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The Art of Getting Your Sh*t Together
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The Art of Getting Your Sh*t Together

Author: Lindsay & Jena

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How many times have you whispered “I seriously need to get it together” to yourself while you struggle through the same old same you did last week? Real is so rare these days, and maneuvering through life can be exhausting. The only way we can ever really begin to get our stuff together is by getting real with ourselves, owning our stories, and changing the tape. Whether it’s your job, your business, your relationships, or life in general, we’re here to help you identify what's holding you back and discover the courage to take action and create a life you love and enjoy.
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Who doesn't want to feel like they made their week their bitch?!  We love that feeling and because of that, we break down 9 strategies you can implant today to create an ultra successful week. Yes, some of it is work but the reward is 3-4 times worth the effort. Trust us, these are things we have utilized and tweaked and now practice on the regular. Take what works for you and leave the rest but we challenge you to try them all. You may be surprised how a small shift can transform your productivity and momemtum.  xo!  Linds & Jena 
#70: Don't Lose Your Steam

#70: Don't Lose Your Steam


Time for a gut check, how are you doing with those new goals and intentions you set? Are you biting off those little wins and making it all count? Are you crushing it? Have you slowed down or gotten distracted or have you lost the wind in your sails altogether? In reality these are all ok, what matters is that you don't give up or twitch directions for the wrong reasons.  In this episode we teach you have to check in with what may be really happening and how to can be resolved with your decisions to stick to the plan or shift. And while you are sorting this all out you may think - I'm conflicted I still don't know. This happens to all of us and we share how you can determine which part of your internal dialogue is your inner critic (when we should use caution)  and which is your intuition (the more trusting voice).  Enjoy xo! 
WELCOME TO 2020!!! Want to make lasting change in your life? Yes, we know you do, because we do too!  Karissa "KK" Kouchis is going to teach you just that. KK is the only female national speaker for Tony Robbins and has worked with some big names and groups including The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Don't miss a minute with the impactful and energizing interview. Oh and the best part?! KK is giving our TAGYST Tribe a kick-ass offer to an event we know you won't want to miss. You heard us talk about this epic event before and we think you need to be there. Trust us, we wouldn't recommend anything if we didn't LOVE and believe in it.  To make it even better, KK has created her own community within the event so you will never feel like you're going in it alone. Learn all about in the episode.  or... you can dive right in and get it now by texting TAGYST to 21000 to receive a text from Karissa to learn more and sign up.  Happy New Year! 
Healthy skin is beautiful skin, but how do you know what products or techniques are best? We are bombarded with advertisements and marketing schemes - From big brands to celebrity promos, if you are like us, you have heard, seen and tried it all.  Ladies (and gents) fear no more!  We brought in skin expert, Lindsey Powell, owner of Lash & Glow Beauty Bar to simplify things for you. Lindsey breaks down skincare myths and tosses in some serious truth bombs that will make your skincare routine easy and worthwhile. Healthy skin is beautiful skin, listen in to hear all of the tips and secrets Lindsey is sharing. From the episode: Image Skin Care Daily Tinted Moisturizer xo!
You've seen the clip, Oprah on her famous Favorite Things episode, shouting to the audience "You get a care, you get a care, EVERYONE GETS A CAAAAARRR!" Tis the season for giving and even though we can't give all our listeners the gift of a sweet new ride. We do want to gift you with some of the things we absolutely love & adore in 2019.  Click HERE for a full list of our favorite things with links to purchase them yourself (high five!) *We ARE NOT affiliated with any of the times are companies on this list. Meaning, we do not receive any perks or compensation for mentioning the products featured in this episode. 
#66: I Promise...

#66: I Promise...


