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Join us every week as we delve into a new conspiracy theory and how it came to be. Some of the theories we talk about are super well known and believable.. others are stupid AF but fun to talk about. We're researching the FACTS and history behind these theories to share with you cuties.
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Happy Friday!!! Today we're sharing 2 crazy stories...First is the story of a Weird World. Pauline Dakin's childhood in Canada in the 1970s was full of secrets, disruption and unpleasant surprises. She wasn't allowed to talk about her family life with anyone - and it wasn't until she was 23 that she was told why...Next we're talking about the infamous and super creepy Westfield Watcher. Several days after Maria and Derek Broaddus closed on the almost 4,000-square foot home, they received a letter from someone who claimed to be watching the home and that his family had been watching the home for years. The Broaddus family purchased the house for $1.3 million to raise their three children, not far from where Maria Broaddus had grown up, but the idyllic home turned out to be less than wonderful...Support the show (
The Panama Papers are a collection of leaked company documents that gave a glimpse into how the world’s richest and most powerful people avoid paying taxes by basically cheating the system and being shady AF.The Background:In 2016, journalists from a German newspaper obtained 11.5 million documents from the law firm, Mossack Fonseca, that exposed how some of the world’s most prominent politicians, business leaders and celebrities may have used offshore bank accounts and shell companies to conceal their wealth or avoid taxes.For those who are not familiar with the term- offshore banking refers to the deposit of funds by a company or individual in a bank that is located outside their national residence.  Due to way less tax regulations, and like, zero transparency, you are able to get away with some shady sh*t.And then this little German cutie started leaking documents to a local German newspaper and it was j-u-i-c-y.We still don’t know who this guy is, he goes by Jon Doe to remain anonymous; however, since his first interaction with Bastian Obermayer (that Investigative Reporter), over 11.5 million documents from that sketchy law firm were leaked… Leading to history’s largest data leak, ever. WTF Moments:Offshore banking is 100% legal and has been going on for decades, but some see it as a trick or perk for the wealthy.In 2018, 60 of the largest companies in the USA paid no taxes on pre-tax income of 79 billion dollars.Conspiracies range from this being “an attack on enemies of western capitalism” to “being a distraction for the 2016 US Presidential Election Circus Show” to all of this being a “strategic leak” – we discuss these in more depth in this ep.Netflix is being sued over their movie depicting the story of the Panama Papers – btw, if it is still available, we highly recommend… plus Meryl Streep is in it.Oh ya, and the journalist that helped leak the story was f*cking murdered.Check out our website!Contact us!Support the show (
Happy Friday! Get ready, these stories are CRAZY...First, we're talking about the supposed reincarnation of the Polluck twins - John and Florence Polluck lost their girls in a tragic car accident in 1957.. A year later, Florence gave birth to twins, which John thought were his girls reincarnated.  John sounds a little crazy, but the personality traits, birthmarks, and even memories the twins had of their late sisters are too freaky to just be a coincidence...Then, we're talking about the longest flight ever, Santiago Flight 513 - On September 4, 1954, Santiago Airlines Flight 513 departed from Aachen, West Germany, destined for Porto Alegre, Brazil. The flight should have taken around 18 hours, instead, it took 35 years. On October 12, 1989, without any contact with air traffic controllers, Santiago Flight 513 was spotted circling the Porto Alegre airport, where it eventually made a successful landing.  Upon opening the doors, authorities found something still more shocking: the skeletons of 92 people, buckled into their seats. The skeletal body of Captain Miguel Victor Cury was found in his pilot’s seat, hands on the controls, with the engine still humming. - what in the actual f*ck.Check out our website!Contact us!Support the show (
