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Heartland Radio 2.0 is presented The Pat McAfee Show (2.0). Pat and the supporting cast of his show come together to cut loose, break balls, and laugh at life and what's going on in the world. Kick back and have fun, because you're sitting at the empty chair at the table.
112 Episodes
Ep. 110 - How’s It Smell?

Ep. 110 - How’s It Smell?


Todd, Digs, Nick, Pat and Bailey held this one down and talked about mice, cats, dogs, weird food combos, miracle whip, and more. They brought back Phone Notes, I Wanna Know and the new bonus movie review segment How’s It Smell?
Gary had a weekly segment on Heartland Radio for quite some time where he’d test new material out on us and the listeners but we’ve never really had the chance to interview him in depth. So, after the release of his new comedy special “The Great Depresh” released on HBO this past weekend Gary was nice enough to give us the opportunity. (7:35 - 44:13)This is a 40 minute interview that dives deep. It dives deep into Gary’s life-long struggle with depression. It dives deep into how he almost lost that struggle. It dives deep into how he was able to not only get healthy enough to leave in-patient treatment, but how he got healthy enough to resume his standup career and build a special that tells the story of his victory over this horrible disease. Oh, and Judd Apatow produced it. No big deal.
Todd, Nick, Digs and Bailey held down the fort today with comedian Jeff Oskay. They talked about goats, chickens, raccoons, hospitals, overpopulation, the CIA, remote viewing and they round-tabled some listener questions.Follow Jeff Oskay @seenfunnier on Twitter / @jeffoskay on Instagram.
Todd shares an interesting conversation that he had with the Auxiliary to the Exorcist assigned to the Archdiocese of Indianapolis. The crew also discussed prison life in other countries, Gump's immigration status, Labradoodles, Nicolas Cage, cat allergies, haunted house murders and more...
Our friend and most requested guest to have back on the show, Dan Cummins was our guest for this episode. The greatest thing about Dan is he just loves shooting the shit and letting it rip and that's what this podcast is all about. If you're not familiar with Dan Cummins, he's an incredibly talented standup comedian who's appeared on Comedy Central, Conan, The Tonight Show and The Late Late Show. He's best known for his hit podcast "Timesuck" where Dan dives deep into serial killers, cults, conspiracies, history, and the paranormal in a way that's both educational and hysterical. He also just launched a new podcast called "Scared to Death" where Dan terrifies his wife with alleged-to-be-true horror stories about Demonic possession, poltergeists, shadow people and more. See why we love him?
The boys had a lot to talk about today. Digs got The Pat McAfee Show in trouble for saying “shitty” on the radio, Ty is learning how to live without sleep, Pat is getting used to having so many different hats to wear now (Sports Radio Talk Show Host, WWE personality, College Football Analyst, ESPN panelist for Get Up and every other show when they need him and of course, small business owner.) Its quite a conversation. Enjoy.
Ep. 104 - Ryan Niemiller

Ep. 104 - Ryan Niemiller


Fresh off his third place finish in this season’s America’s Got Talent, comedian Ryan Niemiller paid the boys a visit. They talked about the overall journey, how it has changed his life and what the future holds.
Ep. 103 - Get To The Chopper

Ep. 103 - Get To The Chopper


The boys hit it hard today with a litany of topics including, but not limited to; grocery shopping, survival skills, paranormal investigations, bounty hunters, beastiality and more. Enjoy.
Todd, Digs, Nick, Gump and Bailey held this one down while everyone else was out of town. They talked about Todd's girlfriend getting her appendix removed, which grew into a discussion about other useless parts of our bodies. Digs finally found his White Claw flavor, Gump talks about how bad Canada is at selling weed and Nick sets everyone straight on Alienstock. Enjoy.
This was a pretty loose one. The boys talk about their thoughts on the new radio show, Todd's dogs have driven him over the edge, and we change history. If you have questions for the crew, send them to @HeartlandRadio on Twitter, and be sure to tune into the radio show from 10 am-12 am EST on over 30 stations nation wide. Check out DAZN for video of this podcast, The Pat McAfee Show 2.0, or The Pat McAfee Show radio simulcast. Link to DAZN:
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Michael Joel Juarez

another banger today fellas!

Jul 24th
Reply (1)

Kie Cortez

yeah pat

Apr 25th

Mark Maitland

Best crew of people you could ever assemble to speak into microphones

Mar 24th

Christian Justin

here first

Jan 18th

Michael Joel Juarez

that intro tho!!! 👌🏼👏🏼

Nov 21st

Casey Griffith

listen listen listen it isn't wonderful but if you take all previous comments about listen question and you sit and think on it the podcast equals out 2'll do ....jk mother fuckers barstool fucked up you all are the best keep doing what your doing

Sep 19th

Les Moody

these guys are the best to listen too.

Sep 7th
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