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Captain Paul Watson is a Canadian-American Marine Conservation Activist who founded the International Direct Action Group, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.  He and Sea Shepherd became household names through Animal Planet’s hit show, Whale Wars, where we got an in your face look at the murderous activities of the whaling industry.  For decades Captain Watson has dedicated his life to protecting all animals, especially marine mammals, and he does not shy away from controversy.  In his new book, Death of a Whale,  Captain Watson faces his most personal conflict yet when he and other anti-whaling activists find themselves at odds with Native American tribal rights.  Conservationists, eco-warriors, whale protectors and supporters of indigenous traditions as well as anyone who loves a good story will find themselves enthralled by his new book.FOLLOW CAPTAIN PAUL WATSON: SEA SHEPHERD:https://www.seashepherdglobal.orgORDER CAPTAIN PAUL WATSON’s BOOK DEATH OF A WHALE AND JUSTICE FOR ANIMALS PODCASTWebsite: www.andjusticeforanimals.comInstagram:
We're taking it out to sea for the holidays! Join our guests from the acclaimed Pacific Marine Mammal Center (PMMC) for an informative and fun discussion on seals, sea lions and all the incredible sea mammals currently needing our help!Joining us in studio are Director of Zoological & Conservation Programs, Keith Matassa,  Head Veterinarian, Dr. Kristen Sakamaki and Events & Public Relations Coordinator, Krysta Higuchi. The acclaimed Pacific Marine Mammal Center rescues marine mammals that have been found off 52 miles of Orange County Coastline, rehabilitates them and yes, the best part, releases them back into the ocean.Follow PMMC:PMMC Website:PMMC Instagram: PMMC Facebook: Follow And Justice For Animals and Host, Jennifer PetersonAJFAWebsite TwitterAJFAInstagram Jennifer Peterson WebsiteEmail: 
Our much anticipated episode on puppy mills is finally here! If you have no idea what a puppy mill is, you'll be an expert by the end of this episode. Hear all about what these horrific places are by experts in the field and find out what we can all do to help shut down the 10,000 mills that are still sadly legal in the U.S. and in other countries as well.​Meet the adorable chihuahua Harley, a puppy mill survivor who captured America's heart in 2015 when he won the American Humane Hero Dog Award and find out how this sweet kid has sparked a powerful movement for change with the Harley's Dream Campaign. ​We can get puppy mills shut down! This is very possible and the time has never been better to get the job done. Please listen and share this episode so everyone can learn why one should NEVER BUY A DOG IN A PET STORE OR OVER THE INTERNET. ​This episode is good for ALL AGES. Follow Harley's Dream:InstagramFacebookWebsiteContact Melissa Maroff:TwitterFollow Jennifer Peterson and the show:AJFAWebsite TwitterAJFAInstagram Jennifer Peterson WebsiteEmail: 
Founder and President of Animal Defenders International (ADI) Jan Creamer, and ADI's Vice President, Tim Phillips, stop by the podcast to talk about their amazing work in getting abusive circuses that use animals shut down across the globe.For over 40 years, these two remarkable people have worked tirelessly to end the suffering of animals. With offices in Los Angeles, London and  Colombia, ADI is known for their long term undercover investigations inside cruel industries, gathering evidence that creates awareness and public support for legislation to end the suffering of animals and because of ADI’s campaigning, national restrictions on performing animals in traveling circuses have been enacted in 45 countries and ADI currently has a federal bill to ban the use of wild animals in all circuses before the US Congress.In Bolivia and Peru ADI tracked down and raided every circus and rescued every animal, saving close to 200 animals. ADI’s team is currently helping the Guatemalan authorities enforce their circus ban and has already saved 9 tigers and 6 lions from circuses.ADI is in the process of opening its own Wildlife Sanctuary in South Africa specifically to give circus animals, like lions, back the life that has been denied them.Click on SHOW NOTES  to get information on all the ways you can help ADI, either through donations or powerful volunteer work! And part of the interview does talk about what it takes to be an ADI undercover investigator. Fascinating information that rarely gets discussed.  Jan Creamer was one of 100 visionaries nominated by the Albert Einstein Foundation to mark 100 years of Einstein’s theory of relativity.Main website: issues page: Lion Ark documentary: Circus Suffering: media handles:Facebook: @AnimalDefendersTwitter: @AnimalDefendersInstagram: @animal_defenders_internationalFollow Jennifer Peterson and And Justice For Animals:Website: AJFAWebsite Instagram: AJFAInstagram Jennifer Peterson Website: Jennifer Peterson WebsiteEmail: 
This special bonus episode asks John Flores' personal opinion on why so many men refuse to fix their pets and what can be done to make sure they do. Listen to episode six as well, where John educates us all on his favorite pup, the very misunderstood pitbull. Follow John's work: InstagramFacebookWebsiteFollow Jennifer Peterson and the show:AJFAWebsite AJFAInstagram Jennifer Peterson WebsiteEmail: 
Professional dog trainer and Founder of I Pitty the Bull Foundation, John Flores stops by the podcast to teach us all about his favorite breed of pup; the fabulous and often misunderstood Pitbull! ​Seven years ago, John's life  was all about partying and avoiding commitment, but when a biking accident sent him into a deep depression, it was a pitbull puppy named Penny Lane who ended up not only pulling him out of his depression, but giving his life new purpose.  Bye bye partying, hello new career! ​In this fun episode, John gets real about who the best owners are for this strong and loving couch potato, why there's so much false information out on pitbulls and what we can all do to help the thousands of pitbulls now stuck in our overcrowded shelters. This is an episode for every dog lover who wants to help empty out our shelters and find out the truth about America's pup, the Pittie! Show Timeline and NotesFollow John's work: InstagramFacebookWebsiteFollow Jennifer Peterson and the show:AJFAWebsite AJFAInstagram Jennifer Peterson WebsiteEmail: 