Heyy 2020!  We're kicking off the year talking about one of the most brutal and culturally enduring crimes in American history - the murder of Elizabeth Short, AKA the Black Dahlia.WTF Moments:On January 15th, 1947, Elizabeth Short was found murdered, laying naked in a field, cut in half, and completely drained of blood. She was 22 years old.Elizabeth's dad was a d*ck, he "faked suicide" during the Great Depression and left his wife and 5 daughters totally f*cked for 12 years.Elizabeth had a touch life growing up, and when she was a young adult she got like, really pretty, and became an aspiring model/actress.Elizabeth's body was found on the morning of January 15, 1947, by Mrs. Betty Bersing, and her three-year old daughter.Betty originally thought it was a mannequin due to its pose and pallor. - You know how you find mannequins in fields sometimes... When she realized she was looking at a corpse, she immediately telephoned the police.The killer ​began contacting police within a week​ of the body's discovery. He started with a phone call, saying they should "expect souvenirs of Beth Short in the mail." A few days later, he/she sent a package with some of Elizabeth's personal belongings, including: Elizabeth Short’s birth certificate, business cards, photographs, and an address book with the name “Mark Hansen” on the cover. Steve Hodel, a former Los Angeles detective, has spent 23 years ​gathering evidence​ to posthumously I.D. his father as Elizabeth Short's killer. With good reason, because his dad was sketchy AF. George Hodel (Steve's father) basically admitted to murdering her.  He was literally recorded on tape saying "Supposin' I did kill the Black Dahlia. They can't prove it now. They can't talk to my secretary anymore because she's dead." - oh, he was also questioned about his secretary's random and untimely death.  George was a doctor, more than capable of the precise hemicorporectomy performed on Elizabeth Short. Also, the initials "G.H" were repeatedly mentioned in a posthumous letter from police informant W. Glenn Martin referencing both the Black Dahlia murder as well as the Green Twig murder only two years later. ​George Hodel was questioned and released for that one, too​.If you're keeping track, that's 3 separate murder's George was a suspect in.The Black Dahlia murder has been unsolved for over 70 years, but it's certainly not for lack of manpower. Between January 1947 and the spring of that same year, 400 sheriff's deputies and 250 California State Patrol officers tried, unsuccessfully to solve the crime. Some, think it’s because the LAPD ​was actually trying to cover it up​.... will we ever know?Check out our website!Contact us!Support the show (
Epi 37: Movies

Epi 37: Movies


This week we are talking about the wonderful world of movies.  From the start, we've seen some sketchy things going on in this industry... First, we're talking about the real inventor of motion picture cinema: Louis Le Prince.  Apparently he was working with movies wayyy before Thomas Edison, and right before he's about to make it big, he disappears and is never heard from again.  Then, his son, who was the only one looking into the investigation is found dead in the woods... the whole story is sketchy AF.Then, we're talking about good ol' Hollywood and the theory of the government trying to persuade our view's of UFO through the media.  There's a lot to think about here... and what ev happened to Phobos 1??Check out our website!Contact us!Support the show (
Are the Kennedy's cursed? - probably.  This family’s string of untimely deaths from assassinations, freak accidents, plane crashes, suicides and overdoses is just so crazy.  So.  Much.  Death.Here's just a quick run down of some of the major tragic events that happened to the Kennedy’s from 1941-2019:In 1941 Rosemary Kennedy had a lobotomy that went drastically wrong.  This left her unable to walk or speak well, and as a result, Rosemary remained institutionalized until her death in 2005.Joe Kennedy Jr. died in 1944 when he volunteered to pilot a secret World War II bombing mission in France. Two in-flight explosions hit the aircraft, killing him and another pilot. He was 29 years old.Only four years later, JFK’s sister Kathleen Kennedy died when a small plane crashed during a storm in France. She was only 28.In 1963, President Kennedy and wife Jacqueline gave birth to their third child, Patrick, nearly six weeks early. He survived for less than two days. Later that year, President JFK, 46 years old, was assassinated in Dallas.June 19, 1964 – Senator Ted Kennedy was involved in a plane crash in which one of his aides and the pilot were killed. Ted spent weeks in a hospital recovering from a broken back, a punctured lung, broken ribs, and internal bleeding.On June 5th 1968, Robert F. Kennedy was shot dead in Los Angeles