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The ShowATL Podcast is a show for the creatively-inclined. We are dedicated to finding and highlighting Atlanta's Creative Voice by speaking with those who are making things in our city everyday. Hosted by ATLien Parsa Behnamiri, The ShowATL Podcast brings you interviews with creatives and creators that comprise some of Atlanta's boldest voices, as well as tons of other colorful content you will probably want to tell all your friends and family about.
29 Episodes
Shannon Green and Christy Petterson met in 2004 at a craft and vintage market in Grant Park, exchanged a necklace for a piece of handmade clothing, and created a bond that has lasted 15 years and counting. Shannon and Christy founded Indie Craft Experience in 2005 with a goal of giving consumers an opportunity to buy directly from artists, while also giving artists an opportunity to sell their creations. Indie Craft Experience hosts several craft and vintage markets throughout the year, with their Holiday Shopping Spectacular each November being the biggest and most well-attended. Along with markets, Shannon and Christy have worked to expand the Indie Craft brand to include workshops, retreats (they are going to the Oregon Coast and Oaxaca this year), and summer camps. With Indie Craft Experience celebrating its 15th birthday this year, Shannon and Christy join Parsa behind the mic to talk about Indie Craft’s history, as well as all things exciting coming in the future. Learn more about Indie Craft Experience at Find Indie Craft Experience on Instagram at @iceatlanta
Lela Brunet: Episode 27

