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How many times have you whispered “I seriously need to get it together” to yourself while you struggle through the same old same you did last week? Real is so rare these days, and maneuvering through life can be exhausting. The only way we can ever really begin to get our stuff together is by getting real with ourselves, owning our stories, and changing the tape. Whether it’s your job, your business, your relationships, or life in general, we’re here to help you identify what's holding you back and discover the courage to take action and create a life you love and enjoy.
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Grab your copy of Breaking the Cycle - click HERE to get it now. Ladies!  You’re going to want to jump to your feet to celebrate after this one! Jenny Schatzle doesn’t change bodies, she changes lives! She is a wellness and lifestyle guide who helps people feel good about themselves. Her platform is about changing the conversation on self-worth, body image and life perspective. She has created the hugely successful life-changing Jenny Schatzle Program. Her passion is empowering people to accept themselves, respect themselves and love themselves in every aspect of their lives. Through movement, media and online programs, she’s driving a new era of change with fitness, body image and self-worth. Jenny helps people change the conversation about who they are, what they can do and all they can be. Jenny's IG Page: @jennyschatzle Jenny's TEDx Talks:  The Only Opinion That Really Matters Rewiring How You Look At Yourself
Don't miss out on this special offer - Join Sara's new Self Management Course NOW:  Single payment of 397.00 3 monthly payments of 165.67 Wish you had more time to get shit done? Now is time to learn how to make the most of the time we have. We talk a lot about time management but it’s really about self-management. In this episode you will hear  time management and productivity expert, Sara Mayer share all her best tips and what it really takes to manage yourself. Don’t miss out on learning the mindset, communication, connection, reflection, grace and expectations necessary to build the skills of becoming masterful at knocking off your to do list and staying ahead of the game. You can find and connect with Sara at 
Encore! In this episode you will be reintroduced to Courtney Denham. Courtney is the CEO of Wilderness Athlete and Outdoorsmans. Courtney loves cross-fit, her dogs and all things that make fitness and nutrition easier and more enjoyable. In her interview, Courtney shares her passion of her craft and some amazing hacks listeners have been asking for. From the show: Get your 10% off from the amazing Wilderness Athlete supplement and nutritional line by using the discount code: TAGYST - you won’t be disappointed, the Danielson and Gribble household’s are obsessed. - 10% discount code: TAGYST  IG follows: @wilderness_athlete @outdoorsmans @courtneymaedenham
This encore episode is real talk served straight up. We feel so fortunate to bring you our interview we had with Jeremy Scott, owner and operator of Jeremy Scott Fitness. Jeremy is an expert in his field and while his no BS delivery is raw and direct, it is so real and relatable. In the interview you hear how Jeremy’s take on how mindset affects your habits, health or lack of it. What it means to be consistent and how delayed gratification is the key to propel you to where you want to be. You will also learn how Jeremy had to reverse engineer his diet to gain back his health. Moved across the country with only a few dollars in his pocket to only get knocked down by what seemed like every employer in town. Which then led to him learning how to leverage his strengths in the health and fitness arena. Jeremy’s consistency and ability to get our of his own way has led him to a life he could not have dreamt of years ago. Jeremy shares all that and so much more, you are in for a treat!  Find Jeremy everywhere under Jeremy Scott Fitness and @jeremyscottfitness
#93: Rewire Your Brain

#93: Rewire Your Brain


Whether you’re trying to gain traction on your goals, recovering from a failure, or just trying to understand another perspective. Sometimes all we need is a quick mental reframe. There is an expert who stands out to help us with this - Tony Robbins. Of course, we wish he was on the show...but until then, we are sharing 9 Tony Robbins quotes that will rewire your brain, change the way you think and transform your results.
Maegan Blau is the owner and lead design for Blue Copper Design. As a woman with a spinal cord injury, she utilizes a wheelchair to live her life. Her career in design started during her personal journey to renovate and adapt her first home. With a passion for both beautiful and functional spaces, she is here to change the perception of adaptive design. Get ready for an inspirational journey of resiliency, drive and adventure, and this is only the tip of Maegan’s iceberg. You are going to love Maegan’s story and perspective. To get to know Maegan, Blue Copper Design or to work with her, visit her IG page @bluecopperdesign or 
Did you know studies have shown that 95% of what we do is unconscious and that only 5% is conscious actions, emotions, behaviors and decisions?!  Our unconscious serves us for many reasons. For example, if we had think about every little thing we did like breathing, how to hold a pen when we start to write or gulping water - we would dissolve into overstimulated puddles.  What we really want to talk about is in order to create a habit, an action that begins to feel unconscious, may take longer than what you had originally planned for. Which is not to be discouraging but to shed some light on realistic expectations. Awareness and setting proper expectations will set you up for success.  Data Source: Katherine Browning, Resiliency Coach. 
It can be hard enough working on getting your shit together, and even more challenging when your spouse or significant other is not on board. Or maybe they are on board, but are not having to "do the work" like you are.  We share common barriers, communication gaps and misconceptions that get in the way as well as the necessary steps to set you up for success.
What happens to our minds when we feel we have too little? How does the context of scarcity shape our choices and our behaviors? Scarcity is not just a physical limitation, it also affects our thinking and feeling. It orients the mind automatically and powerfully toward unfulfilled needs.In this episode, we discuss scarcity mindset, how it hurts us, how it helps us, the flipside (abundance), as well as how to overcome it altogether. Sources: Cathy Burke & Psychology Today
#88: Memos