in 1968, just as he was gaining Democratic support for his own presidential run.July 18, 1969 – In the Chappaquiddick incident, Ted Kennedy accidentally drove his car off a bridge on Chappaquiddick Island, which killed his 28-year-old passenger, Mary Jo Kopechne.In 1973, Edward M. Kennedy Jr., then aged 12, had to have his right leg surgically amputated due to bone cancer; he underwent a long, difficult, experimental two-year drug treatment to cure the cancerJFK’s son, John F. Kennedy Jr., his wife, Carolyn Kennedy, and sister-in-law Lauren Bessette died in a plane crash in 1999. JFK Jr. was piloting the plane at night when he apparently lost his bearings — and the aircraft plummeted into the Atlantic.Meanwhile, one of Robert F. Kennedy’s sons, David Kennedy, died in 1984 of a drug overdose in a Florida hotel. He was 28.Another son of RFK, Michael Kennedy, died in a Colorado ski accident on New Year’s Eve 1997. He was 39.In 2011, Ted Kennedy’s daughter Kara Kennedy died at age 51 of a heart attack during a workout at a health club.Earlier this month, Saoirse Roisin Kennedy Hill, 22-year-old granddaughter of Robert F. Kennedy, was found dead of a suspected drug overdose at the Kennedy Compound in Hyannis Port, Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Check out our website!Contact us!Support the show (
Today we're discussing two landmark alien-abduction cases - Antônio Villas Boas and Barney and Betty Hill.Antônio Villas Boas was a Brazilian farmer who claimed to have been abducted by extraterrestrials in 1957. The night he was abducted, he was picked and probed, gassed in a trapped room and ended the night having sex with a super hottie alien and getting her pregnant.  Although his story sounds silly as hell; Boas took it to the grave.  In addition, the amount of radiation that Boas had absorbed after that event, still confuses medical experts and physicists to this day.On the night of Sept. 19, 1961, Barney and Betty Hill were driving on a rural highway to their home in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. On an isolated road snaking through the White Mountains, the couple later recounted, they saw a bright object that appeared to be following their car. They arrived home around 5 a.m., unable to account for two hours of the night but feeling that something terrible had happened to them.  It took a while, but the Hills eventually remembered the life-altering event that befell them on that lonely stretch of highway: They’d been abducted by f*cking aliens.Check out our website!Contact us!Support the show (
Epi 34: Familicides

Epi 34: Familicides


A familicide is a technical term for “family annihilation” which basically refers to the killing of one’s entire f*cking family.  Today, we're each sharing a horrifically disturbing story of a familicide.  Happy Friday!First, we're talking about the super recent familicide of the Watt's family.  Last year, a**hole Chris Watt's, murdered his pregnant wife Shanann and two daughters, (4-year-old Bella and 3-year-old Celeste), and then stuffed their bodies in oil tanks.  Although Watts initially denied having any involvement with his wife’s and daughters’ deaths, he later confessed.Then, we're talking about the New Zealand Bain family murders.  After nearly a quarter-century, this whole case still confuses TF out of us. Either Robin Bain killed all but one of his family and then himself, or his son David murdered his parents and three siblings, in June of 1994. Initially convicted of the murders, David was found not guilty in 2009 at a second trial after spending 13 years in prison.Check out our website!Contact us!Support the show (
Happy Friday!  Today we're each bringing 2 freaky stories to the table, and they are both freaky AF.First we're talking about The Giant of Kandahar- a biblical giant with flaming red hair who was killed by U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan in 2002.  Apparently our government is trying to cover it up...Then, we're talking about the freakiest cult ever, Heaven's Gate.  Heaven's Gate was a UFO cult, which we love; but also led to the largest mass suicide in U.S. history, which we hate.Check out our website!Contact us!Support the show (
Our government is super shady, obvi.  Today we're discussing a handful of secret-government projects that sound crazy AF, but actually happened.Projects we're talking about: (yes, these are the actual names)The Brown Note AKA Disco DumpAcoustic KittyOperation MockingbirdX-37BProject RainbowOperation Big ItchThe CHANI ProjectProject SigmaCheck out our website!Contact us!Support the show (