There is something special about making a promise. Our question to you is, how well do you keep promises to yourself. These are some of the most important promises you will every make and they don't have to be these big hairy audacious promises. Small and meaningful promises = momentum.  In this episode we also bring up some of the most important questions to ask yourself in order to be successful in any stressful situation Listen in to learn more. 
HAPPY HOLIDAYS TAGYST FAMILY! This is time meant of joy, peace, connection, love & family. However, we know how damn stressful the holiday season can be. This week we are sharing our 9 tips on how to survive the holidays.  From the episode:  Want to jazz up the conversation around the table at the holidays or need help enforcing a “no phone a the table” dinner policy. Try Table Topics, they come in several varieties for all occasions! They are not a sponsor of TAGYST, we just love the product! Check out some of the fun varieties available (there are many more on Amazon). Original  |  Family Gathering  |  Dinner Party  |  Kids Conversation Pack  |  Teen  |  Girls Night Out  
Just listen to the intro and you will fall in love with Katie as much as we did when we met her <3 Katie Saffert is passionate about creating REAL connections and is the mastermind behind Hatched Collective, where her mission is "to make every women feel seen & heard for exactly who she is."  In this week's episode, Katie is teaching all of us how to own our imperfections - this is more than not being a perfectionist. We are getting into the gritty stuff here. Katie incorporates the 3 key components to owning it and showing up and the 3 pillars of community. Ladies! don't miss this moving and dynamic episode!  Follow Katie everywhere she is @ and on IG @hatchedcollective (disclosure about her IG account in the episode). A little bonus for being here:  Ever wonder why certain things sky rocket in popularity like viral online content or a popular baby name? We do too! When talking to Katie off air she recommended a must read marketing book called Contagious: Why Things Catch On click the link to learn more about how to be more influential and effective than the standard advertising methods. 
At the end of the day many of you may be looking forward of clocking out of your job. But after work, are you intentionally clocking into what has the greatest impact to what is most important in your life (you being one of them). OR...are you going nonstop just for the sake of being busy?  Being busy and “doing it all” is admired by many, but can you really do it all if your personal time is not spent effectively? In this episode we outline some exploration questions to create a greater awareness,  increase your intention and mindfulness of the the things you have control over, even if right now you feel like you don't.  Enjoy  Lindsay & Jena 
Reglarless if it's your personal space or your work environment, organizing can be overwhelming!! We are here to help you by bringing in the big guns, Kerri Consadori owner of Well-Kept Organizers, is sharing the foundation principles of organizing and where to start. Do not miss this transformational episode.  We know you will want to learn more and follow Kerri and the Well-Kept mission at and on IG: @well-keptorganizers xo!  Lindsay & Jena 
We ALL love a good quote! Today, Jena walks you through her favorite quotes from an amazing article written by Ryan Holiday, 21 Quotes That (If Applied) Change You Into a Better Person.  Click HERE for full article  Get ready to be inspired!  xo
Millennials get a bad rap (we are millennials) but do you really know how much influence Millennials have? If you are looking to connect with this dominant generation, it may be easier than you think.  Tune in to learn more about the power of Generation- Y (aka Millennials) and how to not only coexist but thrive in amount this generation.  Notes from the show: Brené Brown's Engaged Feedback Checklist xo! 
Making improvements in your life starts by changing a hold habit by introducing a new bahvior that generates a new positive habit. IT isn't always easy and it takes time. Give yourself the grace and gift of change. And trust us, you are not going to want to miss Jena's six positivehabits to improve your life. 
#58: When You Level Up

#58: When You Level Up


Ever notice when anything good is happening in your life, your brain LOVES to pick out the negative? Us too... Our brains are designed to seek out harm and keep us safe and play it safe. However, if we allow this complex yet primitive organ to take control – you will remain stuck. The goal here is to not beat ourselves up. The goal is to catch ourselves quicker and recover from these blunders faster and take the lessons with us.  In this episode we give you 6 tips to help you move through this process and expedite the recovery so you can continue the growth you are striving for.  Enjoy  xo! 
We all want to find that competitive advantage to take our business and ourselves to the next level. But with everything around us changing all the time, how do we stay relevant?. What does continuous learning mean for you? If you are thinking to yourself “I’m good over here” “or “I know what I need to know” or “I know my people” …Congrats! – you are officially stagnant and your practices may already be obsolete. How can we integrate continuous learning into our lives right now?  We have 3 simple action steps to help keep things fresh as you consume and take action.  xo! 
There is one advantage we can all utilize to leverage our success in our lives, that is continuous learning. Ever wonder what all these messages of personal growth and development could be doing to those who are only hearing half the message? So many motivators like Mel Robbins, Gary V., Rachel Hollis and countless others are making their way into our lives (this podcast included). We fear that some empowering messages could be taken out of context and actually doing the opposite of what the speaker intended. I invite you to be curious during this podcast - today we are breaking down common messages we hear, love and share with all of you. We compare the intention of the message and how it could also be misinterpreted. In addition, we spotlight a couple common messages from some personal growth celebrities who we actually disagree with and why. Remember, stay curious in all areas of your life and ways to enhance it. This is all a learning process as we are all continuously working on getting our sh*t together, TOGETHER. xo Lindsay & Jena 
I know, this goes against everything you've heard so far. However, it's not what you think...we dive even deeper into what actually makes up the heart of your core values: 1. Your personal mission statement - where are you going and what are you doing? 2. Identifying your guiding principles - characteristics to embody in order to accomplish your mission.  3. Critical actions - daily actions required to propel you to your goal. We make this SUPER EASY - we created a freebie to help you identify your mission statement, guiding principles and critical actions. Results only happen when you take action - first action step: Text TAGYST to 484848 to download your TAGYST Insider worksheet now! Complete and start working toward your personal mission with intention.  Cheers to you!  Jena and Lindsay 
How many times have you said “that won’t happen to me”? How many of people have said that and it happens to them, maybe that is you. Sometimes we are blindsided by events, tragedy or look around and wonder, “how the hell did I get here?” In this episode, the amazingly confident and empowered Robbie Pape shares her story of when she became vulnerable to love and manipulated by a narcissist who she ended up marrying. She has an inspiring message and shares how to create awareness and take ownership of your circumstance. You are never a victim, you can yourself “unstuck” - listen to hear how Robbie did it and her message to you. - know who you think you know or dating  Brene Brown TED Talk  Daring Greatly by Brene Brown  5-Second Rule by Mel Robbins  Enjoy  xo! 
You should love your job before you leave it!  Find out what we mean in a real conversation about our own experiences in this week’s episode.   Watch: It’s not about the nail here – you won’t regret watching this lol! 
Lisa is an entrepreneur who like many of us, was faced with challenges including personal loss, fear, and failure...but Lisa kept going. In our interview with Lisa, she shares her personal journey on how she was able to create her dream life by building her brand, The Confidence Crown and is making an impact in other's lives. Lisa is also the host of The Confidence Crown podcast and  author of BE #StrongHER, a guide to building confidence.  To learn more about Lisa and what she is up to, check her out at  xo!
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