Well known animal and human rights advocate Patty Shenker stops by the podcast to teach us everything she knows about palm oil.Patty has been fighting for animals since 1975. Her accomplishments include: co-founding Animal Acres Sanctuary, funding spay and neuter programs in Los Angeles, successfully getting the abused elephant, Ruby, out of the LA Zoo and into PAWS Sanctuary, lobbying for powerful animal welfare legislation such as the just passed California ban on animal tested cosmetics and she's traveled numerous times to Thailand, Cambodia and Indonesia to help the orangutans and elephants, who are both facing extinction. ​Patty has been honored by Wildlife SOS, the California Wildlife Center, Animal Acres, Stray Cat Alliance and New Life Animal Sanctuary as well as receiving a Lifetime Achievement Award from VegFest.  Show Timeline and NotesFollow Patty's work: InstagramFacebookTwitterFollow Jennifer Peterson and the show:AJFAWebsite AJFAInstagram Jennifer Peterson WebsiteEmail: 
Part two or our fantastic interview with acclaimed attorney and founder of the Cambodia Wildlife Sanctuary, David Casselman. As Executive Producer of the powerful documentary, Love & Bananas, which chronicles the rescue of an abused, blind Asian elephant in Cambodia, David explains what making the film was like and also discusses what led him to open the one-million-acre jungle and wildlife conservation project, Cambodian Wildlife Sanctuary, which is dedicated to not only saving elephants and other endangered species but protecting and rehabilitating diminishing jungle habitat. David also discusses what is being done to help the Orcas currently enslaved in marine parks like Sea World and the importance of activism in getting laws passed. Show Timeline and NotesFollow David's work: Cambodia Wildlife SanctuaryFacebookFollow Jennifer Peterson and the show:AJFAWebsite AJFAInstagram  Email:
Acclaimed attorney and founder of the Cambodia Wildlife Sanctuary, David Casselman, stops by the podcast to discuss some of his favorite subjects: elephant conservation, his ongoing legal battle with the Los Angeles Zoo and why protecting animals is his number one passion.  ​ In a breathtakingly candid interview, David opens up about an unfortunate childhood event that forever changed the way he would treat animals, and shares his incredible journey from promising psychology career to one of law - which lucky for the animals (and us!) has led to some powerful animal welfare legislation in California and beyond.   Show Timeline and NotesFollow David's work: Cambodia Wildlife SanctuaryFacebookFollow Jennifer Peterson and the show:AJFAWebsite AJFAInstagram  Email: 
Stephanie Terronez and Patrick Burwell, college sweethearts and founders of the successful vegan company, Cowhugger, stop by the podcast to discuss what living harm free means to them. Surprisingly, it's not just about making better food and clothing choices, it involves a whole lot more!  Hear how a lobster inspired Stephanie to stop eating animals, and the odd first date shared with Hannibal Lecter that sealed their romantic fate and set them on a powerful harm-free journey. This is an episode for all the romantics out there and also for any person looking to live a more connected, empathic life.  Show Timeline and NotesFollow the CowhuggersWebsiteFollow Jennifer Peterson and the Show:AJFAWebsiteAJFAInstagram Email:
Larissa Wohl, well known journalist and resident pet expert on Hallmark Channel's Home & Family, stops by the podcast to share with us her love for animals, where that passion first came from and what we can do each day to make the world a better place for animals.   Larissa also discusses her menagerie at home, currently two dogs and a revolving door of fosters and shares how she balances work, play and animal rescue. This episode shows that no matter how limited we are with time or finances that as long as the U.S. kills over 1.5 shelter animals a year, there's always something that can and should be done to help them. As Larissa says, "If not me, who?"Show Timeline and NotesContact Larissa: Larissa WebsiteInstagramFacebook Email: Follow Jennifer Peterson and the show:AJFAWebsite AJFAInstagram  Email: 
And Justice For Animals host, Jennifer Peterson, shares the 'why' and 'how' this show came about and tells her own story of rescuing a two-year-old cattle dog that changed her life in unimaginable ways.  And Justice For Animals is recorded at Woodshed Studios in Long Beach, California. Visit Book Mentioned: Broken Open by Elizabeth Lesser Order Book Here Shelter Mentioned: Agoura Shelter Follow Jennifer Peterson and the show: AJFA Website: Here AJFA Instagram: Here AJFA Facebook: Here Email: 
Kristen Peralta is the co-founder of the amazing senior pet rescue, Vintage Pet Rescue. Vintage Pet Rescue (and you have to love the name) is a Rhode Island based 501c3 non-profit run by Kristen and her husband, Marc Peralta who ironically met at a Los Angeles animal shelter in 2013.  After moving from LA to Rhode Island (Kristen’s home state), over the last 4 years, Vintage Pet Rescue has taken in hundreds of senior, hospice, and special needs dogs. These dogs receive top-notch medical treatment, attention, and love before finding their forever home. People Magazine even featured their work in a hilarious story which we talk about in the show. For anyone who has thought about starting their own rescue or adopting a senior pet, this is an episode not to be missed! FOLLOW VINTAGE PET RESCUE:https://www.vintagepetrescue.org AND JUSTICE FOR ANIMALS PODCAST!If you loved this episode, please consider making a donation. We are 100% funded by small donations and every bit helps. www.andjusticeforanimals.comInstagram: rate and review And Justice for Animals on iTunes or wherever you find your podcasts.  We love 5-star reviews. Thank you so much!
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