Dean Corll was known for passing out sweets to kids in the Houston Heights, where his family had a candy factory. But that smile was a mask, and behind it was one of the most brutal, calculating serial killers of the 20th century. WTF Moments:Long before Dean Corll ever killed any children, he earned his nickname as “The Candy Man” after his mother opened a candy shop in the Houston Heights, and he gave local teenagers free candy around the neighborhood.Disgusting Dean was a total moma’s boy.  In fact, his mother actually fired employees at the candy shop for complaining about Dean’s harassment – denial at its finest.His first accomplice (David Brooks) was only 12 years old when they first met.  Dean was 27 at the time – sicko.Dean Corll kidnapped, raped and tortured more than 28 young boys in a 3 year time span.Despite the families persistence, Police did not look into these cases, and every single missing child was originally reported as a runaway- even when 11 boys from the same school went missing within months of one another.Dean totally snapped when Brooks brought a female to his house, and then planned on killing the 3 teenagers that night.As fate would have it, his main accomplice, David Brooks, finally snapped and shot Corll six times before he finally collapsed.His first shot literally ricocheted off Corll’s skull in true Frankenstein fashion. Check out our website!Contact us!Support the show (
Epi 30: Yuba County 5

Epi 30: Yuba County 5


On the night of the 24th of February, 1978, a group of five young men attended a college basketball game at California State University. The group of men had been anticipating their Special Olympic basketball tournament that was scheduled for the very next night in Sacramento, which they had been looking forward to for months.  After the game, they traveled 70 miles in the opposite direction for no apparent reason, and 4 of the men were found dead months later.  One of the men is still missing to this day.WTF Moments:Over 30 miles outside of Oroville and 70 miles from Chico, Jack Madruga's car came to rest empty on a desolate road in the High Sierras, stopping just on the snow line at 4,400 feet in elevation.The car’s underside was completely undamaged.  Investigators concluded that the driver had either used astonishing care and precision, or else the knew the road extremely well – Jack, hated the cold, and according to his parents, would never drive it in the snow or unfamiliar territory.In fact, none of the boys aside from Mathias, cared for camping or other outdoor activities. That same night, a man named Joseph Shones was driving along the same route and begin to have a f*cking heart attack.  He laid down on his backseat and kept his car running to keep warm - After several hours, the gas ran out and he thought he had seen a group of men and a woman with a baby, walking in the light of another vehicle’s headlights. Shone's claimed he called out for help and the lights disappeared and everything had gone quiet. Once he had rested for some time, he walked eight miles down to get help at a place he had been drinking at earlier in the day called Mountain House, passing a strange abandoned blue-green colored car along the way.Ted Weiher’s body was discovered first in an abandoned cabin. He was laying on a bed with eight sheets wrapped around him, including his head. The autopsy showed that he had died of a combination of starvation and hypothermia. He had lost nearly half his body weight, and the growth of his beard suggested he had lived as long as 13 weeks from when he had last shaved. Ted’s autopsy showed that Ted died of hypothermia and starvation, despite there being a propane tank and over a years’ worth of canned food in and near the trailer.The cans of food required a P-38 can-opener, a very specific can-opener to the military and army - Gary Mathias and Jack Madruga were the only ones in the group with military experience.In the trailer, there was a gold watch found on a side table that did not belong to anyone in the group.Jack Madruga and Bill Sterling’s body were found on opposite sides of the road 11.4 miles from where the car had been. The former's body had been partially consumed by scavenging animals; only bones remained of the latter, scattered over a small area.Two days after the discovery of Jack and Bill, as part of one of the other search parties, Jack Huett's father insisted on helping the police in the search, since his son was the last 2 that still hadn’t been found.  During the search he discovered his son’s blue jean jacket in the snow and when he ran to pick it up, a back bone fell out of the jacket. His shoes and jeans nearby helped identify the body. Yikes.Gary Mathias was never found. He has been missing for over 41 years, and this case remains unsolved to this day.Check out our website!Contact us!Support the show (
