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How Music Does That

Author: Dale McGowan

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Music -- just vibrations in the air -- can make you feel heartbroken or elated, peaceful or stabby, inspired to save the whales or to invade Poland. This is HOW MUSIC DOES THAT.

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80 Episodes
HOW MUSIC DOES THAT returns with a Mexican bandleader whose coloristic imagination defined the sound of the space age.
The revolution starts right damn now.
30,000 people. 16 measures. One bad decision.
The quality of 'cool' in music has deep evolutionary roots in the brain.
Grooves [Encore]

Grooves [Encore]


In Hungary, road plays you!
That's not the amazing part.
Silence [Encore]

Silence [Encore]


Sometimes the greatest moment in music is the one you don't hear.
After greatness came one bad decision—and then, the forgetting.
Sometimes it's supposed to hurt.
Eight hundred years ago, they left the church and found the world.
Put on the good Dockers, Chad. We're going in.
Most covers stay on the surface. Sara Bareilles got down into the bones.
Let's have a wild time.
It could be worse. Just kidding.
Sternberg didn't like film music—until he needed it.
Classical music isn't that white by accident -- and it can't afford to stay that way.
When You Were Twelve

When You Were Twelve


If you love a song you don't really care about, see if it's from the year you were 12.
Can music capture the experience of dementia?
When I was a boy, I sat bored in church, trying to break a code.
The Unwiggled String

The Unwiggled String


Children are taught to fear and avoid this sound. All the more reason to love it.
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