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The ONLY craft beer podcast IN the business section!

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Summertime update

Summertime update


Will beer talk radio continue? If so, what is Jenny's best course of action to host the show and provide a great season for you? --- Send in a voice message:
Season 3 Sneak Peek

Season 3 Sneak Peek


Tune in for Jenny's goals in season three!  --- Send in a voice message:
In this special bonus episodes Jenny introduces you to the craft beers of Whitewater center in Charlotte North Carolina. Join Jenny for this amazing adventure at a water park unlike any other. --- Send in a voice message:
Sobriety Brewing

Sobriety Brewing


in this ONE TIME SPECIAL EPISODE.... Jenny and her friend Gary discuss the joys of drinking NON ALCOHOLIC BEER.... Yes you read that correctly! Jenny reviews a non-alcoholic honeydew kolsch and Gary tells you why he love his Klanstenier. Gary also shares his journey from underage drinker to home brewer to an over-comer with 6 years clean. Tune in to find out how Gary created his own brewing rig in his college dorm on a budget, what his results have been brewing various styles, and how drinking non-alcoholic beers enhances his life today!  Surreal Brewing Company  --- Send in a voice message:
In this fun episode, Jenny's father, PAPA EON returns to the show to review some delicious kettle sours! Tune in for some detailed beer reviews, tips for pairing foods with kettle sours, and proof that Alvarado Street Brewery, may or may not..... be racist!  Alvarado Street Brewery Laughing Monk Brewing Drake's Brewing Company Don't forget to subscribe to the channel! --- Send in a voice message:



Have you ever worked with or for a NARCISSIST? Did you experience workplace abuse and not even know it? Did a narcissist at your job sabotage your career? What are the signs the you are working for, living with, or dating a NARC? What do the therapists have to say about how to deal with toxic co-workers? What does JENNY say about working with these sociopaths?  In this episode, you'll learn a few tricks from the narcissist's playbook and patterns of behavior that will help you see them coming! Tune in for real life stories about a few psychotic chefs that Jenny has had the displeasure of working for, what she learned from them and how Jenny protects herself from toxic work environments today!  Check out YouTube channels that Jenny follows! These channels will help anyone survive and thrive in life despite narcissistic abuse: Dr. Todd Grande Jordan B. Peterson Lisa A. Romano Dr. Romani Karleen Love The Narcissistic Resistance Subscribe to Jenny's Channel: --- Send in a voice message:
Happy Corona-tine everyone! As the media continues to promote mass hysteria, many have lost their jobs, which means many have to drink beer on a budget now. In this episode, Jenny will show you exactly how to accomplish that for discriminate drinkers experiencing financial hardship. Tune in to find out some fun history about Pabst Blue Ribbon, the difference between meade and hooch, and Jenny's favorite cheap beer picks (tall cans under $2)! Don't miss these informative, unapologetic beer conversations in this raw, unedited episode! SUBSCRIBE TO THE CHANNEL! --- Send in a voice message:
IN THIS SPECIAL BONUS EPISODE, you'll get to know Jenny in ways most people don't! Never underestimate the rock star lifestyle of a catering chef living in Los Angeles. Tune in to find out where the REAL Hollywood is, what Jenny's high school connection is to the Wonder Years, which celebrities Jenny has cooked for, bumped into, and even which celebrities Jenny has KISSED! DO NOT MISS this tell all, in depth episode about Jenny's childhood and adult celebrity encounters! Follow Ashley Hoover Baker @onthisdayentertainment SUBSCRIBE ON YOUTUBE: --- Send in a voice message:
IN THIS PANDEMIC appropriate episode, Jenny invites a regional sales rep from Sani Professional into her kitchen to discuss IPAs, cross-contamination, cleaning green and how health department standards effect ALL of us. Tune in for a detailed beer review of Oskar Blue's CANNABLISS IPA and SPINNER IPA, a fun cleaning demo and pro-tips for frustrated hospitality managers who struggle to motivate their team. Learn how this company was founded, what impact Sani Professional had on the KFC restaurant chain, how cleaning green can reduce laundry costs, and why Jenny is so picky about her IPAs!  PLEASE visit their website for all their products and protocols PLUS their COVID-19 RESOURCE CENTER for all industries including healthcare and industrial manufacturing. SUBSCRIBE to the CHANNEL:  --- Send in a voice message: --- Send in a voice message:
MEET "SARGE".... He's a father, a Marine, a police officer, a trainer, a leader, an author, THE SIN SUPER CITY COP, a humanitarian, and avid beer enthusiast! He's also Jenny's friend whom she met in the most unlikely of ways. Tune in for Sarge's professional take on the Coronavirus, his observations on the ground in Las Vegas, and his advice for staying both SAFE and SANE in this pandemic. Sarge will discuss how first responders are hit first and most heavily, what kind of leadership is needed from our politicians, how opportunistic criminals are taking advantage of the crisis, and why we as a society have a large emotional delta to cross!  @sincitysupercop DON'T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE TO THE CHANNEL: --- Send in a voice message:
In this episode of COVID-19 COAST TO COAST Jenny connects with a broadcasting senior from Trident College in CHARLESTON, SC.  Meet Colin Morris, a podcaster, producer, sports fanatic and craft beer enthusiast! Growing up in SC, Colin discusses how history has shaped the HOLY CITY, what the craft beer scene is like from a decade ago until now, and his plans for the future despite the Coronavirus is effecting EVERYTHING.... including his graduation. Tune in for a passionate interview about podcasting, a fantastic beer review of the Washout Wheat Hefe from Holy City Brewing, and hope for the future!  FOLLOW Colin today!  @the_cmorris --- Send in a voice message:
THE TABLES GET TURNED ON JENNY in this episode!  Meet Jim Bordeau, the host of the Entrepreneurial Truth Podcast. Jim and Jenny met on FB where they exchanged listens and realized they had a lot in common. Jim's podcast discusses the dark side of being an entrepreneur.... the struggles, the lows, and the set backs of being self employed!  Tune in for this POWERFUL episode where Jim and Jenny say EVERYTHING GaryVee, Grant Cardone, and Tony Robbins WON'T tell you!!! Want to know WHY Jenny created Beer Talk Radio? Want to know what difficulties Jenny has had in her culinary career, with social media, and inside herself? HOW does self awareness affect your finances?  WHY does your reptilian brain affect your interpersonal reach? HOW can your mindset pull you up AND pull you down simultaneously? DO YOU have what it takes to be a COMMITTED entrepreneur? Follow Jim for all his amazing episodes! --- Send in a voice message:
THERE IS NO RHYME OR REASON FOR THIS EPISODE... Just join Jenny for the drinks! You can be the third wheel on Jenny's date with a Beer King! Tune in to find out what makes Red Rock Casino so special, how to gamble on a budget, and why Jenny LOVES the Jalapeno Jefe pepper beer from Banger Brewing. Also eavesdrop on some serious chef shit-talkin where you'll hear Jenny say the things no chef on Food Network will EVER SAY!  WARNING: RAW, UNEDITED, VERY VULGAR AUDIO! --- Send in a voice message:
Special solo episode with current news regarding Jenny's favorite bar and the racially motivated Molson Coors killing spree. --- Send in a voice message:
East Brother Beer Company is having their 3rd ANNIVERSARY party! And you are the VIP guest! Join Jenny and navy veteran James liberty Cartmill, As they attend this special event. Meet the rec coordinator for the brewery, the marketing director, and enjoy a tasty review of resident birria truck, La Santa Torta. @eastbrotherbeer @lasantatorta CHECK OUT THE VIDEOS! --- Send in a voice message:
In this episode Jenny lets her intuition be her guide. Her intuition guided her to James "LIBERTY" Cartmill, a 49 year old navy veteran living on the streets of the East Bay. Liberty is an occupy and homeless rights activist, a photographer, member of Veteran's For Peace, and of course.... a beer lover! Tune in to hear Jenny's amazing and powerful conversation with a man who served his country on a ship and continues to do so in the streets. RAW, UNEDITED AUDIO!!! If you like LIBERTY and would like to help support a truly free press and getting him to marches or other events for LIVE coverage, he accepts donations mailed to a veterans service (Swords to Plowshares).   Mail to: James D Cartmill   3126 Shattuck Ave Berkeley, CA 94705   PayPal -  Here are all HIS media links and social networks, please feel free to follow, join, subscribe!   http://independentcitizenmedia.weebly... Gmail -   Twitter - @Occupy1Liberty @OccupyOdyssey FB page -  --- Send in a voice message:
Bay Area Brew Fest

Bay Area Brew Fest


RAW UNEDITED Audio covering SF BREW FEST at Fort Mason Center in San Francisco! --- Send in a voice message:
In this episode, Jenny meets her LinkedIn friend Coach Nelly Toriano  at Buffalo Bill's Brewery in Hayward, CA for an intense and hilarious discussion regarding living in the Bay, craft beer, entrepreneurship, fitness and finances! Tune in to find out why everyone needs a personal trainer, why every entrepreneur needs financial literacy, how to sustainably incorporate BEER into your smart goals, and  why KNOWING YOUR "WHY" is key to achieving success in any part of life! LinkedIn: nelsonetoriano FB:  @coachnellytoriano IG: @coachnellytoriano --- Send in a voice message:
In this solo episode, Jenny returns to East Brother Beer Co. with delicious chocolaty treats in hand! Join Jenny for an advanced beer and chocolate tasting suitable for only the most discriminating chocolate lovers and beer purists! Learn what WHITE chocolate really is, why you NEED to taste a real Northern California ALMOND, and meet a few more of the East Brother employees! Find out how peppermint bark pairs with an English ale. how a Gold IPA can neutralize toffee, and three ways to create "Breakfast on a Platter" with Porters and Stouts. @eastbrotherbeer @glalfieri @beertalkradio --- Send in a voice message:
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