Denver International Airport is weird AF.WTF Moments:When Denver International Airport opened in February of 1995, construction had fallen 16 months behind schedule, and $2 billion over budget. The airport itself is 35,000 acres, which is almost twice as large as the next biggest U.S. airport.When the airport was originally built, they designed an entire automated baggage system that failed miserably. So what did they do?  Buried it underground and created numerous underground tunnels and trams that run between the concourses and around the failed baggage system. Some people say those tunnels were built to shuttle people to large underground bunkers to be used when the end time comes. - Conspiracy theorists say those tunnels were built to shuttle people to large underground bunkers to be used when the end time comes. Prior to opening, a capstone was placed inside the airport to memorialize it. This dedication stone displays the Masonic symbol of a compass with a capital G inside. Underneath the symbol, the "New World Airport Commission" is credited with helping fund and build the airport.DIA recently installed a new animatronic gargoyle. His name is Greg, he is 243 years old and we love him. Meet Greg here. There's a GIANT blue demonic looking horse displayed outside DIA. His official name is "Blue Mustang" - stupid; but locals refer to him as "Blucifer" - love it.  Blucifer is thought to be haunted, mainly for killing it's creator (WTF, right?!).Etched on the floor of the Denver Airport’s “Great Hall” is a large tile stating “Au Ag.” It might seem completely innocuous, especially since these are just the symbols for gold and silver, and likely are tribute to the rich mining history of Colorado… right?  WELL, many people wonder if these letters are a nod to one of the airport’s largest donors, an anonymous person who supposedly found a new strain of hepatitis so strong it could be used in biological warfare. The strain was allegedly called “Australia Antigen,” aka AUAG.There are 4 enormous murals designed by Leo Tanguma in the airport. Many think that the murals tell the story of apocalyptic biowarfare destroying the world as we know it, with the New World Order taking over in its place. These murals are very ridic and we hate them.Check out our website!Contact us!Support the show (
Madeleine McCann was just 3 years old when she seemingly vanished into thin air. The little girl from England disappeared from her bed while she, her family and their friends were on vacation in a holiday apartment at a resort in Praia da Luz in Portugal in 2007.  Madeleine’s whereabouts remain unknown, but interest in the child’s fate has only grown in the years since she went missing. WTF Moments:Madeleine Beth McCann disappeared on May 3rd, 2007 from her bed in a holiday apartment in Praia da Luz, a resort in the Algarve region of Portugal. A group of family friends were traveling together.The adults of this travel group was eventually known as the "Tapas Seven"- because they dined at a tapas restaurant each night at the resort.Each night, Gerry and Kate left their back porch of their apartment unlocked and took hourly shifts back to the apartment to check on the kids.Kate noticed Madeleine was missing from her bed when she went to check between 9:30 and 10.Immediately following this horrific discovery, Kate ran back to the restaurant and everyone begins a frantic search for Maddie.Witnesses said they saw a man carrying a blonde child about Madeleine's age on the night of her disappearance. Police drew a sketch according to the public description - with zero facial features. Literally just a circle with a bit of hair.At the time, The Telegraph reported there had been an unusually high number of assaults on young girls in the area. The report said: "Police identified nine sexual assaults and three 'near misses' on British girls aged between six to 12 in the three years before Madeleine went missing. In one case from 2005, a ten-year-old girl was assaulted in an apartment Praia da Luz, close to the spot from where Madeleine vanished."Another theory is that Maddie was taken as part of a bungled burglary in which an intruder panicked and snatched her after she woke up. While Scotland Yard looked into this theory it has always been dismissed by cops in Portugal since nothing else was taken from the apartment.It has been claimed Portuguese authorities framed the McCanns in a desperate attempt to save the tourism trade in Portugal. They didn't want people to think that Portugal was the kind of place where children were unsafe, and such horrible crimes could take place, so they pinned it all on Kate and Gerry McCann.The two authors who appeared in the Netflix documentary said they believe that Madeleine was the victim of a planned abduction and that she is still alive.Check out our website!Contact us!Support the show (
