee helps me be my best and most productive self at work. In today's episode, I'll discuss how and why I started my morning ritual, explain the pieces and parts I incorporate and do best to convert you to a morning lover too. --- Support this podcast:
After a recent bout of anxiety and some helpful therapy and practices to relieve and release it, I've realized that there is no limit to how much we can practice mindfulness and presence. Yet, no matter how much you practice, there will always be opportunities to bring your mind back into this moment. In today's episode, through my recent experience learn the essence of presence and how to practice it more naturally and easily. Resources: Dr. Jim Colton Dr. David Yeager  --- Support this podcast:
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