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The Erica Duran Show - Archive

Author: Erica Duran

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Aloha! E komo mai! Back by popular demand - the old Erica Duran Show archive edition! Erica Duran is a sought-after Business Coach, Digital Marketing & SEO Expert, Minimalist, Digital Nomad, and Luxury Lifestyle, Designer. Join her for strategies on simplifying your life and building a business that earns $5K - $20K+ per month while doing work you love from anywhere. Learn more at Support this podcast:
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Listen to Erica Duran on the Online Business Startup Summit.  Discover everything you need to know about starting an online business from the ground up.--- Support this podcast:
Erica Duran joins the annual Money Flow Master Class Series for 2019.--- Support this podcast:
Sharing my interview on Episode 215 of the Living Unconventionally Podcast hosted by Chris Pyak.From the show notes...Erica Duran is a digital nomad, a podcast host and an experienced world traveler. She shares with us how she gets hotels and AirBnB’s to pay for her stay. And why she loves Hawai so much. Meet Erica at https://ericaduran.coP.S.  Looking for a networking and mastermind community for entrepreneurs and influencers?  Join Erica Duran's Oasis Mastermind today!  It's Free! Support this podcast:
Join me on Episode 94 of the Offbeat Life Podcast with Debbie Arcangeles - "How To Take A Permanent Work-cation and Create Consistent Income From Remote Coaching" where I shared my secrets on how to become a nomadic entrepreneur and remote coach! ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀From the Show Notes Page...This week I speak with Erica Duran who is a business coach, digital marketing expert and minimalist. Erica works with entrepreneurs who are ready to make money while they work from anywhere! She believes that creating systems and structures will allow you to have the freedom to work 3-day work weeks and still continue to have consistent income. Erica has been able to create her own freedom by selling most of her belongings and taking a long term “work-cation” where she can travel and work from anywhere. Listen on to find out how to take a permanent “workation” and create consistent income from remote coaching.  ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀--- Support this podcast:
Completed an amazing interview on Jeff Smith's podcast called Vroom Vroom Veer!⁣⁣Listen In Now:⁣⁣⁣From the Show Notes:⁣⁣Erica Duran's “road less traveled” involved walking out (literally) from a top corporate executive position to follow a minimalist lifestyle indulging her passion from travel.⁣⁣Erica began two decades ago with little more than her laptop in her backpack. It was a bumpy ride, but she went on to build a series of highly successful online businesses. She now coaches others to create online businesses that are fully aligned with their own values and lifestyle choices. The motto that Erica lives by is “never settle!”⁣⁣Erica's minimalist approach saves new and established entrepreneurs time and money by cutting straight through to essentials. She often helps new entrepreneurs to sign up paying clients even before they have a website and are still unknown. She has also developed a unique software ( which is helping a wide range of even unknown entrepreneurs to attract a steady flow of ideal prospects, without needing to constantly spend and sweat on advertising.⁣--- Support this podcast:
I was so thrilled to be the very FIRST guest on the Own The Truth Podcast with Marco Attanasi as part of the Origin series.⁣⁣Marco had so many questions that I haven't been asked before - so a totally new peek into my upbringing, entrepreneur journey, and lifestyle.⁣⁣We also chatted about what is working these days and what isn't in online marketing and entrepreneurship.⁣⁣Small rants included. 😉⁣--- Support this podcast:
I just recorded this very special and very HONEST interview today for the She's Unstoppable Summit!You can listen to this short 30-minute audio episode from anywhere, while you are walking the dog, cleaning dishes, showering or driving. You also get easy steps you can take that very day so this isn't just another series you listen to and don't do anything about.We are committed to giving you our VERY best advice, insights and practices – the ones that have taken us YEARS to figure out but you get in one fell swoop. We share our personal stories with complete honesty about the ups and downs, and reveal how we continue to succeed year after year - so you can too.Whether you consider yourself an entrepreneur, an entrepreneur-in-the-making, someone who is just drumming up business ideas or well along your business journey, we’ve got your back.You will learn:💫The #1 thing that stops (or slows down) almost everyone in business, and what to do about it💫How to shift your energy to become a client magnet💫Top strategies to stop dabbling, finally break free from your job (or create an exit strategy) and step into being an entrepreneur, in charge of her destiny💫Daily practices you can EASILY put into place to create more money and more impact, no matter how busy you are💫How to program yourself to succeed, heal visibility wounds, avoid imposter syndrome and get your courage on💫And a whole lot more.We are exploring all the good stuff; spirit, energy, mind, emotion, money, soul, heart, body while also exploring the outer game strategies required to be successful in today’s online universe.You will walk away feeling more unstoppable than ever, ready to launch and grow your business.Hop over and let's do this together!>>> Join me for She’s Unstoppable! <<<Let’s make 2019 a breakthrough year.It is your time.--- Support this podcast:
On episode 22 of the Pure Mind Magic Podcast you'll hear Erica Duran's interview " Erica Duran Online Business Coaching From $50 Per Session To $ 12,500 in less than 30 days!"Discover the magic of starting an online business with Erica Duran - she shares some great tools on how to live the life of your dreams and work from anywhere in the world doing what you really love. Prepare to be inspired and get some practical tips.***Evolve.Forget All The Complicated Internet Marketing "Rules"!Get Found On Google.Come Into Alignment, Share Your Core Message, & Make Money. FREE Guide and Video Training!***Finally, Get Found On Google! FREE Guide and Video Training***10 Secrets To Snagging High-Paying ClientsGuide and Video Training Support this podcast:
Erica Duran on Unstoppable Success Radio - Erica Duran Is Getting Back To Basics In Business--- Support this podcast:
Luxurious Minimalism - Erica Duran On The Spark Inspire Your Life Podcast--- Support this podcast:
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