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Right before Kimberly Spencer married her husband she was busy with a business buyout. It took her by surprise and it shifted her life. It was on her honeymoon in Italy when a new business idea came to her. Crown Yourself helps entrepreneurs build their empire and sparkle with holistic fulfillment in their bodies, businesses, and relationships. It’s everything Kimberly believes in! To find her online go to https:/// and check out her courses! Mention The Unapologetic Voice when you enroll in a program of Kimberly’s and I’ll send you a treat!!You can always follow her on social media at FACEBOOK: @realkimspencerINSTAGRAM: @crownyourselfnow @kimberly.spencer
Jessica Rodriquez has always used social media as a way to share her story. It’s an outlet she’s tried out blogs on, different businesses and the more she would share the more she’d realize she wasn’t alone. When she shared her story about why she has a semicolon tattoo on her body, she saw a much bigger and more powerful way to share a message through social media. Her web site: Her podcast is: and you can learn more about the semicolon project here As always, if you have a message that is ready to get out into the world, check in with Carrie at to see what she has out in the world that might support you and your mission.
Authors & The Audience: Vanessa Talbot has always been an entrepreneur. She’s really passionate about helping coaches and change makers get their message out in the world. We had a lot to say about this topic! We both love authors and had a lot to say about all the ways authors are communicating with their audience in this episode. If you’re writing a book or thinking about starting your book, check out this episode. To connect with Vanessa and join her group, go to to follow her here: here: Instagram: always, if you have a message that is ready to get out into the world, check in with Carrie at to see what she has out in the world that might support you and your mission.
Chef Lynnette 3/19 - Adapt and Evolve - Chef Lynnette and I talk all about what it feels like to stand in front of live audiences and sharing stories. She’s the Founder of Superfood School and has created a business to teach people how to get more plants on the plate. She sees a connection between cooking, comedy and improv. She’s found a way to weave her person story into teaching people how to cook new recipes. I love this episode because I love to cook. My mom, sister and I have shared many stories in the kitchen. Chef Lynnette is down-to-earth, open and real. Get to know her and her approach to food! To learn more about Superfood School go to As always, if you have a message that is ready to get out into the world, check in with Carrie at to see what she has out in the world that might support you and your mission.
Esther Inman 2/26 - Working From Anywhere - Esther Inman quit her corporate job and learned how to work from home by supporting other businesses as a virtual assistant. At the time, she was a military wife and her peers wanted to learn how to create their own online businesses. Esther launched the Virtual Assistant Internship Program to teach women who wanted their own business, be at to work from anywhere and still have time for their families how to be a virtual assistant. This conversation isn’t just about her business though. It’s about the story that she shared along her journey and how her life has unfolded since. Take a listen! To check out Esther’s company, go to
Sally Ann Boyd - A Spiritual Awakening. This is a really unique episode! Sally is charismatic and authentic and talks to us as if we are life-long friends! She shares how her life changes throughout her spiritual awakenings and what happened when she started talking about it! Be sure to tune in and jump over to her web site at
This is a fun conversation about following our intuition and heart. Nearly a decade ago, Sarah Marie Thompson picked up a book that changed the direction of her life. Sarah is a woman who helps others figure out how to let their creative and wild selves shine. And the pineapple concept came forward in her career. Join us for a wild and creative conversation.
A Divine Download. In this conversation, Carrie talks with Gloria Grace Rand about changing the stories we share. Gloria has a background in television. So it made sense for her to create a business to help leaders get visible. She is now a SEO and social media marketer. Last year, she felt a tug on her heart to start to share her spiritual experience. She took to Facebook, opened up her Live feature and talked about God. And her life changed! Join us for this beautiful conversation.
Guest: Leanne Blaney - Adventure After 40. YOU BET! This is real! Adventure is so important and this week, Leanne Blaney and Carrie talk about what it like turning 40 and what the concept of adventure mean to both now. Leanne is a balance and adventure coach! She challenges the concept of work/life/balance. This conversation is about inner balance and figuring out what fills us with the feeling of adventure. leanneblaney.comInstagram: Business Page:
Talking About the Leap. Meet Rhonda Noordyk, the Founder and CEO of the Women’s Financial Wellness Center. In this really honest and real conversation, we talk about what it really feels like to launch businesses, share stories (even though we’re a little scared to sometimes) and all the space in between. She is a speaker, podcast host, financial expert, boss lady and all around amazing woman. I’m lucky to call her my friend. Check her out here - www.womensfinancialwellnesscenter.comTwitter @RNoordykIstagram @rhondanoordykLinkedIn @womensfinancialwellnesscenterAs always, if you have a message that is ready to get out into the world, check in with Carrie at to see what she has out in the world that might support you and your mission.
In this interview, Carrie talks with Holistic Success Coach, Becky Howell about her journey of sharing her story through her work and her books, My Happiness Book and My Happiness Handbook. As she started sharing her story ON PURPOSE, she could see her story as a real, powerful, worthy message that has its own presence. Becky’s books can be seen on her web site - To follow her on Instagram, go to @beckyhowellcoach. As always, if you have a message that is ready to get out into the world, check in with Carrie at to see what she has out in the world that might support you and your mission.
In this episode Carrie shares an exercise to help you understand what to express next to benefit you the most! Settle in, grab a journal and let's create some awesome new opportunities with your story in 2019.
Last week’s episode was about a book deal on the table. This week, Carrie shares why she turned it down and what she’s doing now to move forward. If you’re in the middle of a big decision, check out this episode.
Where Are You Expressing Yourself? We talk a lot about what you want to express next. This time, we’re talking about WHERE are you sharing that message! All year I’ve been focused on growing my brand and little by little it’s working. On this episode, I share a story that sidelined me.
Happy harvest! With it being the first week of fall let’s talk about what we are celebrating from our work this year! What seeds did you plant and are finally harvesting? On this episode, Carrie shares her new weekly intentional setting technique that is guiding her actions in her life and business.
Episode 010 - Emotions and Expression - Our emotions and how we express ourselves are tied together. On this episode of The Unapologetic Voice, Carrie shares how she found her home base emotion and what she does to stay in tune with it. Listen in to learn more!
Episode 009 - Express Yourself - Do you have a book or speech on the back burner? On this episode of The Unapologetic Voice, Carrie will take you on an exercise to explore your creative world! What do you want to express next?
Outline Your Book - To know where you’re going you have to know what direction to take. Your book outline is your road map for your book writing journey. What goes into a book outline? Come on over to this week’s episode and learn more.
How to Create a Connection With Your Book - Writing a book is a marathon. It’s a daily commitment. And it starts far before you put a single word down and never really ends. It’s an amazing process and feeling. On this episode, Carrie shares how to start your book writing process. It’s not what you think either!
Episode 006 - Boundaries - Are you not sharing your story out of fear of what someone might think or say? Come on over to this episode of The Unapologetic Voice to hear what storytelling coach, Carrie Severson, has to say about creating some healthy boundaries.
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