Lela Brunet: Episode 27


Lela Brunet is an Atlanta based visual artist. With her main subject being the female form, Lela “explores the contrast created when the grace of the figure and the tension of energetic patterns and colors collide together. Lela’s work explores this visual battlefield of pattern, color, and form.” She works in a variety of media including murals, painting, drawing, and design. She has exhibited her work and murals in multiple galleries and events throughout the United States and internationally. In her own words, Lela is a “devoted mother, loving wie, and insanely dedicated artist. That should go on my gravestone.” Lela joined us to talk about her work, as well as her dual role as a new mother and working artist. We also talked murals, collaborations, commissions, and more (and had a great time doing it). Learn more about Lela at Lela on Instagram at @lelabrunetart
Karen Anderson is the founder of Tiny Doors ATL. In her own words, “Tiny Doors ATL is an Atlanta-based art project bringing big wonder to tiny spaces.” Karen founded Tiny Doors in the summer of 2014 with Atlanta native Sarah Meng. Tiny Doors ATL installs 6 to 7-inch tall doors throughout the city. Each door is designed to look and feel like the surrounding neighborhood’s architecture and community spirit. As Tiny Doors ATL approaches its fifth year anniversary, Karen took time out of her increasingly productive schedule to talk through her personal journey as well as the journey of Tiny Doors, which now includes 16 numbered and mapped doors (which are all free and wheelchair accessible), as well as numerous commissions. Learn more about Tiny Doors ATL at Tiny Doors on Instagram at @tinydoorsatl
In this episode, we sit down once again with Meredith Howard, founder of The Streets Magazine, after the release party for the 2018 print edition of The Streets. Meredith joined us at a table in the middle of the Atlanta Photography Group gallery space where The Streets’ print show was being exhibited last November. We talk about the 2018 print edition, as well as the various artists and works featured in the magazine. We even take some time to walk around the gallery and spend some time talking about select pieces up close. For this episode, we were joined by local photographer and videographer Kevin Fuentes, also featured in the magazine, to film the entire interview. This podcast features all of the audio from the interview minus the gallery walk-through. Check back on our website or Instagram for an announcement of when we release the full video of our interview and gallery walk-through with Meredith Howard, which is coming out very soon!Learn more about The Streets Magazine at www.thestreetsmag.comFind The Streets on Instagram at @thestreetsmagazine
Ben Getz is the founder and host of the popular Atlanta Foodcast, a podcast focused on highlighting Atlanta’s incredible food scene through interviews with chefs, restaurant owners, and other people working to make Atlanta a great food city. Ben helped Corrigan and I get the ShowATL Podcast off the ground last year, and as the Atlanta Foodcast turns 1 year old and passes the 50 episode mark, Ben joins us yet again to chat about all things food in Atlanta. Ben also shares some of his personal story, from his evolving relationship with food, to the starting and growing of the Atlanta Foodcast. Listen to The Atlanta Foodcast on Apple Podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts. Learn more about Ben and the Atlanta Foodcast at www.atlfoodcast.comFind The Atlanta Foodcast on Instagram at @atlfoodcast
Jeff Dake and Jamey Adams are 2 of the 5 co-founders of Arches Brewing in Hapeville, Georgia. As a lager-focused brewery, Arches is committed to bringing classic European styles to the modern American craft market. Arches is so dedicated to the quality of their craft that they drilled a 400+ foot well on premises to be able to get water from the headwaters of the Flint River, which they can then manipulate to match the water style needed for the particular beer being brewed. Jeff and Jamey, both chemists, have been brewing together for over 13 years. At Arches, Jamey guides the whole business, working on beer development, long term planning, and the direction of the brewery. Jeff does the lab work to ensure the health and viability of the yeast and progress of each batch. They joined us prior to their 3-year anniversary celebration to talk about the process of starting Arches Brewing, why they focus on lager beers, and even go into depth on some of the process behind what it takes to brew some of their beer. Arches beer was consumed while taping, so this was a fun episode. Learn more about Arches at Find them on Instagram at @archesbrewing
Nate Damen, otherwise known by his character name of ATLTVHead, is an Atlanta native and Georgia Tech graduate who sees the problems within society, work structure, and our relationship with technology. As ATLTVHead, Nate wears a custom retrofitted 1960’s RCA Victor television set on his head and walks the Beltline to create interactive experiences with people. In Nate’s own words, “ATLTVHead is an online and offline connected experience. The project strives to better explore our technological habits, to use technology to connect us on a empathetic/physical level, and a reminder that having fun is not just something we do as kids, but crucial to as adults as well.” Nate talked to us about his journey with creating ATLTVHead, how you can tune in to watch Nate’s livestream of ATLTVHead every Friday at 5:30pm EST, and even brought the TV helmet in to explain the functionality and let us play around with it. Find out more about Nate and ATLTVHead at, or go to every Friday at 5:30pm EST to watch Nate’s live stream. Find ATLTVHead on Instagram at @atltvhead
Kevin Tucker is the High Museum of Art’s Chief Curator. With more than two decades of curatorial and museum leadership experience, he directs the High’s curatorial program and oversees interpretation, research, and development of the collections. In addition, he works with the executive staff and across curatorial departments to develop plans for permanent collection installations and to organize an ambitious schedule of special exhibitions. Kevin sat down with us in his office to talk about his impressive career journey, the role of a curator of the arts in today’s increasingly information-rich and attention-poor society, as well as the growing number of opportunities the High Museum is providing the public to engage with the arts. We also spoke on the reinstallation of the High’s permanent collection, the success of the Yayoi Kusama “Infinity Mirrors” exhibit, and the upcoming “European Masterworks: The Phillips Collection” exhibit, which will open on April 6th and run through July 14th. Learn more about Kevin and the High Museum at www.high.orgFind The High Museum of Arts on Instagram at @highmuseumofart
Whiz Socks is an Atlanta company founded by John Pena, Leo Rodriguez, and Alex Miranda. John, Leo, and Alex wanted to create a company founded on the concepts of art and community, with a major focus on giving back. Whiz creates ultra-comfy socks featuring artwork by local Atlanta artists like Jake Llaurado and Yoyo Ferro. Whiz Socks also operates on a buy-a-pair, give-a-pair model, similar to that of Tom’s Shoes, by which every purchase of a pair of socks pays for a pair to be donated to Atlanta’s homeless. John, Leo, and Alex actually hand-deliver the socks (you can find videos on YouTube and on their website of them doing so). The Whiz Socks founders joined us in the studio (with a 6-pack of Victory Golden Monkey beer) to talk about the mission and vision of Whiz, what it means to go into business with your friends, and the future of the company and brand. This episode was recorded as a high-banter roundtable of sorts, so get ready for some laughs, some derailed topics, and some truly insightful nuggets of wisdom and information all throughout.Where to buy and learn more about Whiz Socks:Online: www.whizsocks.comInstagram: @whizsocks
Greg Noblin: Episode 19

Greg Noblin: Episode 19


“Daydreams and impossibilities are commonplace in my mind.  When a scene or story jumps into my consciousness I feel compelled to act and collect source material. Once all the images are photographed and digitally cut up and the vision I had in my head begins to emerge on the screen I become elated.” Greg Noblin is an Atlanta-based artist who specializes in creating surrealist and mystical artwork through photography and digital art. Greg’s work uses a combination of animals, landscapes, toys, and other familiar objects juxtaposed against alien and fantastical scenes to create artwork that can almost be seen as a mix between Salvador Dali and Rene Magritte. In his own words, he likes turning photographs into art that looks nothing like a photograph. Greg joined us to talk about his work, his career progression as a professional artist, and his views on growth, failure, and the like.  Where to learn more about Greg:Online: www.gregnoblinart.comInstagram: @gregnoblin
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