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BZ broadcasts behind enemy lines in Occupied Kalifornia, live and direct from the sumptuous, palatial and resplendent SHR Media Studios, a mere two miles east of the locus of evil on the entire Left Coast -- the Bill Mill, the capitol building at 10th and L Streets in downtown Sacramento where, late at night, the death of common sense can be heard wailing from that immoral edifice and, when BZ exits the studio at the conclusion of his late night show, the odiferous and clotted stench of sulphur and brimstone can be smelled. Listen to the best in late night Conservatarian talk radio!
359 Episodes
Tonight JEFF DUNETZ and BZ solve all the world's problems in one night -- and analyze the depth and breadth of Demorat corruption and cheating!YOU TOO can call (575) 208-4481 with your comments or questions to BZ or JEFF DUNETZ!Jump into the Saloon, the best in late night Conservatarian talk radio!
Is Christianity in jeopardy? What is the state of religion today in the United States? Is Man born good? Where should you keep your faith -- church or heart? SHANNON WRIGHT, KEN McCLENTON, RALPH CHITTAMS and RANDY PURHAM weigh in on this and other big religious questions in an unprecedented three hour roundtable discussion!
UFO, Sasquatch, paranormal and unexplained investigator and researcher ALLEN THOMAS returned to the Saloon to discuss the state of the unexplained, and the newest UFO revelations from the US government. What does it all mean? And why is this revealed now? Is there a distraction of some sort involved? Listen and chat at SHRMEDIA.COM, and find out!
Suspected this all along? A video played tonight, "From Pathogen To Profit," lays bare the TRUE story of Wuhan-19, Fauci, cash, medicine, and profitable world deaths. "Create the problem, then 'solve' it." The terror writ large. You've been LIED TO all along, you knew it, and I link it all up tonight.PLUS: why are housing prices skyrocketing? Could it be because BLACKROCK is buying up all the new houses and new subdivisions it can?Listen and chat at SHRMEDIA.COM! Please share on all social media!
Part Two.
Let's consider this Part Deux of the show in the New Studio! Regale in Lori Lightfoot's Chicago, in Happy Stories, You Can't Write This Shite, and Tales From the Racist-Sexist Industrial Complex!Listen and chat at SHRMEDIA.COM!
The last show in the original SHR Media Studio in downtown Sacramento occurred one week ago. Since then, then studio had to be physically moved to South Sacramento so that BZ could continue his Conservative Comms! Check out the background, and call the show at (575) 208-4481 with your comments or questions! Listen and chat at SHRMEDIA.COM!
Tonight we spoke to RANDY PURHAM, candidate for Alaska's at-large Representative in Congress, as he delineates his suitability and reasons for running as a Conservative Republican!
Featuring the last night in the original SHR Media Network studios, BZ spoke to LONNIE POINDEXTER and the creator/opwner of SHR, Sack Heads Shaun!!Listen and chat at SHRMEDIA.COM!
Tonight we spoke to thriller - crime - western author TERRENCE McCAULEY about his new books, cigars, movies and the writing business!Listen and chat at SHRMEDIA.COM!
Tonight the host of the CHARLES LOVE SHOW and author of the forthcoming book "Race Crazy: BLM, 1619 and the Progressive Racism Movement" spoke with BZ about the removal of qualified immunity for law enforcement, and much more!Jump into the chat room at SHRMEDIA.COM!
Tonight BZ and ALLEN THOMAS talked about UFOs, Bigfoot, the unexplained and the paranormal -- and asked guests to call in with their stories as well.But first, BZ began with the CDT and Happy Stories!A number of people did call in with their stories, and ALLEN THOMAS engaged his own unique perspective on all.Listen and chat at SHRMEDIA.COM!Recently ranked as #18 on the Top 75 Late Night Talk Show Podcasts You Must Follow in 2021 -- you can listen to BZ's Berserk Bobcat Saloon Radio Show on Tuesday and Thursday nights, 11 PM Eastern, 8 PM Pacific, at SHRMEDIA.COM -- and WATCH on the SHR Media YouTube channel or Facebook page!GREAT late night Conservatarian talk radio!
Tonight we spoke to JAN ROGERS, CEO and creator of DREAM MAKERS FOR LIFE, "restoring dreams to critically ill children."Listen to her story about the organization and, if you feel so inclined, please donate to her project!Listen and chat at SHRMEDIA.COM!
If the Republicans don't grow an immediate set of balls and oppose everything the Democrats propose, we are going to lose this nation. BZ cites example after example.PLUS: Listen and chat at SHRMEDIA.COM!
Tonight BZ provided a full two-hour+ SHR Media Network Special Report: Coronavirus Update, as of March, 2021.Packed with information you won't get anywhere else, BZ provided the material you need in order to make an informed decision regarding vaccines and children returning to school. Some people are following "the science" -- and Leftists most certainly are not.Know the difference between an EUA and a fully licensed vaccine -- as though your life depended on it. Because it does.
Leftists are convinced the Biden Republicans are the future of the party. Don't believe it for a second!PLUS: Happy Stories and Breaking News!Listen and chat at SHRMEDIA.COM!
BZ and co-host LONNIE POINDEXTER talked about a plethora of Happy Stories, and JACK ALEXANDER addressed the conundrum of being asked by medical personnel, prior to an X-ray, if he identified as a pregnant Boeing 707. Which he did not, of course, as he was never manufactured in the state of Washington.Listen and chat at SHRMEDIA.COM!
Tonight we had the pleasure of speaking to LARRY LAIRD, Vietnam USMC VMO-3 veteran, crew chief for UH-1 Marine helicopter gunships, on Vietnam, helicopters, flying law enforcement helicopters, and the state of law enforcement today.
LONNIE POINDEXTER and BZ addressed today's schism in race, noting that the division between races is purposeful and taught to our young by Demorats and those on the Left who profit, monetarily and politically, by said division -- which only serves to make Conservatives easier to suppress and destroy. Tonight we had two men, one black, one white (and only mentioned because Leftists couch everything in terms of race or sex or both), whom Leftists insist should have nothing in common -- only to clearly display they have everything in common.They are Conservatives.Listen and chat at SHRMEDIA.COM!
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