#88: Memos


If you haven't figured out by now, we are obsessed with Glennon Doyle. In her newest book, Untamed, she introduces to the world a new perspective on how we acquire beliefs systems and habits in our life.  Memos.  Throughout our lives, we have been given and written a series of memos on how to act, what to say, how to look, what to believe in, what to dislike, when to  speak up, when to stay silent, how to parent, how to be a good child, how to be good spouse - the list is endless.  What if those memos were never intended to be for us at all? Although most memos are given to us with good intention- what if we went though our files of old memos and ditched the ones that do not accuratley represent the way you want to live your one precious life? What if you could write a more meaningful, relevant and impactful memo - one that created a rise in energy, life and purpose?  It is possible. Words matter. What memos are you writing yourself and others? To every human, it's time to write some new damn memos.
#87: And/both

#87: And/both


We are talking about Splitting aka: "all or nothing" or "black and white" or "dichotomous" thinking.  Dichotomous thinking keeps us from seeing the world as it often is: complex, nuanced, and full of all the shades in-between.  We discuss and share the following:  What this type of thinking sounds like  How it's harmful to relationships  Negatively affects the ability to learn  Can limit someone's career potential  Disrupt healthy eating habits  How to change the "all or nothing" thinking patter “Life is brutal. But it’s also beautiful. It’s brutiful. If you reject the brutal, you’re rejecting the beauty, too.” - Glennon Doyle 
Ultimately, every decision is our responsibility...but why are some decisions so damn hard to make?! Weighing out options and just thinking about having to choose can be time consuming and exhausting. In this episode we share 5 steps to help you gain decision confidence.  Enjoy! 
As our Nation reopens and we are introduced to what our "new normal" looks like - we here at TAGYST believe that it's more important than ever to get VERY clear about the new normal YOU want to create. We want you to begin imagining this before you start to see large companies and influencers tell you what you need to consume in order to feel like life are back to normal. The thing is, we bet you already know what that is, at least the majority of it. In the episode, we want to get real and personal about reflecting on how these last couple months have been and setting the intention for what your new normal will be. Check our the Article we reference here  Cheers to you! 
When life feels uncertain and out of control we may find ourselves floundering with stress, anxiety and negative emotions.  In these moments it is critical we bring the energy inward and focus on our emotional wellbeing so we can continue to show up as our best-self, for ourself.  Information source for this episode: National Geographic Your Emotions, The Science of How You Feel. Pg. 110-111.
There is always a point in our lives where we have to pause, reflect and pivot back to our purpose, passions and to self-love. To ensure this happens you must take care of the following: ·  Physical health ·  Emotional wellbeing ·  Mental health The reason why this can be a challenge for millions is because what or who we were taught or trained to be. And our culture has engrained in us to hustle and serve - the message to BE this, SAY that and DO more, leaves you in the dust. You have done enough and done it well. There is nothing more rewarding and important than self-love. It’s time to put yourself first.
Just like our brains, our emotions can be complex. And just like our brains, we need our emotions to survive. Yet, sometimes our brains and emotions may be tricking us or maybe we've digested some information about our emotions we believe is Truth but not true for you at all.  This week TAGYST delivers and breaks down 9 emotional myths. We also throw in some added ‘nerd’ info that will fill your brain with knowledge and even dispel some myths you've been believing all along.  Thank you to National Geographic and author Tula Karras. Our content was complied from National Geographic's special publication; Your Emotions, The Science of How You Feel. 
As we navigate the enormous amount of loss and uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, this week we're talking all about the grief and pain that many of us are experiencing and will continue to experience in the coming weeks. We want to encourage listers that they don't have to do or be anything right now but what's asked for in the present moment. While many people are feeling pressure to "getting things done" or "be productive" during their unexpected downtime, we just want to encourage everyone to do what makes them feel good right now. We are here for you. Come join us in our VIP Facebook Group and let us know how we can help you during this time. Additional resources mentioned in this podcast: David Kessler and Brene Brown on Grief and Finding Meaning
On today's episode we speak with Dr. Myers, a naturopathic physician located in Gilbert, AZ who specializes in patients (mostly women) experiencing hormone imbalance or other conditions that otherwise make one feel like total crap. We discuss hormone health, specifically women's hormones, and cover the following topics: Conventional (allopathic, MD) vs. Naturopathic (natural, ND) medicine What symptoms to look for if you suspect you have a hormone imbalance What to do if you suspect you have a hormone imbalance Lifestyle tips you can utilize right now that will help you heal your body You can find Dr. Myers on Instagram: @drkaitlynmyers You can find her husband Dr. Timmermans on Instagram: @regenerativeperformance Their clinic is called Regenerative Performance and it's located in Gilbert, AZ. Dr. Myers sees patients both locally and virtually.
If we are distracted how can we ever manage our time effectively?  Maybe we are looking at this all wrong, maybe it's not all about time management at all, maybe we need to relearn how to focus. In the episode, we talk about a newer perspective around distraction, what studies and experts are saying is a causing us to crave distraction more than ever, and how to fix it. 
We’re back with another Enneagram episode! Make sure you listen to Part 1 of this episode so you can get a brief introduction to the enneagram (what it is and why you should care), how it will make you a better human, and you're into to Types 1-4. In this episode, we pick up where we left off and discuss the motivations and characteristics of Types 5-9. If you'd like to take the enneagram test to find out which number you are, these are the ones we recommend! RHETI Test ($12) Ian Morgan Cron's Test ($60-$120) *We are not affiliated with either of the above links and do not make any money on referring you to these links. Head over the VIP Facebook Group and let us know your Enneagram number and how you plan to use this information to help you grow!
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