The "Reptilian Elite" suggests that in ancient times, a group of advanced reptiles from the Alpha Draconins star system came to Earth and infiltrated the governments of the ancient civilizations in order to control all the humans and enslave them and became their rulers and bred with other humans to form crossbreeds so that their DNA can infiltrate the minds of humans.  With their DNA inside our systems, they can control us by making us dumber, slower, and weaker and therefore easier to control.WTF Moments (besides the theory itself, obvi)Lizard people are thought to come from the constellation Draco, but there are other theories that claim they came from other systems, like Sirius and Orion - basically, they're aliens.It's been thought that lizard people have been visiting earth since ancient times and breeding with humans, which results in more lizard people and more humans, with the potential to be lizard people - its exponential lizards!!12 million Americans actually believe this theory.Several eyewitness encounters have been reported, but what really started getting this theory attention was when David Icke published his book, The Biggest Secret.David Icke loves conspiracy theories so much and is the poster child for this whole theory.Icke says the whole "reptilians on earth" thing began with a mysterious group of aliens known as the Annunaki - remember them?! They came to earth looking for gold, but on earth, they needed slaves to mine it for them. SO the Annunaki took some of their DNA to create a lesser species to do their work: humans.Icke proposes that mankind has been manipulated to become “unconscious” through the use of programming by media and politics, the tyrannical control over our food, water, and air supply, the dumbing down of the masses by pharmaceutical drugs and alcohol, and the list goes on.  “But the manipulation doesn’t stop there”,  Icke has stated about exploring the never ending depths of this rabbit hole.Check out our website!Contact us!Support the show (
Epi 26: NXIVM

Epi 26: NXIVM


WTF Moments:Although the group has been around since the late ninety's, NXIVM has gotten A LOT of media attention in the past year, and has been accused of brainwashing people into joining this group. Their goal was to have all of the individuals actualize human potentialThe "intent" is to have participants join in Executive Security Programs, which consist of a series of workshops that are expensive AF. These workshops were designed to actualize human potential - helping maximize the way people think, make decisions, react, and perform in various areas of life.The ultimate goal is to reach an enlightened state called "fully integrated" - and the only person that has reached this state is the founder, Keith Raniere - f*cking duh.Keith really sucks, but somehow has this ability to make people totally obsessed with him.Within NXIVM, Keith and his bestie, started a "sorority" type group called DOS.DOS is an acronym for the Latin phrase Dominus Obsequious Sororium, which loosely translates to: Master over the Slave Women - They actually called each other masters and slaves. In order to join, you had to give up some sort of collateral - i.e. naked photos, a video of you confessing something horrible about your family, etc. - this is to ensure that you do not speak out if you decide to leave the group.Women were also branded as a part of the initiation ceremony.After women started coming out, the U.S. Attorney’s office in Brooklyn reportedly launched an investigation into NXIVM, and Raniere fled to Mexico with some female followers - including Smallville actress Allison Mack, who was photographed at the scene of his arrest in Mexico.Here is an update on the charges Keith Raniere is facing - click here to read.Check out our website!Contact us!Support the show (
