DiscoverThe Art of Getting Your Sh*t Together
The Art of Getting Your Sh*t Together
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The Art of Getting Your Sh*t Together

Author: Lindsay & Jena

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How many times have you whispered “I seriously need to get it together” to yourself while you struggle through the same old same you did last week? Real is so rare these days, and maneuvering through life can be exhausting. The only way we can ever really begin to get our stuff together is by getting real with ourselves, owning our stories, and changing the tape. Whether it’s your job, your business, your relationships, or life in general, we’re here to help you identify what's holding you back and discover the courage to take action and create a life you love and enjoy.
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There are MANY ways we can contribute to living our best life. Jena gives a special breakdown on 5 ways she knows can help you build your foundation to live your best life. These are not just things we preach, we practice and live by these principles - because we have been there!
We must always stand with integrity. Show up and act as if everything you did; the end result would have your name displayed for everyone to see. Your biggest asset is your name. And like any asset, it must be built, protected and compounded overtime to become something great. An asset is something of meaning, value and quality. An asset is something that we can invest in and reinvent overtime. Your name has value – it is your personal brand. What do you want your brand to represent? What do you want people to think of when your name is brought up, even when you’re not in the room? This isn’t a popularity contest - this is your legacy.
In this episode you will meet Courtney Denham, she is the CEO of Wilderness Athlete and Outdoorsmans. Courtney loves cross-fit, her dogs and all things that make fitness and nutrition easier and more enjoyable. In her interview, Courtney shares her passion of her craft and some amazing hacks listeners have been asking for.  From the show:Get your 10% off from the amazing Wilderness Athlete supplement and nutritional line by using the discount code: TAGYST - you won’t be disappointed, the Danielson and Gribble household’s are obsessed. - 10% discount code: TAGYST IG follows:@wilderness_athlete@outdoorsmans@courtneymaedenham
Wish you had more time to get shit done? Now is time to learn how to make the most of the time we have. We talk a lot about time management but it’s really about self-management. In this episode you will hear  time management and productivity expert, Sara Mayer share all her best tips and what it really takes to manage yourself. Don’t miss out on learning the mindset, communication, connection, reflection, grace and expectations necessary to build the skills of becoming masterful at knocking off your to do list and staying ahead of the game. You can find and connect with Sara at 
Ever wonder why you feel like shit when sorting out your thoughts? Or feel discomfort before or while taking action you thought was for the greater good or you were told to do? There is a name for that...and we break it down for you. Stay tuned for a simple Psych 101 session that simplifies these inconsistencies and how we cope with them. 
#44: Own Your Journey

#44: Own Your Journey


In summary - you cannot personal develop your way out of being human. Do you ever feel like you’ve made amazing strides in your personal growth just to get knocked down and old demons start to rear their ugly heads? You are not alone and this is NORMAL. In this episode we hope to inspire you to embrace the path your journey has taken and know that just because old patterns and thoughts come up and bad shit happens - you are still right where you need to be. Enjoy the journey - it is uniquely yours. xo! Lindsay and Jena 
What is the most important thing? Hint, there may be more than one dropped on this episode but you gotta listen to find out. You don't want to miss Lindsay running solo on this quick yet informative episode. xo! 
Get ready to take your power back by showing up for yourself and stepping into the fear that propels you toward your goal. Success coach, Natasha Hemmingway brings her coaching gifts and amazing energy in sharing her Fear to Faith Cycle - a journey she lived and now coaches other women through any fearful struggle of feeling stuck. After listening to this episode,  you will be able to identify with the 5 parts of the Fear to Faith Cycle and different types of fear that may show up in your life. Remember, awareness is key to change - some of these fears we may be carrying around and not even realize it! We know you are going to LOVE Natasha - you can find her @ Natasha Hemmingway almost anywhere and at her website Enjoy the show!
#41: Your No.1 Investment

#41: Your No.1 Investment


Jim Rohn said,  "work harder on yourself than you do on your job…working on your job creates an income, working on yourself creates a fortune." But sometimes working on ourself falls short. So how do you fill in the gap? Accountability. Accountability gives you the grit and edge you are looking for in your personal and professional life. Start investing in yourself and start seeing dramatic, positive changes in your life. Cheers- xo! 
#40: Curiosity & Cheesecake

#40: Curiosity & Cheesecake


As a leader in your your own life, it is crucial to understand the impact a powerful question has. This week we take a closer look at the impact of being curious and how to ask better questions as leaders to achieve better results and lasting change. The power of communication is key in any personal growth journey - and communication isn’t always about talking. Listen to learn more on how to show up as your best self, inspire others and make positive changes you want in your life and the lives you impact. Don't forget to download your free TAGYST booklet. Text TAGYST to 484848 to get yours today and start implanting the tools you learn from the podcast. Cheers! xo!
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