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The Socially Awkward Podcast with the Weber Boys
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The Socially Awkward Podcast with the Weber Boys

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Socially Awkward is a podcast featuring two brothers whom share the same mother, getting into some stuff just looking to hit the number one spot of your hearts every week. We are uncut, unedited, unsupervised and frankly, a hoot load of fun. Find us on Instagram @TheWeberBoys
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This is it. The final episode of "the prologue", this week is all about Justin's hockey career, enjoy! Make sure you're subscribed so you know when the first episode of Awkward MMA drops which will be our next series where we dive into the sport of mixed martial arts. 
As we close out the "prologue" Justin does an interview with our very own Zac Weber (Z). The boys dive into Zac's life, MMA and his relationship with the sport, Awkward MMA, and much more! Stay tuned for next week's episode where Z sits down with Justin for an interview to close out the season!
Short short one, we recapped our week then went over the syllabus for the next two weeks as well as plans for The Awkward MMA Show. Our current events were a little shorter this week on account of Justin not feeling great. Make sure to tune in to the last two episodes of the prologue.
This week we talk hair and beards. Then, we get into allergies and the ones that could kill you. Had some good reminiscing on our Saturday Nights with Mimi then got into some current events which were about Tom Holland, a porno teacher, Roberto Luongo, asteroids, poachers, and best looking nationalities. We hope you enjoy, as always please like and subscribe!
This episode we touch on podcasting, social media, a wedding we may or may not have crashed, having old friends, charity and giving back. Then we had our current events which were about Facebook, cryptocurrency, google, new tech for keys, the moon, aliens and Buffalo Wild Wings.
This week we talk about future plans, MTV shows, Stanley Cup, and some fight talk. Our Socially Awkward Storytime comes to us from Reddit, titled, "Never point out a mistake in class. It could go like this." Our current events were about Nipsey Hussle, David Ortiz, Vegans, Shark Tank, Elton John, lost music, and new iOS updates. Thank you for watching! As always please like and subscribe. For other platforms go to
This week we had quite a bit to say on the subject of gym etiquette. Weird things happen at the gym all the time. Our Socially Awkward Storytime came to us from Reddit called, "Small Talk With the Plumber/ Electrician/ Whatever". Our current events included trick Oreos, Spongebob, Mac Miller, Nutella, Bigfoot, Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk, and holograms. Great show, Thank you for watching / listening. Please subscribe and or 5 stars on iTunes to show some love.
This week we recapped our weekend watching the Andy Ruiz Jr vs Anthony Joshua fight which led to us getting into boxing. Then we talked about one of our favorite hip hop artists. After that we have a call to action for the comedy genre of movies. Then we had our 5th week of Socially Awkward Storytime from Reddit then our current events were about OJ Simpson, iTunes, Kit Harrington, Conor McGregor, and Drake.Enjoy and don’t forget to like review and subscribe on what ever platform you use!For other platforms visit
This week we recap our Memorial Day weekend by remembering how hilarious Wedding Crashers is and watching our boy, An, head kick KO a guy. After that, more license plate talk. Socially Awkward Storytime this week was from Reddit, titled, "Feeling Humiliated". Current events include Cardi B, Stan Lee, Aladdin, Blue's Clues, baboons, and a gator. Enjoy and don’t forget to like review and subscribe on what ever platform you use! For other platforms visit
Episode 43: "Be a Purist"

Episode 43: "Be a Purist"


This week we recap being a guest on another podcast, touch on some playoff hockey talk, then we reminisce on our favorite field trips growing up. We also talk about being a purist and what it means. Then we had our 3rd Socially Awkward Storytime. After that, we washed it down with our current events which included keg stands, Generation Alpha, update on Woodstock, nunchucks, Taco Bell, and lastly, Twilight.
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