Today we're discussing the murder of Kevin Ives and Don Henry.  This unsolved/cold-case goes all the way to the top.WTF Moments:On August 24, 1987, Kevin Ives and Don Henry were killed, placed on railroad tracks, and run over by a 6,000 ton Union Pacific train around 4:30 amDr. Fahmy Malik was the state medical examiner at the time and he was the absolute worst.Malik actually had a very close relationship with the Clinton's, and helped get mama Clinton out of multiple malpractice lawsuits.When Linda Ives finally went to the public, they were able to get the case reopened and it was officially ruled a homicide by nationally recognized pathologist, Dr. Joseph Burton.Burton stated that he had performed thousands of autopsies, and he had never seen anything like it.It is thought the boys may have wandered into a drug drop as the area was linked to a huge drug trafficking operation out of Mena, AR run by Barry Seals. Barry Seals was later supposedly involved in photographing his Central America drug connections for the CIA.Dan Harmon, the prosecuting attorney, was heavily involved in drugs and was later jailed for several crimes, including drug charges - hmmmmm...Billy Jack Haynes recently came forward to reveal that he knew more about the boy's murder - here is his side of the story.Check out our website!Contact us!Support the show (
How is Mattress Firm still in business? And what is up with Chuck E. Cheese?Check out our website!Contact us!Support the show (
Okay, this theory is way out there...WTF Moments: A Stargate is an Einstein–Rosen bridge portal device within the Stargate fictional universe that allows practical, rapid travel between two distant locations.  Many ancient cultures speak of portals to other worlds and gateways to star systems where their “creators” reside.  The theory is that an alien race, called the "Annunaki" came to earth through this Stargate and taught the Sumerians how to do a bunch of shit thousands of years ago.Apparently there are several of these Stargates around the world and their existence has been hidden from the public from secret governments for years.The conspiracy theory is that we started the war in Iraq to get a hold of this particular Stargate, because we though that Saddam Hussein had relevant information on this Stargate/the Annunaki and the US got pissed.This guy actually wrote a professional paper on this theory - read it here.Quite a few people actually believe this...Check out our website!Contact us!Support the show (
The murder of JonBenét Ramsey is so fucked up.  From a family member, to an old loser hired to play Santa Claus, the theories are endless and leads to the question - will we ever f*cking solve this?WTF Moments:The Ramsey's were extremely wealthy - like so wealthy, they had 2 planes...Their house was a f*cking disaster though, Marie Kondo would have loved it (love her!)John Ramsey had another daughter from a previous marriage who died four years before JonBenét.911 was the third call made from The Ramsey's after discovering the sketch ass ransom note on the stairs.The 911 operator who received Patsy's original call was on a gag order during the investigation and never interviewed by the police or FBI. Listen to the call here.This 911 tape has since been analyzed 9 different times.Some argue that they can hear Burke in the background, weird because the Ramsey's official statement claims Burke was in bed the entire time...In the basement where JonBenét was found, a blue suitcase rested by the wall directly below the broken window where an intruder may have sneaked in. Inside were a semen-encrusted blanket and a book by Dr. Seuss. The semen on the blanket belonged to John Andrew (John Ramsey's son from his previous marriage).Burke was a little sicko. Before JonBenét's death, Burke had a tendency to smear feces everywhere he could - such a gross hobby.JonBenét  also had a problem with regularly wetting the bed. Some have suggested that Patsy might have killed her in a rage over bed-wetting, while others have pointed out that bed-wetting can be a symptom of sexual abuse.John and Patsy hired separate lawyers immediately after the incident - sketch.Thirteen days after JonBenét died, Burke Ramsey was brought in to speak with a child psychologist about what had happened. His interview is so creepy- his sister had just been brutally assaulted and murdered inside his own home, and Burke is like giggling and won't stop talking about Nintendo. Here is a clip of his interview.Burke still gives off a weird vibe when he speaks about his sister's death 20 years later. Watch this recent clip from Dr. Phil interviewing 29 year old Burke - get ready to feel uncomfortable.Burke just settled a $750 million defamation lawsuit against CBS and others over a 2016 docuseries that pegged him as her killer. Burke Ramsey's attorney has stated that the case has been settled but gave no details.Check out our website!Contact us!Support the show (
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