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Author: Larry Hamilton

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Ramblings and Musings on Tabletop RPGs by an Old School Gamer.
Tuesday Tales, Thursday Thoughts, & Saturday Scrawl.
Contributor to Multiverse by the new TSR:
134 Episodes
After a couple of calls ins from Lieren of Updates From The Middle Of Nowhere, I muse on my ten years of RPG Blogging.Support our Extra-Life fundraiser August 24th at the former Gary Gygax house in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.You can read the companion blog post here.
Hard to believe it's 50 years since Apollo 11 launched.I was almost 5 years old, but have no recollection of this event.British V2 - How the British Almost Won the Space Race
While I strive to be positive and uplifting in my blogging, podcasting, and social media, there some times when a rant is needed.A recent article over on The Guardian focused on the popularity of D&D and the resent D&D In A Castle event. While the article itself was OK, the title sucks! That title is:  "No more nerds: how Dungeons & Dragons finally became cool."  [Emphasis added.]You can read my Twitter rant here.You can read the companion blog post here.
After a couple of VMs I give my 2 cents about Season 3 of Stranger Things, a few words on the Kickstarters I've backed, and an update on the rain, wet basement, and water heater.John Large of Red Dice Diaries: Blog, YouTube, and Anchor Podcast.Joe The Lawyer: Blog - Wondrous Imaginings and Anchor Podcast.Satine Phoenix and Stefan Pokorny launched their Kickstarter for Destination Fantastic, check it out!I forgot to mention that the July patron poll for my August PDF is now live. If you like what I do, please consider joining my Patreon and vote in the next week.If you want to help me re-build my funds for the art for my upcoming Kickstarter for my card game, consider joining my Patreon, or buying one of my PDFs on DriveThruRPG.
General Ramblings after some call ins congratulating me on a year of podcasting from: Tim Shorts of Gothridge Manor Blog and Podcast. Check out his Patreon. Ivy The Happy Whisk Blog, Podcast, and YouTube and Ivy's Test Kitchen on YouTube. and James Richards.You can check out my Patreon and my publisher page on DriveThruRPG to check out my RPG related PDFs.
Monday, June 24, 2019 marked one year since my first podcast episode.I've survived the rains and flooded basement and got my computer back online.You can read the companion blog post here.
We've had lots of rain in SW Michigan so I bellyache about that but try to put a gaming spin on it.I just released my June PDF, Multi-Use Encounters, as PWYW on DriveThruRPG.Next month's PDF will be Deserts & Desert Encounters. It's something I need for my campaign and my patrons voted to do that and resume regular polls in August.
After some call ins, I give an update on the card game and mention my last three blog posts.CALL INS FROM:Lieren of Updates From The Middle Of Nowhere  Happy Whisk  John Large of Red Dice Diaries Podcast  Blog  about Episode 114 - Thursday Thoughts - Virtual Table TopsJohn Large about Episode 115 - Saturday Scrawl - Campaigns and AdventuresEmail list for an email when the Card Game Kickstarter launches.FAQ for the Card GameBLOG POSTS MENTIONED:Allergies In RPGS (6/18/19)Circlets Of Golem Control (6/16/19)Monstrous Creatures Not Slain (6/14/19) 
Call in from Jeremy "Frothsof" Smith of the Thought Easter podcast  and blog checking up on me. I've gone a couple weeks without a new podcast.Shane Ward of the Gilligan's Isle of ADD podcast and 3 Toadstools blog call in about Episode 116 - Tweaking Random Treasure Maps from May 9, 2019.Today is Free RPG Day. Retailer Locator for a list of participating game stores near you.Most of my PDFs on DriveThruRPG are PWYW.
How do we make adventures that don't require the adventurers to swoop in and be the heroes?Panzerlion's thread on Twitter.    On Thread Reader.My Reply on Twitter.     My Reply on Thread Reader.The Thirty-Six Dramatic Situations     36 Dramatic Situations on DriveThruRPG [Affiliate Link]The 36 Plots by Loren J. Miller [This is the list I was thinking of.]      Radio Grognard on the 36 Dramatic SituationsThe Seven Basic PlotsThe Fifty-Five Dramatic Situations42 Essential 3rd Act TwistsHero's JourneyThe Action Heroine's Journey      Satine PhoenixThe Alexandrian - Don't Prep PlotsFive Common Character ArchetypesThe Companion Blog Post 
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