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Author: Manny C.

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Welcome to the Hardcore Casuals Lounge, a podcast about gaming news and entertainment from your favorite Mixer stream team the Hardcore Casuals!
67 Episodes
ItsMeMannyC sits down with NKWhoa to talk his retirement from Mixer. What he has been up to, and what he is thankful for for Thanksgiving.
HCC Lounge EP66: Wasabi

HCC Lounge EP66: Wasabi


LessThanGreg and ItsMeMannyC round out the last full length Episode of the year with the weeks gaming news. Topics include Stadias rocky launch, Gender neutral controllers, Disney+ puts trigger warnings on classics, Anita Sarkeesian has a "hot take" on Mandalorian, Youtube and COPPA pose serious issues to content creators, and Richard Lewis roasts the state of game journalism.
This one is for the GOOD boys and girls of many ages! Topics include YouTube making major changes to its terms of service, Logan Paul vs. KSI, Why are people defacing Terese Nielsen art in Magic The Gathering?, Mai Shiranui too boobie for Smash Bros.?, LOADS of games announced at XO19... AND MUCH  MUCH MORE!!! 
Budda joined a Rave gang leaving poor Greg and Manny to fend for themselves... BUT THAT's OK!!! This week the Lounge goes to the movies to talk about Terminators Box Office FLOP as the Joker nears 1 Billion dollars. A Vietnam movie featuring a James Dean puppet? John Legend thinks the classic Christmas song "Baby it's cold outside" isn't WOKE enough. Stadia is almost here... and we are still not excited. YouTube purchases streamers of their own! And finally, Ninja's HORRIBLE take on the Jarvis Fortnite ban.
This week we talk about BlizzCon 2019! The Good, The Bad, and the Pooh! We also take a look at Ubisoft's dismal earnings report and the "lessons" they have learned. Also, EA, did something good??? We talk about EA's return to steam as well as their new Pacific expansion. In other news we discuss Death Stranding and Kanye Wests Jesus Is King. GIVE IT A LISTEN!!!
Greg, Budda and Manny wade through the gaming news of the week. This weeks topics include Falklout 76's new subscription service, the amazingly broken WWE 2K20, BlizzCon Leaks, Twitch watch parties, Shroud on Mixer, Breakpoints disappointment, and Google game studio?
Manny Returns to Budda and Greg just in time to weigh in on the China conversation. Other topics this week include Modern Warfare ditching loot boxes for a battle pass. Stallaris mobile art theft!, Outer Worlds and the curse of the Day 1 patch, High end retro hand held device, and someone calls for the cancellation of storm trooper outfits for kids... And of course... MUCH MUCH MORE! 
In a very special HCC Lounge, Manny C has gone missing! BuddaWil, LessThanGreg, and special guest AlmondZMBDuck are left behind to solve the mystery. But not before they talk about all things Games Gaming and Entertainment! This weeks topics include China vs. Blizzard, NBA, and South Park!, New York Times has THE WORST Joker take, PS5 Hype!, Mixers founders leave, President Trump joins Twitch?, A shooting live on Twitch?, and much much more.
ItsMeMannyC, BuddaWil and LessThanGreg get together once again to talk about the week in games gaming and entertainment. Starting with the Joker movie release! Was the media correct? Is this the Jokepocalypse? OH and did you hear about the Lion Queen? What about Disney blocking Netflix Ads? Logitech buys Streamlabs? HONK HONK! Goose Game rips up Nintendo Sales Charts!, Wendy releases a tabletop RPG Game?!? Playstation: "Crossplay exists!", and lastly a little bit of Randy Pitchford Magic.
In this very special episode of the Hardcore Casuals, Budda and Manny along with special guests DizzyBaku and LessThanGreg dive into the hard questions of the day to find the truth. Topics include Playstations State of Play, Call of Duty, The Joker movie, Sony and Marvel, and more fallout for Fallout 76. We also take a special trip to Area 51 on our first ever on the scene segment in order to see what really is going on in Area 51.
BuddaWil and ItsMeMannyC get together once again to discuss the week in gaming and entertainment. This weeks discussions include the celebration of Ash, Pokimon Champion, more Twitch shenanigans, Minecraft doing things, interesting Red Dead developments, AND MUCH MUCH MORE!
Budda and Manny sit down with the newest member of the Hardcore Casuals to talk about the week in gaming and entertainment. But not before getting down and dirty in getting to know him. This weeks topics include, KFC's dating sim game, Ms. Monopoly, PewDiePie's 50k donation, AND MUCH MUCH MORE!
BuddaWil makes his triumphant return to the lounge in order to talk about the happenings in the week of gaming and entertainment. Oh yeah and Manny is there as well! This week they cover the passing of Night in the woods creator Alec Holowka, Nintendo news, Steams makeover, and what's new with Xbox Game Pass
Panradoni and CronicCrusader stop by the Lounge this week and things get a bit... funny. This week we skip a lot of the news and instead focus on story swapping. With Manny at the helm this of course means story time quickly turns into toilet humor... Literally. We hope you enjoy this change of pace! Let us know what you think in the comments!
The most Hardcore Casual Duo in Gaming ride again to discuss the week in games gaming and all things entertainment. This week they go over the train wreck that was the Apex AMA, GamesCom 2019, Sony and Disney fight as Spiderman cries in the corner...AND MUCH MUCH MORE!!!
HCC Lounge EP52: Don't Bite

HCC Lounge EP52: Don't Bite


Budda and Manny call upon the Power of Greyskull to discuss the week in game. Topics include Children hands in mixers, Overly Dramatic Drama, Twitch Porn, Swatting, Splinter Cell Mobile?!?, Evo fights measles, and Apex's mighty axe.
Manny and Budda discuss the week in game which included topics such as Gaming once again blamed for acts of violence. Walmart removes violent video games in wake of shooting? Ninjas move to mixer sparks concerns over Mixers TOS while Twitch star drops the "N" Bomb with no consequence. Class action lawsuit against Epic, Ooblets creator speaks up... AND MUCH MUCH MORE!!!! Assume the position! This lounge is a good one...
This is a bitter sweet episode. TyFighter, BuddaWil and ItsMeMannyC gather around for the 50th episode of the Lounge! Excited to celebrate the milestone, yet sad to see Ty step down as a regular cohost. It was an Honor Ty! A wild ride indeed.Topics for this week include...NINJA COMES TO MIXER!Fortnite adds Mechs?!?Fortnite World Cup!Outer WIlds comes to SwitchNo Man's Sky... BEYONDDestiny 2 delayed a week?!? Riot?Halo Show Cast begins to take shape
This week on the Lounge Ty and Manny go over the standout happenings in the week of gaming. Topics include:Nintendo responds to Joycon RageFortnite world event and big money tournamentGTA introduces in game casino.... is it gambling?Overwatch announces new character... not everyone happy.Alinity Divine throws a cat...And MUCH MUCH MORE!!! 
THIS WEEK ON THE LOUNGE!!!Ubisoft's Uplay+ reveals extensive library of games! Disney+ comes into the streaming game with a very competitive offer. More Con than Joy? Class action lawsuit against Nintendo over Joy-con controller drift. Google clarifies its Stadia. Marvel Avengers Gameplay leaked! And... ComiCon trailers!!!
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