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The Art of Getting Your Sh*t Together
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The Art of Getting Your Sh*t Together

Author: Lindsay & Jena

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How many times have you whispered “I seriously need to get it together” to yourself while you struggle through the same old same you did last week? Real is so rare these days, and maneuvering through life can be exhausting. The only way we can ever really begin to get our stuff together is by getting real with ourselves, owning our stories, and changing the tape. Whether it’s your job, your business, your relationships, or life in general, we’re here to help you identify what's holding you back and discover the courage to take action and create a life you love and enjoy.
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We all want to find that competitive advantage to take our business and ourselves to the next level. But with everything around us changing all the time, how do we stay relevant?.What does continuous learning mean for you?If you are thinking to yourself “I’m good over here” “or “I know what I need to know” or “I know my people” …Congrats! – you are officially stagnant and your practices may already be obsolete.How can we integrate continuous learning into our lives right now? We have 3 simple action steps to help keep things fresh as you consume and take action. xo! 
There is one advantage we can all utilize to leverage our success in our lives, that is continuous learning.Ever wonder what all these messages of personal growth and development could be doing to those who are only hearing half the message?So many motivators like Mel Robbins, Gary V., Rachel Hollis and countless others are making their way into our lives (this podcast included). We fear that some empowering messages could be taken out of context and actually doing the opposite of what the speaker intended.I invite you to be curious during this podcast - today we are breaking down common messages we hear, love and share with all of you. We compare the intention of the message and how it could also be misinterpreted. In addition, we spotlight a couple common messages from some personal growth celebrities who we actually disagree with and why.Remember, stay curious in all areas of your life and ways to enhance it. This is all a learning process as we are all continuously working on getting our sh*t together, TOGETHER.xoLindsay & Jena 
I know, this goes against everything you've heard so far. However, it's not what you think...we dive even deeper into what actually makes up the heart of your core values:1. Your personal mission statement - where are you going and what are you doing?2. Identifying your guiding principles - characteristics to embody in order to accomplish your mission. 3. Critical actions - daily actions required to propel you to your goal.We make this SUPER EASY - we created a freebie to help you identify your mission statement, guiding principles and critical actions. Results only happen when you take action - first action step:Text TAGYST to 484848 to download your TAGYST Insider worksheet now! Complete and start working toward your personal mission with intention. Cheers to you! Jena and Lindsay 
How many times have you said “that won’t happen to me”? How many of people have said that and it happens to them, maybe that is you. Sometimes we are blindsided by events, tragedy or look around and wonder, “how the hell did I get here?” In this episode, the amazingly confident and empowered Robbie Pape shares her story of when she became vulnerable to love and manipulated by a narcissist who she ended up marrying. She has an inspiring message and shares how to create awareness and take ownership of your circumstance. You are never a victim, you can yourself “unstuck” - listen to hear how Robbie did it and her message to - know who you think you know or dating Brene Brown TED Talk Daring Greatly by Brene Brown 5-Second Rule by Mel Robbins Enjoy xo! 
You should love your job before you leave it!  Find out what we mean in a real conversation about our own experiences in this week’s episode.  Watch: It’s not about the nail here – you won’t regret watching this lol! 
Lisa is an entrepreneur who like many of us, was faced with challenges including personal loss, fear, and failure...but Lisa kept going. In our interview with Lisa, she shares her personal journey on how she was able to create her dream life by building her brand, The Confidence Crown and is making an impact in other's lives. Lisa is also the host of The Confidence Crown podcast and  author of BE #StrongHER, a guide to building confidence.  To learn more about Lisa and what she is up to, check her out at xo!
#51: Why Change Is Hard

#51: Why Change Is Hard


Change is unavoidable. Some of us hate all forms of change and some of us embrace all change. For most of us, change is a love/hate relationship. Regardless, unexpected change can be hard. In this episode Jena breaks down 10 reasons why we resist change and what we can actively do to minimize the discomfort of various types of changes. From the show: The Four Tendencies Quiz TAGYST quiz results: Jena is OBLIGER & Lindsay is a QUESTIONER 
#50: Take Back Your Power

#50: Take Back Your Power


Take back your power to make lasting change in your life - Today Lindsay walks you through 4 ways to raise your awareness and breakthrough the old patters keeping you from achieving your most desired goals. This work goes deep, it has to because so much of what holds us back from our goals is deeply rooted within our belief system. Lindsay also shares a special offer for podcast listeners at the end of this episode. Schedule your free session by sending Lindsay emailing her at and say I am ready to Take Back My Power!! Have a topic you us to talk about on the show? Let us know what it is by emailing TAGYST at 
There are MANY ways we can contribute to living our best life. Jena gives a special breakdown on 5 ways she knows can help you build your foundation to live your best life. These are not just things we preach, we practice and live by these principles - because we have been there!
We must always stand with integrity. Show up and act as if everything you did; the end result would have your name displayed for everyone to see. Your biggest asset is your name. And like any asset, it must be built, protected and compounded overtime to become something great. An asset is something of meaning, value and quality. An asset is something that we can invest in and reinvent overtime. Your name has value – it is your personal brand. What do you want your brand to represent? What do you want people to think of when your name is brought up, even when you’re not in the room? This isn’t a popularity contest - this is your legacy.
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